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Issue 10

Thursday 25th July 2013

COLLEGE PRINCIPAL’S REPORT Welcome back to all our families and students for the new school term. Term 3 is getting seriously close to the end of schooling for our senior students, particularly those in year 12 who are rapidly nearing the end of their secondary schooling. It is a time to focus on working hard, ensuring you are meeting the outcomes of courses and putting in the additional study required to get the results needed for future education, training and work opportunities. For the staff at school it is the time to work hard at supporting our students to get the best results they can and is also the time when, believe it or not, we begin to plan for the following school year.

Curriculum Changes One of the significant areas of work for our college has been to look at the implementation process for the Australian Curriculum which has been on hold until the industrial dispute over pay and conditions was settled. Through term 2 we were able to look at our current curriculum and work out what was needed to move towards the Australian Curriculum model. The most significant change is occurring at year 10 where the greater emphasis on a ‘guaranteed curriculum’ as well as some concerns over the current gap between year 9 and year 10 has led us to look the structure of our curriculum. As a result of this we are making significant changes to the year 10 curriculum. As of next year students will have a core or guaranteed curriculum of Maths, Science, English and Health and PE which they will study for the full year and History which they will study for ½ a year. In addition students will select 3 additional elective subjects. Year 10 students will still be able to access early start subjects where appropriate to their needs and abilities. Along with these changes will come a greater emphasis on inquiry, choice and differentiation within classes. Our years 7 and 8 curriculum structure will remain essentially the same with changes to meet the requirements of the Australian Curriculum occurring within classes while in year 9 the structure will be changed slightly to facilitate an emphasis on community service projects.

Course Selection Process The course selection process for students attending the senior campus in 2014 (years 10, 11 & 12 in 2014) commences on Wednesday August 7th with the course selection information evening at 7:00pm in our Senior Campus hall. This evening focuses on the curriculum choices available, the structures of VCE, VET & VCAL and how to make the best choices to support your future work and study options. I urge all students to attend with their families so that you can make the best choices possible for your future. CONTINUED ON PAGE 2

IMPORTANT DATES Friday 2nd August

EMA closing date for Semester 2 applications

Wednesday 7th August

Senior Course Information Night for 2014, Senior Campus Hall at 7:00pm

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COLLEGE PRINCIPAL’S REPORT CONTINUED Confucius Classroom Opening On Tuesday 23rd July we had an official function to launch our ‘Confucius Classroom’ project. This project is a partnership with the Confucius Institute at the University of Melbourne and our college and supports us with resources, funds and professional development to develop our teaching of Chinese culture and language. We have begun this project with our Like Minds classes in years 7 & now year 8 undertaking some study of Mandarin and learning about Chinese culture as well as a year 10 class studying Chinese as a Vocational Education Certificate 1 study. We were very honoured to have Mr. Song Yumin, the Chief Consul General from the Chinese Embassy in Melbourne attend this event with two other consular representatives as well the Minister for the Teaching Profession and Skills & Higher Education Mr Peter Hall, Mayor Sandy Cam and representatives from Latrobe City, Melbourne University, and the DEECD. Students from years 7, 8 and 10 spoke and performed and we were also treated to performances of Chinese music, dance and calligraphy. Many thanks to Julian Zhu and Ian Outhred who organised this event and also to our VCAL staff and students who catered and served an excellent lunch for our guests. A special congratulations to the students who showcased their work and spoke to the audience in Chinese – a very daunting task for any adolescent I’m sure.

Chinese Visitors We are currently in the midst of a very “international week” with our delegation of staff and students from our sister school in Taizhou arriving late on July 24th and staying with us till August 1st. This will involve a series of events and trips for those involved as well as the opportunity for our visitors to spend time in classes learning about our Victorian education system. Our sincere thanks to the families who are hosting students from Taizhou in the homestay arrangements, it is a great opportunity to build friendships across the globe but I know it is also an extra demand on your time and energy so thank you. Regards Paul van Breugel College Principal

EMA 2013 (EDUCATION MAINTENANCE ALLOWANCE) SECOND INSTALMENT If you did not apply for EMA in the 1st Semester, application forms are now available from the General Office at either campus. This entitles you to the second instalment only. Please do not fill in a form if you applied for EMA at the start of 1st Semester. *If your details have changed since 1st semester you must fill in a new application form* A parent or guardian of a secondary school student, up to the age of 16, who holds a current Centrelink Pensioner Concession or Health Care Benefit Card, a Veterans Affairs (TPI) Pensioner Card, or who is a foster parent as at 15th July 2013 is eligible for the EMA. Students turning 16 during the year will be paid on a pro rata basis up to and including the month in which they attain the age of 16.

Application forms must be lodged with the school by Friday 2nd August, 2013 Applications received after this date will not be accepted

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DID ISSUE 9 ARRIVE IN YOUR INBOX ? ? ? We sent out Issue 9 of the College Connection electronically, however a large number bounced back due to incorrect addresses and full mailboxes. If you didn’t receive Issue 9 of the College Connection via email and you have previously provided your address (and this email account is not full or inactive), it would be very much appreciated if you could email stating your child’s name so that we can update our records and fix up this process. If you haven't already provided your email address please email the address above and we’ll add it to our records. Thank you!

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