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Issue 5

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Athletics Sports – Junior Campus

Monday 11 JUNE

Public Holiday - Queens Birthday



What’s new in our College Administration!!!!! Available in Term 2 for students and their families  Email Family statements – we will be able to email your statements home via your family email address.  BPay your student fees – we will be able to provide you with a BPay code and Reference number on your family statement to allow you to make payment on your fees through the electronic bill payment service. You should have received a mailout during the holidays. This mailout will give you some further information on these new services and will require some details to be filled out by you, to enable access to these new and convenient services. Year 7 Health Day & whole school ADIDAS Fun Run – Friday 11th May, 2012 It’s that time of year again when we hold our annual Health Day and Fun Run. On Friday May 11th, all year 7 students will be involved in a full day program focussed on being active and healthy. Throughout the day, students will rotate around different activities including a fitness circuit, ‘Bluearth’ style activities and a presentation from a guest speaker. In the afternoon, students will participate in the adidas Fun Run. We are lucky enough to have all students from years 7 to 9 participating this year. Students who run the course should put in their best effort as we will choose our cross country team from this event. All other students will be required to walk the course. All students have already received a sponsorship booklet to help raise money for the health/physical education department. There are plenty of prizes available for all fundraisers so check out the sponsorship booklet to see how much you need to raise to be eligible for these. There are plenty of interactive activities and other incentives in this years Fun Run. The highest fundraising school has the opportunity to spend ‘a day with the stars’ who include adidas sponsored elite athletes. The highest fundraising male and female


student will each receive a $50 Karls Megasports voucher. The form group that raises the most funds for this event will also receive a prize. Happy Fundraising!

What to do when collecting students during school hours

If you need to collect your child before the end of the school day please notify the school at recess or lunch time if possible. This allows time for your child to sign out of their sub school and be waiting in the main office for collection. A note can also be sent with your child in the morning explaining the absence. Whilst we understand it is not always possible to notify the school it would be appreciated by the office staff.


The College runs an extensive range of activities for students that involve trips out of the school. When organising these trips we balance the organisational requirements (bookings, buses etc) with an attempt to maximise students’ opportunity to participate. Past practice at the college has seen many students paying for activities after the deadline has passed and often on the day of the trip. This has caused many organisational difficulties and also makes it extremely difficult for us to ensure that all legal and information requirements are met. As a result the principal team has decided that we will strictly enforce deadlines that are published on permission forms etc. This means that no students will be allowed to attend excursions, sporting activities or camps unless they have returned permission forms and made payments by the required dates. Where families are encountering financial hardship or other special circumstances the school must be contacted and any special arrangements made before deadlines for permission forms or payments have passed. No exceptions will be made to this policy so please avoid disappointment and return forms, payments etc before the due dates.




Traralgon College Junior Campus School Wide Positive Behaviour Support 


What is School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS)? A School-wide process for developing and teaching appropriate and positive behaviours by teaching, modelling, acknowledging and rewarding expected behaviour. It is a whole school process for addressing discipline, safety and learning outcomes. This process is a long term process, which Traralgon College Junior Campus has been working on for two years. Research has shown that the implementation of consequences, in the absence of other positive strategies, is ineffective. Introducing, modelling, and reinforcing positive social behavior is an important step of a student's educational experience. Teaching behavioural expectations, acknowledging and rewarding students for following them is a much more positive approach than waiting for misbehaviour to occur before responding. Implementing SWPBS has shown improvement in schools’ climate and helps keep students and staff in safe and productive learning environments. At Traralgon College we do this by teaching the students what the appropriate behaviours are in each of the different areas of the school, we then acknowledge and reward students for demonstrating these behaviours. Acknowledgement and Reward System Teachers are asked to give students green ticks when the students are demonstrating the appropriate behaviours, these ticks are place in the students’ planners, if the behaviour is in the yard or during a sport class the student receives a tick card which the students exchange for a tick sticker from their form teacher. Each fortnight these ticks are counted and students receive different forms of acknowledgement. These can include the students selecting a small prize, a free period or a lunch which might be chips, hot dogs, pizza etc. Ask your child to show you their planner and see how many ticks they have and ask them what they got them for.



Issue 5, 2012 - College Connection  
Issue 5, 2012 - College Connection  

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