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By Kyumin Louis Kim Jeremy was exhausted and he ran to get rest to Building 789. Jeremy screeched in fear as the police officers came rushing in. Jack and Bill (the police officers) knew there was nothing, so they started to laugh. Jeremy shivered in fear and strictly demanded them to look under the bed. As they saw gooey liquid, they screamed for help and were gone forever. Jeremy collapsed and fainted. Suddenly he started to think that there were 789 cemeteries under the building! Jeremy IMEDIETLY woke up and dashed for his life out of the building without thinking at all. He was only a crazy, long and mad minute late. The midnight bell rang and silence burst in the building… I can only say they all close their eyes as they stopped moving in a slow painful death. After that night, the police rushed to the building and they called ambulance to check if they were alive. Someone had called the police. Someone so mysterious that even the CSI can’t figure who it is. The police didn’t think about that and just kept searching for dead bodies for the funeral. The police decided to stay at building 789 until midnight. So everyone was busy picking up dead bodies and searching for more, however the midnight bell screamed through the building corridor. A few years later, the building 789 became nothing but a dusty and empty building. However the building wasn’t empty all year, because on November 13th there started a new adventure. Jeremy’s mom got worried about Jeremy because

he promised to back after a year. Jeremy’s mom called Louis’s mom since Louis and his mom lived in Vietnam. Jeremy’s mom of course asked Louis’s mom for Louis to check if Jeremy is alright in 789 building. November 13th was Louis’s birthday so he went alone for an epic experience and adventure alone. He at least hoped… Louis felt never so excited in the car, but as Louis stepped out of the car and glared at the silent house, his emotions changed. The building was so silent that it seemed and felt like Louis was deaf. Louis put a foot in the building and slowly crept into the crooked building. Louis saw nothing but pitch black spreading in the building. He went up to the first floor and opened a door. The door creaked and suddenly the bed was shaking rapidly. Louis was freaked out and he shouted until his throat was in pain. Louis immediately ran out of the room and flew to the stairs. He leaped with big steps and rushed out of the building. Louis was safe! Not even an injury. From that day on, nobody ever went to building 789 because of Louis’s persuasive speeches. However, there was still something left. It is building 789. No one wants to ever destroy the building. The building is immortal, not even the mighty, big and monstrous cranes can break it. No one can stop the beating of building 789’s heart. Building 789 is disaster…

Louis _Building 789  

This is my spooky story

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