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By Thu An and Jeremy Once upon a time there lived a malicious dragon who loved to capture princes. In fact, it was his hobby. He captured a prince every week. One day, the malicious dragon spotted a handsome prince and he found out that his name was Prince Louis. The dragon sent a letter to the king saying that he will capture Louis. When Prince Louis knew that he was in danger, he tried to run away but he accidentally ran into the dragon’s cave. The prince tried to shoot his tranquilizer gun at the dragon, but it didn’t work on a beast this big so the dragon captured him. 360 miles away, a super-duper awesome princess was using her Cuteprince Tracker™ (a brand new device created by a weird hobo) to track down cute princes, and she found that there was a prince called Louis who was rated 9.5/10 on the built in Cute-o-Meter. But sadly, he was 360 miles away. So she jumped on her high speed, all-terrain, rocket powered 500cc motocross bike, and in 15 minutes she was in front of the dragon’s cave. While the malicious dragon was in a deep sleep, the princess hypnotized him with her awesomeness, and he became a super awesome dragon as well as her pet. She carried Prince Louis back home while he was sleeping.

When Prince Louis woke up, he was dazzled by the awesomeness around him, and he instantly fell in love with the awesome princess. They got married and had two children; Prince Awe and Princess Some after the awesome princess. They lived happily ever after and everything was fine except that a guy named Tuan jumped off a roof.

The End (or is it?)

Jeremy & Thu An_ The Epic Princess  
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