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The History Behind our concept


he barbershop was an American cultural icon from the early twentieth century through the late 1960s. For generations, men went to barbershops for a fine haircut and to enjoy great conversations with the barber and fellow clients. Barbers were held in as high esteem as doctors, growing strong, personal relationships with their clients that lasted a lifetime.

The Unisex Solution As men’s style changed, the unisex craze swept across America and barbershops almost disappeared. Men’s choices were limited to salons that were devoid of everything they enjoyed about getting a haircut. Interesting conversation and personal relationships were replaced by cold plastic seats, unpleasant chemical smells, and awkward periods of silence. Stylists often clipped away at lightning speed to move from one client to the next as quickly as possible.



Minimum growth in barbering volume, 1996-2000: 10% SOURCE: US CENSUS


The Barbershop Returns After more than thirty years of decline, barbering and barbershops are making a comeback. In fact, barbershops are on the rise and growing faster than beauty salons. • According to U.S. 2000 census statistics, barbering volume grew by at least 10% between 1996 and 2000. • Sales of men’s grooming products and services have surged 68.6% from 2002-2005, compared to a 6% increase for women’s products, according to research firm AC Nielsen. Today’s men have specific requirements regarding personal grooming and are no longer interested in discount chains and unisex salons. They instead demand the warm, personal atmosphere of a barbershop, as well as the feeling of comraderie found among the patrons.

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Increase in grooming products and services between 2002-2005. SOURCE: AC NEILSEN

Roosters founder Joe Grondin




n 1999, Joe Grondin, a Master Barber with over 30 years experience, opened the first Roosters in Lapeer, Michigan. His goal was to step back in time and re-establish the traditional barbershop for men. Roosters would be a real barbershop, without the gimmicks of most men’s haircut establishments or the feminine environment of a hair salon. Roosters combines modern grooming techniques with the classic barbershop elements. Distinctive touches like the red, white, and blue barber pole, and plush, oversized leather barber chairs create an environment exclusively for men.

Making the Cut At his first store, Joe worked to perfect the Roosters atmosphere and work processes. After several friends and regular clients encouraged him to open additional Roosters locations, Joe took their advice and franchised the Roosters concept in 2003. Its growth has steadily increased since then. number of Contracted Stores by State through 2007


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34 2005



Roosters’ growth by number of franchises under contract since 2004. SOURCE: ROOSTERS MGC

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owning a roosters franchise


he atmosphere at Roosters is designed with our clients’ comfort in mind. This attention to detail, paired with exceptional customer service, makes them want to return again and again. Each of our stores is located in an upscale area, and the interiors contain warm and inviting features. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee ensures that our clients receive consistent, professional services tailored specifically for men.

Every Roosters store includes:

Every Roosters store offers:

• Rich, cherry wood interiors

• Free shoe shine and beverage of choice

• Plasma TVs • Exclusive Roosters Club Chair (a plush, man-sized leather chair)

• Exclusive Roosters Shaving System • Hair color, nail shaping and waxing (private rooms available)

Building Clientele The Roosters model is built around a key principle: turning positive customer experiences into strong client relationships. We want you to focus on building relationships and delivering quality services, without feeling rushed or pressured to create more business. Roosters will provide you with a variety of tools to assist in building clientele, including: • A marketing budget and plan designed to support every team member, by driving in-store traffic and building clientele • Well defined in-store processes for customer service and job functions • Quarterly advertising kits with customizable print, radio, television, and direct mail materials • Plans and materials for launching a successful ‘Grand Opening’

ROOSTERS process support team We understand that a Roosters franchise represents a significant investment, and our franchisees are never left out in the cold or without support from the corporate office. We offer support through an experienced team of experts that are ready to answer your questions at any time. Joseph B. Grondin,

CEO and Director of Education and Training

Aaron C. Grondin,

President and Chief Operating Officer

Sherman Burrows, Chief Financial Officer

Mark Engelman, Vice President of Distribution and Product Development

getting started






our relationship with Roosters doesn’t end with the franchiser agreement. We have an expert team and the right tools to help you achieve your goals and ensure the success of your business.


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At least 2-6 weeks prior to your store opening, our team will travel to your location to conduct a training session and assist in the preliminary set up of store processes.

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We cover all expenses for Instructors, Instructor Transportation /Meals/ Lodging and Training Program Materials.


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Items covered in our 5-day program include:

Bee Cave 11905 Bee Caves Rd • Suite 130 Austin, Texas 78738

• Sales and Marketing


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marketing Materials Provided include: • Grand Opening kits • Coupons and gift cards

• Reception Training • Human Resource Development • Computer and Accounting Procedures • Customer Service Procedures • Opening/Closing and Equipment Maintenance

• Indoor/outdoor signage and promotional banners • Pre-recorded radio and television spots • Newspaper and magazine ad templates • Print collateral materials • Customizable web sites

At Roosters, we focus on sharing information, including best practices and new techniques, among all franchises. Information sharing opportunities include: • Annual national franchise meetings, open to area and national franchise owners and corporate representatives • Monthly newsletter

Investment and Start-Up

Franchise and License Information


oin the Roosters family today and create your own hometown barbershop tradition. We have several different types of franchise agreements, so you can be assured that you will find the perfect fit for your business goals.

Franchise benefits • Strong brand identification

Franchise Opportunities:

• Private label product line

• Regional Development Program – gives protected rights to specific regions, with a substantial share of franchise sales and royalty revenues

• Site selection assistance • Business plan assistance

• Area Development Program – gives protected rights within a region for the development of areas and requires a three store minimum purchase within the protected area over a 10-year period

• Point of sale and inventory system set up

• Multi-store Development Program – gives a discount on the 2nd store and each subsequent store without an Area Development protected territory, and each store will have its own protected radius

• Data collection and analysis

• Single Store Development Program – gives a protected radius around a store that encompasses a population of 50,000 and includes an option to build other available locations in the area at a discount

• Research and development staff

Opening the Store All furniture, fixtures, and equipment are supplied through Roosters. For your convenience, we can include them all in a complete turnkey package. Roosters stores are designed with the flexibility to fit a variety of site sizes and specifications. See our UFOC and franchise agreements for details.

A Successful Model for Staff & Clients The Roosters model is unique to the marketplace. We are not a discount hair chain, so our team members are not pressured to achieve high client turnover. Unlike unisex salons, we have a well-defined clientele and a strong brand-identity. We have created a niche for specialized men’s grooming. To learn more about how you can own part of this fast growing company, call 866.642.2625 or visit us online at


The unisex solution As men’s style changed, the unisex craze swept across America and barbershops almost disappeared. Men’s choices were lim...


The unisex solution As men’s style changed, the unisex craze swept across America and barbershops almost disappeared. Men’s choices were lim...