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A Message from our founders It’s tempting to say that the idea to start this company just popped into our heads. The truth is we have a proud popcorn heritage that dates back two generations. Since our grandfather invented the handle for Jiffy Pop™ popcorn back in 1940’s, our family has been passionate about popcorn and its business potential, which is why it didn’t surprise anyone when we followed in his footsteps by creating and opening our first themed popcorn store in 2000 (and making a huge success of it.) Another store, 105 tons of popcorn, and one trillion seeds later, we’re ready to pass our expertise along to aspiring entrepreneurs who are interested in getting in on the ground floor of a franchise that’s truly new and different. We hope this brochure succeeds in conveying at least a portion of the excitement we feel about this deliciously distinctive business “pop-ortunity.” And we hope to welcome you into the Pops Corn™ family sometime soon.


Lee and Lonnie Feldman, Company Founders

Step Three: Mix It With A Delicious Frozen Treat

Step Four: Package It Well

Sometimes the only thing better than popcorn is popcorn and a drink – especially an icy cold one like Pops Polar Cup. Available in regular and sugar free, this popular Pops Corn™ exclusive has become a real “liquid asset” at each of our stores – providing a highly popular additional revenue stream and creating yet another delicious product that brings customers back again and again. When it comes to packaging, Pops Cornô literally shines. Our signature gold tins add a memorable note of elegance to every shipment we send out conveying to one and all that we truly are “the gold standard of popcorn.” Each is available in a wide range of sizes. And many can be customized with customers’ choice of up to three flavors. We also offer eye-catching gold gift bags and a wide variety of holiday, sports and other themed tins as well as a popular line of lunch boxes.

Step Five: Give It A Great Location

The end result is a tasteful and tasty product presentation that earns perfect “tins” from our customers. As any customer will tell you, a Pops Cornô

store is a great place to be.

For one thing, it smells great, because there’s nothing quite like the aroma of warm caramel corn to draw people in (which is why you shouldn’t be surprised to see lines; folks are more than willing to wait when they know we’ve just whipped up a fresh batch.) For another, it’s quite entertaining, because we’ve designed an easy product preparation technique that’s part fun, part showmanship and all about drawing a hungry audience. (Happily for that audience, we also give free samples.)

Step Six: Relax And Enjoy

What the customer doesn’t know is our store is also incredibly streamlined: 1,200 square feet of strategically designed bins, displays and purchase areas – all mapped out with optimal sales and your economy of motion in mind. For example, you’ll love our “wall of opportunity,” where many of our lunch boxes and themed tins are artfully displayed. It’s often just the inspiration that drop-in customers need to upgrade a single refreshment order into a fast and convenient gift-buying excursion Too often, a business can run you rather than the other way around.

Pops Cornô

is different, because it was designed by people who wanted to be successful both personally and professionally. Our streamlined product offering significantly cuts down on prep time, so your average workday can start long after you’ve had that first cup of coffee. Our mall locations – and corresponding hours – mean you and your employees will never have to burn the midnight oil. Plus popcorn’s very nature makes it especially attractive compared to other food franchises. It doesn’t take much to pop up a full batch, and the cost per kernel is remarkably reasonable.

Kernels of Information Although Pops Cornô

carries five popular flavors in its store, each store can also create customized flavors upon

request for corporate or sports sponsors. In fact one of our stores has supplied Miami Dolphin Stadium

Pops Cornô

founders are third-generation ì popcorn people.î

Their grandfather invented the handle for

Jiffy Pop popcorn.

Pops Cornô

stores are based in malls. However nearly 40 percent of our business comes from people whoí ve tasted

our product, loved it and decided to send it out to a friend or family member.

During the Great Depression, popcorn was one of the few snacks people still bought.

Discover Our Winning Recipe At Pops Corn™, our recipe for success is simple and straight-forward, much like the product that inspired it . . . .

Step One: Take A Popular And Well Known Food Item

The average American consumes an astounding 54 quarts of popcorn every year. For some it’s the perfect midnight snack. Others wouldn’t watch a movie, parade or ball game without it. Simply put, it’s a product that almost everyone likes and buys. It’s also business-friendly with a long shelf life and small cost of preparation.

Step Two: Make It Taste Even Better

After procuring our own popcorn farm in the heart of Kentucky, Pops worked with renowned chefs to create our five mouth-watering flavor combinations. Each can be easily prepared on site and served up fresh -- or shipped to anywhere within North America. And each has its own fan base, from chocoholics who swear by our sinful chocolate-caramel to purists who can’t get enough of our savory Pop’s original. Best of all, none of them are difficult to make, which means you don’t have to arrive hours before you open in order to be ready for business each day.

Whatí s In Pops Cornô

. . . (For You?)

Naturally every franchise feels like it has the market cornered on originality, convenience and ease of start-up. But at Pops Corn™™, we feel like we can back every one of those claims up. For one thing, there’s very little competition in the marketplace right now. Currently there is no national popcorn franchise, which means you won’t have to struggle to market yourself and stand out from the crowd like you would if you were working with something such as coffee, donuts or fast food. For another, we offer several great economies of scale. We’ve already meticulously researched which popcorn flavors sell best, so you don’t waste time preparing exotic flavor combinations that look better than they sell– unless someone’s commissioning you to do it. We’ve developed a user-friendly replenishment process for your packaging, so you buy only the tins you need. And we’ve intentionally designed our store layouts to be small (and therefore less expensive to rent) yet productive. Most important of all, we feature a product that’s booming with marketing potential. Our current stores not only do a brisk business from Internet and phone orders, they’ve also created an appreciative customer base in sporting arenas and corporations – many of whom have commissioned them to create custom flavors, corporate-colored popcorn and uniquely themed tins. In sum, every Pops Corn™ operation comes packed with loads of “pop”-tential.

The Best ì Tinî Minutes Youíl l Ever Spend When it comes to buying a franchise, it’s true what they say: Seeing is believing. So is tasting. So if you like what you’ve heard about Pops Corn™ so far, we encourage you to call us at (954) 349-3499 . We’ll send you a free sample of our popcorn so you can discover for yourself what brings so many customers through our doors and back to see us time and time again. What’s more, we’ll be happy to arrange a tour at one of our flagship operations. And of course we’re always available to answer any questions you might have. Finally at the risk of sounding corny, allow us to say thank you for the time you’ve spent considering Pops Corn™. We know that the decision to buy a franchise is one of the most important you’ll ever make, and we’re honored to have been included in that search.

Pops Cornô

Corporate Office

Pembroke Lakes Mall 11401 Pines Boulevard, #718 Pembroke Pines, FL 33026

Phone: (954) 349-3499 Fax: (954) 704-7998 Email:


™ Another store, 105 tons of popcorn, and one trillion seeds later, we’re ready to pass our expertise along to aspiring entrepreneurs who ar...