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This is Maid Brigade, and it may not be exactly what you’d expect. A CULTURE OF EXCELLENCE, ACUTELY FOCUSED ON SUCCESS But look closer and you’ll see a business that has grown through all economic climates. You’ll see a company that supports its franchisees with smart, concise training, support and marketing. And you’ll see a brand that people trust. In fact, it’s that very trust in quality service that creates a foundation for growth and success that’s unrivaled in the industry. Maid Brigade started in 1979 as a few people committed to being the best residential cleaning service anywhere. And the founders proved their commitment every day. Today, Maid Brigade is a well-run, stable corporation with several hundred locations. And the standards set in the company’s inception are now part of the culture that creates great opportunity for people who recognize that this is a need that will never go away. In fact, demand for well-managed, reliable, professional residential cleaning services will only grow for all age groups. YOUR PAST COULD TELL US A LOT ABOUT YOUR FUTURE. Maid Brigade’s franchisees come from a variety of backgrounds which include management, sales, marketing, accounting, real estate, legal and education to name a few. While our franchisees are independent business owners, they believe in following systems.

From pre-opening through the life of your business, support never ends.

The training and on-going support from the home office is excellent. I get my money’s worth, for sure. - FERNANDO SUAREZ

It all begins with pre-training assignments in preparation for an intensive week of training in Atlanta at the home office. Engaging, informative classes include Finance, Personnel, Technology and Marketing. You will complete your training feeling confident and knowledgeable about the business. In fact, after the training, you will be an integral part of the brand. As part of the training process, you will also benefit from our Mentor Visit Program. Before your Grand Opening, you’ll work alongside an existing franchisee for one week. This experience will provide you with extra confidence to go out on your own. Through real, day-to-day operations, you’ll gain an understanding of: • Our proprietary Total Management Software System • Maid Brigade’s Green Cleaning Standard Operating Procedures • Employee Management • Client Acquisition and Retention • How to effectively train Team Members by learning Maid Brigade’s train-the-trainer program Your training will continue with a very successful, experienced franchisee who also serves as a trainer, working with you at your office location for one week before you open. This Mentor will help you become knowledgeable in: • Maid Brigade Office Administration • Personnel management and training • Customer Care By the end of the week you will have been provided all of the tools you need to operate a functional and successful office. Continued on back

Training & Support, continued

Continuous training and support is always available through Maid Brigade Franchise Group Consultants. As part of the Maid Brigade team, you will be assigned to work closely with a consultant, who will provide you with valuable knowledge and expertise. Your consultant will have a follow-up visit with you shortly after you open to assist you with any challenges that may have arisen. Most importantly, this consultant will be your first line of support for as long as you are a Maid Brigade franchisee. Maid Brigade also provides on-going support, enhancements and training through many other avenues: • Our annual convention is a time to introduce new and exciting programs. • Maid Brigade Regional Meetings of your local peers with Maid Brigade’s Group Consultants • Advanced training classes are regularly offered to owners, managers and cleaning staff. • You will have access to web-based training for owners, managers and team members, DVDs, how-to manuals, Webinars, franchise conferences, franchise advisors and other programs and tools devoted to the improvement of all Maid Brigade franchisees. • The optional National Sales Center provides you with 82 hours per week of professionally trained sales individuals who interact with potential customers, freeing you up to focus on training and staff development.

A residential service with a truly professional focus.

I wanted you to know that I am getting such positive comments from customers regarding the National Sales Center staff. The customers really enjoy talking to them, and feel like they’re talking to friends. Please pass on my thanks to them for a job well done! - JOSIE RANGEL

A MAID BRIGADE FRANCHISE OFFERS YOU THE OPPORTUNITY FOR MORE THAN JUST YOUR NAME ON A BUSINESS CARD. AS A MAID BRIGADE FRANCHISEE, YOU ARE PART OF A COMPANY THAT IS ACUTELY FOCUSED ON YOUR SUCCESS AND GROWTH. Excellent Customer Service = Growing Customer Base = Greater Equity It’s a simple formula, really: If you provide your customers with superior service, they remain loyal. In fact, many customers couldn’t imagine their lives without Maid Brigade caring for their homes. So the support systems we have in place enable you to deliver that same quality service to your customers. So you’ll run a business that is designed to grow while maintaining a base of loyal customers. Our Heart at Work program says that we care about our employees and the culture we create to keep them motivated and excited about working for Maid Brigade. We want to be the best place to work in our industry. Heart at Work is about providing excellent service and outstanding work for our customers. When developing our franchisee relationships, we also include discussions regarding exit strategy. After all, we realize that this will be your business, and you may have other objectives and plans once your business becomes successful. So we make sure we are all on the same page regarding not just short-term objectives, but your long-term goals as well. Loyalty, equity and an exit strategy. They’re not the only reasons entrepreneurs are attracted to Maid Brigade. There are reasons unique to Maid Brigade that are unusual, even in the residential cleaning industry. • The flexibility of varied investment levels makes the opportunity attractive to many different types of business owners. • Residential cleaning is an industry that is strong and growing. With Maid Brigade, one man’s trash can truly be your treasure. • A better lifestyle is, well, better. Unlike many other franchise businesses, you and your Maid Brigade employees work traditional hours. This allows you to have a life outside your business – no small consideration if you have other businesses or a family. Continued on back

Why Maid Brigade?, continued

Also, as the business matures, you – like many existing franchisees – are able to back out of the business as managers are put in place, so you can spend time with family, travel, or do whatever the words “free time” mean to you. • A virtually recession resistant investment. Homes need to be cleaned, and that will never change, regardless of the economic or industry climate. • A well known, established company provides you with systems and training that work and proven, proprietary technologies that only make your job easier. • Structured for fast track growth. Unlike retail opportunities, a Maid Brigade franchise consists of one initial investment with one location, allowing you to better focus on growth. • Our National Sales Center is unique in our industry and is not just a message center. The Maid Brigade National Sales Center is managed by a staff of in-house professionals who really know the business and exists only to exclusively service our franchisees. They take calls, handle all new customer inquiries and best of all, they are open 82 hours per week. They answer questions, give estimates and set up appointments. It makes your life a lot easier. And only Maid Brigade offers it. • Maid Brigade’s Green Clean Certified® system – the only house cleaning system that uses “green” solutions that are certified by Green Seal for a safe, yet thorough cleaning. Our equipment and processes follow many Green Seal standards for cleaning services, and our vacuums are certified through the Carpet & Rug Institute’s Green Label Program, meeting stringent standards for soil removal, dust containment and carpet appearance. Our teams are extensively trained and Green Clean Certified® to provide effective and consistently predictable cleaning methods, better deployment of labor – reducing waste and contributing to overall efficiency, and a thorough cleaning to safeguard human health while minimizing the impact on the environment.

Grow your business with intelligent marketing strategies and programs. Our goals are the same as yours: Growth and success in building and sustaining a business. To that end, we have developed marketing tools and resources to help you succeed. Your success begins with a focus on two key marketing objectives: • Effective Customer Acquisition • Effective Customer Retention Acquiring new customers is a critical part of growing your business. That’s why we have developed proven marketing programs with an effective media mix to help you get new customers. But it’s not enough to merely convert new customers to regular service. Exponential business growth occurs when you acquire new clients while increasing the lifetime value of your existing customer base. As a Maid Brigade franchisee, you will have access to a Marketing Department that is committed to helping you grow your business with intelligent marketing strategies and programs. A comprehensive national advertising program helps you tailor your message to suit your market and growth goals while at the same time leveraging the national brand and reputation of Maid Brigade. Hands-on training is available to assist you in developing and executing an advertising plan. And no advertising discussion would be complete without mentioning the Maid Brigade Marketing Depot, an intranet site replete with everything related to Maid Brigade marketing and advertising. Right at your fingertips, with a comprehensive library of marketing resources. But even with all of these resources at your disposal, questions and challenges could arise. So the corporate Marketing Department is here for you, as a support arm, helping to analyze marketing activities and refine your ad plan for maximum effectiveness. Continued on back

We Both Have the Same Goal, continued

INVESTMENT IN YOUR BRAND Our franchisees know that the growth and success of their businesses is largely dependent on a serious commitment to advertising and marketing. So they enter the Maid Brigade system prepared to invest in an aggressive advertising plan for their first three years in business. And unlike some other similar franchise opportunities, we will tell you, right here, that success demands a financial commitment to marketing. Plan to invest a healthy budget for advertising up front to support your growth goals. The amount our franchisees allocate for advertising and marketing varies by territory size, growth goals and market specific dynamics. Whatever your business goals, you can rest assured that we take a very hands-on approach to assisting you with advertising and marketing. After all, it may initially be the most critical aspect of your business.


Classic, hands-on service. With efficient, sophisticated technologies.

Coming from a technology background, my standards for software are high. Maid Brigade’s technology impresses me. Now that’s saying a lot.

MAID BRIGADE’S TECHNOLOGY HAS ONE PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: TO SUPPORT YOUR BUSINESS. We have maintained our position as a leader in this industry by equipping franchisees with the right tools. Since the 1980’s we’ve been working for, and with, our franchisees to develop software to help them work smarter. Our MaidSmart™ software is used on a daily basis for team organization, client management, scheduling, integrated credit card payment processing and efficient team routing through Microsoft® MapPoint®. In addition to ensuring the smooth running of your business, Maid Brigade’s software has powerful reporting capabilities for both the operational and marketing aspects of your location. We’ll give you tools for analysis and advice for optimal growth. Maid Brigade’s private franchise website is another valuable resource. When you use it, you are not merely visiting a simple site; this is a portal to numerous online features that support your business.


• Shop for essentials at our online Resource Center • Visit the Marketing Depot to access the latest news, ideas, and materials • Engage in discussions on our active Bulletin Board • Sharpen your analytic mind at our “Vision” reporting pages Many people are surprised at the maturity and elegance of our technology solutions, but we believe that it’s more function than form. After all, we don’t adjust our business to fit the latest tech trends – we use that technology to work seamlessly for our business.

So you’re interested enough in Maid Brigade to make it this far. What’s next? HERE’S WHAT WILL HAPPEN, IN A ROUGH TIMELINE:

One of the things I love most about the Maid Brigade organization is how accessible they are. I know that if there is anything I want to talk to anyone at corporate about, all I have to do is call and they will respond. I never feel like my opinion is falling on deaf ears. - CATHY GREFSRUD

• Look over and review the information packet. The more you know, the better. • Complete the Request for Consideration form. That get’s the ball rolling on our end. • We send you the Franchise Disclosure Document electronically for you to review. • Several weeks into the process, you will work closely with planners to complete the Advertising and Financial Planner forms. • Do your homework and prepare questions for us. This will include speaking with current franchisees to hear first-hand some of the more “nuts and bolts” issues surrounding the owning of a franchise. • Attend the Maid Brigade Discovery Day, an informative and detailed overview of all things Maid Brigade. • We take pen to paper and sign the franchise agreement in roughly the seventh week. Congratulations are definitely in order now. So please look over this packet carefully. Then, go to to complete our Request for Consideration form online or simply complete the enclosed form and fax it to us at (770)391-9092. You can also call us at 1-800-722-6243. Before long, you could be a Maid Brigade franchise owner, and really cleaning up!

Maid Brigade FM Brochure  
Maid Brigade FM Brochure  

Maid Brigade’s franchisees come from a variety of backgrounds which include management, sales, marketing, accounting, real estate, legal and...