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Experience the benefits of a unique opportunity in a growing industry.

A Unique Approach in a Growing Industry

A Successful History with a Promising Future

After researching the janitorial industry, Barry Bodiford decided to follow the dream of owning his own business. After years in the world of corporate America and time in college athletics, the 360clean is the innovative leader of

venture began.

the building service industry. The 360clean approach is an advantageous opportunity for customers, along with 360clean franchisees.

The first year was focused around growing the janitorial market share, while perfecting the operations of the janitorial business. As the company began to grow, the ownership researched the idea of diversifying the services that are offered. As the name

Our local support, marketing program, training and integration

says, 360clean, the goal was to become the complete source for

of technology allow our franchisees a turn key solution.

facility service needs while offering services that keep a facility 360clean. As the expansion into landscape and other services

We take pride in our franchise program which makes our fran-

unfolded, there was no doubt that the 360clean business model

chisee recruitment process very stringent. It is very important

was going to be a success.

in who shares the 360clean brand. We hope that this will be very important to you as you research our company and other

From the beginning, the goal of the 360clean business plan was

companies as well.

to establish a system that could be profitably replicated by other individuals.

Barry Bodiford Founder & CEO

As 360clean moves forward with their franchising expansion, there looks to be no doubt that the future is as promising as the history of 360clean. And we hope you choose to be a part of that future.

Our Services

An Innovative Concept Becomes a Unique Franchise Opportunity

Janitorial Services

The 360clean success is created around:

We design and tailor cleaning programs to meet individual needs, while guaranteeing that each facility

Sales & Marketing program

will be impeccably clean and aesthetically impres-

Diversified offering of services

sive. Our goal is to make each facility 360clean. In

Customer loyalty through consistent, quality service

addition, we offer a specialized cleaning concept for

and successful communication via the 360clean

healthcare facilities. The JaniMed cleaning concept is

Customer Support Program

unique and another advantage of 360clean.

Recruit and retain great people by using our company values as a standard tool and treating them as the company’s most valuable asset By remaining committed to our philosophy, 360clean has created a solid reputation and an impressive list of clients.


What are We Looking for?

Initial Franchise Fee: $ 8,500

As we interview franchisee candidates, we are looking for energetic and aspiring professionals. These

The 360clean franchise system includes: Comprehensive Training Sales Assistance Training Manuals Ongoing Support

individuals will have great people skills, great attitude, and ability to manage people. Our goal is to find

The Industry

people who understand the importance of customer support and understand the importance of strong

The commercial cleaning industry is a growing &

business relationships. We hope that you are among

recession resistant industry. Along with the need

this group.

for a more specialized approach to cleaning and the

Direct Mail Program

offering of multiple facility services, the opportunity

Initial Marketing Materials

exists to take advantage of the amazing increase in

Invoicing and Collection Services

commercial facilities.

‌allows you to focus more on your business.

The commercial cleaning industry is a growing and recession resistant


The 360clean Difference

Training & Support Franchisees experience a week long training at the

What we offer is an Opportunity in a Growing Industry with the Power of the Franchise Community!

360clean Franchise Support Center. During this initial training, franchisees learn every aspect of the business including a focus on the following core business areas:

Sales & Marketing Programs The 360clean Marketing Program is an efficient and

Administration & Management

cost effective program. You will have full access to our


marketing materials and a program that assists in your


business growth. In addition, franchisees receive sup-

Sales & Marketing

port in obtaining cleaning contracts from the sales de-

Customer Service

partment at your local 360clean Support Center. Following the initial training is the additional two day “Sales & Marketing� training in your local area. During



this two day program, you and a member of the 360clean

You will experience a week long training at the 360clean

At 360clean, we have integrated the latest technology

sales team will develop and implement your sales and

Franchise Support Center, where you will learn every as-

to manage Customer Relations and Quality Control of

marketing program.

pect of the business.

daily operations. Also, the 360clean intranet serves as an excellent resource for franchisees.

Ongoing training and support are available. In addition, continued research and development of the 360clean

Be Your Own Boss, but Benefit from Our Experienced Innovation We will provide the guidance and support as you take part in the American Dream of owning your own busi-

system keeps our company the innovative leader of

Franchisee Screening Process

our industry.

training is comprehensive and the industry is growing.

We take pride in our franchise program which makes

The opportunity is Nnow!!...The costs

our franchisee recruitment process very stringent. It

Our franchise support team will make periodic visits

is very important who shares the 360clean brand. We

to offer assistance in all aspects of your franchise. At

hope that this will be very important to you as you re-

the same time, our franchise support team is always

search our company and other companies as well.

available via phone or email.

Franchisee Support You will be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

are low, the training is comprehensive and the industry is growing.

Our success depends on your success. We are a TEAM!

ness. The opportunity is now...the costs are low, the

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360 Clean Unit-Franchise-Booklet_WEB VERSION-AUGUST2009[1]  

Experience the benefits of a unique opportunity in a growing industry.