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E_MOB The conference on e-mobility in Milan.

ALEXANDER DENNIS Say goodbye to rear-view mirrors.

SOLARIS Trollino trolleybuses in Italy and Lithuania.


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IBE 2018 Full attendance at the Italian bus expo.

SETRA Test drive for the double-decker S 531 DT.

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ercedes-Benz Buses is looking for Europe’s most ecoour Scania buses powered by natural gas have been in M nomic Tourismo driver. With the Eco Champ 2018 Fservice since last August in the autonomous community competition, the company invites to participate any bus of Madrid Valdemoro. Acquired by Interurban Autómnibus

company that has covered at least 3,000 kilometers with their new Mercedes-Benz Tourismo. “In order to participate at”, explains the German manufacturer, “applicants need to provide proof in the form of a photograph of the cockpit showing mileage and average consumption as an absolute value of litres/100 km.” The winners will receive an exclusive 22-speed Mercedes-Benz mountain bike with an ultra-light carbon frame. The deadline for registration is 25 November 2018.

S.A (AISA), the vehicles are bodied by the Iberian manufacturer Castrosua in the Magnus version. They are built on Scania K280 CV UB 4X2 GNC chassis with the 9-liter 280-hp Euro 6 engine (1,400 Nm of maximum torque). On board there is space for 40 seated passengers and 30 standing. Do not miss the central area for wheelchairs boarded through the automatic and manual ramp.


he 2018-2019 season of the Portoguese soccer team T began on board a Neoplan Skyliner coach. Customized to the tiniest detail at the MAN Bus Modification Center,


ixty-two Setra buses from the MultiClass series have S been recently delivered from Alsace to Lower Saxony. The bus company LK Kunegel based in Colmar, France,

will put into service 17 S 415 LE business in Strasbourg as part of a contract signed with Compagnie des Transports Strasbourgeois. Another 22 buses are now part of the fleet of Ahrtal-Verkehrs-Betrieb GmbH in Sinzig, Germany. The company also signed appropriate Omniplus service contracts. Last but not leas, the 23 Setra buses handed over by Gebken & Gerdes Verkehrs- und Reiseunternehmen GmbH and Hutfilters Reisedienst GmbH & Co., two bus companies from Lower Saxony. The supply includes six S 415 LE business, fifteen S 416 LE business and two S 418 LE business models equipped with wooden-look flooring.


this Skyliner in red-black livery offers a work area with a meeting table and 16 comfortable seats on the lower deck. There is also a kitchen fitted with a refrigerator and ceramic hob. The upper deck is fitted with 24 high-quality seats, each one with USB connection, power sockets and a monitor. Among the on-board devices, the hi-fi system, multimedia system and dual-zone dual-zone rear air conditioning system (independently adjustable between the two decks). The vehicle is also equipped with the latest and most innovative drive assistance systems, including emergency braking assistance (EBA) and a lane guard system (LGS), not to mention the electronically controlled shock absorbers of the MAN Comfort Drive Suspension (CDS). Benfica’s Neoplan Skyliner is powered by the powerful and environmentally friendly 6-cylinder diesel common rail with 12.5 liters and 500 hp (368 kW) combined with the automatic transmission and topographic cruise control.


he first coach of the Setra ComfortClass series landed he transport operator Sales-Lentz based in Bascharage, Southwest T in the French Guadeloupe island. It’s a S 516 MD coach handed over by the bus company SA Pajamandy based in TLuxembourg, has placed an order for the delivery of five Solaris electric Saint Rose en Guadeloupe. The two-axle coach is fitted buses. The 12-meter version (38 seats) will be fuelled via an electric portal

with 59 seats and is primarily earmarked for cruise ship tourists who count on the highest level of comfort while exploring the Caribbean island that covers 1,600 square meters. “The new S 516 MD will be the flagship of our company. This long distance coach is an absolute must nowadays”, pointed out Thomas Pajamandy, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the bus company, which also runs routes in local public transport.

axle with integrated electric motors with a power of 2 x 125 kWh while the articulated one (43 seats) will be powered by a central traction engine (240 kW). For both the models, the energy storage system consists of batteries of the Solaris High Energy type with a total capacity 240 kWh. The vehicles can be charged either by means of a plug-in connector or via a roof-mounted pantograph. Solaris Bus & Coach will deliver two 12-meter buses in March 2019 and another three articulated buses of 18 metres in June of the same year.


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he transport company Stadtbus has chosen the 100% he Dutch manufacturer has been awarded by Arriva Denmark T electric bus GX 337 ELEC by Heuliez Bus for the city Tfor the supply of 21 electric buses in a length of 18 mt. They of Rottweil, in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Awarded are the VDL Citea SLFA-180 Electric model, the first of this kind

last June in Munich with the KS Energy and Environment Award, this model is equipped with an electric motor and NMC lithium ion batteries divided into eight packages (six on the roof and two in the rear compartment). The structure is made of stainless steel and the body is made of composite materials while the frame and the floor have a reinforced protection. To date, more than 100 vehicles of the GX ELEC range have been sold.



the roads of Jesenice, Slovenia. It’s the MAN Lion’s City Hybrid, the first bus with hybrid drive within the Slovenian borders. The vehicle is operated by Arriva Group and it represents an important step in the direction of sustainable transport. «The MAN Lion’s City Hybrid combines sustainable driving with maximum cost-effectiveness», points out the German manufacturer. «The hybrid bus consumes up to 30 percent less fuel per year, meaning that it saves up to 10,000 litres of diesel fuel, considerably reducing the operator’s carbon footprint».


for Denmark. The buses will be deployed in Copenhagen from December 2019. VDL Bus & Coach will also provide the charging infrastructure at the depots. During the day the buses will be topped up at the terminal through an inverted pantograph. The vehicles will be fitted with 288-kWh batteries and a fully electric climate control system, which means that they will be completely emission-free in operation. «With this order», points out VDL Bus & Coach, «we have sold the 500th fully electric VDL Citea in Western Europe».


he Chinese manufacturer increases business in the T Scandinavian peninsula and, with the latest order, exceeds the target of the 100 electric buses commis-

sioned there in 2018. The recent order placed by the Swedish operator Nobina consists of 26 vehicles: five 8.7-meter minibuses (the first in Scandinavia), eleven 12-m and 10 articulated. These ebuses will be put into service in South-West Sweden under the control of Västtrafik, the agency responsible for public transport services in the Västra Götaland county. The new fleet should be delivered in summer 2019. To date, BYD electric bus sales in Europe exceed 600 units.


he Romanian city of Cluj Napoca has extended the fraT mework agreement of August last year and ordered further he Spanish capital pushes on natural gas and the public transport com18 Solaris Urbino electric buses. Having ordered 41 buses in Tpany EMT (Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid) trusts again total, Cluj Napoca will become the city with the highest nu- in the Mercedes-Benz technology with the Mercedes-Benz Citaro NGT bus.

mber of Solaris Urbino electrics in Europe. The last batch of vehicles is to leave Bolechowo nine months after contract signing. The buses will be equipped with a 160 kW central engine and traction batteries of the Solaris High Energy type (200 kWh) charged through a pantograph mounted on the roof of each bus. The on-board equipment includes air-conditioning in the passenger compartment, a complete monitoring system outside and inside of the vehicle, free WiFi, USB ports. The buses can carry up to 78 passengers of which 27 seated. In the past weeks Solaris Bus & Coach has signed another framework contract in Romania for the supply of up to 50 articulated trolleybuses of the Trollino 18 model. These will be the first trolleybuses of the Polish producer in Cluj-Napoca. “Adding up all of the delivered and ordered vehicles (the first ones were produced 15 years ago), there will be nearly 300 Solaris buses in the Romanian cities”, pointed out the Polish manufacturer. 

The last order regards 276 urban buses to be delivered in the next two years. The two-door solo buses are 12 m long and are powered by the MercedesBenz OM 936 G natural gas engine. The Citaro NGT buses destined for EMT feature a very specific equipment: rear end closed with the usual large rear window omitted, a cassette ramp and a folding ramp for wheelchair users, sculpted seats, five double USB sockets, eight hinged windows and an enhanced passenger compartment air-conditioning system.. Till Oberwörder, Head of Daimler Buses, said: «We are particularly pleased with the order from Madrid. It clearly shows that our Citaro NGT is proving its worth. EMT placed its first order two years ago for 82 urban buses of the newly launched Citaro NGT model. The following year, the company ordered another 314 buses. The current order means that there will be a total of 672 environmentally friendly Citaro NGT buses operating in Madrid from 2020».

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The national conference on e-mobility e_mob which was hosted last September in Milan was focused on zero-emission transport _mob aims to foster the culture of e-mobiE lity and the deployment of electric vehicles in all its forms: from public transport to shared transport to private transport. E_mob is the national conference on e-mobility, in its second edition, that was hosted on September 27-29 in Milan. Its aim is to attract interest of citizens on the need to use electrical vehicles while helping municipalities to develop infrastructures and services that encourage the deployment of battery electric vehicles. The event, promoted by various organizations and companies in Lombardy and sponsored by the Ministry for Environment, Land and Sea Protection and by the association of Italian municipalities ANCI, was full of debates and workshops. During the event the ‘White book on electric mobility’ was presented, which consists of documents of policies and actions in support of electric mobility, including the ‘Metropolitan Electromobility Paper’ and its five points to contribute to the development of zero emission mobility. Launched during the 2017 edition of e_mob, the Metropolitan Paper is promoted

by five cities (Milan, Turin, Florence, Varese and Bologna) and has already been signed by over 100 municipalities with more than 20,000 inhabitants. Many vehicles were showcased with the proposals available on the electric mobility market. Also the Milanese transport company ATM exhibited one of the electric buses recently adopted in its fleet, the Urbino manufactured in Poland by Solaris Bus & Coach. «The wish», pointed out Class Onlus, the company that organizes e_mob, «is that of a rapid transition of the public and private circulating fleet to battery electric vehicles. In this sector Italy recorded considerably lower figures in sales compared to other European countries: in 2017 just 4.827 vehicles sold (out of 1.970.497 registrations) compared to 54.617 in Germany, 47.298 in the United Kingdom and 36.835 in France. Even ‘small’ countries like Holland, Belgium, Sweden (all over 10,000 units sold) and Norway performed better. With 62,313 vehicles sold, Norway is the continental leader of the sector ». More articles about International events;

Alexander Dennis delivered the first buses equipped with SmartVision system with digital cameras and internal displays instead of traditional rear-view mirrors

Glasgow and Nottingham, in the UniIN ted Kingdom, the first buses branded Alexander Dennis (ADL) equipped with

SmartVision technology are already circulating. In other words, they are equipped with high-definition digital cameras and internal displays instead of traditional rear-view mirrors. The view from the SmartVision cameras is digitally processed to compensate for lighting, shadows or glare as it is transmitted to the displays, which are mounted inside the cab to eliminate reflections from the windows. The system offers the driver a normal mirror view at the top of the monitor and a wide-angle view in the lower half. The brightness of the screen adjusts automatically to ensure excellent visibility day and night. «SmartVision maintains image quality in all conditions», points out Alexander Dennis in a statement. “The software removes any distortion from rain drops or dirt on the lens, More articles about ADL:

while an optional camera heater clears ice or fogging. In addition to improved visibility for drivers, operators benefit from reduced risk of damage to the mirror or injury to passengers or pedestrians, potentially saving up to £25,000 per bus. A reduction in aerodynamic resistance is furthermore expected to deliver a small fuel economy benefit, especially at higher speeds. “ SmartVision is a internationally proven technology and is supplied by the French company Vision-Systems. The system is mounted during vehicle assembly and supported by Alexander Dennis’ Aftermarket network. It is fully VCA certified for both the Enviro200 single-decker and the Enviro400 double-decker.

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With the last order of 85 Trollino to Lithuania, Solaris Bus & Coach solidified its position as European leader in trolleybuses production recent months Solaris Bus & Coach IN has signed important deals for the delivery of trolleybuses, solidifying its position as European leader in trolleybus production. Starting from 80 articulated Trollino (plus 50 optional), according to the framework agreement signed in Italy in May with the Milanese Transport Company (ATM), to another 50 vehicles of the same type ordered in August by Cluj Napoca in Romania up to the 85 units commissioned in October in Lithuania. The 85 Trollino 12 trolleybuses were ordered by the public transport company UAB Kauno Autobusai. They will be delivered within 15 months from the signing of the contract, which took place in early October. The trolleybuses ordered by UAB Kauno Autobusai will accommodate up to 85 passengers, of whom 27 are seated, and will be powered by an asynchronous motor rated at over 150 kW. The vehicles will be fitted with three double door entrances and ecological LED lighting consisting of lamps illuminating the panto-

graph and the traction lines. On-board equipment includes air conditioning, kneeling, a comprehensive passenger information system, a video surveillance system and a breath alcohol ignition interlock which prevents the driver from starting the engine whenever the device detects an excessive alcohol level in the driver’s breath. The Trollino 12 vehicles for Kaunas will also feature an electric power steering pump (EPS) consisting of two pumps: the chief one, installed next to the traction motor, and an auxiliary one. Thank to this arrangement, even when there is no power coming from the traction line, the vehicle’s power steering system will still be able to operate. On the Lithuanian market, Solaris has already delivered over 220 vehicles and is also about to complete the supply of another 150 vehicles to the Vilnius-based transport company. Nearly 100 Solaris units, including 42 trolleybuses, are currently circulating in the streets of Kaunas.

More articles about Solaris Bus&Coach:

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September 27, the ON British Go-Ahead group started to pioneer a bus

that, while travelling, cleans the air by trapping fine particles. All thanks to a filter manufactured by Pall Aerospace, the world’s largest aerospace and defense filtration company. The filter, which is mounted onto the roof of the bus, is designed for particle removal efficiency of 99.5% without any impact on passengers’ travel experience. The vehicle is currently being tested in the Bluestar fleet in Southampton, in the North East of England, a city chosen not by chance due to its high level of pollution. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Southampton is at its limit of unsafe air pollution. «We want this pilot project to show that buses should be looked at as not just the solution to congestion in cities, but also as a solution to the air quality problem,» said Go-Ahead’s CEO, David Brown. «This bus will clean the air on its route up to a height of 10 meters: imagine the change we could make to air quality if all buses had this technology».


lectric mobility is growing and the South Korean manufacE turer Hankook responded with the new SmartCity AU04 +, a tyre optimised for electric buses and supplied in the size

Select products by category and read available components details: content/components-italy content/components-europe

315/60 R 22.5. Its pluses are the following: on account of the increased vehicle weight resulting from the battery weight, the load index has been increased (8 tonnes per axle) and the rolling resistance is very low to keep battery energy loss to a minimum. Moreover, shoulder width and structure have been adapted to the increased requirements thus ensuring uniform wear, zig zag grooves have been further optimized for a higher mileage, and the sidewall has been reinforced in order to protect the tyre from damage following the contact with the curb. The tread of the SmartCity AU04 +, designed as an all-year tyre, is suitable for all wintry conditions without restriction and bears therefore the snowflake symbol (3PMSF).

the IAA 2018, the French Valeo automotive compoAT nents manufacturer, showcased several innovations to help reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in commer-

cial vehicles. We’re talking about the hybrid systems Valeo 48V Integrated Belt Starter Generator (iBSG) and the Valeo GMG. The first one is available in two versions, 4kW or 8kW of continuous power. It also recovers the kinetic energy during braking and deceleration and stores it as electrical energy in a 48V battery to reuse it during acceleration giving more power to the engine and to power various electrical components. With this system, fuel consumption is reduced by 3% to 5% in medium duty vehicles and by 5% to 10% in light commercial vehicles, depending on the driving cycle. The Valeo GMG (Gearbox Motor Generator) is rated at 48 V and 15 kW peak and reduces fuel consumption by 5% to 8% in medium duty vehicles and by 10% to 20% in light commercial vehicles, depending on usage conditions and driving patterns. Valeo also exhibited its innovative thermal systems. The TM series of compressors meet all Euro 6 environmental standards and help reduce operating costs. It also exhibited its air conditioning systems: Valeo REVO-E pro, Valeo Thermo plus and Valeo SPump range. As a world premiere, Valeo REVO-E pro is a roof-mounted air conditioning unit for electric buses with heat pump technology. Thanks to its high-efficiency, fully automatic defrosting function, it is able to operate even at temperatures as low as -15°. The new Valeo Thermo plus is a heating unit with low CO2 emissions. It can be used in buses with internal combustion engines and also in electric buses, for which it can provide additional heating for use at very low outside temperatures, without having to draw on the vehicle’s electrical energy reserves. The Valeo SPump range includes water pumps specially developed for electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid buses. Among the smallest and lightest models on the market, they have a wide range of applications, including the cooling of electrical components. With their breadth of temperatures (from -40 ° to 95 °) they can adapt to any situation.

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All companies have confirmed their presence at the International Bus Expo in Rimini 2018. Among the major brands, the were the new entries Scania, Solaris, King Long and the return of Otokar.



the 1,000 square meter stand, Iveco Bus presented four models, two of which eco-friendly: the GX 337 E and the Crossway LE Natural Power. The first is the 12-meter electric bus manufactured by Heuliez Bus (Iveco group) equipped with two doors and 26 seats. It is powered by a 120-kW BAE System engine and fitted with 360 kWh NMC lithium-ion batteries. The Iveco Crossway LE NP, which is 100% biomethane compatible, features the Cursor 9 GX 337 E MAGELYS

NP Euro VI-C (360 hp) engine and four roof-mounted tanks. On display was also the Daily Hi Matic Tourys with 19 Kiel leather seats plus a handy seat and the 12.76-meter Magelys with a 4-star equipment and powered by a 400-hp Cursor 9 and coupled to ZF Traxon gearbox.



he International Bus Expo (IBE) came back to Rimini on October 24-26 T with the new format launched in 2016, i.e. independent from TTG Italia, the b2b expo fair dedicated to tourism that has been hosting the IBE for

several years. The interest of exhibitors and the public was great. This year 140 companies were exhibiting in the usual two pavilions of the Rimini exhibition center. «They were extremely satisfied», pointed out the International Exhibition Group (IEG), who organized the fair, «with the quality of business contacts and a turnout increased by 25% compared to the previous edition». The major brands of the bus sector were all present. It is worth to mention the new entries Scania and Solaris and the return of Otokar, who exhibited in the 2012 edition. It was the first time at the IBE also for King Long, distributed now on the Italian market by DDR Spa, official supplier of spare parts for original equipment. Among the absent companies, the Italian Bus Industry (due to the economic situation of the company). For the Italian market were displayed some premieres as well as eco-friendly proposals, mostly hybrid and electric models. As always, countless minibus equipments were on show, mostly on Mercedes and Iveco mechanics. Under the lights also the used with offers from Italbus, Troiani, D’Auria Group, Irizar. The next edition of the IBE will be held in 2020.


any vehicles were on display at the Evobus Italia stand. The Mercedes Citaro Hybrid is the top product for urban transport, supported by the Italian premiere of the Sprinter City 75 after the launch of the newly designed Sprinter range at the IAA fair. For touring services, in addition to the already proven Mercedes Tourismo, three models of the Setra range were exhibited: for the TopClass series, the redesigned double-decker S 431 DT with ABA 4 emergency braking assistance system, the S 516 HD Comfort Class and the 415 LE MultiClass business models. Two innovations have been announced for the Italian market: the next launch of the Citaro electric bus, unveiled in Hannover and tested in Italy at the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli (which simultaneously MERCEDES Sprinter City 75

took place at the IBE) and the bus rental service myMobilityBus. An innovation that, thanks to the last revision of the Italian highway code, has opened a door to hire of TPL buses with a capacity of more than 9 seats, even without a driver.

MERCEDES Citaro Hybrid SETRA S 531 DT

MAN Lion’s Coach MAN Lion’s City


a world premiere for the Italian AS market, the new MAN Lion’s City with the MAN EfficientHybrid hybrid module ensures fuel savings thanks to the recovery and reuse of braking energy and the start/stop function for zero emissions/noise. On display was also the touring Lion’s Coach with the new automatic six-speed EcoLife Coach. Neoplan exhibited the 14-meter double-decker Skyliner and the 13-meter Ci-


NEOPLAN Cityliner

Urbino 10.5

tyliner C, both powered by the 500-hp MAN D2676 LOH37 engine coupled to the latest generation 12-speed TipMatic Coach automated transmission. MAN Truck & Bus Italia also announced another innovation: the minibus TGE, launched in September at the IAA in Hannover, will debut at the Transpotec 2019 in Verona with specially-developed equipment for the Italian market.

nounced the launch of the hydrogen-powered Hydrogen 12 equipped with the latest generation fuel cells, electric motors integrated into the axle with a nominal output of 60 kW each and a small Solaris traction battery that supports the fuel cell when the energy demand is greater. It can accommodate up to 80 passengers. The launch is scheduled in 2019.



he presence of the Iberian ma- For touring services, Irizar displayed nufacturer at the Rimini show three models. The 14-m i8 with coincided with Irizar Italia’s 25th an- 53+1+1 seating arrangement, WC unniversary. At the maxi stand the fo- der the seats and powered by the 530cus was on the stylish ie Tram. This hp DAF Euro 6/C engine. On display is a premiere in Italy. The city bus were also the 12.2 and 12.92-meter manufactured by Irizar eMobility at i6s integral coaches, both powered the new facility in Aduna with com- by a 490-hp DAF engine and coupled ponents of the Iberian companies is to the 12-speed ZF Traxon gearbox. 100% electric. The third vehicle of the trio was an on Spotlights were focused on the the Scania chassis powered by a 12.7-liter longest 18.73-meter variant with four engine with a power output of 410 hp entrances and a capacity of up to 150 and coupled to the automated Opticrupassengers, 38 of which seated in addi- ise transmission. tion to the wheelchair and stroller space. The electric motor can develop a maximum nominal power of 235 kW and is equipped with (roof-mounted) lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 90-120 kW, depending on the charge at depot. The equipment includes rear-view mirrors with integrated camera and rear-camera, USB ports for all seats, Masats automatic ie Tram ramp and wheel cover.



he Polish manufacturer is a new entry at the Rimini Expo. At its stand, was displayed the latest Urbino series, both in the diesel and electric version. The first one was proposed in the 10.5-meter size with three doors, while the electric one in the 12-meter size, always with three entrances. It should be noted that Solaris has just an-

Urbino 12 Electric

irst time at IBE for the F Swedish manufacturer. His presence in the last edi-



tion was limited to the frames of the Irizar touring coaches. It was branded Scania, the 12.1-meter Touring HD integral coach with 51+1+1 seating arrangement, toilet and a 12.7-liter engine with a power of 410 hp. It was exhibited also in the 13.7m three-axle version with a seating arrangement of 61+1+1 and fitted with wo-

Touring HD

Citywide LE Hybrid od-effect floor, wc, driver’s bunk and increased engine power (450 hp). On display was also a hybrid version, the well-known Scania Citywide LE Hybrid with class II equipment. The vehicle is powered by a 9.3-liter Scania 320-hp engine and 176-hp electric engine with braking energy recovery. It is equipped with 650V lithium-ion battery and coupled to 12-speed Scania Opticruise gearbox.


olvo Buses unveiled to V the Italian market the newly designed 9700 and VECTIO C



he Turkish manufacturer, represenT ted in Italy by Mauri Bus System, returned to exhibit its buses in Rimini

after its participation in 2012. Three models of the Otokar range were on the catwalk. For the urban segment was displayed the Vectio C 10 bus. It is a low-floor city bus with self-supporting integral structure and two doors. It measures 10.1 meters and can accommodate up to 80 passengers, of whom 27 are seated and with a possible handy position.This model is powered by a 278-hp Cummins six-cylinder engine and is coupled to the six-speed Voith


Diwa automated transmission. Otokar then unveiled the new Ulyso T. This model covers the segment of medium size touring coaches (it is 10 meters long and 2.4 wide) and is fitted with reclining seats and latest-generation safety systems. Different seating arrangements are available: from 35 passengers plus hostess to 39+1 with toilet, to 43+1 without toilets. It features up to 5.5 cubic meters of luggage space. It is powered by the 320-hp Cummins engine coupled to ZF gearbox (mechanic or automatic Ecolife). As for touring coaches but in short size,

it was exhibited the 8.49-meter Navigo T with 35+1+1 seating arrangement and 3.5-cubic-meter luggage racks. The 4-cylinder Cummins engine with power output of 176 hp is mounted in a central longitudinal position. It can also be coupled to an automated transmission. In Rimini, the importer Mauri officially announced the creation of a partnership with Tomassini Style (that is also importer of Beulas buses) for the sale of their respective ranges. “Agents no longer survive with just one product,” said Carlo Mauri. “With this agreement every seller will have a complete catalog at his disposal with buses ranging from 8 to 90-seater buses”.


rio of touring coaches on display at the T Dutch manufacturer stand for the Futura series. Focus on the three-axle giant FDD2-

141, a model that can accommodate up to 91 passengers on two floors. The vehicle on display is equipped with four 19-inch LCD monitors, two gaming tables, rear ski rack and lifter mounted after the third axle for boarding the wheelchair. It also features a 9.6 cubic meter luggage compartment. The Futura FHD2 was also displayed in two FUTURA FHD2

sizes: the 12.9-meter version with 57+1+1 seating arrangement and the more compact 10.6-meter version with 41+1+1 seating configuration. All models are fitted with reclining and extendable VDL 300 seats complete with central armrest, fridge, combined toilet and air conditioning system for both driver and passengers. The engines are the latest-generation DAF Euro 6 coupled to the new automated ZF Traxon transmission. FUTURA FDD2

9900 touring coach series. New look (inside and outside), improved aerodynamics, integral structure, enhanced air conditioning system, redesigned driving area. Three vehicles were on di9900 splay: the 12.4-meter 9900 with 53 Comfort Level 1 seats, WC, 9.3 m3 for luggage, Volvo D11K engine (430 hp) and Volvo I-Shift automated gear box. Same engine and transmission for the 12.4-meter 9700 with 53 seats and for the 13.1-meter two-axle bus with 55 seats and 11.1 m3 luggage com9700 partment.


roposals for interurban and touring tranP sport with the TX and EX models branded by the Belgian manufacturer Van Hool.

NG (Next Gen) engines, specially optimized to reduce consumption and CO2 emissions and to provide greater performance in terms of power and torque. As for the transmission, in addition to the Allison T525R, the ZF Traxon replaces the ZF As-Tronic. EX17H

On display was the Astronef TX16 with 50+1+1 seating arrangement and the TDX27 double-decker Astromega with class II equipment. It can accommodate up to 95 passengers plus wheelchair area and ramp mounted on the larger central door. For the EX series, the EX17H features 56 passenger seats plus escort and the more compact EX16M with 48+1+1 seating TDX27 Astromega arrangement equipped for wheelchair passenger transport. All vehicles are powered by DAF-Paccar MX11 and MX13

TX16 Astronef


he Glory coach was the T only model exhibited by the Iberian coachbuiler (in Italy through Tomassini Style). It is the forte of the Beulas range for touring services. The coach features raised flo-


or and large luggage racks. It is offered in four lengths (from 13.2 to 15 meters) and can accommodate from 65 to 75 passengers plus a wheelchair space. It features a luggage compartment which measures from 13 up to a maximum of 17 cubic meters. At the IBE in Rimini, Beulas exhibited the 13.9-meter version on MAN chassis with 68 passenger seats plus double seat for the driver and the hostess.



omassini Style exhibited as always T “tailor-made” equipments like the VIP model, a four-wheeled living room furnished with liberty style curtains and lamps. It features luxury Van finishing, folding tables, bar cabinet, fridge/wine cellar and even a cage for animals. It is 7.367 mm long, it can accommodate nine passengers on swivel/reclining chairs with double padding, leather upholstery, headrests and armrests.


roposals for regular and touring serP vices branded Temsa were on show at the stand of Troiani, the importer for

the Italian market. The small-size bus MD7 (7.740 mm, 33 passengers); the large-size bus MD9 (9.480 mm, 39+1+1 seating configuration); the HD offered in two lengths (12.2 and 13.1 meters) with 55/59+1+1 seating configuration; and the Maraton, also available in two lengths (12.35 and 13.1 meters). The last Temsa model on display was the 12.35-meter LD 12 with a capacity of 49 passengers. These vehicles can all be powered by FPT, Cummins, MAN and DAF engines. TEMSA MD 9


Troiani then displayed the Genius II. Already seen in Rimini in 2016, it is a touring minibus manufactured in Turkey on Mercedes Sprinter 519. It measures 7.7 meters and can accommodate 19 passengers or 22+1+1. It is equipped with briar-root finishing, USB ports on each seat, dual-zone climate control. The rear luggage compartment is is accessible on three sides and the vehicle features the driver’s door. At the Troiani stand was also hosted the Turkish Karsan, which exhibited the Star (29+1+1 seating arrangement) and the city buses Atak and Jest, also proposed in the GENIUS


Incanto also targets the high-end consumers. It features panoramic and colored/ tempered windows, LED lighting, audio and video system, transparent polycarbonate luggage racks and panoramic glazing on the roof with polarized windows. It measures 7.700 mm and has a 19/21+1+1 seating configuration. The Panoramique minibus was again exhibited in Rimini. It’s a cabrio fitted with manual telescopic roof, the ideal

electric version manufactured in collaboration with BMW. The Atak is a 8.15-meter bus with two doors which can accommodate 57 passengers plus wheelchair space. The electric model, unveiled at the IAA in Hanover, is equipped with a 230kW engine and five batteries (44 kWh each). The range declared by the manufacturer is up to 300 km with a recharge time of 2.5 hours. Production will start in a year. The Jest Electric is powered by 125-kW engine and lithium ion batteries and has already been on the market for a couple of years. It is a 5.845 mm low-floor bus and the central flat-floor section is equipped with a wheelchair space. It can accommodate 22 passengers. KARSAN ATAK ELECTRIC

for guided city tours. Two sizes are available (7.367 and 7.717 mm) with 19 or 21+1+1 seating arrangement and electric roto-translating front door. On board, it features comfortable seats with three-point belts, audio system with speaker and microphone, fridge and LED lighting (even on steps). The rear luggage compartment is quite spacious. The three Class B minibuses are built on Mercedes Sprinter 519 chassis (190hp Euro VI C engine) and are equipped with state-of-the-art safety devices.


fter the vicissitudes of A King Long Italia, the Chinese manufacturer exhi-

bited again at the IBE distributed by the Roman supplier DDR Spa. On display was the 9-meter C9 touring coach with a capacity of 35 passengers plu driver. It is powered by a 6.7-liter Cummins Euro 6/C engine KING LONG C9 with power output of 320 hp and coupled to six-speed ZF transmission. It features vehicle displayed by Ayats aluminum doors. The only was the double-decker Intercity DD. It is an AYATS Intercity DD integral three-axle bus on Ayats chassis available in two sizes (13 meters with 90 seats and 14 meters with 106 seats) and powered by 350 or 400-hp engine.

BARBI COACH&BUS he new Modenese com- ramp. The driver’s door is T pany decided to exhibit included as standard equipin Rimini the schoolbus ment. Safety devices incluSole, which is destined for de ACC, AEBS and LDWS. a market segment currently The schoolbus Sole is distrinot served: that of 60-sea- buted by Iveco dealers. ter buses. Built on the Iveco Eurocargo CC100 Euro VI chassis, it measures 9,790 mm in length and 2,350 mm in width and is equipped with 58 Lazzerini Brio 4100 seats for middle school students plus two for escorts (?). It features two doors, the rear one has been widened for loading wheel- SOLE chair via the special



bout six vehicles, among A midi and minibuses on Iveco and Mercedes chassis, were

on show at the Spanish manufacturer Indcar stand. The Mobi City on Iveco Daily 70C18 chassis with front mechanical suspension and rear air suspension is intended for regular services. It is an 8-meter Class II model with two


red by a 320-hp Cummins engine. Officine Mirandola then displayed a couple of minibuses any vehicles branded Isuzu were exhibited on Mercedes chassis set up in Romania: the at the stand of the importer Officine Mi- 9-seater Sprinter 316 and the Sprinter Clasrandola. At the stand, the Novo integral touring sic L with 22+1+1 seating arrangement. coach (29+1), the Novo Ultra for regular services (29+8+1), the 54-seater Novociti for urban transport and the Turquoise in school bus version for 50 students plus two escorts (?). They are all powered by Isuzu Common rail Euro VI engine (190 hp). Also on display was the Novociti Life low-floor version for 21 seated passengers plus 39 standing passengers, powered by a 186-hp FPT rear engine and coupled to Allison automated transmission. Spotlights were focused also on the medium-size Class III Visigo with 39+1+1 seating arrangement poweVISIGO NOVOCITI LIFE TORQUOISE Scuolabus


doors and 2+1 seating arrangement. On board there is space for 22 seated passengers plus 13 standing ones (the capacity decreases to 9 if equipped with wheelchair space). Various proposals for touring coaches were displayed. In addition to the 8.55-meter Mobi with capacity of 33 passengers and the well-known Mago 2 on




Iveco CC10 chassis (220 hp), the Wing was exhibited in the latest L8 and L8,5 versions, also on Iveco Daily 70C18 chassis with a capacity of 26/28 and 29/30 passengers. On Mercedes-Benz Atego chassis, the Next L9 was awarded the title Midibus of the Year 2018 in Spain. It is 9.4 meters long and it accommodates 37 passengers. It is powered by the OM 936 (238 hp).



ack on the market with a new owner, the Modenese Sitcar exhibited in Rimini the Voyager on Iveco 70C17 chassis. It’s an 8-meter Class III bus with two doors and a capacity of 25/27 passengers with 2+2 seating arrangement. Sitcar also presented the prototipe of an electric vehicle called XANTO but not dedicated to passenger transport. Manufactured by Molicar (a company that manufactures aluminum bodyworks), it is a van intended for delivery and goods handling. The New Car coachbuilder exhibited again the Ibis in maxi-size and the Calipso 2. The first one is built on the Iveco Daily 50C18

Euro 6/C chassis. It measures 7.75 meters and features panoramic windscreen, slanted-shaped side windows and over 5 cubic meters of luggage compartment. Inside it is equipped with 22 seats plus hostess and driver. The Calipso 2 on Iveco 100E22 chassis can instead accommodate a larger number of passengers. It is 8.65 meters long, it features two doors, 35+1+1 seating configuration and over 8 cubic meters of luggage compartment.

SITCAR Voyager

NEW CAR Ibis Maxi

CURATOLA Iveco and Mercedes the proON posals of Curatola Group, a coachbuilder dedicated to minibus converCABRIO SU MB SPRINTER



osted at the Officine Mirandola stand, H the Umbrian coachbuilder Carind exhibited the touring coach Ford Transit with 17+1 seating configuration. It features side roto-translating electric door with automatic step and rear wheel drive (155 hp). On display was also the Cruiser on Mercedes SCUOLABUS su Iveco Daily

sion and bus repair. The cabrio on Mercedes Sprinter 519 cdi features open central roof and windows. The roof is covered by a tarpaulin mounted on sliding rails and the windows, fitted with double side handrails, by a rollable pvc covering. The vehicle can accommodate 22 passengers on water-resistant plastic seats and features a three-step entrance, faux wood parquet floor and LED lighting. It is also equipped with a small side luggage compartment. The 8.78-meter touring coach, instead, has been built on the Iveco Daily 70C18 and features two doors. The second one is a swing door on the rear axle. The passenger compartment accommodates 33 passengers and is equipped with open luggage racks. Upon request, it can be fitted with an open roof.

Atego (240 hp) with integral air suspension, two entrances, capacity of 35/37 passengers, rear and side luggage racks. For student transport, was displayed the two-door school bus built on Iveco Daily with capacity of 44/49/54 passengers and on Daily van with 32/36+1+1 seating arrangement. Both models are powered by diesel or natural gas. FORD TRANSIT by Carind


rio of vehicles in short-size displayed T by the coachbuilder from Campania. Built on Mercedes Atego chassis, the New

Diamond is an 8-meter two-door coach with 25+1 or 31+1+1 seating configuration, reclining and extendable seats, luggage racks, LED lighting and raised floor. It features rear air suspensions and luggage compartments with hinged doors. The Winner 4 is instead built on the new Mercedes Sprinter chassis. It measures 7.7 meters in lenght and features extended rear overhang, panoramic windshield and windows, rear and side luggage compartment, front entrance and driver’s door. It can accommodate from 17 to 21 passengers. The minibus on the Iveco Daily chassis is still unnamed. The Class III vehicle is 8 meters long and is equipped with an electric front door and a swing door reserved for the driver. It can accommodate up to 27 passengers.



D’AURIA GROUP lite and Grande Capri are still under the E spotlight of D’Auria Group. The smallest, in spite of the name, is Grande Capri built on Mercedes Sprinter 519 chassis. It measures 7,785 mm and has a 22+1+1 seating arrangement. It features roto-translating passenger door and luggage compartment accessible on GRANDE CAPRI

three sides. The version on display was coupled to the 7G Tronic automated transmission. The Elite on the Iveco Eurocargo CC 100 E22 is instead 8 meters long and has a 31+1+1 seating arrangement. It features two electro-pneumatic doors, panoramic windshield and windows, reclining/extendable seats and ten side luggage compartments fitted with hinged doors. ÉLITE

STS Funtrain LA CAIVANESE Kronos


eBUS Navetta elettrica


he coach builder from CamT pania, also present in the past edition, is back to the expo with

its VIP equipment always on Mercedes chassis. Kronos was a premiere. It’s built on the Mercedes-Benz Atego chassis and features two entrances (the second on the rear overhang) with easy

access thanks to the first automatic step. Inside, it is fitted with wood-effect floor, LED lighting, 29 passenger seats and separate driving position. Built on the Sprinter 519 chassis, the single-door minibus Hermes is fitted with 23 two-tone leather upholstered seats with a clearly

visible three-pointed star logo on the headrest. Also in this case,the vehicle features LED lighting, driver’s door, rear luggage accessible on three sides. From eBus, the rear electric-powered shuttle manufactured by PRB on a Chinese chassis (already displayed at the IBE

2016). It uses an AC power inverter and is powered by a 5 kW electric motor and cobalt-based lithium-ion batteries. The maximum slope that can be exceeded is 20%. The vehicle is 5,550 mm long and it is opened behind and on the sides. It accommodates 15 passengers on padded seats and is equipped with audio/video guide in eight languages.

STS FUN TRAIN display there were many fun ON trains and unique minibuses and shuttles branded STS Funtrain. It is an Austrian company that since 1997 produces this kind of vehicles on Suzuki, Land Rover, Mercedes G and Nissan Patrol chassis with diesel or petrol engines and in electric version. Among the curious vehicles on show, a bidirectional bus with two driving positions and open side walls, and a solar electric bus.


arraro exhibited again the minibus C built on the Sprinter 519 cdi van with touring equipment and 19+1+1

seating arrangement. Carraro is supplier for Italy of the Polish CMS Auto, of Mercedes-Benz spare parts as well as it is official supplier of Busitalia passenger transport company. From Lithuania, Altas exhibited again the Tourliner L, a 7.76-meter minibus on a chassis of the Mercedes Sprinter previous series. It can accommodate CARRARO Sprinter

19 passengers plus hostess and is equipped with a double-swing reardoor. The aerodynamic Viator which was unveiled at the IAA in Hanover, was not displayed but only available on catalogue. It is 8.5 meters long, it features two doors and is built on Iveco Daily 70C18 chassis. Also Porzimark exhibited again his low-cost products manufactured in Romania and Turkey. An example is the Synergy built on Mercedes Sprin-

ALTAS - Tourline L

ter 519. The structure is made of aluminum and steel and it measures 8.56 meters with a 29+1+1 seating configuration. Also the LI XXL bus with 22+1+1 seating arrangement is built on Mercedes chassis. The Polish coachbuilder Autocuby, specialized in bodies for minibuses on chassis and engines branded Mercedes Sprinter and Vito, Iveco Daily and Volkswagen Crafter, debuted at the IBE with the Tourist Line model.


It was showed in three versions: the HD on Mercedes Sprinter with 3-step front entrance (illuminated) and a capacity of 16 passengers plus hostess; the version with 19+1+1 seating arrangement resulting from the conversion of the Sprinter van; and the last version built on Iveco Daily chassis with a capacity of 33 passengers plus hostess and driver. It was the first time in Rimini also for Newtech, who displayed a tou-

AUTOCUBY Tourist Line


ring coach with a very common name (Glory). Unlike the Glory branded Beulas, it is 9.2 meter long and built on a Mercedes Atego chassis with a capacity of 35 or 37 passengers. Finally a vehicle for transport without barriers by Focaccia which exhibited the new Ford Tourneo Custom fitted with rear lift. Up to three wheelchairs plus four more passengers can be accommodated on board as an alternative to the nine standard seats.

FOCACCIA Ford Tourneo

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BusToCoach on-line Magazine - November 2018







Highway (up)




Highway (down)




Highway (plain)








Main Road

TOTAL Performance Index





6.00 4.70 3.30


Main Road Down on the Highway TOTAL AVERAGE

Length mm 14,000 Width mm 2,550 Height mm 4,000 Wheelbase mm 6,700+1,350 Front overhang mm 2,705 Rear overhang mm 3,245 Luggage m3 8.1 Turning circle mm 23,200 Fuel tank litres 480 AdBlue tank litres 40 Test weight kg 23,670

Up on the Highway Plain on the Highway

addition to its impressive size, the IN Setra S 531 DT double-decker bus also stands out for its strong design appeal.




Christoph Glöggler and his team at the Neu -Ulm Development Center have succeeded in transforming a 14x4x2.55 m ‘large box’ into a ‘Prince’ of the road, fascinating and well-endowed with power, aerodynamics, safety and on-board comfort. During the test drive of BusToCoach it was tested a four-star version, with seating capacity of 78 passengers, complete with all possible options: toilet, kitchenette equipped with coffee machine, glazed roof and all the cutting-edge driver assistance and infotainment systems, starting with the Coach MediaRouter that enables passengers to connect èè




Seats n. 78+1 Internal heigth mm 1,800 Aisle heigth mm 350 Aisle width mm 340/370 Entrances width mm 620/700 Raks capacity m3 1.2


Seats type Voyage Ambass. A.C. EvoCool TopAir Heater convectors Lighting Led Glazing double Glazed roof yes Audio Blaupunkt Video monitor Lcd 19” Toilette yes Kitchen yes

Scented interior

he four-star features of the T 531 DT include 78 passenger seats, 22 of which on low-floor platforms (plus two tables) and 56 on the upper floor. They are the adjustable, extendable “Setra Voyage Ambassador” seats complete with all accessories. Upon request, it can accommodate up to 83 passengers with the standard equipment. Opposite the second door there is a toilet, and on the back wall, a kitchenette equipped with coffee-machine, sink and many compartments closed by doors. A second wardrobe for the driver is located behind the first staircase. On the upper deck, lit by a glazed roof, the front area has been completely redesigned and it now includes a telephone to communicate with the driver,

two sunshades, two internal service sets with LED reading tainment is ensured by Coach

surveillance cameras, two small monitors on the doorposts and a distinct unit for heating and conditioning. Open luggage racks allow stowage of about 1.2 cubic meters of hand luggages. At the bottom,

lamps, like the rest of the interior lighting, are included. Climate is controlled by EvoCool TopAir Basic conditioning system with separate management and by floor convector heating powered by the Spheros. Info-

Multimedia System complete with DVD player and 19 “LCD monitor. Also available a fragrance dispensing system (six types to choose from) that activates automatically when the front door is opened.

their devices to the Internet and access multimedia content via WLAN. It is powered by the 12.8-liter second-generation OM 471 with a maximum power output of 510 hp (375 kW) and coupled to the 8-speed automated transmission MB GO 250. Ballasted to reach 23.670 kg of gross weight, it travelled 347 km on mixed route, mainly motorway, with an average consumption of 24.4 liters of diesel (including the equivalent amount of AdBlue) every 100 km (4.09 km/l), at an average speed of 75.9 km/h. After all, it is a respectable consumption for a double-decker bus, although the performance is slight worse compared to the one obtained by the other three-axle HDH buses tested so far with gross weight of over 23.000 kg (Irizar i6 and i8, see table at the end of the article). Weight and shape are the parameters that



Platform heigth mm 710 Cockpit width mm 1,100 Cockpit depth mm 1,110 Cockpit heigth mm 1,480 Adjustment seat mm 235


Seat type Isri 6860 A.C. yes Window electric Sunshade double, electric Blinds (left) manual Refrigerator 50 litres

TopClass style he driving position has been T raised to 36 cm from the ground. The driver is seated on

an adjustable and rotatable Isri pneumatic suspension seat, with a 235 mm longitudinal stroke. The elegant TopClass dashboard is an aluminum wrap-around dashboard with an instrument panel that includes the color multifunction display and the usual four main analog instruments. The multifunctional steering wheel and the control arrangement are similar to all Setra models: on the right side there is the GPS navigation display for the images taken from the reversing camera (with integrated washing system) or from the internal ones. Underneath, there are the climate controller and the instrument panels with display on the dashboard. In front of the hostess seat, there are the 50-liter cockpit fridge and the flexible microphone mounted on the door-

post. The side window and the split front windshield sunshade are electrically controlled. It is equipped with electrically-heated and retractable multiple display

rear-view mirrors. On the windscreen there are rain/light sensors and the AcquaBlade wipers plus the third brush at the top center, in order to keep it clean.

most affect a moving vehicle consumption. To cope with the first one the vehicle requires an adequate engine power and the 510hp Setra DT offers the maximum power-to-weight ratio (19.6 hp/ton), but it is important that the engine technology is used to manage consumption. To this end, the X-Pulse injection system and the capability to deliver increased power and torque values at low revs are crucial for the new OM 471 engine. So the maximum power output is now 1,600 rpm instead of 1,800 rpm of the previous version. It means that when traveling at 100 km/h, the engine speed does not exceed 1,200 rpm. 2,500 Nm of torque are almost always available up to 1,450 rpm. As far as the influence of the shape on consumption, which is not easy to solve on a four-meter high vehicle, the Setra S 531 DT can boast the lowest drag coefficient of the category (Cx=0.35). It is obtained by optimizing each external detail, from the pronounced curvature of the windscreen to the vertical positioning windscreen wiper on the upper deck. The Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC) also intervenes to control consumption by recognizing the surrounding topography via GPS and automatically selecting the most appropriate gear and speed. More generally, the ride attitude of the 531 DT is ensured by the electronic level control (ENR) and by the Electronic Stability Program (ESP). For on-board passengers, the refined environment includes all the possible comfort. For the driver, the bus is equipped with a luxuèè


350 320






260 1,000





Power 510 cv (375 kW)/1,600 rpm Torque Nm 2,500 at 1,100 rpm Injection Common rail with X-Pulse Compression ratio 18.3:1 Oil tank litres 40 Pollution Class Euro VI Gas Treatment EGR+DPF+SCR Life test vehicle km 7,473 TYRES Continental Conti Coach HA3 M+S 315/80 R 22.5 156/150L

Maximum power

rious dashboard of the Setra TopClass series (the ComfortClass model is instead included as standard equipment for the intercity service). F i n a l l y s a f e t y, a s always at the top on the Setra coaches. In addition to the structural resistance in accordance with ECE-R-29 (pendulum impact test), it features numerous safety systems, such as Brake Assist (BAS), Tyre Pressure Monitoring (TPM), Adaptive Cruise Control (ART) and Active Brake Assist 4 (ABA 4). In the event of a fire in the engine compartment, the Fogmaker fire extinguishing system (standard) is activated.


rpm/min 1,600 1,500






70 th



3 th



12,800 132/156 vertical 6 in line back

2 nd


SUSPENSIONS Full pneumatic with level’s electronic control (ENR). ZF RL 75 E front axle with indipendent wheels. The drive axle is the Mercedes RO440 and the trailing axle is the ZF RL 75 EC with steering system (RAS). BRAKES Full disc brakes. Electronically controlled EBS pneumatic system with ABS, ASR, BAS and water Retarder. SAFETY ESP, BAS, SPA, ART, ABA4, PPC, ATAS, TPM, fire extinguishing system in engine comparments, reversing camera.

1 st

Mercedes OM 471 Displacement cc Bore/Stroke mm Geometry Position

88 th


110 7th



1,000 500 0













TRANSMISSION The tested vehicle has the automated Mercedes GO 250-8 with eight speeds and the Voith integrated water retarder. Transmission Ratio 3.583 Acceleration 0-100 km/h sec. 52

ith the latest generation of W the 12.8-liter OM 471, the Setra double-decker bus can now

count on superior performances compared to the previous 400 Series. The power output has been increased to 510 hp (375 kW) at 1,600 rpm and the maximum torque to 2,500 Nm at 1,100 rpm, still remaining above 2,400 Nm at up to 1,450 rpm. All developments introduced on the OM 471 aim at reducing operating costs and therefore consumption. Starting from the use of the asymmetric X-Pulse injection system with increased maximum flow rate, to the increase in compression ratio to 18.3:1 and the reduction in exhaust gas recirculation rate (EGR rate). In order to reduce NOx emissions, thus reducing AdBlue consumption (4.8% on the vehicle tested), also the SCR catalyst is now more efficient. The entire powertrain is well proportioned and is coupled to the eight-speed Mercedes GO 250 automated transmission, rear axle


weight kg

cv (kW)




Setra S 531 DT



510 (375)




Setra S 519 HD



476 (350)




Irizar i8 14.07



490 (360)




Mercedes Tourismo L E6


428 (315)




Irizar i6 HDH 14.37



490 (360)




with final-drive ratio of i=3.583 and fitted with 22.5-inch wheels with 315/80 tyres. It is worth to mention the good accessibility of the 8.2 cubic meter luggage compartment through the door on the right rear overhang and the doors over the bridge.

Setra S 516 HDH



510 (375)




Van Hool Astronef



510 (375)




Setra S 416 HDH



455 (335)




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BusToCoach is the first online platform completely FREE. It offers information on vehicles for passenger transport in Europe through the sit...


BusToCoach is the first online platform completely FREE. It offers information on vehicles for passenger transport in Europe through the sit...