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VAN HOOL The first of 15 Exqui.City hybrids to Malmö.

HIGH TECH STORE Stalatube, Washtru, Allison, Masats, ZF.


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BUSWORLD TURKEY Istanbul opens the fairs season at the end of April.

Registration: Tribunale di Milano n. 140 del 16/03/2012

TRANSPORTS PUBLICS In June the European Mobility Exhibition in Paris.



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DAIMLER Consumption cuts with PPC.

FERQUI Midibus of the year in Spain.

VDL BUS & COACH Latest models in Euro VI.

IVECO BUS New Crossway Pro’s qualities.

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BusToCoach on-line Magazine - April 2014



ddevalla Omnibus choosed Volvo Buses vehiU cles. The Swedish bus operator ordered five hybrid buses and five ambulance buses all powe-

red by biodiesel engine. The Volvo 7900 Hybrids as well as the Volvo 9700 buses in the ambulance service version are scheduled to be put in operation in June 2014. «The ambulance buses offer a high level of comfort and are equipped with such features as disabled toilets», said Lars-Göran Salevik, President of Uddevalla Omnibus. Despite the fact that Uddevalla Omnibus has its own workshop in Uddevalla, the company has decided to outsource service and maintenance of the new buses to Volvo.


otto Trains, the world’s leading manufacturer D of tourist trains based in Castelfranco Veneto, Italy, has completed the delivery of a vehicle in

Kuwait. It is a modern train series TCM 970 with three coaches and featured with an enhanced air conditioning system to face the high local temperatures. A second Perkins engine was so installed in a special wagon in order to provide the necessary power. The vehicle will operate in the coming months in the Boulevard (Salmiya Park) under construction in Kuwait City, a large area full of shops, hotels, restaurants, sports and recreation centers, green spaces, parking.


AN has received a major order for 181 city cania has signed an agreement with Ghana’s MiniS stry for Transport to supply buses and equipment Mbuses from Sweden with different power for the Bus Rapid Transit system under implemen- solutions. Commissioned by Keolis Sverige AB,

tation in the capital Accra. Scania will supply 300 buses in addition to equipment and services such as ticketing machines, workshop services, operational support and infrastructure. Accra is facing a severe traffic situation and the BRT solution provides an answer to the problem at a reasonable cost compared to other alternatives. The use of BRT solutions is rapidly spreading over the whole African continent, with many cities facing the same challenges as Accra. Scania has extensive experience in delivering BRT turn-key solutions, with more than 3,500 buses in operation on five continents.


the vehicles are the MAN Lion’s City buses. The order includes 127 articulated buses with diesel and NGV engines plus two mid-size buses and 52 in the hybrid version. The supply of the latter is the biggest so far commissioned in the public passenger transport field. Deliveries will start in June 2014 by the importer Svenska Neoplan AB, which will also provide maintenance, technical assistance and training for the staff of Keolis employed on the buses. Keolis operates in Stockholm the worldwide largest fleet of buses running on biogas and also for the future the Swedish company will focus on fuels from renewable sources. Depending on the type of engine, the new buses will run on biodiesel or biogas.


winner is.....Setra Top Class 500. The THE Neu-Ulm manufactured model won the “Coach of the Year 2014” award in Madrid. The jury

was convinced by the concept of the exclusive longdistance coaches combining ultramodern luxury with maximum economy. «It is the first time that Setra has won this prize and it also confirms that the new TopClass 500 is the absolute benchmark. Spanish operators, too, are convinced by the cutting-edge technology and economy of the integral concept», said Juan Maldonado, Managing Director of EvoBus Iberica. Launched in autumn 2013, the Setra Top Class 500 series is a new generation of touring coaches with an aerodynamic shape (Cd figure of 0.33) that enables low life cycle costs. It was also further improved in terms of quality and safety.

municipal bus operator of Izmir THE ESHOT put on regular service the first batch of 30 Solaris buses. The vehicles are

part of a contract signed in September 2013 for the delivery of 100 low-floor Urbinos in the articulated version. They are equipped with air-conditioning and fitted with Euro 5 engines. A second batch followed March and the contract will be completed in April 2014 with the delivery of the remaining 40 buses. ESHOT is a bus company owned by Izmir Municipality. Its fleet is composed of over 1,600 buses which cover 320 bus routes in Izmir, the third most populous city in Turkey after Istanbul and Ankara.

BusToCoach on-line Magazine - April 2014


Busworld Turkey is the first event of 2014 to showcase European buses. From April 24 to 27 at the Istanbul Expo Center usworld Turkey will open the 2014 season B of fairs dedicated to the bus segment. It’s a biennial event featuring passenger transport

vehicles, components and accessories, put together by the organisers of Busworld Kortijk in collaboration with HKF Trade Fairs and with the support of Tofed, the Turkish Bus Operator Federation. In addition to local visitors, several international groups, mainly from the Middle East, North Africa and the Balkans regions will also be attending. Among the new features that will be introduced with this edition, the fifth, it’s worth noting the B2B application (Business-to-Business) for arranging one-on-one meetings between exhibitors and visitors through the web portal.

The event will also include the second edition of Busworld Academy launched last October at Busworld Kortijk and aimed at exploring the most important industry sector issues. The 2013 edition was focused on fire safety and sustainability and the same topics will be resumed on April 25 in a series of seminars and workshops on these objectives. The appointment with Busworld Turkey is at the Expo Center (CNR) in Istanbul, where the official opening ceremony will take place April 24. All exhibitors will be showcasing up to the 27, for a four-days non-stop event on the bus world. For more detailed information about the event visit the website at the following address: html. More articles about International exibitions:

BusToCoach on-line Magazine - April 2014


INFORMATION IS ON THE NET The “Vehicles” section in the website provides data sheets for all types of buses available on the market, inclusive of photographs, as well as historical profiles and manufacturer’s details. Equally comprehensive information can be found in the “Components” section.

Transports Publics, the European Mobility Exhibition, is back at the Paris-Expo Porte de Versailles, June 10 to 12 3-day event, 30,000 square metres of A exhibition space, 250 exhibitors, 10,000 visitors, 55 countries represented. These are

the numbers of the last edition (2012) of Transports Publics, the European exhibition dedicated to innovative products, services and policies regarding sustainable mobility, organised by ‘GIE Objectif transport public’ (a company set up in 2005 with the purpose of promoting public passenger transport) in collaboration with UITP, the International Association of Public Transport. This year it will be focused on connected mobilities: from intelligent transport systems, passenger information, the internet, geolocation, and so on. As always, it will also feature a rich calendar

of events and conferences. Starting with the Trophy for Innovation in Public Transport, an award regarding the best innovative solutions by industrial and service companies exhibiting at the event. There are four categories: energy and environment, operating systems, passenger information and ticketing systems, accessibility/fitting/ facilities and design. Another initiative is dedicated to Talents in Mobility. A European jury will vote on: the best young talent, the best manager and project manager. Also, a special career service award will be presented. Nomination can be submitted online at by April 11. Transports Publics will take place June 10 to 12 in Paris at the expo centre in Porte de Versailles. More articles about International exibitions:

There are also the Directories dedicated to the market of “Used buses”, including sale ads, professional sales agents across the Europe landscape and quotes for all types of vehicle models.

BusToCoach on-line Magazine - April 2014


The first of 15 Van Hool Exqui.City bus commissioned by Nobina in 2012 has been delivered to Malmö. It’s a 24-metre electric drive hybrid vehicle with biogas engine city of Malmö, southern Sweden, THE now has its own Exqui.City bus, an innovative vehicle produced by Belgian company Van Hool, referred to as the ‘trambus’ because it combines the flexibility of a bus with the efficiency of tram services. The first of the 15 vehicles commissioned by transport company Nobina in the autumn of 2012 was delivered last March and, starting June all units will be deployed for service in Malmö and in the Skåne region, Sweden.

The “Exqui.City design Malmö” is a 24-metre double-articulated hybrid vehicle equipped with an electric engine and a power generator connected to a Euro VI biogas engine. Apart from the futuristic design, the Exqui. City offers a high level of comfort with air conditioning, low noise levels and soft lighting. Accessibility is optimal thanks to the low floor and four sliding double doors. Available in the sizes of 18 and 24 metres, it is produced as trolleybus, hybrid system, fuel cell or batteries version. Additional orders for the Exqui.City were recently placed from Martinique, French Antilles, for 14 diesel-electric hybrid drive measuring 24 metres in length and from Bergen (Norway) for two hybrid versions with biogas-electric engine, also in the 24-metre size. European cities that already opted for the Exqui.City solution include Metz, Barcelona, Parma, Geneva and Luxembourg.

More articles about Van Hool:

COMPONENTS ON LINE For a comprehensive list of Suppliers of bus components in Italy and in Europe visit:

To search for individual company profiles visit: content/suppliers-italy content/suppliers-europe

Select products by category and read available components details: content/components-italy content/components-europe

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light of the new safety regulations for bus body frames that will be in force in 2017, Stalatube offers Lean Duplex stainless steel tubes. It is an innovative steel solution which provides more strength with lower life cycle costs. The side pillar tubes made from Lean Duplex steel give higher strength to the whole bus body structure. Additionally, thanks to its thinner wall thickness and lower weight, it provides savings in the long run. Furthermore Lean Duplex has good corrosion resistance resulting in no need for surface treatment. Stalatube is a Finnish company specialized in the production of tubes and hollow sections made of high technology stainless steel. The company has been operating in this industry for forty years and has a global distribution network covering all continents and 45 countries.


ashtru, the first mobile washing system, made its W market debut. Developed by British company M.LIVE Mobile it is a washing system for work vehicles certi-

fied for road use, and therefore also suitable for freight and passenger transport vehicles. The system is fully mobile and comes in a container that is used both for transport and as operating structure. By simply connecting water and electricity supply Washtru is immediately operational. It is worth noting its eco-friendly aspect thanks to the autonomous system for the recycling of the water used in the washing cycle, thus eliminating the need for a water purifier. It is currently available in two versions: Washtru Easy for wheels and under frame washing, and Wastru Full for wheels, under frame and complete vehicle washing. The Washtru system is entirely manufactured in Italy with Italian technology and exclusively distributed in Italy by Polis Environment System.


ustralian coach operator MurA rays has committed to Allison fully automatic transmissions for

124 coaches within its 180-vehicle fleet. The 7.6-meter deluxe Higer coaches powered by Cummins ISF engine are to be fitted with Allison’s 1000 SeriesTM transmissions while the larger BCI 12- and 14.5-meter deluxe coaches fitted with Cummins’ ISL and ISM engines will be mated with either an Allison T390R or T450R transmission. Murrays is one of Australia’s largest coach, bus and limousine service providers and operates across Australia’s major cities, offering regular intercity passenger transport, coach hire, charter, tour and transfer services.


asats will supply doM ors and ramps to Castrosua who has secured a

contract in the Lithuanian market for 10 Tempus hybrid buses and 83 urban bodies with CNG propulsion on an Iveco chassis. The vehicles will be equipped with three Masats pneumatic swinging doors together with the RM2 manual ramp. The door systems and the ramps come with all the safety elements defined in UN Regulation 107. The 93 units will be delivered in the first quarter of 2014 and are intended to different operators within the country, including the capital Vilnius.


increasing number of development projects at THE ZF, led the global leader in driveline and chassis technology to expand the Czech development location

starting works for a seven-story office building and create about 200 jobs by 2017. Here the ZF Engineering Plzeň offers since 2007 development and testing services for the Group and its divisions. The new building, which is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year, will have a total floor space of 3,500 square meters. Construction costs amount to four million euros.

BusToCoach on-line Magazine - April 2014


Daimler Buses launched the world’s first Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC). A cruise control system that can “see ahead” and will be available for touring coaches

hree Setra TopClass 500, 26 driving journaT lists, a 60 kilometres long highway test-drive route and PPC (Predictive Powertrain Control),

the system responsible for savings of fuel consumption: an average of 9.2% decrease compared to results on the same test route without the activation of PPC and an average consumption of 28.7 litres per 100 kilometres (3.48 km/litre). Depending on personal driving styles and individual PPC settings, fuel economy ranged from a minimum of 5.9% (30.7 litres/100 km) to a maximum of 11.7% (27.1 litres/100 km). But what is PPC? It can be defined as a cruise control system that can “see ahead”. It’s an automatic speed assistance system integrated in the transmission control, which Daimler Buses offers

for its touring coaches, ahead of all competitors. It will become available by mid 2014 for the Setra TopClass 500 and by the end of the year for the ComfortClass and the Mercedes Travego. Thanks to the storage of topographical data of the route and the current location of the vehicle via GPS, PPC knows in advance the approaching of uphill and downhill stretched in every environmental conditions, day and night. Also, because it is linked with the intelligent vehicle computer units that manage the engine and the gearbox it takes into consideration parameters such as the vehicle mass, road speed, engine torque and output data in addition to the PowerShift transmission’s currently selected gear. These data are combined with the desired speed

value set by the driver via the controls on the steering wheel and with the permitted value above and/or below the target speed. The PPC therefore acts as considerably as a driver attentive to consumption. In fact it speeds up before a demanding uphill stretch in order to climb it with momentum and avoiding downshifts, at the end of a steep incline, it maintains full throttle only until kinetic energy takes over and helps to propel the vehicle mass down any downhill slope that may follow. For downhill slopes the system can also take advantage of the EcoRoll function that sets the transmission to neutral to reduce fuel consumption or avoids downshifting in case of minor sloping stretches.

Obviously, PPC best performance takes place on roads with many ups and downs, as was the case with the A6 motorway stretch between Kaiserslautern and Grünstadt, Germany, where the test-drive took place. Not surprisingly, Daimler engineers guarantee a conservative 4% saving in fuel consumption in the case of a fully loaded TopClass 500 driving long distances.


• • • • • 1 2 3 4 5

Speed is increased before going uphill to avoid shifting while driving uphill. Why accelerate downhill when rolling is sufficient? Use the vehicle momentum to take advantage of the short time of upper speed tolerance. Rolling across summits to avoid braking when driving downhill. Also with EcoRoll. EcoRoll activates before summits or at the end of hills, for periods greater than 15 seconds.

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BusToCoach on-line Magazine - April 2014

Midibus OF THE YEAR in spaIN

The medium size vehicle f5 by Ferqui won the award ‘Midibus of the Year’ 2014 in Spain. The model comes in various versions on Iveco, Man and Mercedes-Benz chassis

midibus f5 by Ferqui is well liTHE ked. So much so that it was awarded the title of ‘Midibus of the Year’ 2014 in Spain, where it comes from. It’s a 9 and a half metre long vehicle for touring services, appreciated for its quality, durability, aesthetic and, not least, for the price. First introduced during the last edition of Busworld Kortrijk in October 2013, to date it has been selling not just in Spain, but also in France and Great Britain. The Iberian manufacturer builds the f5 body on the following chassis models: Iveco


Lenght mm 9,575 Width mm 2,500 Heigh mm 3,200 Internal height mm 1,920 Weight max kg 12,000 Chassis MB Atego 12.24 Iveco CC 150 MAN TGL 12250


34 seats + driver + guide, luggage 5 m3 38 seats + driver + guide + wheelchair 36 seats + driver + guide + max 8 wheelc.

CC150, Man TGL 12250 and Mercedes-Benz Atego 12.24. There is choice also in terms of the passengers’ capacity. The versions range from the 34 passenger seats + driver + guide with 5 cubic metres of luggage capacity, the more fitting version with 38 seats + wheelchair + guide, or the version equipped to transport disabled passengers that fits up to eight wheelchairs and has a capacity of 36 passengers. The vehicle’s structure is made of galvanised profiles and the entire exterior of fiberglass panels that help reduce the vehicle weight, thus saving fuel. The design is characterised by the aerodynamic front with round-shaped headlights, round corners and tinted glazing. The f5 can come with rear luggage compartments of different sizes plus an additional

small luggage space of 0.66 square metres on the right side. Hand luggage onboard the vehicle can be stored in the open overhead racks. The equipment includes Kiel Avance 2050 reclining seats with headrests and leather sides plus folding armrests, personal sets with air vents, reading lights and speakers, a hatch on the roof that also serves as emergency exit, electric front door and swing door after the rear axle. The driver has his/ her own private door.

Standard equipment also includes an air-conditioning unit mounted on the roof, air conditioning for the driver, heat convectors for the passenger compartment and radio-cd. Optional equipment includes refrigerator, DVD and TFT monitor at the front, rear lift and floor mounts for anchoring wheelchairs.

More informations about Ferqui:

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A display of models available to get in. At the centre, the latest additions to the range of the Dutch manufacturer. From the polyvalent Futura FMD2 to the 18-metre articulated Citea SLFA, with FPT Cursor engine characterising all the new Citea Euro VI display in a row to allow the trade ON press to take a close up look. During the last edition of Busworld Kortyrijk it was


the other models were there, from the small size MidCity to the new Futura, as well as the full range of Citea city buses. possible to see them lining up and standing But before we take a close look at the new mostill at the exhibit area of VDL Bus & Coach. dels, let’s go over the status of the VDL Group. Among the newly presented products the only Comprised of 82 companies operating in four vehicle missing was the 8.8-metre Citea MLE industry sectors (Semi-finished Products, Buses (Midi Low Entry), manufactured in collabora- & Coaches, other Finished Products and the Astion with English company Wrightbus. All of sembly of Cars) in 2013 the group had a turnover of almost 1.8 billion Euros (1.6 billion FUTURA Two multipurpose verin 2007), 21% from sions, the FMD2 of 12.2 the Bus & Coach diand 12.8 metres, lowered vision. The latter, creby 20 centimetres, have ated in 2010, marked recently been added to the final stage in a prothe five touring coaches of the FHD2 Futura secess of expansion that ries with lengths ranging in the last 15 years from 12.2 to 14.8 metres. incorporated leading All models make use of European brands such the DAF-Paccard engine as Berkhof, Jonckheewith power ratings of 326 re, Kusters and Bova to and 462 horsepower (240 the original VDL Bus and 340 kW). International.

Worldwide sales of VDL Bus & Coach units thanks to a maximum height of 3.5 metres inin 2013 amounted to 1,250 (including mi- cluding the air conditioning system on the roof. nibuses) in addition to approximately 600 We have already talked about it in the February frames. Its Western European market share edition of BusToCoach and therefore we need is between 5 and 6%, the sixth after major only to emphasise the favourable driving iminternational manufacturers. pressions, both in terms of manoeuvrability, But let’s go back to the new vehicles which quietness and feedback from the powertrain we were able to board to take a close look with the 10.8 litre DAF-Paccard of 326 horseè at. Lined up on the square of SolMINI-MIDI marTours, a loyal All built on Mercedes VDL customer in Sprinter the MidEuro the south-east of vehicles come in four difthe Netherlands, ferent lengths from 7.4 to alongside the Fu8.4 metres and are also tura FHD2 touring available in the MidBasic versions. coach there was the The city bus MidCity, new FMD2 version instead, comes in five measuring 12,875 versions from 6.9 to 8.4 mm in length (the metres, with low-floor in 12.2-metre version the centre and room to fit is also available) between 11 and 19 seats deployable for inplus wheelchair area. tercity services

last year. This model goes to compensates the articulated buses segment so far uncovered by the VDL range, and, furthermore, it also marks the transition to Euro VI FPT engines for most Citea models. The 8.7-litre Cursor 9 engine, available in the power range of 310 and 360 horsepower (228 CITEA SLF-120 SLFA-180 SLFA-187 or 265 kW) is longitudinally mounted in Lenght mm 12,000 18,000 18,750 the rear left side of the Width mm 2,550 2,550 2,550 SLFA model as is in the Heigh with AC mm 3,120 3,120 3,120 12-metre Citea SLF and Wheelbase mm 6,000 5,250+6,750 6,000+6,750 the low entry versions. Front overhang mm 2,600 2,600 2,600 Euro VI is achieved Rear overhang mm 3,400 3,400 3,400 thanks to new ‘HI-eEngine FPT Cursor 9 - Power 228 kW / 265 kW SCR’ technology, that is without the use of Gearbox Voith Diwa 6 o ZF AP 1400 B / 1700 B exhaust gas recirculaSeats max n. ±100 ±160 ±170 tion (EGR). All of the

power (240 kW) Euro VI, combined with ZF As-tronic automatic transmission. For the Adagio city buses range the new entry was the SLFA-180 articulated version, an 18-metre low floor vehicle (there is also the 18.75-metre variant) introduced at the end of

elements for gas after treatment are contained into a single structure. The front and rear parts of the SLFA articulated bus are made with the same modules used for the 12-metre Citea, to which a new centre module inclusive of the second door and the articulation system by Hübner have been added. The layout can come with three CITEA SLF-E or four doors, inteThe 12-metre Citea is also available with rior space to fit 51 Ziehl-Abegg electrical seats, wheelchair wheel-hub drive and area and 100 stanplug-in charging syding passengers. stem (running range Regarding the enof 100-150 km) or, algines used for the ternatively, with induction, automatic plug-in Citea range, only or trolley charging. the 12-metre low entry LLE (a ver-

sion that is about two tons lighter), the 8.8 and 9.5 metres MLE Citea will continue to mount the 6.7-litre Cummins. Finally, among the new offers presented last year there is the batteries powered Citea SLF-E, with wheel-hubs electric motors, choice of charging system and high driving performance in terms of power choice and running range.

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BusToCoach on-line Magazine - April 2014


Lenght mm 12,097 Width mm 2,550 Heigh with AC mm 3,460 Wheelbase mm 6,200 Front overhang mm 2,605 Rear overhang mm 3,292 Turning circle mm 21,540 Fuel tank litres 310 AdBlue tank litres 80 Luggage m3 5.7 Weight max kg 18,000



transition to Euro VI marked a leap forward for the Crossway THE that this way becomes the multi-purpose vehicle par excellence of the Iveco Bus range. Since the Evadys and Arway (due to sell out) models left the scene, starting this year all types of intercity services are covered by the many versions comprising the Crossway range. Obviously, the Magelys retains the leadership in the touring coach segment. è


Seats n. 53+15+1 Internal height mm 2,280 Aisle height mm 860


Type seats Senso reclining Driver seat pneumatic A.C. Thermo King Driver A.C. front box Heater convectors Glazing double Roof hatches electric Audio-video radio CD

Comfort as standard ur Crossway Pro fits 53 O seating passengers and an additional 15 standing pas-

sengers. It is equipped with reclining Sense model seats, with folding armrests and two rear handles. The seats are mounted on anti-slip woodlike PVC coated high bases, as is the entire interior floor and the steps of the two staircases. Side walls and the ceiling are coated with light coloured laminated panels. The same colour shade is used for the open overhead compartments that also feature external handrails. Behind the overhead bins, connected with the air ducts, two parallel strips house the perso-

nal sets consisting of vents that can be shut and LED lights. Air conditioning from the roof mounted Thermo King system is delivered through the vents blowing towards the side double-windows and from inside the overhead compartment. Heat is supplied via floor convectors and interior lighting is provided

Available in three lengths, 10.8, 12 and 13 metres, the Crossway Euro VI is available in the versions Low Entry (LE), Pop as school bus (former Crossway Recreo), Line for medium range intercity services, Pro for medium-to-long range services and High Value for maximum comfort. In short, there is something for everyone.

by two stripes of ceiling lights with blue and white LED lights. The ceiling features two electronically controlled hatches. The driver benefits from an ergonomic station with a small dashboard at the centre, the main instrument panel on the left and the controls tower on the right where there are

We had an impression of the performance of the 12-metre Crossway Pro while driving on major roads form outside Modena towards the Abetone: it demonstrated ease during hilly stretches that were tackled with agility and plenty of power, all along providing an impressively low noise ride to those onboard. The credit must be given to the new Cursor

the climate control switches, a radio and the digital tachograph. Gearbox controls are located on the plinth to the right of the air-suspension seat. The diver’s station is separated by a small back panel and the driver’s seat is mounted on a higher platform compared to the rest of the interior floor.

9 engine by FPT Industrial. A 8.7-litre common-rail fuel injection engine with variable geometry turbocharging system, 400 horsepower (294 kW) and 1,700 Nm of maximum torque constant between 1,200 and 1,650 rpm. For less demanding performances there is also the 360 horsepower version (265 kW) with turbocharger and waste-gate valve.

The reduction of pollutant gases to Euro VI level is obtained thanks to the Hi-eSCR system patented by FPT, which reduces NOx emissions without the use of EGR (exhaust gas recirculation). The Crossway Pro we tested came with automatic gearbox Voith D864.6, controlled by the buttons on the plinth to the right of the driver’s seat, è

CURSOR 9 Euro VI kW 294 270 Nm
















DOC: Diesel Oxidation Catalyst DPF: Diesel Particulate Filter SCR: Selective Catalyst Reduction of NOx with urea injection CUC: Clean Up Catalyst

Engine FPT Cursor 9 Displacement c.c. 8,700 Pow. hp (kW)/rpm 400 (294)/2,200 Torque Nm/rpm 1,700/1,200-1,650 Pollution/System Euro VI/HI-eSCR Gearbox Voith D864.6 Disc brakes with Ebs/Esp, Retarder Suspension indipendent Tyres 295/80 R 22.5

HI-eSCR system

he beating heart of the CrossT way is the new Cursor 9 FPT Industrial engine. Equipped

with latest generation common rail system with injection pressure up to 2,200 bar, it makes use of a control unit designed

to optimise space and to integrate the engine controls with the functions of the SCR catalyst and the DPF filter. Our vehicle featured a 400 horsepower engine (294 kW) with variable geometry turbocharger to which the electronic control switch was also added, in order to op-

combined with integrated retarder. All kinds of other ZF options can be chosen: from the sixspeed manual gearbox to the automatic Ecolife, to the As-tronic automatic transmission. The passenger compartment can fit up to 55 seats anchored on high bases. It also features overhead luggage bins with a total capacity of 2.8 cubic metres, with external handrails and

timise the response to loads at low gears and to increase the efficiency of the brake engine. Moreover, all Cursor 9 engine use a valve at the exhaust in order to support the passive regeneration of the DPF and to increase the performance of the engine brake up to 30% compared to previous Euro V

personal sets with LED lights. Luggage can be stored under the platform where there are 5.8 cubic metres of space that can be accessed via aluminium wing-doors from both sides of the vehicle. The driver’s area has been revised to optimise space and the ergonomics of the controls such as the buttons on the steering wheel for the

engines. In terms of the reduction of pollutant emissions it makes use of the Hi-eSCR system patented by FPT Industrial, which reduces NOx emissions without the use of EGR (exhaust gas recirculation). In practice, it was opted to minimise the production of particulate emis-

radio and the single control unit for climate regulation for passengers and driver. In order to access the interior corridor, at 860 mm from the ground, there are four stairs for each of the two outward opening doors. Our test drive vehicle featured the optional version with two 1,200 mm wide doors at the centre instead of the 800 mm one-leaf door.

sions in the combustion chamber, regardless of NOx emissions that are subsequently eliminated by the Hi-eSCR in the exhaust system. The oxidation catalytic converter, the filter, the new generation SCR and the Clean Up catalyst are contained into one unit. That’s in addition to AdBlue injection devices.

The exterior aesthetics of the Crossway Pro has also been redesigned in order to have the same front semblance of the rest of the Iveco range, with the logo positioned at the centre of the grille and vertical headlights (also in the rear). LED technology is deployed for daytime running lights, front and rear turning signals, stop and side lights.

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