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CREATIVE STRATEGY Marketplace Initiative

INTRODUCTION The most common problem student designers face is buying extra paper because of fear that there may be printing errors. The extra paper, if not used, are usually chucked away at a corner. There are also others who buy tools for the sake of a project, under utilizing it after the project ends. These unwanted tools/materials are then forsaken, causing under utilization, wastage, and also wasting student designer’s money.

THE MARKETPLACE An initiative by Transpire to promote a collaborative consumption community in the design industry through buy/sell/swap.

MISSION To encourage a collaborative consumption culture amongst creatives in Singapore, especially student designers to share tools and resources, helping each other save money, reduce wastage and under utilization of materials/tools, and save the environment.

THE VISION To become a one stop centre for second hand art materials. To reduce wastage, under utilization, and save the environment. To help student designers overcome the problem of high expenditure for school materials.

THE PLAN Transpire will constantly reach out to creatives, especially student designers, to encourage and build a collaborative community. Transpire will collaborate with creatives and art spaces to organize events and swap markets.

TARGET AUDIENCE Primary: Student Designers Student designers are the ones who often face the problems mentioned. This initiative would benefit them directly like easing their financial burden. Secondary: Creatives in the Design Industry and Art Suppliers Creatives and art suppliers can participate in the marketplace to offer their unwanted art materials. They can also play a part by offering their studio space/tools for rent.

BENEFIT/CLAIM 1. Create a collaborative consumption community where people share tools/materials/resources. 2. Prevent under utilization and wastage of tools/materials. 3. Help student designers overcome problem of high expenditure in schools. 4. Peer progression and social progress

DISCLAIMER The contents in this booklet are subjected to change as the project progresses.

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Creative Strategy - Marketplace Initiative  

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