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RCEF Teacher Training 2011

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Sun Huimiao’s Teacher Training 2012

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shanxi, china

diane geng

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rural education

Introduction TFish Strategic Partner for: 1 month

About: RCEF is an international non-profit organization dedicated

to promoting education for people in rural China that empowers

them to improve their lives and communities. We support rural edu-

cators to develop teaching methods and curriculum in line with our mission.

Why Rural Education? About 60% of China’s elementary-school-aged children, or, 63 mil-

lion children, attend village elementary schools (Ministry of Education, China Educational Statistics Yearbook 2009). Studies have

shown that in some rural areas, nearly half of rural students do not go on to high school, in stark contrast to urban areas where most children finish high school. The primary reason for this is not financial difficulty but lack of relevance that schoolwork has to students’

future prospects and the kinds of teaching methods used (Institute of Rural Education, Northeast Normal University study 2009).

To improve rural education, quality teachers are needed but the

best teachers often flee to city schools where wages and conditions are better. National curriculum reforms launched in 2001 promote creativity and critical thinking but they have yet to trickle down to

rural educational practice because rural teachers lack the training,

resources and supportive environment that urban teachers have to change their practice. Thus, the well-meaning curriculum reform is ironically widening the already large gap between rural and urban

education. Providing rural youth with quality education relevant to

Transparent Fish Fund 2011

their life needs is crucial to China’s future.



RCEF’s mission is to promote education for people in rural China that prepares them to improve their own lives and communities.

This Month’s Feature Story: Sun Huimiao

Before I first taught a drama class, I didn’t have a lot of confidence. I thought, how could I teach a university class having only graduated from high school myself, not to mention training other teachers? However, by teaching this drama class, I realized that I can do it, that I do have what it takes. Even though not all the teachers were too keen on me at first, it seemed that I had won at least a few of them over by the end. No matter what other people think though, I trust that, with enough practice, I will keep on improving. In the afternoon, Wendy and I prepared lunch for our students. We estimated around 20 people would attend our training session, so we reserved two tables with 10 dishes on each table. As it turned out, though, a few students were unable to attend, so Wendy asked me to cancel a couple of dishes. At the time, I thought this an impossible task, as the restaurant owner would surely not allow this. However, I decided to see this as a challenge to myself. I steeled myself, and said to the owner: “Can we cancel a couple of dishes? A few members of our group couldn’t make it.” She answered somewhat displeased: “The food has already been all chopped up!” So I said: “But it hasn’t been cooked yet, right? Please do us this favour!” In the end, she agreed and cancelled those two dishes for us. A short while later, my boss asked me to cancel another two dishes. I really didn’t want to have to do it! But I decided to see this as another challenge. It seemed that last time I had left quite an impression on the owner, as she was very happy to help. I almost couldn’t believe it! Through this little episode, I proved to myself that I could face these sorts of challenging tasks, and I trust I will get better and better at facing them.



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Key Milestones •

Sun Huimiao begins training at the Yunnan Development Institute

• Through attendance of educational develop ment courses, Sun Huimiao trains her ana lytical thinking skills, and strengthens her abil ity to use words to describe her achieve ments.

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