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That's why our vision is to strengthen connections among our donors, field partners, and beneficiaries. We value the investments that you in the community have made with us, and we want to keep developing those transformational partnerships of trust that bridge across the world. Thanks to each one of you, this year we celebrated several more milestones. One was a fulfillment of our dream back in 2008? focusing on poverty alleviation for families after heart surgery. With the launch of the Adopt a Family program this year, we're helping over 40 families in need become more sustainable. In 2015, we've also continued to develop our key partnerships with

organizations focusing on meeting urgent needs. We've deepened relationships with local impoverished families; provided sturdy houses, critical heart surgeries, and safe bridges; helped orphans get job-essential computer training; expanded our heart surgery program into Yunnan; and continued growing community involvement with committed individuals and families like you. Delve into the stories featured here and experience some of the miracles you've helped make possible. Discover the legacy of Dayong, who reminded us all how urgent these needs are. See how surgery gave new life to Cheng Xiang, who suffered from very severe congenital heart disease.

Learn how we're expanding our work in Yunnan and Vietnam. We thank you for your tremendous support throughout 2015, and we look forward to accomplishing even more together next year!




A SIA W e handpick t r ust w or t hy and t r anspar ent pr oject s t o t r ack and ensur e t hat 100% of your donat ion ar r ives in t he r ight hands. What We Do

How We Work

Transparent Fish Fund is a 501(c)(3) US non-profit organization based in Palo Alto, CA. Since 2011 we have supported promising grassroots organizations, providing them with long-term capacity building resources for transparency. We then help connect these credible NGOs with individuals from the West for charitable fundraising. The greater mission behind this work is to foster a global spirit of philanthropy. The map below shows where our projects are located.

Step 1: You donate to one of our trustworthy projects. Step 2: We send your donation to our field partner. Step 3: 100% of your donation is received by those in need. Step 4: We will send proof of your donation's impact.

Where We Work





TFish's v ision is t o f ost er a global spir it of philant hr opy by connect ing cr edible N GO s in East A sia w it h donor s in t he W est . PROJECT RESULTS

CAPACITY BUILDING RESULTS Strategic Focus: 40 outstanding NGOs selected each year from over 800 applicants Investment: 98 NGOs received funding for capacity building and projects totaling $680,287 Financial Accountability: 234 quarterly financial reports and 686 monthly project reports submitted Social Media Transparency: 12,500 project update blog posts from 355 NGOs 6

Due Diligence: over 110 project visits by our staff Sustainability: 55 NGOs demonstrate long-term potential; 8 have found their own additional sources of funding because of our partnership and accreditation Graduations: 355 NGOs completed one of the three-level training programs Strategic Partnerships: 19 NGOs have graduated from our Strategic Partnership Program

Since 2012 TFish has helped 355 smaller organizations develop their capacity and credibility.



When Transparent Fish Fund first started in 2008, we had two goals: to provide both heart surgery and poverty relief care for the poorest children in Gansu suffering from congenital heart disease. The heart surgery efforts have been well established, with support from the community and aid from new government policies we helped influence. This year we launched a new Little Red Scarf Care program called Adopt a Family to help families become more sustainable after the heart surgeries.

by parents seeking work in the cities. We plan to use technology-based curriculum and study incentives to help these children progress toward a college education. Our goal is to be a bridge between donors and recipients? not just to facilitate financial transactions but to also foster relationships. Your sponsorship can touch the lives of another family in need.

As our field staff visited the different Gansu families in their post-surgery follow ups, they realized that some families were really uplifted after the surgery. However, 13 other families were still so poor that their poverty issues were still weighing them down. Our field staff selected 50 of these post-surgery families in most need to provide poverty relief. Each of the families has its special needs, and therefore requires a custom way to become more sustainable. Thanks to our donors, many of these families have now been sponsored. Based on what we learned from the pilot project this year, our plans for moving forward will be more focused on educating the children, which is a constant need. Millions of rural children in China are left behind in the countryside


REM EM BERING DAYONG We are gravely faced with the life-and-death reality of those we strive to help. We first met Dayong in March 2014 when he went to Lanzhou for treatment. He suffered from heart failure because of his congenital heart disease and pulmonary hypertension. The only cure would be from a heart and lung transplant, but for his peasant family that was impossible. Over the months we developed a relationship with him to provide encouragement and support. We discovered his love for writing, his academic dreams, and his heart to help others. In July 2015 Dayong passed away at the age of 20. His legacy continues through his words and winsome ways. During his last days he wrote an article for us on his homeland, and we continue to remember him as an inspiration as we strive to support those who are still in need.

MEETING URGENT NEEDS Whether we're renewing hearts defective from birth, building homes for mothers with newborns, or restoring dignity for struggling families? we're all about meeting urgent needs. We've selected over 200 people in urgent need to help through our in-house and partnership programs. When you donate, we will: -

Select beneficiaries according to your project preference Send 100% of your donations to them Deliver proof of impact

Your support can help save lives for those in critical situations. 8

SAVING CHENG XIANG After undergoing two heart surgeries this year, this 18-month-old boy was transformed. Cheng Xiang had one of the most severe cases of congenital heart disease we had ever seen, black lips and all. When we first met him in May 2015, we immediately accepted his Little Red Scarf application and prepared for his first surgery in Lanzhou. That surgery went well, and Cheng Xiang started smiling and laughing as he recovered. Because his condition was so severe, he required a second surgery, which he underwent in Beijing in Septmeber 2015. Cheng Xiang's family has experienced financial and emotional support through both the Heart Surgery and Adopt a Family programs. One of his donors even became invested in the relationship, writing a personal letter to the family and inspiring them with prayers and well-wishes. They are very grateful.

"Thank you for your help when we were in a very difficult situation. With your support and care, we were able to pull through the difficulties. Though I want to thank you a thousand times, I thought of a saying: 'Life is like a candle, which gives heat, shines light, and gives people brightness and warmth.' The Chao Foundation and Little Red Scarf are the light of the candle that warmed us." Cheng Xiang's Father, Tongnian He

Whether you donate toward surgery or provide encouragement for a needy family, there's more than one way to touch a heart. 9



In partnership with China Cal, we are providing screening training and surgical support for poor children in Yunnan with congenital heart disease.

EARLY DETECTION FOR NEWBORNS The Little Red Scarf Heart Surgery program has been well established in Gansu. Now we're expanding into another Chinese province: Yunnan. Our partner China Cal intends to train obstetricians in all 125 Yunnan county hospitals how to properly examine newborns? hearts to detect early congenital heart disease. This could potentially save hundreds of children's lives each year. Without proper and timely diagnosis, these children won't get the treatment they need to sustain healthy lives. The training will help the doctors know what to look for, such as heart murmurs. It will also equip them to proficiently use the necessary screening tools, such as stethoscopes and high quality pulse-oximeters. If an infant fails the screening exams, the doctors will also be trained on follow up steps for the baby and its parents. The goal is for each hospital to establish the long-term practice of regular screening for all their newborns so congenital heart disease can be diagnosed early. By the end of 2015, training will have occurred in 5 of the 16 Yunnan prefectures. In 2016, China Cal plans to train in 8 more prefectures.

EVALUATION OF TRAINING PROGRAM With the help of a grant from the Chao Foundation, China Cal has added an evaluation component to their training program to assess its results. Ms. Fangqi Guo

will be the principal investigator in these evaluations. She is a University of California, Irvine Program in Public Health, PhD graduate student. Fangqi will work with the China Cal team in Yunnan for several months to evaluate the increased knowledge and change in behavior of the trainees.

SURGICAL SUPPORT FOR YUNNAN CHILDREN In our collaborative pilot project, we are also providing diagnosis, surgical referrals, and financial support for poor Yunnan children who suffer from congenital heart disease. So far we have helped with 20 surgeries in Yunnan, and we plan to do more next year. Rong Rong was the first child to benefit from our surgical support in Yunnan. This little girl was diagnosed with congenital heart disease when she was 3, but her family couldn't afford surgery. Rong Rong would have only lived for another 5 to 6 years. With our help, 9-year-old Rong Rong was able to have a successful surgery in September 2014. She recovered well and has a bright, healthy future ahead of her. We look forward to helping many more children in Yunnan like Rong Rong. 11


This year we raised support to provide sturdy new bridges for 2 more villages with Sahaya Vietnam. Thanks to our donors, the Thanh Truc villagers can finally replace their precarious"monkey bridge."

Our donors and a grant from the Chao Foundation and Transparent Fish Fund this year also enabled Sahaya Vietnam to build new houses for 11 different families. These families can now live safely, sheltered from the scorching sun and intense monsoons.



How can we help prepare children for life after the orphanage? By equipping them to get jobs in the tech-dependant market. By the end of 2015, our partnership with Orphan Impact will have enabled them to expand their program from 10 to 20 different orphanages in Vietnam that are committed to educating their children. To represent our commitment to this worthy cause, we have signed a 5-year agreement to expand those 20 orphanages to 63. At that point every province in Vietnam will be covered. But we're not limiting ourselves to just Vietnamese orphans. We also want to bring this computer training program to China. Next year we plan to start with 3?4 orphanages around Shanghai. Orphan Impact will help train the new staff and volunteers there.

W e have made a five year commit ment t o help orphans in Viet nam get job-essent ial comput er t raining skills and t o expand t he program int o China.

With the right balance of fun, challenge, mentoring, encouragement, and discipline? as well as a carefully planned curriculum and properly trained teachers? we can begin to help the children develop many of the crucial skills they are currently missing to be prepared for today's fast moving and tech-focused society, both in Vietnam and in China.




Toilets and Hygiene for Cambodian Floating Schools Around the world, marginalized, landless populations live in floating dwellings. In Cambodia almost 100,000 people live in floating communities, with the vast majority having no access to a toilet. A revolutionary product called the HandyPod has been developed, which floats next to the house or school and treats the sewage before it contaminates the water. We plan to help install HandyPods for schools in 2 floating villages.

Improving Sanitation Conditions in Rural Chinese Schools In partnership with the World Toilet Organization, we are enabling rural school children in China to have more hygienic toilet and handwashing facilities, while also teaching them good health practices. Two pilot projects were completed this year in Henan. We plan to pilot 2 more school bathrooms in Gansu, which we hope will serve as examples to prompt the government to implement similar improvements in other schools.


Wheelchair Project in Xinjiang This summer 550 wheelchairs were donated to people in 6 different counties in Xinjiang. A team of 15 helped assemble and distribute the wheelchairs. They were donated to at least 25 different neighborhood communities to assist people with disabilities. Members of the team helped the recipients and their families understand the benefits of using a wheelchair through encouraging talks and demonstrations. These activities increased awareness for the needs of people with disabilities. Local volunteers were also touched by the efforts to reach out to those who need wheelchairs.

Microloans in Gansu for the Muslim Hui Minority Group In May 2015 we launched a microloan initiative with a local grassroots partner. This pilot project benefited 20 families who applied and were selected to received loans. The families made their own decisions about which livestock to purchase. Most of them decided to invest in sheep and cows. The goal is to help them become more sustainable so they can have a source of income besides farming. We will follow up to assess the families' progress and the benefit of the loans.

One Heart World-Wide Delivers Safe Motherhood Programs to Nepal One Heart World-Wide works to reduce high maternal and newborn mortality rates in remote regions. They have served over 8,000 pregnancies, and have expanded to at least 5 districts in Nepal. Our $50,000 grant for 2016 will enable them to develop their community-based "network of safety" programs and facilities for mothers and infants in the district of Bhojpur. One Heart will educate medical providers, train skilled birth attendants, upgrade birthing centers, and lead awareness-raising campaigns in the remote communities. Their model has proven to be effective and sustainable based on their experience in other districts.



CO M M UN ITY Donors Volunteer as Translators

Youth Play Music, Pay for New Houses

Special thanks to Kai Chao, Cindy and Shawn Chung, and Joe Hsu who have contributed in multiple ways. They have given not only finances, but also time and language skills by helping us translate information from the field. We also acknowledge high school student Allison Zhang for her continued commitment to translation.

We thank the Kam family and their continued creative efforts to raise money for new houses in Vietnam. By hosting workshops for young musicians, they were able to raise money for two new houses at $1,000 each this year. their efforts benefited the Ngyen Van Vu and Phan Thanh Kha families.

Christmas Dinner in East Palo Alto In the spirit of giving, our board members cooked a homemade Christmas Dinner with Bayshore for over 100 families and children in East Palo Alto. The dinner event included various seasonal activities, such as caroling, a Christmas message, and gifts. It was a special way to celebrate our community of volunteers and supporters.







The financial report 2015 have been prepared for You and "Direct to the Needy Projects." Disbursement By Projects


Disbursement By Location

$290,423 has been raised from donors like you since 2011.

Charts Updated 12-8-15

100% MODEL

When you donate to a project that stokes your passion,

100% is given directly to those in need.

You fund projects with 100% direct impact to the poor. We are committed to delivering100% of your donation directly to the people we are helping. Every dollar you entrust us with is given to an established strategic partner program that is carefully researched and selected for being credible and impactful. Your donation will be designated to specific recipients according to your project preference. As part of our due diligence and follow-up commitment, we will show the life-changing impact of your donation with reports and photos.This year $84,560 was raised from our donor community and we gave $111,867 to the needy.

Strategic Donors fund capacity building and operations. We are also committed to developing other grassroots NGOs. Through our capacity building program, we mentor them to promote transparency and reach long-term sustainability. While this cause is just as important as our direct impact projects, it is oftentimes harder to fundraise for. So we leverage like-minded philanthropists, foundations, individuals, and companies, whom we call our "Strategic Donors." They intentionally invest in the capacity building project and in covering our operational expenses. Thanks to their involvement, our 100% model is made possible. This year $100,000 was given to capacity building and $15,000 was given to operations.

Our financial model We provide financial information on maximizes the impact of our website under "Track" so you every dollar you donate. know where your donations go. 21

OUR SUPPORTERS All that we do is truly a community effort, and you are our valued teammates. We thank our donors and volunteers for their continued support and partnership. We want to especially salute the individuals below for dedicating their time and resources to our cause.


MAJOR DONORS Platinum Sponsor ($50,000+) Ping & Amy Chao Family Foundation Gold Sponsor ($15,000) Henry and Lisa Chang PC Huang Family Silver Sponsor ($10,000) Edmund and Kitty Cheng Grandma Chu's Love Fund Isabel Chiu (En-Yong Foundation) Anova Solutions Inc Jonathan and Tammy Liu Bronze Sponsor ($5,000) Ray and Stella Chan Joe and Chin Hsu Dean and Shwu-Hui Chang Sun-Sea & Tai-Yen Pao Hua-Ju and Laung-Terng Wang Wei-Jin and Faustina Dai Vanessa Lam & Douglas Tsui


Green Sponsor ($1,000) Eric Cho JeongTyng Li Chang-Keng and May S Liu Joanne Chen Thomas and Cynthia Yin Jack and Ying Ying Wang FM Global Foundation Grace and Lauren Kam Elaine & Dominic Kung Kris Wang Samuel and Margaret So Anonymous 1755

PC The Kam Family Gary and Amber Wong Kai Chao Yang Bo Joe and Chin Hsu Cindy and Shawn Chung Teddy Shih Bao and Thuy Nguyen Sarah Chang Janna Wang Allison Zhang

Blue Sponsor ($500) Jenny Chao Leslie Van Mai Anh Le and Liem Nguyen May and Kai Chao Ellen Yuan Wenzhi Zhang James Chen Fred Lam B Ng Wenzhi Zhang Amandine Cotton Yu Anne Lin Anonymous QL

STRATEGIC NGO PARTNERS Sahaya Vietnam Orphan Impact Yunnan Leprosy China California Heart Watch Changing Young Lives One Heart World-Wide HIS Foundation Nayong Charity Association Taiwan Prison Ministry Helping Orphans Worldwide World Toilet Organization See full list of supporters and partners at

WE MAKE A LIVING BY WHAT WE GET, BUT WE MAKE A LIFE BY WHAT WE GIVE. To read more details and stories, please visit our annual report online at


TRA N SPA REN T FISH FUN D 445 S San Antonio Rd Suite 204 Los Altos, CA 94022 (650) 924-1104


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