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Sponsorship Proposal Transparency International–Greece 2013-2014



Transparency International (TI) is a Non-Governmental organization, a global movement sharing one vision: a world in which government, business, civil society and the daily lives of people are free of corruption.

It is common ground that corruption undermines democracy and sustains the violation of human rights. Above all, corruption entraps millions of people into poverty every day.

Our Mission is to stop corruption and promote transparency, accountability and integrity at all levels and across all sectors of society. Our Core Values are: transparency, accountability, integrity, solidarity, courage, justice and democracy.

Support our projects and help us create a world where people enjoy corruption free lives.

TI’s main objective was and still is to stop the criminal disregard for transparency and the function of institutions that, justifiably, allows the creation of perception of corruption to the public. Transparency International -Greece (TI-Greece) was founded in 1996, with main purposes of action to inform and raise awareness about the risks of corruption in our country and at the same time, to promote substantial systemic changes that will lead to a more transparent society. Today TI-Greece is one of the more than 100 chapters of the international movement that engages in the fight against corruption and works towards the creation of “equal terms” for citizens, businesses, for each and every one of us. True to its commitments and principles, TI-Greece is one of 16 organizations in Greece that have signed the International Non-Governmental Accountability Charter.

ACTIVITIES & PROGRAMS TRANSPARENCY NOW! Citizens have a voice With a view to report but also to fight corruption in Greece, the TI-Greece “Speak Up” project includes the “Transparency Now!” service for the provision of support to victims and witnesses of corruption. This service can be addressed by any citizen who wants to report corruption and obtain further assistance and guidance on how and where he/she may refer a complaint in order to receive an effective response to their concern. TI-Greece legal team through the processing of the complaints will be able to identify corruption vulnerable spots where such phenomena thrive and consequently formulate and promote proposals for the improvement of institutions nationwide. The “Speak Up” project is part of a European action implemented by Transparency International in Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania and Luxembourg. It is addressed to everyone: individuals and organizations who have been victims of corruption or economic crime and wish to report it and take action to put an end to corruption before someone else becomes the next victim. • Support the “Speak Up” project and the “Transparency Now!” service that provides information and free guidance to citizens and help us cover the projects operational costs.


ACTIVITIES & PROGRAMS Whistleblowing We encourage transparency, we protect whistleblowers Prevention and early detection –these are the most effective ways to combat crime. Especially corruption cases, which are notoriously secret, may never come to light unless they are reported by people who discover them accidentally, for example, in the course of their work. Citizens who disclose abusive practices -the so-called whistleblowers- play an important role in the fight against corruption. However, the disclosure of information may have significant repercussions for whistleblowers, as they can face serious risks, such as loss of work, involvement in legal disputes or even threats against their lives. Therefore, the protection of whistleblowers by a strong legal framework is urgent. ΤΙ-Greece is currently implementing a project to record and evaluate the current national legislation on the protection of people who disclose incidents of corruption (whistleblowers) -part of a wider European program implemented by Transparency International in 6 EU countries (Belgium, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Latvia and Luxembourg). The project aims at highlighting the importance of whistleblowing in the fight against corruption, documenting “best practices” and promoting proposals to strengthen the protection offered to those who denounce corruption. The program also aims at creating a culture of reaction in order to strengthen the prevention of corruption crimes.


The adoption and implementation of an effective legal framework for the protection of whistleblowers, will not only save resources but in the long run contribute to the realization that it is our right and our duty as citizens to actively participate in the fight against corruption. To demand the punishment of those who break the law and to break chronic vicious circles that “tolerate” graft recipients and grafters. • Support the whistleblowing project and contribute to its completion in Greece.

ACTIVITIES & PROGRAMS Enhancing integrity in football How to stop match fixing Everyone recognizes that illegal betting and match fixing are phenomena that endanger the future of football. Apart from offering entertainment, football can teach some of the most important life lessons, especially to young people -but only if it remains true to the values of sportsmanship, integrity and “fair play”. The program implemented by Transparency International aims at the prevention of match fixing. TI’s national chapters in 6 European countries (Germany, Greece, United Kingdom, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal), in collaboration with the leagues that organize the national championships, commit themselves to developing educational activities for young players regarding the protection of integrity of the sport. At the same time, they will develop actions to raise awareness among the public but also among everyone involved in football: players, referees, professionals and executives. Enhancing integrity in football is something everyone involved in the sport can and should support. Only a coordinated effort by public authorities, Federations, Associations, Clubs, officials, players, referees, fans, sponsors and bookmakers can bring results and ensure transparency of the games.


TI-Greece will initially approach young players and their coaches, with activities such as the production and distribution of educational material, the conduction of seminars to members of Football Academies for the clubs that participate in the Super League Championship and the development of an educational application. • Support the “Staying on side: How to stop match fixing” project that includes educational workshops, the production of educational material and the development of an e-training application.

ACTIVITIES & PROGRAMS TRANSPARENCY IN GREEK BUSINESS Evaluating citizens’ access to corporate information Corruption damages entrepreneurship, prevents free market and undermines stability -elements vital to a healthy economy. At the same time, it allows huge illicit money flows from taxes never paid, from bribes and from money laundering. Companies recognize this, but now more than ever they need to act with transparency as their “weapon” and stop corruption in order to address the economic crisis decisively. The “Transparency in Accounting Reporting (TRAC)” project implemented by TI-Greece aims at highlighting “best practices” that facilitate citizens’ access to corporate information and to anti-corruption programs, through the evaluation and ranking of the 20 largest Greek companies. • Support the “Transparency in Accounting Reporting (TRAC)” project for the evaluation of the 20 largest Greek companies, the issuance and publication of outcome Report. Encourage more companies to participate in the evaluation procedure.


ACTIVITIES & PROGRAMS National Survey on Petty Corruption We record corruption, we promote its elimination TI-Greece has been conducting an annual National Survey on Petty Corruption since 2007 with the aim to highlight the size of petty corruption that burdens the Greek household. The survey offers an integrated approach, a fully qualitative and quantitative assessment of corruption and its effect on citizens and, the national economy in general. The orientation towards combating corruption is the main priority of any democratic society and in this context, TI-Greece seeks to contribute decisively to the fight against such actions and to promote a society free from discrimination and privileges. The “National Survey on Petty Corruption in Greece” has been established as a reliable and valid scientific index which records the Greek reality. • Support the continuation of the “National Survey on Petty Corruption in Greece” for 2014 and the overall work of TI-Greece towards a corruption free society.


ACTIVITIES & PROGRAMS “Engaging the EU Presidency in the fight against corruption” Strengthening the fight against corruption Greece takes over the EU Presidency in the beginning of 2014 and in this context, TI-Greece is implementing the “Engaging the EU Presidency in the fight against corruption” project in order to include and highlight the issue of the fight against corruption in the agenda of the Presidency of each responsible country for the period August 2013 - July 2015. This will be achieved through: - Sharing knowledge on issues of corruption among the countries that will chair the EU Presidency (Lithuania, Greece, Italy, Latvia) - Publication of results - Evaluation of the Presidency of each country on its record on anticorruption measures. With the participaton of TI’s national chapters based in countries that are going to take over the EU Presidency, the program aims at creating a network for effective monitoring of the commitments of the Member States to combat corruption. • Support the implementation of the project for the evaluation of the Greek Presidency relating to its consistency in the fight against corruption and the creation of a network among EU member states to tackle the phenomenon at European level.


ACTIVITIES & PROGRAMS “Transparency rocks!” We are educating tomorrow’s active citizens TI-Greece supports its goal to introduce to schools concepts such as transparency, integrity and the fight against corruption as every day practices on the acknowledgment that tomorrow’s citizens and leaders are today studying in school classrooms. Elementary, junior high and high school students are already experiencing the economic crisis and its repercussions. An uncertain future has already been set for these generations due to the many years of corruption that prevailed in the country. The only people that can change our country’s future are today’s students – tomorrow’s citizens. Through education we can create integer personalities that will not succumb to terms such as “bribe”, “favor”, “laundering” etc. TI-Greece, following the approval of the Ministry of Education, aims at implementing a training program under the title “Transparency rocks!” for primary and secondary education, by using specially designed, modern audiovisual material. Through a simple and understandable way students will be informed and educated about the value of transparency in all aspects of their lives, thus ensuring a fairer and more efficient function of the state and society in the future. • Support the educational program and your contribution will help cover the cost for the production of educational material by TI-Greece’s specialized team.


ACTIVITIES & PROGRAMS Short Film Festival “Be transparent !” Open competition for young people Communication and creativity are key instruments to approach young people and encourage their participation in the shaping of a new culture and a different social consciousness. TI-Greece aims to organize a Youth Festival (addressed to people from 15 to 35 years old) in the form of an Open Short Film Competition (up to 3min. duration) entitled: “Be Transparent!”. The competition, which will include a special category for films/videos produced with mobile devices, will be conducted and promoted through popular for young people social media (Facebook, Youtube) and will nominate three final winners who will be honored in a special awards ceremony. • Support TI-Greece to organize the Film Festival and the Competition but also, to cover the costs of the online promotion for the action and the winners’ awards.


Reciprocal Benefits


Transparency International - Greece has created sponsorship levels with respective advertising and promotion packages for its donors and sponsors. SPONSORSHIP LEVELS: Benefactor: > 100,000€ / Major Donor: 50,000€ – 100,000€ / Donor: 5,000€ – 50,000€ / Supporter: 3,000€ - 5,000€

BENEFITS Logo placement on sponsors sign in TIG office sign Logo placement on banner Corporate logo placement and special mention

Special mention during communication events and Congresses Link of the company webpage on Logo placement on TIG promotional & communication material Logo placement on Placement of TIG logo on promotional material (folders, agendas, pens etc.) TIG informative advertising in mass media, exclusively for the specific action Link of TIG on corporate webpage

Communication & promotion

TIG press release, exclusively for the specific action Joint Press Conference Support of corporate event for the general public Promotional material production support regarding the cooperation (e.g. leaflets) Corporate information actions support (e.g. press release, ads)

Other benefits

Collector’s item gift honoring the company’s contribution to TIG’s work Special events/presentations for company employees



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