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COMMISSIONING FOR  CONVERGENCE  –   A  FOCUS  AT   SHEFFIELD including   K eynote  from   Frank   Rose,  author  of   The  A rt  of   Immersion 8  /  9   June  2011

13 M ay  2011:  T his  year’s  C rossover  Summit,  which  takes  place  on   Wednesday  8  June  at  Sheffield  Doc/Fest,  will  focus  on   commissioning  and  producing  for  convergence  and  how  the  arrival   of  internet-­‐connected  T V  -­‐  enabling  interacLve  and  self,  or  peer,   programmed  T V  -­‐  is  fundamentally  altering  how  television  is   consumed,  produced,  commissioned  and  scheduled.   "We  launched  the  convergence  strand  in  Sheffield  6  years  ago”,  says   Doc/Fest  director  Heather  C roall,  “and  it  has  now  become  an   integral  part  of  the  fesLval.  T he  numbers  of  delegates  from  the   Digital  and   InteracLve  M edia  sectors  aTending  Sheffield  is  growing   every  year.  Some  of  the  best  speakers  in  the  field  are  on  the  panels.   Crossover  Summit  and  Doc/Fest  is  becoming  a  wonderful  place  for   documentary  makers  to  meet  digital  media  collaborators  who  are   looking  to  team  up  and  produce  crossplaVorm  work."     Crossover  Summit  will  include  a  number  of  keynote,  panel  and   session  events: A  keynote  from   W ired  contribuPng  editor   Frank   Rose  (the  author   of  T he   Art  of  Immersion,  the  definiLve  book  on  transmedia):  T he   mass  media  of  the  past  century  have  been  restricLve  by  nature,  with   audiences  confined  to  a  passive  role  –  but  that  has  now  completely   changed.  T he  inclusive  nature  of  the  Internet  invites  open   parLcipaLon  amongst  storytellers  and  audiences  alike,  and  that   means  puZng  the  audience  right  at  the  centre  of  the  acLon  in  a   gamelike  fashion.  Storytellers  of  every  stripe  will  now  have  to  learn   a  new  grammar  of  storytelling,  one  that  is  only  now  being  invented.   The  challenge  for  those  working  within  the  media  industry  is  to  keep   up  with  these  changes-­‐-­‐and  the  quesLon  becomes,  how  can   storytellers  use  the  new  possibiliLes  at  their  disposal  to  their  

advantage? The Commissioning  for  Convergence  panel  with  M ark   Atkin   (Crossover),  T om  Koch  (PBS),   Kate  Q uilton  (Channel  4)  and  NicoleTe   Noi  (VPRO  Digitaal),  who  will  discuss  how  each  organisaLon   is  pioneering  smart  and  very  different  approaches  to  creaLng  and   distribuLng  convergent  content  that  fundamentally  changes  the  way   broadcasters  talks  to  its  audiences  and  the  audience's  interacLon   with  content. How   Digital   InnovaPon  is   Changing   O ur   Media   Viewing:  chaired   by  Joanne  Jacobs  (Social  media  expert  consultant)  with  Nick   Jones   (Central  O ffice  of  InformaLon),  James  C ashmore  (Google  UK),  and   Kate  Q uilton  (Channel  4),  who  will  talk  about  how  they  see  the   landscape  changing  and  paint  a  picture  of  the  role  of  technology  in   transforming  the  media  entertainment  industry. On  the  T hursday  9  June,  Doc/Fest  conLnues  the  focus  with  back-­‐to-­‐ back  C rossplaVorm  sessions: Big   Fish  Fight  –   MulPplaVorm   Campaigning  with   Real  Imact  -­‐   chaired  by  Adam  Gee  (Channel  4),  plus  speakers  Will   Anderson,  Nick   Underhill  and  Jo  Haslam  ( KEO  Films)  will  look  at  the  B ig  Fish  Fight   mulLplaVorm  campaign  from  concepLon  to  the  capitulaLon  of  the   EU  Fisheries  M inister; Cinema  in  the   S treets:  L ocaPon  Based  and   Mobile   Technologies  – chaired  by  Julianne  Pierce  ( Blast  T heory)  plus  speakers  M aT  Adams   (Blast  T heory),  Patrick  C rowe  (Xenophile  M edia)  and  Shari   Frilot   (Sundance  Film   FesLval/New  FronLer)  will  explore  how  mobile   devices,  mulLple  screens  and  locaLon  based  technologies  are   opening  up  new  ways  to  think  about  cinema. Games  and  Brands  -­‐  working  with  brands  in  interacPve  content  -­‐   chaired  by   P aula   L e  Dieu  (Head  of   Digital,   B FI)  with  Simon  M eek   (Tern  T V),   T ern  V,   Alex   Fleetwood  (co  founder  Hide  and  Seek),  Neil   Bennun,  (writer),  Nick   R yan  (composer  and  sound  designer).  T his   panel  will  share  their  experLse  in  creaLng  games,  apps,  online  Le-­‐ ins  and  how  interacLve  elements  of  the  gaming  could  inform  

documentary storytelling  of  the  future.     Round  table  -­‐   Rights  and   Money  in   Transmedia  -­‐  with  Alex   Chapman  (Sheridans)  and  James  Kay  (Sheridans  –  L ondon  based   transmedia  lawyers).  T his  session  (based  on  C hapman  and  Kay’s   SXSW2011  talks)  will  look  at  how  to  maximise  the  effecLveness  of  a   transmedia  project  and  propose  new  business  models  for  the   moneLsaLon  of  content  through  transmedia,  helping  aTendees  walk   a  liTle  faster  and  stand  a  liTle  taller. Google   Box:  Do  Google   Do  Telly?  –  C haired  by  Adam  B enzine   (Realscreen)  with  Peter  B arron,  Director  E xternal  R elaLons  E MEA,   and  R oy  Ackerman,  M anaging   Director  Fresh  O ne  ProducLons,  E xec   Producer  of  Jamie's   Dream   School,  lir  the  lid  on  the  unlikely  and   ground-­‐breaking  partnership  behind  Jamies'   Dream   School.  Is   Google  ready  to  help  documentary  makers  or  is  the  search  giant   surfing  on  our  content? How  to  make  a   Buck  on  the   N et  –   T he  panel,  B en  L ewis,  award-­‐ winning  writer,  director),  Jamie   Dolling  (You  T ube),  Andy  Green   (Distrify),  Andrew  M er  ( Snag   Films),  and  R ob  M illis  ( Dynamo)  will   look  at  how  to  make  money  from  docs  on  the  net.  T he  panel  will  look   at  some  different  models  -­‐  self-­‐distributed  D VD  sales,  streaming,   aggregators,  micropayments  and  subscripLon  and  ask..  what  works?   What  kinds  of  subjects  in  documentaries  aTract  online  sales?  Is  the   online  audience  willing  to  pay?  Will  the  documentary  long  tail   always  be  thin  -­‐  or  will  documentary  have  the  “i-­‐tunes  moment”  the   music  industry  had  a  couple  years  ago?   Cinema  Journalism  -­‐   Filmmaking  and  the   N ews  Media  –  chaired   by  C harloTe   C ook  (Frontline  C lub)  with  Danfung  Dennis  (war   photographer  and  filmmaker),   Inigo  Gilmore  (journalist,  E vening   Standard),  David  Gymiah  (video  journalist)  and  T om  Happold  Head   of  M ulLMedia,  T he  Guardian).  T he  panel  will  discuss  the  changing   world  of  print  journalism,  newspapers  and  magazines  and  the  need   to  adapt  quickly  to  the  increasing  demand  of  readers  on  television,   on  the  net,  and  even  on  their  phones.  In  order  to  address  this   widening  gap  between  news  and  technology,  tradiLonal  print  media   have  begun  to  incorporate  video  and  film  work  to  heighten,  enhance,  

and even  stand  for  their  work.  T his  panel  will  discuss  how  media   outlets  are  commissioning  and  incorporaLng  video  and  how   filmmakers  can  find  a  place,  and  a  voice,  in  this  medium.   Cross-­‐PlaVorm  in  the   Film  P rogramme The  Doc/Fest  film  programme  also  features  a  number  of  cross-­‐ plaVorm  Ltles  –  some  of  which  are  up  for  the  Sheffield  Doc/Fest   InnovaLon  Award  including:  Condi2on  O ne  (US  2010),  a  mobile   media  technology  site  where  leading  filmmakers,  photojournalists   and  visual  storytellers  create  powerful  immersive  experiences   and  W elcome  to  P ine  P oint  (Canada  2011  Dirs.  Paul  Shoebridge,   Michael   Simons),  a  creaLve  web  story  about  the  abandoned  mining   town  of  Pine  Point  in  C anada’s  Northwest  territories.   Other  cross-­‐plaVorm  Ltles  are  :  Ulrike  and  E amon  Compliant  -­‐  originally  commissioned  for  the  2009  Venice  B iennale,  this  unique   journey  combines  documentary  elements  with  interacLve   narraLve,  to  place  the  viewer  squarely  in  the  mindset  of  the  R ed  

Army FacLon's  Ulrike   M einhof    or  the  I RA’s  E amon  C ollins;  Remote   Transmissions,  the  newest  addiLon  to  the  B ig  Stories  web-­‐doc  series   that  features  collaboraLons  between  small  town  communiLes  and   filmmakers  in  residence.  From  villages  in   C ambodia  baTling  logging   and  land  grabbing  to  C hrisLan  bikers  in  outback  Australia,  this   ediLon  shines  a  light  on  locals  coming  to  terms  with  change  and   working  around  new  ways  of  exisLng.;  In  Situ,  a  feature  length  and   non-­‐linear  web  documentary  shows  how  arLsts  and  thinkers  can   transform  E urope’s  urban  space  to  change  the  way  we  live.;  Boswell   in  Space  a  web-­‐documentary  journey  which  befriends  the  original   documentarian  James  B oswell  -­‐  an  18th  century  writer,  manic   depressive,  sex  addict,  and  father  of  the  travel  journal  -­‐  and  follow   his  adventures  around  the  UK.


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