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Star Marine Chemicals Product Line

We introduce StarMarine - a worldwide provider of marine chemicals, testing equipment, water treatment, tank cleaners, raw materials and related products for the merchant marine industry. The company offers quality assistance 24 hours a day, 365 day a year. Products: Cleaning Chemicals for Equipment Cleaning Chemicals for Docks/Decks Oil Spill Dispersants and Equipment Circulation Pumps

tel.: +359 52 97 98 98, cell.: +359 895 46 46 00, fax: +359 52 50 17 47

Dosing Units New Products: Low-Sulphur Fot In January 2010 the sulphur level for fuel oil will be limited to 0.1 % by mass. This will have a negative effect on lubricity of the fuel. By adding Low-Sulphur Fot the lubricity of the fuel will be improved. Iron Reducer When a cooling system is effected by corrosion- the water turns brown; this can be disaster for your cooling system. Iron reducer can change the iron oxides in a hard grey reduced iron. This procedure can be done "in service" also! Hold Barrier When a cargo hold shoulvd be protected against dirty cargo like petcoke, the Hold Barrier is the perfect solution. After cargo discharge the hold can be easily cleaned by a light alkaline cleaner.