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The end to another picture-perfect day in Oceanisde. Photo by Kailoa Powers


OP EN OPEN ROOMS BETTER CONNECT T H E I N T E R I O R TO T H E W O R L D O U T S I D E . Dramatically open interior spaces to the outdoors, f i l l i n g t h e m w i t h n a t u r a l l i g h t a n d f r e s h a i r.

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D E P A R T M E N T S 4 COASTAL EXPOSURES Featuring our best images of Oceanside on tap Photography by Kailoa Powers 8 SET IN STONE Thanks for joining us at Oside Flavor 12 OCEANSIDE’S FINEST • Jimmy Figueroa 14 GREEN O • Sustainable Holidays 16 HIDDEN GEMS • Gaby's Tacos 18 ARTS & CULTURE • Oceanside's Upcoming Events 20 HOMEGROWN • Marlie Wright 24 VISIT O • Oceanside’s Delectable Journey 32 COMMUNITY • Oceanside Navigation Center 50 ARTS • Mark Chamness 54 LOCAL RETAILER • Asylum Surf Shop 56 LOCAL BUSINESS • Brilliant Event Lighting



58 INLAND • Guahan Grill 60 COASTAL • Cosmos Burgers 62 COASTAL • Pier Pizza 64 RESTAURANT AND BAR GUIDE The Osider guide to all the best bars and eateries in town 70 FAST FORWARD TO YESTERDAY Oceanside Bandshell

F E A T U R E S 26 TEN THINGS YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT SOUTH O'S GIANT SANTA Learn the history of the legendary, South O Santa 36 PHOTO ISSUE Unique imagery of Oceanside by local photographers 44 TREVOR J PHOTOGRAPHY Featuring local photographer, Trevor J, and his Pier View Zine

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SET IN STONE A word from the publisher


The winning dish, Guahan Grill's Coconut Chicken Tenders

Guahan Grill, winner of this year's Best Flavor

First and foremost, we here at The Osider would like to thank everyone that came out to Oside Flavor and made this year the best one yet. It’s always a pleasure to see the community come together for a night of great food, music, and friendship at the beautiful Goat Hill Park. Thank you especially to all of our vendors—without you guys, there is no Oside Flavor. With your help, we were able to raise funds from Oside Flavor for our annual Osider photography scholarships for both Oceanside High School and El Camino High School, as well as The Oceanside Boardriders Club. Also, huge congratulations go out to the crew at Guahan Grill for winning Best Oside Flavor 2023. They took home the win with their now famous coconut chicken tenders accompanied with a scrumptious pineapple aioli dipping sauce. You can learn more about Guahan Grill in our dining inland section, and yes, the winning dish is now on their menu. If you have not tried it, we highly recommend treating your taste buds to the party. With the holidays just around the corner, it’s an honor to share our annual photo issue, featuring some of our most gifted local photographers. Browse their best captures in the following pages for your viewing pleasure. As we close out another year, I want to thank you all for your continued support. Wishing you happy holidays from the whole Osider family. Jamey Stone


Happiness in not only in the Season. It’s also in the plate.

Happy Holidays hthous Lig e



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On the Cover: A long exposure of the hustle and bustle on Cassidy Street. Photo by Vladimir Medvinsky


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It’s a beautiful day in Oceanside and Jimmy Figueroa is in his element at John Landes Park. It’s the neighborhood where he grew up. It’s the neighborhood he knows. It’s the neighborhood he loves. And, it’s the neighborhood he declares, “This is my Oceanside,” with his arms wide open in a gesture of appreciation. What makes Jimmy Oceanside’s Finest is his dedication as a community advocate to elevating all of Oceanside as a space of inclusion, acceptance, and, ultimately, resilience. Jimmy is an Oceanside native, and his story began at Tri-City Hospital. He attended McAuliffe Elementary, Lincoln Middle School, El Camino High School, and Pacific View Charter School. It was half-way through his high school education where it seemed like his story would be derailed by bad choices and bad grades. However, a series of events changed his trajectory. “I started to see the negative effects of certain lifestyle choices, and I didn’t want that,” Jimmy said. So, he obtained his GED through MiraCosta Community Learning Center, and with high scores on his GED, he also qualified for a high school diploma. It was MiraCosta Community College, right around the corner from his home, where he found the path to long-term educational success (and love, when he met his wife, Jenaye). After four years at MiraCosta, his hard work paid off, landing him a scholarship to University of California, Berkeley. “It was the first time I really left Oceanside,” Jimmy explained. “For me, it was a business transaction. I was always planning to bring that education back to Oceanside to bring hope and

resources.” He graduated with his B.S. in political science in 2012, and has been true to his word to Osider’s. After his college graduation, Jimmy began his career as Program Supervisor for Project REACH Libby Lake with the Vista Community Clinic. Shortly thereafter, he received his introduction to local politics. Due to a series of unfortunate events that resulted in a fatality, the kids at Libby Lake put together a list of requests to upscale Libby Lake’s safety and presented it to city council. While lobbying for Libby Lake improvements, Jimmy utilized his political science degree and

“You need three votes, but if you don’t come [to city hall] nothing is going to get done.” quickly learned, “you need three votes, but if you don’t come [to city hall] nothing is going to get done.” Jimmy also considers Libby Lake his second “home” in Oceanside and has been an integral part of its beautification. Encouraging more community mentorships, Jimmy partnered with the San Diego County Office of Probation and Vista Community Clinic to pilot a program that would transform former incarcerated gang members. The program is now called Resilience Community Mentoring, and it has been running for five years. In 2022, the program reduced recidivism amongst enrolled youth by 80%. 13

A shining example of how Jimmy elevates all of Oceanside is his advocacy for a new North County Transit District (NCTD) bus route. The problem: students located inland in deep valley Oceanside would have to travel upwards of two hours to attend MiraCosta classes, which was a definite barrier for entry. It took over a year of advocacy and lobbying, but NCTD Route 315 is up and running. Route 315 offers an efficient route that makes MiraCosta and the Tri City area more accessible to everyone, especially underserved deep valley Oceanside. Jimmy is currently the Executive Director of a local homeless shelter. He holds leadership roles within the North County Community Leadership Team with the County of San Diego; Oceanside Police and Fire Commission; Oceanside Police Department Chief’s Citizen Advisory Board; MiraCosta College Foundation; and Oceanside Theatre Company. Overall, his story today continues as one of a mentor. “I really want to help kids graduate from high school. Once I saw education as a tool—as a key to improve your life—I can share that story with anyone that will listen,” Jimmy explained. Jimmy recently announced his candidacy for District 3 of Oceanside City Council. As he gestures towards John Landes Park, his home of 30+ years, he declares, “this is District 3. This is the heart of Oceanside.” Thank you, Jimmy, for representing all of Oceanside, being a mentor, and advocating for Oceanside to be its finest!



It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Sustainable Holidays During the holidays, lots of merriment can be found surrounded by your friends and loved ones, and especially around food! Food is an integral part to almost every festivity and with that can come food waste. As we prepare for the rollout of food scraps recycling in single family households on January 1, it is important we are mindful to prevent food waste. This holiday season, be your most festive self by preparing a sustainable feast that everyone can enjoy, including the planet. Here’s a list of tips and tricks that can minimize food waste and help you and your family prepare for a sustainable holiday season:

Plan For Success Before you start shopping, create your holiday menus first by including a list of the dishes you want to prepare. Identify which recipes use the same ingredients so you minimize leftover ingredients. It can even be helpful to incorporate the number of guests and their meal preferences for this holiday season to help strategize portion sizing for each dish. Shop Your Fridge and Pantry Before the Store Have you ever gone to the store to grab some vegetable stock, only to realize when you get home you already had a box in the back of the pantry? Save your money and limit food waste by checking your fridge, freezer, and pantry for recipe ingredients you already have.

Gobble Up with Reusable Tableware When it’s time to dig in and feast, look towards using cloth napkins and reusable tableware to limit the number of single-use items ending up in the landfill. Compostable tableware is still single-use, instead choose reusable! Stainless steel, bamboo, or natural wood are great ecofriendly options that can be reused all year long. After you’ve had your fill of food, whip out those reusable containers that have been cluttering your cabinets and save the leftovers for you and your guests.


DIY Centerpieces and Décor Want to be totally decked out for the holidays and have the most stunning centerpieces to impress your guests? Look towards nature for inspiration! One of the most beautiful things about the holidays is the changing of the seasons. Use any fall foliage, pinecones, or gourds for beautiful, sustainable home décor. Have any oranges, limes, or lemons that may be past their prime? Dry them out and turn them into a festive garland that can be draped around your table, fireplace, or even your tree. You can even add some popcorn or cranberries to lengthen out the garland. Afterwards, you can home compost or dispose of these natural decorations as green waste to be composted!

Utilize Those Leftovers! Even when you try to plan, sometimes there’s still leftover food. Instead of throwing any food scraps into the garbage, consider getting creative with some new recipes! Leftover mashed potatoes can make delicious potato pancakes for breakfast. Vegetable trimmings that didn’t make it on the plate can be turned into veggie scrap broth. If you’re tired from all the cooking, consider donating unused food to local food banks. In San Diego County, 1 in 7 adults and 1 in 5 kids are food insecure and don’t know where their next meal will come from. Contact local food recovery programs like the San Diego Food Bank to help those within the community, or check out the Green Oceanside Kitchen, a state-of-the-art food recovery and preservation facility that offers culinary learning opportunities. Visit the Zero Waste page at GreenOceanside. org for more information.

How You Dispose of Food Scraps at Home is Changing The Food Scraps recycling program is currently available to commercial businesses and residents living in multi-family complexes like apartments and townhomes. The City of Oceanside has implemented a food scraps recycling program to comply with state law and in support of the city’s Zero Waste Plan and Climate Action Plan. If you have a brown container or green organics cart, use it! Starting January 1, 2024, the singlefamily food scraps recycling program will begin, and residents of single-family properties will be able to add food scraps and food-soiled paper in with their green waste collection. On January 1, the green cart is a go! Food waste is a prevalent issue in our community all year long, and unfortunately does not go away during the holidays. Incorporating 15

these zero waste ideas into your holiday celebrations can help you enjoy a meaningful holiday, while reducing your environmental impact and helping the City of Oceanside reach its Zero Waste goals. These tips don’t have to be only for the holidays but can also be used for any meal or gathering you have throughout the year.

Please visit for more information on all of the City’s Environmental Programs, available resources, upcoming events, and workshops.



Torta Cubana


Shrimp Taco

Mahi Mahi Fish Taco

At just over a year old, Gaby’s Tacos has already emerged as a serious contender in the Oceanside taco scene. Naturally, we had to see for ourselves what the hype was about… Gaby’s Tacos is named after the food truck’s founder and Oceanside local Gabriel Angeles, who has turned his passion for hospitality and his love of food into a full-fledged family business. Drawing on their Mexican heritage and family recipes, Gaby and his wife, Sonia, whip around the kitchen preparing the truck’s specialties while their daughter, Jessica, can be found taking orders, delivering colorful plates of heaping tacos, and manages the business’s day to day. “When I’m here” Jessica said, “it doesn’t even feel like I’m working. It’s family, and we’re all just doing what we love”. When not parked at a local event or booked for an off-site catering gig, Gaby’s tangerinecolored taco truck can be found parked at the back of a small lot just off Oceanside Blvd and Camelot Dr, tucked up against an industrial park that serves as the taco truck’s main client base. The menu spans from taco truck classics (think pollo and carne asada burritos, shrimp and al pastor tacos, quesadillas, and tortas) to heartier Mexican staples including chili rellenos, enchiladas, huevos rancheros, all best washed down with their freshly made aguas frescas. With so many options to choose from, we’re grateful Jessica recommended some of her favorites, starting with the truck’s signature torta, the Torta Cubana. The torta is an explosion of flavor layered with four types of meat: smokey bacon, grilled salsichicas (a cross between a hot dog and a sausage), salty slices of ham, and

crunchy milanesa, a Mexican version of the schnitzel, thinly pounded steak, battered and deep fried until golden and crispy. It’s then sandwiched between a pillowy soft, yet somehow still firm bolillo roll and slathered with guacamole, homemade spicy chipotle sauce, mozzarella cheese, and fresh, crunchy lettuce, and served with fries. Of the tacos, the shrimp and fish tacos are some of the family’s favorites and it’s easy to see why. The gobernador taco - think: the love child of a quesadilla and a shrimp taco - has the best of both worlds. Succulent grilled shrimp is topped with melty cheese, crunchy pico de gallo, and buttery avocado, served on a piping hot, freshly made corn tortilla. The mahi mahi fish taco, which they blacken and grill and serve with mango pico, is juicy, sweet, spicy, and bracingly refreshing all in the same bite. It’s drizzled with chipotle ranch and a creamy poblano salsa, making it so flavorful and well seasoned, you almost don’t need to add salsa (almost!). However, with five homemade salsas to choose from, it’s definitely advisable to pour on a drop or two (which is all I could manage of their most popular—a fiery, bright orange habanero salsa; their aguacate crema is a bit more forgiving). At Gaby’s, the love is in the details and is detectable in every bite you take. While you’ll come for the food, you’ll stay for the warm, cozy atmosphere they’ve created with rustic picnic benches, hanging string lights, toasty heaters, and fun music. The spot is perfect for a quick week day lunch, or even for a casual weekend date night. Just one piece of advice: don’t skip the gooey, Mexican caramel stuffed churros. 16

Gaby’s Tacos 2601 Oceanside Blvd (442) 266-4988 @gabys.tacoss


Support Artists & Authors

Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation and Oceanside Public Library Saturday, Nov. 18 10am-2pm Civic Center Plaza

Merry Maker’s Fair MainStreet Oceanside Saturday, Nov. 25 10am-4pm Pier View Way & Artist Alley

Holiday Tree Lighting Event Oceanside Parks & Rec Thursday, Dec. 7 Festivities kick off at 4:30pm Santa arrives at 6pm to light the tree! Regal Cinema Plaza, 401 Mission Avenue

Live Theater at Star Theatre and Sunshine Brooks Theater

The City of Oceanside Arts Commission participated in the Arts & Economic Prosperity 6 (AEP6), an economic impact study of the nation’s nonprofit arts and culture industry. In 2022, Oceanside’s nonprofit arts and culture industry generated over $57 million in economic activity and supported 965 jobs.

More info on the study findings in the next issue! 18

Discover arts & culture in Oceanside Arts & Culture events happen throughout the city. Brought to you by the City of Oceanside Arts Commission District 1 (D1), District 2 (D2), District 3 (D3), District 4 (D4) Festivals & Multicultural Events

Punk Rock Food Drive (11/11) Belching Beaver Oceanside (D4) Dia de los Muertos Festival (11/4) Mellano Farm Stand (D2) Valley Arts Festival (11/4) Heritage Park (D4) Art Exhibit: Strata (11/14-12/8) Reception (11/15) Kruglak Gallery, MiraCosta (D3) Write On Oceanside (11/18) Civic Center Plaza (D1) Exhibition Celebration (11/18) Oceanside Museum of Art (D1) O’side Turkey Trot (11/23) Downtown (D1) Merry Makers Fair & Sip N Shop (11/25) Downtown (D1) Oceanside Art Walk (12/1) Downtown (D1) Holiday Fair & Boutique (12/2) Arrowood Golf Course (D4) Holiday Tree Lighting (12/7) Downtown (D1) Parade of Lights (12/9) Oceanside Harbor (D1) Makers Arcade (12/9) Tremont Collective (D1) Giant Menorah Lighting (12/11) Regal Theater Plaza (D1)

Classes & Workshops

Artist Meet N Greet (11/3) by Oceanside Art Walk @ Studio ACE (D2) Mosaic Jewelry Box Workshop (11/11) Studio ACE (D2) Candle Making with Leisurely Lions Candles (11/12) Bliss Tea & Treats (D1) Art for All: A Journey to Persia w/ Persian Place (11/5) Oceanside Museum of Art (D1) Beginners Latin Dance Workshop (11/7) John Landes Community Center (D3) Taste of Art | Tasty Tableaux (11/17) Oceanside Museum of Art (D1) San Diego Veteran Writers Group (11/18 and 12/16) VANC Center (D1) Monday Writers› Group (11/27) and Writers› Group (12/10) Mission Branch Library (D2) Art for All (12/3) Oceanside Museum of Art (D1) Taste of Art | It’s a Jungle Out There (12/15) Oceanside Museum of Art (D1)

Music, Theater & Film

Film Series: Rumble (11/3) and Ida (12/1) MiraCosta (D3) The Magic of Mendelssohn (11/4-5) MiraCosta (D3) An Evening of Funk & Soul (11/9) MiraCosta (D3) The Little Mermaid (11/10-11/19) Brooks Theatre (D1) MandoBasso in Concert (11/11) Buena Vista Audubon Society (D3) Ukrainian Mosaic Orchestra Concert (11/12) Oceanside Performing Arts Center (D1) Imagine & Re-Imagined (11/19) MiraCosta (D3) Christmas Concert and Sing-A-Long (12/1-2) Mission San Luis Rey (D4) Celebrate the Season (12/6) MiraCosta (D3) MOJO in Concert (12/7) MiraCosta (D3) Dance I/II show (12/7) El Camino High School (D4) Annie (12/7-10) Star Theatre (D1) Performing Arts Workshop: The Nutcracker (12/8-10) El Camino High School (D4) Ultimate Christmas Show (abridged) (12/8-24) Brooks Theater (D1) Books Galore and More! (12/9) Library Community Room (D1) PopRox Live (12/11) MiraCosta (D3) Frequency Winter Concert (12/12) MiraCosta (D3) Winter Concert, Choir (12/13-15) El Camino High School (D4)

Do you have a special event coming up in 2024? Let us know what events are happening in your area January-March 2024! Email:


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I first met Oceanside’s very own Miss California’s Teen, Marlie Wright, in middle school as her counselor where she was already displaying brilliant leadership skills and tremendous versatility, both academically and personally. As a real homegrown Osider, Marlie and her family have been part of the Oceanside community for five generations. She and her parents graduated from El Camino High School and her younger brother, Tytan, a current freshman, will too. Her father, Kenneth Wright, is currently the Principal at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School. Marlie has always been involved in her community by lifeguarding at the Marshall Street pool during the summer and at the Wagner Aquatic Center during the year. However, it was her dive into the pageant world that has really changed her life. Marlie began her venture with our beloved Harbor Days festival’s pageant where she first participated at age eleven. She placed as runner up, but felt it was a great learning experience. In 2019, Marlie went to an informational meeting for Miss Teen Oceanside with her mom and really felt at home with the girls she met. She was the youngest one there, so they were older, very driven, goal oriented, and focused just like her. Meeting those girls helped motivate her to jump in and put her all into it. She won and placed as Princess from 2019 to 2021. In 2022, she didn’t place at all. While others might see that as a setback, Marlie viewed it as a challenge. She decided to charge ahead and give it another shot during her last year as a teen at the Miss San Diego Teen pageant. Marlie dove in deep working with an acting coach to hone her strengths in public speaking and writing by putting them together to create a HERstory. This is essentially a monologue or spoken word piece that she crafted to describe her life story and boy, did it deliver! Much to her surprise she won and became Miss San Diego’s Teen in January 2023. After that, she traveled to Visalia to enter the state level competition, Miss California’s Teen. Marlie was so grateful to be there and shared that it’s “mind blowing” that she actually won and is the current Miss California’s Teen 2023. What a whirlwind year! She is now looking forward to participating in the upcoming Miss America’s Teen on January 6-14 in Orlando, Florida. She will be one of 51 competing for the title. That’s right, this Osider superstar is in the running for Miss America’s Teen! Marlie was offered more than one million dollars in scholarship opportunities and is currently attending University of San Diego through the honors program. She is considering double majoring in political science and biology. Her long term goals are to attend a great law school and she has her eyes set on Washington DC. That said, once an Osider, always an Osider is certainly the case for this issue’s Homegrown, featuring our very own Miss California’s Teen, Marlie Wright. For Marlie, home is Oceanside and always will be. It’s where she is from, where she started her career in pageants, and where she always comes back to.


Community Events Calendar November/December 2023








Farmer's Market 9am-1pm Sunset Market 5-9pm


Encounter Night Concert @ Junior Seau Pier Amphitheatre 6-10pm



Comedy Night @ The Privateer Marketplace 7:30-8:30pm




Artist Meet n Greet @ Studio ACE 5:30-7:30pm

Dia de los Muertos Festival @ Mellano Farm Stand



First Friday @ Tremont Collective 5-9pm




Comedy Night @ The Privateer Marketplace 7:30-8:30pm


Lindsey Stirling @ Harrah's




Comedy Night @ The Privateer Marketplace 7:30-8:30pm


Farmer's Market 9am-1pm Sunset Market 5-9pm



THANKSGIVING O'side Turkey Trot

Valley Arts Festival @ Heritage Park 11am-4pm

VETERANS DAY Punk Rock Food Drive @ Belching Beaver Oceanside

Sunset Market 5-9pm

Comedy Night @ The Privateer Marketplace 7:30-8:30pm


San Diego Fleet Week



Farmer's Market 9am-1pm

Dia de los Muertos Festival @ Mellano Farm Stand








Tatse of Art @ Oceanside Museum of Art 5:30-7:30pm

Surf College Cup @ Socal Sports Complex

John Fogerty @ Harrah's

Merry Maker’s Fair by MainStreet Oceanside 10am-4pm Pier View Way & Artist Alley Merry Makers Fair & Sip N Shop


30 Farmer's Market 9am-1pm Sunset Market 5-9pm

Don't miss this year's Parade of Lights at Oceanside Harbor on Saturday, December 9th.









First Friday @ Tremont Collective 5-9pm First Friday Art Walk 4-8pm Christmas Concert & SingA-Long @ Missino San Luis Rey 7pm


Free First Sunday, Art for All @ Oceanside Museum of Art 12-2pm



Comedy Night @ The Privateer Marketplace 7:30-8:30pm






Christmas Concert & Sing-A-Long @ Mission San Luis Rey 2pm Cirque Musica Holiday Wonderland @ Harrah's









Holiday Tree Lighting Event Regal Cinema Plaza 4:30pm

Legends National Cup @ SoCal Sports Complex




Oceanside Harbor Parade of Lights 7-9pm

Sunset Market 5-9pm


Studio Arts - Colors of the Grand Canyon Oceanside Museum of Art 10am-3pm





Comedy Night @ The Privateer Marketplace 7:30-8:30pm


Comedy Night @ The Privateer Marketplace 7:30-8:30pm


KWANZAA Comedy Night @ The Privateer Marketplace 7:30-8:30pm



Farmer's Market 9am-1pm Sunset Market 5-9pm



Farmer's Market 9am-1pm

Taste of Art @ Oceanside Museum of Art 5:30-7:30pm

Sunset Market 5-9pm



Farmer's Market 9am-1pm Sunset Market 5-9pm



Visit O


Oceanside’s Delectable Journey


Welcome to Visit Oceanside’s first column! In each issue, our goal is to share news, updates, and insights from our city’s second largest industry — tourism; an industry that fuels our local economy and adds to the vibrant tapestry of our community. In this issue we’re celebrating the dynamic relationship between tourism and one of our city's greatest treasures—its culinary scene. We've always understood the synergistic relationship between tourism and our town, recognizing that when they harmonize, they mutually thrive. Tourism breathes life into our local businesses, creating jobs and bringing visitor spending, while our town offers an alluring, multifaceted destination that travelers yearn to explore. A great example of this at work is Oceanside’s flourishing dining scene. As our city has evolved into a culinary destination— a place where people come for handcrafted meals meet laid-back coastal vibes— tourism has helped support the

restaurants and local culture that both residents and visitors love to experience. Over the last decade, a growing pipeline of talented chefs and entrepreneurs have chosen to invest in Oceanside, revitalizing spaces throughout the city. These beautiful gathering spots serve as backdrops to our vibrant “flip flop fine dining” culinary scene that’s rooted in creativity, local bounty, and excellence. It’s a marriage of flavors and atmospheres that encapsulates the essence of Oceanside. The talent and investment have not gone unnoticed by locals, visitors, and food critics alike. In fact, you may have heard the exciting news. Valle, a remarkable restaurant right here in Oceanside, clinched our city's first-ever Michelin star and is one of just five restaurants in San Diego County bestowed with the honor. In the culinary world, this accolade is akin to winning an Oscar, and it places Oceanside in an elite category of food destinations. 24

The Michelin star is just one of many food-related accolades for Oceanside. Dija Mara and Heritage Barbecue round out Oceanside’s Michelin honors as “Bib Gourmand” recommendations, and dozens of other restaurants have been recipients of numerous awards and praise from local food guides. Just as impressive, in 2022, Oceanside Chef Davin Waite was the first chef to be honored by the Califo rnia Travel A s so ciatio n with the Sustainability Partner Award for his trailblazing work in fostering more sustainable cooking practices and restaurant operations. For Osiders, it’s no surprise that Oceanside is earning these recognitions. From the beginning, we embraced Oceanside’s pioneering and forwardthinking local families like the Browning’s of Flying Pig, the Waite’s of Wrench & Rodent and The Plot, the Anderson’s of Privateer, the Dwelley’s of Beach Break Café, and many others as they helped shape this culinary identity.

However, it’s important that we don’t overlook the crucial role visitors have played in allowing our food scene to flourish. It’s a simple fact; our restaurants cannot survive on the backs of locals alone. When tourists choose to dine and spend money at our restaurants, they embrace and support the creativity that sets our businesses

“Tourism has helped support the restaurants and local culture that both residents and visitors love to experience.” apart. Their appreciation fuels our culinary entrepreneurs, helping them thrive, provide steady jobs, and continue to innovate. Flying Pig’s new East Wing addition, the expansion of Haetae at KNVS, and Northern Pine’s renovations and new restaurant concept “The Lodge” are great examples


of this mutually beneficial relationship at work. Data from Visit Oceanside research confirms that visitors are valuable contributors to our thriving restaurant scene. In the last two years, travel spending in Oceanside’s restaurant industry was the highest on record and accounted for 30 percent of total visitor spending. In addition, restaurants and dining are the number two contributor (behind beaches) to Oceanside’s positive tourism sentiment score, meaning that top-notch dining is a big part of the conversation when people are talking about Oceanside in social media and online. With California Restaurant month on the horizon in January, let’s raise a fork to our city’s thriving culinary landscape. Whether you're a local or a visitor, you're part of this delicious story. Together, we'll continue to savor the flavors and experiences that make Oceanside a truly exceptional food destination.



Many Oceanside residents, and perhaps many in Southern California, remember the giant Santa Claus erected each year at a home in South Oceanside. To the delight of children and the young at heart, the home at 1741 South Clementine was arrayed in what could be described as Christmas Spirit “overload.” But this abundance of holiday joy came from the mind, heart, and creativity of one man: Oceanside resident George Carpenter.


George and Gladys, 1973


George Carpenter and his wife, Gladys, came from Pennsylvania where they owned a donut shop. The couple had five daughters, Georgina, Pamela, Yvonne, Robin, and Jodie. George, a civil service employee at Camp Pendleton, was inspired to purchase his home on South Clementine Street because of its large yard. He had already imagined a “grandiose” display that he planned to set up that Christmas.


George began in about 1968, with a rather modest display. He purchased what was described as a “dilapidated” wooden Nativity scene with a choir, along with Santa and his reindeer. He spent a great deal of time carefully refurbishing, repairing, and painting each figure. The Carpenter’s Christmas exhibit was admired by the neighborhood but George wanted to go bigger. Each year he added not one, but several items. He captured the imagination and attention of hundreds and

then thousands of people as the menagerie of characters and scenes exploded in his front and backyard. The inside of the Carpenter home was just as filled with holiday spirit, and there was no denying George’s love of everything Christmas.


In 1972, George had to have the power company put in a special line to handle all the extra voltage for his ever-growing display, which included a life-size ice skater, a snow skier, and a quacking duck in an ice pond. The rear of the house featured several large religious scenes beginning with the birth of Jesus, a host of angels, and other Christian symbols. The house was decorated front to back, from the rooftop to nearly every available space in the surrounding yard.


George outdid himself in 1973 with a twentytwo-foot, 1,200 pound motorized Santa Claus on his front lawn. It was an unbelievable sight and 28

created so much traffic that an Oceanside police officer had to be assigned to the corner of Whaley and South Clementine Streets. It took nearly 10 months to construct the giant Santa which could wink, nod, and wave. “Super Santa” was constructed by Larry Hill of Carlsbad. It was made of fiberglass, wood, and papier-mâché. George got the idea for the giant Chris Kringle just after Christmas in 1972, and began looking for someone to build it. The local newspaper reported that “Carpenter didn’t disclose what it cost” but it was noted he couldn’t do “another one for less than $4,000.” (He later had another Santa built, but it was thinner. His daughters protested “skinny Santa” in favor of the original.)


The country was going through an energy crisis in 1973 and citizens were asked to conserve energy, which included no erection of outdoor Christmas lights. The electricity that it took to light and animate the Carpenter display was more than the average household used on a normal day or week. George wrote to President Richard M. Nixon, sending photos and asking for “permission” to continue his display, along with a personal invitation for the President to visit. He actually received a response from the President’s Special Assistant, David N. Parker, politely sending his regrets. George noted that the President did not

discourage him, so in spite of the call to conserve energy, he went ahead with his display but restricted the hours of operation to do his part in conservation.


In addition to the giant Santa Claus, who could be seen for blocks, Carpenter erected other animated scenes which included life-size skiers and skaters, a six-foot boat towed by dolphins (which spouted water!), and Snoopy on a surfboard. While the images now seem a bit “unsophisticated,” today we can purchase pre-made items for our yards, or simply shop online. Manufactured figures and reindeer are available in nearly every retail store, but this was long before such things were mass produced. George Carpenter’s display was largely built by hand and there was nothing else like it. It was described by many as “Disneyland.” In 1974, the attraction brought over 5,000 viewers in two weeks.


George added more to his holiday wonderland in 1975, including a Ferris wheel, a moving train, and toboggan riders. Gladys Carpenter told the Pendleton Scout that year, “It’s a 365 day a year project” and a “labor of love.” “Labor because it is so much work to do it,” Gladys said, “and love because he loves doing it.” George did it all to delight his children and the people who lined the streets to see it.

which didn’t begin to cover his electricity bill. He did mention he would love to receive a trophy but said, “The real enjoyment I get out of it is sitting in the house and watching the people’s reactions, young and old. They love it and for at least a few moments, their lives are a lot happier.” George continued his oversized Santa display through 1977. He had run out of room (and perhaps energy) to store it all. In 1978, the huge Santa was set up at the Mission San Luis Rey where it was all but destroyed by a heavy storm. That might have been the end of George’s Santa, but the memories remain. The Carpenter daughters still reminisce of their beloved father and his devotion to Christmas. Even though they were tired of the weekends they had to spend setting up the lights, fake snow, and figures, it was time well spent with their dad whom they adored. Their goal is to keep their father’s love for Christmas alive by erecting a plaque in his memory near where the Carpenter house and giant Santa once stood.


The Carpenter daughters can attest to how much work it was because each year, beginning in October, they were enlisted to help. As their father dug post holes, set up fencing and planned layouts for his elaborate scenes, they began rolling out miles of polyester batting that served as snow covering the roof, yards, and walkways. Boyfriends were also expected to help with the setting up of the many pieces in the ever-growing Christmas collection. Firemen from the South Oceanside’s Fire Station on South Ditmar Street came over to help hoist up the 1200 pound giant Santa Claus.


George would talk to children through his giant Santa by a speaker he had hidden, asking them what they wanted for Christmas. It was all so magical and the crowds grew. People came from all over as newspapers carried the story of the 22-foot Santa and the wonderful Christmas house. The family started a series of guestbooks, asking visitors to sign in, giving their address and/or city and any comments they would like to add which included El Cajon, San Clemente, Leucadia, Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, and Poway. There were others from out of state including Oregon, Florida, New York, and Utah. In 1976, Ethel Pierson wrote, “Worthwhile coming out from Ohio to see this marvelous display.” Another wrote, “What a lovely Christmas gift. We all, young and old, alike, enjoy this wonderland.” Someone added, “So, there really is a Santa Claus!!” Some children took to writing their Christmas wish lists in the guest books for Santa to read.


Sometimes visitors felt compelled to donate after viewing the grand exhibit; a kind gesture for sure, but it amounted to a nominal amount each year. George didn’t do it for money, but he once won $50 for “the best decorated lawn,”

For more information about Oceanside’s history, please visit 29


OCEANSIDE: 125 Old Grove Rd. #8 Hours 9am-9pm Sat-Sun open at 8am Order online and save time: POLLOSMARIA.COM For catering Info call (760) 707-7665




Sometimes life is rough, and it’s hard to find the way. Sometimes a series of unfortunate events can also lead to instability and homelessness, or “houselessness.” It may be difficult to find a path to hope. Oceanside is no stranger to homelessness and the trauma that unfolds from the precarious living situation. Thankfully, there is now hope in Oceanside—there is a way, there is direction—with the Oceanside Navigation Center, operated by San Diego Rescue Mission. The Oceanside Navigation Center is a 30day transitional shelter. It’s housed discreetly at 3131 Oceanside Boulevard amongst the hustle and bustle of a busy Oceanside intersection. The busy world keeps moving on the streets outside the campus, but Oceanside Navigation is a pause, a breath, a moment for a person experiencing homelessness to gather themselves, and figure out the next steps—to provide direction. The Oceanside Navigation Center officially opened its doors to guests on August 17, and has already helped 84 guests navigate their way to hope with six people sent to San Diego Rescue Mission’s Academy. It is the culmination of decades of debates, desires, and the need to help some of Oceanside’s most vulnerable populations with a generous grant award of $3.3 million from the County of San Diego, and $2.25 million in federal

funding secured by Congressman Mike Levin. It is a year-round, 24/7, 50-bed shelter that offers a person-centered, trauma-informed care model that is coordinated at the site. There are eighteen full-time staff, and 75% of those staff have lived experiences (they were once hopeless and/or homeless, too). Most of the guests arrive by referral from Oceanside Police Department and the Shower Outreach Unit. There is a low barrier to entry. Guests must provide identification, they must be eighteen years of age or with an adult, there is no using drugs or drinking, and pets are welcome, too. According to Donnie Dee, President and CEO of San Diego Rescue Mission, “the biggest missing piece is triage—hope, safety, basic needs 32

being met, and when those needs are met, we can answer the question, ‘where do I go next?’ We require guests to meet with a case manager to figure out the next steps. They have to want to be here. When guests arrive, we give them food, they take a shower, they get bedding and necessary hygiene items, we even have clothes, too.” Almost every guest that arrives is from Oceanside. The campus is a full-service center and consists of a women’s dorm, men’s dorm, family dorm, a clothing resource center, a day center where guests can get online, a training center, a dining room where three meals are brought in each day, and a laundry room. It operates on a $1.2 million dollar budget that is privately funded. Brian Wilson is the Director of the Oceanside

Day Center

Men's Dorm Clothing Resource Center

Navigation Center. “We’re in the forefront of transforming this community,” Wilson said. “We’re providing hope, and we get to impact lives every day. We’re in a good location because we’re tucked away in plain sight, in the heart of Oceanside.” Once guests are triaged at Oceanside Navigation Center, they may be a good candidate for San Diego Rescue Mission’s Academy. It is a

12-month academy that focuses on: wellness, education, and job training/housing. Donnie Dee reports that 60% of the guests finish the program. Monetary donations are needed to continue the good work. San Diego Rescue Mission is in the middle of the Every Heart Campaign, a capital campaign to raise $25 million with $5 million going to Oceanside. Donnie Dee states, “We have 24,000 33

financial partners that put us in the position to help, and we couldn’t do what we do without them. I tell our guests that people from San Diego just want you to get better. The way you can help them is just by getting off the streets. It won’t cost you a thing.” There are volunteer opportunities in Oceanside, as well, including the need for chaplains. Due to the success of the Oceanside Navigation Center, San Diego Rescue Mission is planning more navigation centers throughout the county. “Thanks to Oceanside’s efforts, it’s a private/ public partnership that can be replicated, and should be in order to work together for the people that need us most. It was an incredibly difficult request for proposal, but we now have a blueprint for how to do this in the future,” according to Donnie Dee. The Navigation Centers are a crucial first step in people’s rehabilitation. The centers will get guests off the streets immediately so that the staff can help those experiencing homelessness think about long-term recovery. Recent reports show San Diego County as one of the most expensive places to live in the United States. Oceanside’s gentrification is apparent by the changing landscape. It’s really not that hard to imagine a financial hardship that can lead to homelessness. A few bills that can’t be paid lead to bigger bills, and it snowballs. Homelessness even impacts our schools. We see the ramifications as we drive around our beautiful cit y and homelessness cannot be ignored. City officials and residents are grappling with reality and offering real solutions. We’re taking the necessary steps to help those that need it and address the ongoing homeless crisis. The Oceanside Navigation Center is a giant leap in the right direction.


(760) 643-9602




(760) 643-9602


ARE YOU A LOCAL? Locals enjoy 20% off dinner service every Monday and Tuesday! Join us for Chef Chris Carriker’s seasonal menus and family friendly breakfast, dinner and weekend brunch. Located at The Seabird Ocean Resort & Spa, join us at Piper for your next dining out experience in Oceanside and get parking validated!

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PHOTO ISSUE Welcome to our annual Photo Issue, highlighting some of the best images of Oceanside taken over the last year. Our contributing photographers work hard to capture unique views of our city. We always strive to show both the urban and natural beauty that makes Oceanside such a photogenic place. So, get out there, grab your camera, and explore this magical city that we call home.

Zach Cordner @zachcordner

Travis Griffith @light_and_magic_art


Jens Ochlich @jens_ochlich


Jeff Prior @jeffpriorphotos


Steve Barnard @osidebarney


Shawn Daniels @shawn.deezy




Trevor J has a passion for street photography, almost as strong as his passion for Oceanside. Born in Tri-City but currently living in LA, Trevor’s photography encapsulates the authenticity of everyday life. His photos featured in The Osider’s photo issue are from his Pier View Zine. We sat down with him to learn more about his work and his source for inspiration.


How and when did you start getting into photography? I got into photography in 2008 in high school. It really started with skateboarding and documenting things that were going on around me. That, and a lot of music. I had also started making music while in high school and I pursued an underground hip hop career, which took me away from photography for a while. I ran an independent record label and that took over my life for a really long time. In 2017, I was supposed to go on a European tour with music but I had herniated a disc in my back, which left me bed-ridden and paralyzed from my

waist down on the left side of my body. While bedridden, I saw a big bag of film on my dresser and was curious about what was on those rolls and decided to finally take them in to check them out. Ever since I saw those shots, I thought, ‘what am I doing? ’ Photography was my first passion and I wanted to get back into it. So, ever since then in 2017, I have just been going non-stop. What do you love about street photography? Trying to find a meaning. I thrive off a lot of emotions and live vicariously through people and what they’re doing. I try to relate their struggles to my 45

own, whether it’s hard hitting or not. Especially with shooting people living on the street in downtown LA, a lot of these people’s stories are crazy. I love just trying to find a meaning within myself and giving these people an opportunity to speak without having to speak any words. How did you make the jump from documenting to being a street photographer? It definitely had to do with the gear I was using. When I got a rangefinder, that changed everything. I took a trip to Portland and I learned how to zone focus and that allowed me to not have to put

the camera up to my eye. Switching to a small rangefinder that I could be more discreet with definitely, unknowingly, changed up what I was doing. I just started going on walks and tried to shoot people as discreetly as possible and that fascinated me. I just became obsessed with trying to see what I could get away with. What are your go-to cameras for street photography? Do you prefer film to digital? So, I prefer film and my go-to camera is a Voigtlander Bessa R with a 15mm wide-angle lens. I like it to be as wide as possible. It also allows me to have

more things in focus without having to actually fidget with my camera. But, I actually bought a digital camera to start scanning my film with and ever since getting that camera, I’ve been playing with that a lot and it’s been fun. But, film is definitely my preference. I enjoy digital photographs, but then I’ll shoot another roll of film, and it just doesn’t compare. You can’t get it to look like that. Why did you choose the pier for your photo project? It’s actually a funny story. Everytime I come back from New York, I get depressed because New 46

York is so chaotic and I really thrive off of that action that’s going on around me in the streets all day, non stop. So, I had just come back, and I dropped a tab of acid and was walking around our neighborhood. I made it to the pier and the acid was starting to highly affect me—I’ll just say that. While being on the pier, I started to feel a strong sense of people around me. There were a lot of tourists and, without me even realizing, the pier had become our tourist attraction. Someone walked past me and I overheard them say our pier is better than Santa Monica Pier, and hearing someone compare our pier to Santa Monica Pier was just insane to me. I realized Oceanside Pier is a melting pot in itself and it’s just right outside of my doorstep. It was just that sense of being in the mix of something crazy. Where else can I go where there's hundreds of people, brand new and old faces, walking past me doing random things? Ever since that moment, I started going there literally every single day for the summer of 2022, not realizing I was going to make a project of it. Past or present photographers that inspire you? One photographer that comes to mind is Greg Girard. The night scenes he was shooting really inspired me. But, also while exploring more of his work, I figured out that he actually spent some time in Oceanside in the 1970s. The shots he got there are so good to me, and I just love that it’s my neighborhood. Being from Oceanside, it was amazing to me to realize someone who was

already my favorite photographer came into town and found something within our community that he wanted to document. Also, Saul Leiter. I’m really into his abstract work on the street. He definitely has an eye of his own. What's next for Trevor J? Lately, I’ve been working on bringing photographs to life in a physical form, doing a lot of wheatpasting on canvas and foreign objects I find on the street, and I want to pursue more exhibitions and art shows.


You can catch more of Trevor J’s street photography @trevorjphoto and purchase his Pier View Zine on

Featuring gifts and experiences from local vendors Scan for more info



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Rhythm Church is a church located in the heart of Oceanside California dedicated to REVIVING believers, REACHING the lost and RENEWING society. We have created a few unique and special opportunities for you and your family to enjoy church and community during the Christmas season this year.

Join Rhythm Church on Sunday, December 24th for a day filled with holiday cheer as we celebrate the birth of our Savior. We would love to see you at one of our five service options and of course we have children’s ministry, so you & your family whole family can enjoy church. Service Times: 8:45 AM, 10:00 AM, 11:30 AM 2:30 PM (Childen’s Christmas Performance) 4:00 PM (Special Candlelight Service)

Join us on December 9th for our Christmas Market event. Throughout the month of November & December, we collect toys, clothes, and gifts as well as donations and use them to buy Christmas gifts for families who could use a little extra support during the holiday season. At Christmas Market families in need can shop for their children's gifts for free in a warm, festive environment, preserving their dignity and bringing smiles to young faces.

Come join us on December 10th at one of our 3 Sunday Morning services and then right after service head to our Rhythm Backyard for a festive morning filled with real snow, laughter, and heartwarming memories. Get ready to step into a world of holiday cheer at our"Winter Wonderland" event!





The Mark Chamness exhibition runs through December 9th at Hill Street Country Club Gallery located at 530 South Coast Highway.

A self proclaimed “messenger of the working class,” Mark Chamness brings his authentic creative process to the walls of the Hill Street Country Club. Exemplifying the duality of refinement and rugged, Mark’s pieces mainline directly in the pulse of Oceanside arts and culture. With this artistic community being the kind that identifies itself as a collective of genuine “outliers,” Mark fits right in. A tradesman by day and an effulgent artist by night, Mark brings an enthusiastic saunter towards the marrying of old and new, masculine and feminine. Inspiration that began during the pause of COVID, an incubation period for artists and creatives alike, Mark found himself inquiring about the waste and trash that was discarded on the streets of Oceanside. Hence, the desire to take everyday objects, repurpose them, and invite people to see the ordinary from a different perspective was born. The commencement of these artistic visions is a gallery full of dynamic abstract textile art. He

describes these pieces as urban landscapes depicting the very things they are made out of. On the surface, these creations appear to be of a singular medium. But, as all good art deserves, upon prolonged inquisition the layers and intricacies of this art begins to appear. Every final piece is composed of a variety of materials from plastic trash bags to neon pink yarn. Thousands of tiny hand stitched offerings, the way sand offers itself to the sea, Mark is a vessel for people. Creating art that is both relatable and complex, his creative process is a convincing representation of who Mark is and the human experience of life. Not an ounce of energy is wasted in making pieces that don’t hold true to how he maneuvers in his day-to-day. Both soft and hard and not afraid to playfully navigate the tightrope between the two. With this duality of ideas landing in a gallery like Hill Street Country Club, in the town he calls Oceanside, it’s truly the perfect place to display art that speaks so boldly and so humbly for the people. 50

Mark is offering a Needle Point Talk & Workshop on December 2 from 11am-1pm for those more curious about the craft and art. Otherwise, the gallery is open to the public Thursday to Sunday, 12pm - 5pm and other days of the week by appointment. All of these masterpieces are intricate enough to satiate the most sophisticated connoisseur’s palate. In that same beat, they are also palatable to everyday folks wanting to enjoy the sensations evoked by art. Art from an artist that emotes, not from a perch, but from the authentic place of a working class man being pulled into the flow of creative streams.

For more info go to: and follow Mark on Instagram @markiecham

Oceanside’s Premier Landing 1/2 & 3/4 day open party sportsfishing Whale watching and Marine life adventures Diginified burials at Sea (Military Honors arranged as well) Also available: 1/2, 3/4 day & Overnight private fishing charters

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Cream of the Crop We have a full line of organic and local natural foods.

Deli & Prepared Foods • Vitamins • Natural Cosmetics • Local Organic Produce • Clean Label Grocery • Fine Wines and Cheeses

Family owned since 1989 Store Hours: 8am to 9pm every day

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Asylum Surf

Asylum Skate

Shop Manager Rhodel Deang and Owner Rich Smith


Unless you have been living under a rock or are simply new to downtown Oceanside, there have been a lot of changes happening over the last few years. However, despite all these changes, one shop in particular has stayed strong and true to its Oside roots. Asylum Surf Shop and Asylum Skate have been mainstays in the downtown area since the mid 1990’s. Originally known as Action Beach, Asylum Surf Shop is a true local’s surf shop carrying the best brands for your surfing needs, along with all the gear you might need on your first trip to the beach.

Owner Rich Smith, who recently purchased the stores, is an industry veteran with over twenty years of experience as a sales representative selling to numerous action sport stores throughout California. As an Oceanside resident, Rich thought owning a retail location locally was the perfect fit for his next step in putting down roots in Oside. His son, Ryder, has been raised here and is quite the young up and coming surfer himself. When you visit Asylum, you’ll notice how friendly the staff is and how knowledgeable they are about all of the products available in store. Manager Rhodel Deang has been with Asylum for thirteen years and counting, and says hiring local surfers and skateboarders is key. This is how he keeps the shop on the forefront of what’s hot, brand and athlete wise. As the closest shop to the beach, it’s also important to sponsor young local talent to help grow the overall scene. Asylum sponsors a host of young shredders including Ryan Risko, Mason O’toole, and Ryder 54

Smith to name a few. Whether you are looking for a new wetsuit or maybe a fresh kit for that up and coming date night, or just need a fresh bar of wax, the shop has you covered. The holidays are just around the corner and the staff at Asylum are ready to get you dialed in.

Asylum Surf Shop 310 Mission Ave 760-722-7107 @asylumsurfshop




Owner Scott McBride

In 2012, Oceanside resident Scott McBride was in search of a lighting vendor while planning his backyard wedding. He had a vision but couldn’t find a company that provided that specific service in the San Diego area. He said, “Back then, the concept of market lights was in its early stages of popularity, you couldn’t pick them up at Home Depot or Costco, and they weren’t hanging in everyone’s backyard as they are today.” The frustrating experience made him realize the untapped business potential and inspired him to start Brilliant Event Lighting (BEL), which specializes in the complete transformation of event spaces through lighting and special effects. BEL takes pride in collaborating with each client

to explore innovative options to craf t a one - of– a-kind experience for their guests. Since 2013, the Oceanside based company has been serving San Diego, Orange County, LA, Palm Springs, and recently the Bay Area. “I managed to source a unique commercial- grade market light strand and began to h o n e t h e te ch niq u e of installing them over large areas. If you search ‘market lights’ on Google today, you’ll still find BEL among the first results, along with some of the first photos of our work.” At the age of twelve, Scott moved here with his father and grew up surfing the north side of the pier. “In those early days, while my dad worked his summer teaching job, he dropped me off each morning with my surfboard and a few dollars for lunch. Almost everyday, I was there from 7am to 4pm, learning the wave and making lifelong friends.” After obtaining a business degree from Cal State San Marcos, his professional journey led him through various marketing jobs in the hospitality and events industry, which set him up to be able to go full time with BEL in 2016. “As soon as I was able to devote my full attention, it immediately began to flourish into the full-scale lighting production business it is today,” Scott said. 56

Last year, BEL expanded to the Bay Area and the team has already worked with big-name clients such as TikTok, Facebook, and Google. In 2022, BEL beat out companies 5-10 times their size, winning two awards for Best Lighting & Production Company in San Diego and, this year, they are on track to service over 350 events. Scott’s favorite part of the business are the incredible venues they have the privilege of working. Everything from luxurious oceanfront estates in La Jolla, exquisite celebrity homes and sporting venues to large community events such as ‘Opening Day of the Races’ party at Rancho Valencia, ‘December Night’ in Balboa Park, and local events Oside Flavor at Goat Hill and Snowside at Emerald Isle. Living in South O, Scott along with his wife, Desiree, and son, Hudson, are part of the community, owning and operating Lagree + Versa Fit on Vista Way. To this day, the north side of the pier still remains one of Scott’s favorite surf spots. “Since moving here in the summer of 1995, I‘ve felt at home in Oceanside’s laid-back beachy lifestyle and I’m incredibly fortunate to work alongside such a talented team that ensures our business operates seamlessly while continuing to grow,” Scott said.

Brilliant Event Lighting 760-652-9939 @brillianteventlighting








Coconut Chicken Tenders

Guam Bomb

Pork Belly



Congratulations to the winners of Osider Flavor— Guahan Grill! They took home Best Flavor for their mouth watering coconut fried chicken, served with a tangy, delicious pineapple aioli sauce. If you missed it at Oside Flavor, then you’re in luck. They’ve added the winning dish to their menu. You can catch this winning dish at Guahan Grill and much more of their delicious Chamorro, island-fusion food. For those who may not know, Chamorro refers to the people and culture of Guam, and if you don’t know what people from Guam eat, then you can expect barbeque—and a lot of it. Owners, Carlsky and Carlos Quichocho, are brothers and moved to Oceanside from Guam when they were kids. They grew up going to family barbecues every weekend, a standard in Chamorro culture, where they learned how to cook from their dad, uncles, and grandma. The inspiration for the menu comes from family, but Carlsky, the mastermind behind the menu, has added his own spin on things. Take the Guam Bomb, for example. It’s a huge stack of fries, smothered in cheese, barbeque chicken, and fresh barbeque sauce. Taking inspiration from a North County favorite, he made the island version of carne asada fries. The barbeque sauce itself is a hand-crafted creation from Carlsky himself. After a few attempts of trial and error, he finally found his homemade recipe by creating the perfect blend of Kansas City and Carolina styles. If you want a taste of what the Quichocho family grew up eating, then you’ll want to check out the Maga Lahi, which means chief’s plate. It includes all the works, like barbecue chicken,

ribs, kelaguen, an empanada, four scoops of rice, cucumber salad, and a side of finadene. Or, try the pork belly with a homemade side of mac salad. You definitely won't be disappointed Guahan Grill is by family, for family. Carlsky started the concept back in 2008, selling barbeque plates on Thursday’s at his auntie’s work by day and at the Sunset Market by night. His recipes quickly gained popularity and he eventually found himself moving into the current location they’re at now. There were some bumps along the way, but his family and the Oceanside community has supported his dream at every turn. 58

If you’ve been to Guahan Grill, then you already know the reputation they have earned for having some of the best tasting food around town. For those of you who haven’t stepped through their doors yet, then it’s about time you did. Their cuisine just can’t be beat. Guahan Grill 4259 Oceanside Blvd #104 (760) 806-4826 @guahangrill


Spicy Jam Burger and Truffle Fries

Hot Chicks

The OG


You know that feeling when you really crave a nice, juicy burger but the local fast-food options around town just don’t provide that special touch your taste buds are craving? Well, this was exactly the case for Cosmos Burgers founder, Eren Unur. Feeling like his hunger wasn’t being met, he decided to make his own and share his passion for the perfect burger with the Oceanside community. This passion can easily be found in the ingredients and care that goes into each burger. All of the burgers at Cosmos come with a fresh blend of short rib and brisket in the form of two, three-ounce patties (you can always add more patties, if you like). The brioche buns—a staple for any burger—are fresh, local, and delivered daily, and everything here is scratch made, including their house sauces and sides. I promise your burger cravings will 100 percent be satisfied once you taste a Cosmos burger.


Whether you like something basic with cheese, house sauce, and pickles, or a BBQ bacon burger with onion rings and cheese, or even something different like the spicy jam burger loaded with herb aioli, onion, serrano jam, pickles, and that amazing patty blend of short rib and brisket, you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. I highly recommend the monkey fries, which are loaded with Cosmos sauce, cheese sauce, pickle mix, caramelized onion, and topped with bacon. Can you say cheat day? They also offer tater tots, cauliflower bites, and onion rings to accompany your tasty burger. One of my favorites is the truffle burger, made with truffles flown in from Europe weekly. When you use fresh ingredients like this, it takes a basic burger and elevates it to the next level, and that was Eren’s goal from day one. He has a culinary degree from Turkey and his masters from here in the States. That kind of food knowledge shines through his menu. Cosmos loves the growing Oceanside community and Eren is very proud to call this his flagship location. I highly recommend a visit to Cosmos burgers, so get over there and check em out. 60

Owner Eren Unur

Cosmos Burgers 208 N. Coast Hwy 760-607-7083 @burger.cosmos


(760) 721-3737

125 Old Grove Road Oceanside, CA 92057

Dear One-Of-A-KindGift-Givers, We’ve got you


928 N. C O A S T H I G H WAY O C E A N S I D E, C A



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Pier Pizza opened just a few months ago and is already getting quite a following because of the great food and high quality products they are serving. Just blocks from the Oceanside Pier on North Tremont, owner Jack Lockwood and his father, Adam, who also owns the Oceanside Pier and Bait Shop, have made an amazing neighborhood pizza joint that tourists and locals are raving about. They have a simple, delicious menu with hand tossed 20-inch pizzas and 10-inch slices that are mouth watering. Graduating from Oceanside High School a few years ago, Jack has always had a desire to create and cook. “I wanted to bring a friendly local vibe to the restaurant and give the community a great product,” Jack said. And, he is certainly doing that. They take call-ins and to-go orders and soon will have delivery options. Just like the size of the pizzas, the salads are family style and can definitely feed more than one person.

All of his recipes are homemade and delicious. One of the house favorite pizzas is the Dirty Bird, which has pepperoni, sausage, mozzarella, ricotta, and a honey drizzle that is awesome. The Barbeque Grilled Chicken Pizza with red onions is also a hit. They also serve beer, wine, sodas, buffalo wings, and garlic knots. One of the first things you will notice when you walk in are the pictures from the Oceanside Historical Society all over the walls, which shows the love they have for our community and displays the transformation of downtown over the years. Jack and his amazing staff will make you feel at home and you may even recognize them from surfing our local breaks. With such great food and such an easy going atmosphere, I’m sure you will be grabbing a slice on your way to our amazing beaches. Adults and children alike are going to love what Pier Pizza has to offer and I’m sure it will become one of your favorite destinations. 62

Jack Lockwood, owner

Pier Pizza 209 N. Tremont St (760) 231-7254 @pierpizzaoceanside

EAT | D RINK | SO C IA L I ZE THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT OCEANSIDE D I N E I N * TA K E O U T D O O R D A S H * U B E R E AT S * G R U B H U B W I N E TA S T I N G * W I N E W E D * W I N E C L U B W I N E PA I R I N G D I N N E R S C O M E D Y T U E S D AY S * L I V E M U S I C 1706 S. Coast Hwy. | Oceanside, CA 92054 (760)453-2500 |

Authentic Mexican Food with Local Roots Family Owned

Established 1973

1714 S Coast Hwy Oceanside, CA 92054

(760) 722-6323 For more inforamation visit us at ANITASMEXICANFOODRESTAURANT.COM

Bar & Restaurant Guide THE OSIDER NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2023

FAIRWAYS KITCHEN & BAR 5201 Village Drive (760) 967-8400


FAT JOE’S O’SIDE 424 S Coast Hwy. (760) 722-5637

101 BAGELS & SUBS 323 North Coast Hwy. (760) 421-6555 THE FAMOUS HIGH-PIE 250 N Pacific St. HILL STREET DONUT HOUSE 1926 South Coast Hwy. (760) 439-7741 LA PERLA TAPATIA 1910 Mission Ave. (760) 721-8486 LE RENDEZ-VOUS FRENCH BAKERY 4225 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 414-9109 MISSION DONUT HOUSE 1502 Mission Ave. (760) 757-2979 MR. DONUTS 1950 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 967-6508 O'SIDE BAKERY 3815 Mission Ave. Suite 101 (760) 305-9500 PETITE MADELINE BAKERY 223 North Coast Hwy. (760) 231-7300 PARLOR DOUGHNUTS 331 N Cleveland St. (760) 231-5150 SAM’S DONUT SHOP 3504 College Blvd. Suite A (760) 945-0416 SK’S DONUTS 1129 South Coast Hwy. (760) 722-0455 SAN LUIS REY BAKERY & RESTAURANT 490 North El Camino Real (760) 433-7242 BAR AND GRILLS 19TEN OCEANSIDE 1910 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 730-5199 BEERTOWN 507 N Coast Hwy. (760) 826-2337 COCOCABANA 408 Pier View Way (760) 688-0195


THE DRAFT RESTAURANT & SPORTS BAR 4225 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 631-4700

101 CAFÉ 631 South Coast Hwy. (760) 722-5220 BEACHBREAK CAFÉ 1802 South Coast Hwy. (760) 439-6355 THE BUNKER HOUSE CAFÉ 322 North Cleveland Street (760) 400-0520

FRANKIE'S 406 Pier View Way (442) 266-2270

THE BROKEN YOLK CAFE 2434 Vista Way (760) 967-9655

ANGELINA'S BAR & GRILL 3375 Mission Ave. (760) 433-5086

THE BREAKFAST MUG 1401 South El Camino Real (760) 231-1010

JUNKYARD GRILL & SPORTS BAR 3613 Ocean Ranch Blvd. (760) 231-6600

BUCCANEER CAFÉ 1508 South Pacific Street (760) 966-1804

KNVS BAR 127 South Coast Hwy. (442) 655-9851

COME ON OVER CAFÉ 2405 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 201-3393

MISSION AVE. BAR & GRILL 711 Mission Ave. (760) 637–2222

DON’S COUNTRY KITCHEN 1938 South Coast Hwy. (760) 722-7337

OSIDE SPORTSBAR & GRILL 113 South Coast Hwy. (760) 722-5968

ELENA'S CAFE FRENCH CREPES 511 Pier View Way (240) 644-3205

PACIFIC COAST SPIRITS 404 South Coast Hwy. (760) 453-7150

GRANDMA’S RESTAURANT 3613 Ocean Ranch Blvd (760) 757-8777

PCH SPORTS BAR & GRILL 1835 South Coast Hwy. (760) 721-3955

HARBOR HOUSE CAFÉ 714 North Coast Hwy. (760) 722-2254

RED ROOSTER 1985 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 754-8383

HIGH/LOW 201 North Myers Street (760) 512-3329

ROOKIE’S SPORTS GRILL 2216 South El Camino Real (760) 757-1123

LE CITRON 524 S Coast Hwy (760) 696-3737

TONY’S SPORTS BAR & GRILL 274 South Harbor Drive (760) 433-8466

MARY’S FAMILY RESTAURANT 307 North Coast Hwy. (760) 722-3052


PIPER 105 Mission Avenue (760) 512-3816

ENZO'S BBQ & ALEHOUSE 4111 Oceanside Boulevard (760) 643-9602

START FRESH CAFÉ 1034 South Coast Hwy. (760) 439-7940

FELIX’S BBQ WITH SOUL 3613 Ocean Ranch Blvd. (760) 439-7072

STRATFORD AT THE HARBOR 280 South Harbor Drive (760) 453-2073

GUAHAN GRILL 4259 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 806-4826 HERITAGE BREWERY & BBQ 2002 South Coast Highway

SWAMI’S CAFÉ 202 North Coast Hwy. (760) 966-1203

PRIMO FOODS 606 Morse Street (760) 439-8711

RYES & GRIND 236 South Coast Hwy.


TOASTED GASTROBRUNCH 339 North Cleveland Street (760) 836-0500 BREWERIES/TAP ROOMS BAGBY BEER COMPANY 601 South Coast Hwy. (760) 270-9075 BELCHING BEAVER BREWERY 1334 Rocky Point Drive (760) 599-5832 BLACK PLAGUE BREWING 2550 Jason Court (760) 631-8110 BOOZE BROTHERS BREWERY 606 Mission Ave. (760) 385-3973 BREAKWATER BREWING 101 North Coast Hwy. (760) 433-6064 CRAFT COAST BREWING 275 Mission Ave. (760) 231-1432 KILOWATT BREWING OCEANSIDE TAPROOM & PROVISIONS 406 Mission Ave. (760) 231-1997 NORTHERN PINE BREWING 326 N. Horne St. (760) 754-1434 OCEANSIDE ALE WORKS 1800 Ord Way (760) 295-0731 OCEANSIDE BREWING COMPANY 312-314 Via Del Norte (760) 453-7900 POUR HOUSE 1903 South Coast Hwy. (760) 730-5944 SOUTH O BREWING COMPANY 1575 South Coast Hwy. (442) 266-8244 STONE COMPANY STORE 310 North Tremont Street (760) 529-0002 TAP THAT 3207 Roymar Road Suite E (760) 433-4827 TIPPING PINT BREWING 3229 Roymar Road (760) 586-2898 BURGERS ANGELO’S BURGERS 621 North Coast Hwy. (760) 757-5161 ANGELO’S BURGERS 1050 South Coast Hwy. (760) 757-4064

ANGELO’S BURGERS 2035 South Coast Hwy. (760) 757-4064 COSMOS BURGER 208 North Coast Highway (760) 607-7083 THE HABIT BURGER GRILL 2267 South El Camino Real (760) 433-3390 PAUL’S PLACE 3671 Mission Ave. (760) 721-0124 PIT STOP DINER 3825 Mission Ave. (760) 901-4299 TY’S BURGER HOUSE 515 Mission Street (760) 757-5890 CHICKEN SHOP ANGRY CHICKZ 612 Mission Ave (442) 266-2167 DAVE'S HOT CHICKEN 4201 Oceanside Blvd Ste A (442) 291-1830

BOUND COFFEE COMPANY 2110 S Coast Hwy Suite C (442) 266-2259 BROWN CUP 401 North Coast Hwy. (760) 231-7968 TZONE 318 Pier View Way (760) 299-5678 CAMP COFFEE COMPANY 101 N Cleveland Street (442) 266-2504 CAPTAIN’S GROUNDS COFFEE 1832 South Coast Hwy. (760) 522-4271 COATL COFFEE 105 Copperwood Way Ste. B (833) 332-6285 COMMUNAL 602 South Tremont St. (619) 376-5710 THE CUP 206 Wisconsin Ave. (760) 231-9817


EVERBOWL 2535 Vista Way (760) 754-1572

CHIN’S SZECHWAN CUISINE 4140 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 631-4808

JB JUICE & COFFEE 4635 Frazee Road (760) 529-0807

CHINA FUSION 4225 Oceanside Blvd (760) 726-8888

JITTERS COFFEE PUB 510 North Coast Hwy. (760) 967-7886

2530 Vista Way, Ste J (760) 283-8888

LIVING TEA BREWERY & TASTING ROOM 302 Wisconsin Ave (760) 231-9986

CHU’S QUIK WOK 815 College Blvd. (760) 726-7771 GREAT WOK OF CHINA 4635 Frazee Road (760) 439-8939 PICK UP STIX 125 Old Grove Road (760) 967-4081 QUIK WOK 2184 Vista Way (760) 439-2228 COFFEE/TEA/JUICE BANANA DANG 115 South Coast Hwy. (760) 846-0162 BLISS TEA & TREATS 301 Mission Ave. (442) 500-4796 BLACK ROCK COFFEE BAR 1918 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 722-7133

LOLLICUP 4121 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 295-0824 NAUTICAL BEAN COFFEE CO. 240 Harbor Drive South (760) 722-4851 NORTH COUNTY ROASTERY 129 South Coast Hwy. PIER VIEW COFFEE COMPANY 300 Pier View Way (760) 966-1150 PLANTOLOGY CAFE 913 South Coast Hwy. (760) 805-3258 ROOTS CRAFT JUICE 631 South Cleveland St TAPIOCA EXPRESS 2611 Vista Way (760) 722-8279 REVOLUTION ROASTERS 1836 South Coast Hwy. (760) 529-9736

DELI/SANDWICHES 101 BAGELS & SUBS 323 North Coast Hwy. (760) 421-6555 BEACH HUT DELI 280 Mission Ave. (760) 529-9767 BOARD & BREW 2213 S El Camino Real (760) 688-9217 BREAD & CHEESE EATERY 1904 S Coast Highway (619) 709-6016 THE CHEESESTEAK GRILL 1771 South Oceanside Blvd. (760) 529-0077

HOMESTYLE HAWAIIAN 1950 Oceanside Blvd. Suite R (760) 696-3030 L&L HAWAIIAN BARBECUE 4225 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 726-0888 MAUI HAWAIIAN BBQ 2455 Vista Way (760) 722-8383 OHANA HAWAIIAN BBQ 459 College Blvd. (760) 630-6800 THE SWITCHBOARD 131 South Coast Hwy. (442) 266-2781 ICE CREAM/FROZEN YOGURT

CREAM OF THE CROP 2009 South Coast Hwy. (760) 433-2757

1022 CAFE & GELATERIA 602 Mission Ave (760) 231-1734

HARBOR PELICAN 1380 North Pacific Street (760) 722-5853

BASKIN ROBBINS 1112 South Coast Hwy. (760) 722-0654

I LOVE BAGELS CAFE 3910 Vista Way (760) 945-3838

DISFRUTA 610 N Redondo Drive (760) 583-5681

JERSEY MIKE'S 302 Mission Ave (760) 435-0783

FRUGOS YOGURT 3509 Cannon Road (760) 732-1000

RYES & GRIND 236 South Coast Hwy.

FUGU TAIYAKI 410 Mission Ave. (760) 696-3366

SUBMARINA 3809 Plaza Drive (760) 945-7840 Z-MARKET 3200 Mission Ave. (760) 967-2184 FILIPINO MISSION ASIAN MARKET 3320 Mission Ave. (760) 722-8024 GASTROPUB FLYING PIG PUB & KITCHEN 509 Mission Ave. (760) 453-2940 LOCAL TAP HOUSE 308 South Coast Hwy. (760) 547-1469 MASTERS KITCHEN AND COCKTAIL 208 South Coast Hwy. (760) 231-6278 ROSEWOOD KITCHEN 608 Mission Ave. (760) 231-5886 HAWAIIAN L&L HAWAIIAN BARBECUE 510 Oceanside Blvd. Ste 102 (760) 231-1142

HANDEL'S HOMEMADE ICE CREAM 228 North Coast Hwy. (442) 266-8552 LA MICHOACANA PLUS 1060 Mission Ave. (760) 696-3602 LITTLE FOX CUPS + CONES 1940s S Freeman St Suite 100 (442) 266-8086 MENCHIE'S FROZEN YOGURT 2525C Vista Way (760) 730-5728 NANA AND POP’S SWEET SHOP 280 Harbor Drive (760) 722-1723 OCEAN RAINBOW 3784 Mission Ave. (760) 435-0750 RED CUP FROZEN YOGURT 301 Mission Ave. (760) 637-2189 RICOS ANTOJITOS 3753 Mission Ave. (760) 231-7793 INDIAN CURRY & MORE 600 Mission Ave. (442) 266-8366

Bar & Restaurant Guide THE OSIDER NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2023

MOUNTAIN MIKE’S PIZZA 455 College Blvd. (760) 295-3121

POKI POKI #2 4140 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 295-4924

ZZANG HOT DOG & CHICKEN 409 Mission Ave (760) 231-5335

THE PRIVATEER COAL FIRE PIZZA 1706 Pacific Coast Hwy. (760) 453-2500

RISING SUN SUSHI 272 South Harbor Drive (760) 277-0582


TIKKA MASALA HUT 3780 Mission Ave Suite 2 (442) 888-0535

ROMA’S PIZZA & GRILL 617 North Redondo Drive (760) 757-2003

TURMERIC HUT 125 Old Grove Rd. Suite 4 (760) 470-3415

ROUND TABLE PIZZA 3440 Marron Road (760) 434-5977


TONY PEPPERONI PIZZERIA 805 College Blvd. (760) 726-6400

DIJA MARA 232 S. Coast Hwy. (760) 231-5376 ITALIAN/PIZZA ALLMINE 119 South Coast Hwy. (760) 966-6888 BEST PIZZA & BREW OCEANSIDE 1639 S Coast Hwy. (760) 435-1000 BIG BOB’S BEST PIZZA 3617 Ocean Ranch Blvd. (760) 231-5050 BLADE 1936 401 Seagaze Drive (760) 231-1456 CORNER PIZZA 1940 S. Freeman St. (760) 231-9002 CUSIMANO’S PIZZERIA 3809 Plaza Drive (760) 414-1200 DOMINIC’S AT THE HARBOR RESTAURANT & PIZZERIA 268 Harbor Drive South (760) 754-1881 FRATELLI’S 3915 Mission Ave. (760) 696-9007 GIANNI’S PIZZA 3910 West Vista Way (760) 724-2670 GRAZIANO'S PIZZARIA 101 Old Grove Road (760) 231-5990 KILLER PIZZA FROM MARS 3772 Mission Ave. (760) 722-6060 KNOCKOUT PIZZA 401 Mission Ave. (760) 722-8888 MANGIA E BEVI 3613 Ocean Ranch Blvd. (760) 231-1225

TWO BROTHERS FROM ITALY 4760 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 758-3638 1001 South Coast Hwy. (760) 758-3638

SUNSHINE KITCHEN 1006 Mission Ave. (442) 222-1811 SUSHI4REEL 4750 Oceanside Blvd. Suite A-20 (760) 659-6784 TERI CAFÉ 2216 South El Camino Real (760) 722-8399 TERI CAFÉ II 3809 Plaza Drive (760) 945-8888 TEN GU RAMEN 2183 Vista Way B-2 (760) 696-3266

MAAN’S MEDITERRANEAN GRILL 4259 Oceanside Blvd. Ste.107 (760) 726-2249 PITA GUYS 4111 Oceanside Blvd, Ste 102 (760) 295-2636 THE ORIGINAL KEBAB 224 North Coast Hwy (760) 231-7723 MEXICAN ANITA’S MEXICAN RESTAURANT & CANTINA 2250 South El Camino Real (760) 757-7745 ANITA’S MEXICAN RESTAURANT & CANTINA 1714 South Coast Hwy. (760) 722-6323

UPPER CRUST PIZZA 4196 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 630-9330

THE POKE CAFÉ 3910 Vista Way (760) 458-3986

VENETOS 608 North Coast Hwy. (760) 722-1228

UMI JAPANESE GRILL & CAFÉ 401 Mission Ave. (760) 439-3566

ZIGZAG PIZZA 333 North Myers Street (760) 433-1555

WARAII SUSHI 4225 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 630-3770


WICKED POKE 2401 Vista Way (760) 529-0774

COLIMA’S MEXICAN RESTAURANT 404 Pier View Way (760) 439-4045

THE WHET NOODLE 1815 South Coast Hwy. (760) 453-2738

DE KOTIJA’S TACO SHOP 3504 College Blvd (760) 758-0399

WRENCH & RODENT SEABASSTROPUB 1815 South Coast Hwy. (760) 271-0531

DIEGO’S MEXICAN FOOD 1030 South Coast Hwy. (760) 721-1985

ONE LOVE ISLAND CUISINE 4225 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 685-4618 JAPANESE/SUSHI/POKE CAFÉ DE THAI & SUSHI 4196 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 945-5533 GO GO JAPAN SUSHI 4121 Oceanside Blvd (760) 630-1288 HARNEY SUSHI 301 Mission Ave (760) 967-1820 KAMPAI SUSHI 1906 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 757-1484 KYOTO'S JAPANESE MARKET 559 Greenbrier Drive (760) 757-5456 LOVE BOAT SUSHI 125 Old Grove Road (760) 721-3737

WU LAN RAMEN TAP HOUSE 4645 Frazee Road Suite F (760) 453-7526 YUKIYA SUSHI 2415 Vista Way (760) 439-3283

CAFÉ ROSARITA 1816 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 722-6224 CARLITO’S CHICKEN 158 Roymar Road (760) 433-3427

EL MUNDO DE MARISCOS 3110 San Luis Rey Road (760) 754-8922 FIESTA MEXICANA 3784 Mission Ave. (760) 757-9872


FRIDA'S TAQUERIA 2011 Mission Ave (760) 696-3104

HAETAE AT KNVS 127 South Coast Hwy (442) 266-8245

GOURMET TAMALES 3616 Ocean Ranch Blvd. (760) 439-3343

GAJA KOREAN BBQ 2693 Vista Way (760) 231-1195

HOMESTATE 510 Vista Way (760) 491-1636

MATSU 626 South Tremont Street (760) 231-6331

M. BBQ 2216 S El Camino Real (760) 433-1888

POKI POKI 3480 Marron Road (760) 295-9086

SONU BBQ 3744 Mission Ave. (760) 696-3686

JOHNNY MANANA’S 308 Mission Ave (760) 721-9999 JORGE'S MEXICATESSEN 1129 South Coast Hwy. (760) 696-3072

KING BURRITO 3490 Marron Road (760) 720-9747 LA FUENTE DE MARISCOS 2936 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 529-0150 LA PERLA TAPATIA 625 North Redondo Drive (760) 722-2877 LA PERLA TAPATIA 1910 Mission Ave (760) 721-8486 LOS TACOS 2183 Vista Way (760) 757-8226 MARIETA’S 485 Vandegrift Blvd. (760) 967-1769 MARISCOS HUALTUCO 3110 San Luis Rey Rd. (760) 754-8922

VALERIES TACO STAND 2213 S El Camino Real (760) 231-5458 VALLE 222 North Pacific St. (760) 512-3328 NEPALESE HIMALAYAN BISTRO 4225 Oceanside Blvd. Ste. W (760) 631-1800 PERUVIAN CASERA LATIN KITCHEN & BAKERY 4225 Oceanside Blvd. Ste. D (442) 222-1332 SEAFOOD BRINE BOX 1 Oceanside Pier, #2

MARISCOS ENSENADA 1405 South El Camino Real (760) 967-6024

CRAB PUB 3766 Mission Ave Suite 111 (760) 696-3577

MI ASADOR MEXICAN AND SEAFOOD RESTAURANT 4750 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 806-6684

333 PACIFIC 333 North Pacific Street (760) 433-3333

MIRAMAR FISH TACOS & BEER 41 Douglas Drive (760) 721-2147 PEDRO’S TACOS 656 Benet Road (760) 722-7221 POLLOS MARIA 125 Old Grove Road (760) 435-9071 ROBERTO’S TACO SHOP #13 518 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 757-2377 SAN LUIS REY BAKERY & RESTAURANT 490 North El Camino Real (760) 433-7242 SANCHO'S TACOS 400 Mission Ave. (760) 231-8228 SEÑOR GRUBBYS 311 N. Tremont St. (760) 721-6040 TONY’S FRESH MEXICAN FOOD 2983 Via Las Rosas (760) 433-5004 VALERIE’S TACO SHOP 3617 Ocean Ranch Blvd. (760) 712-1296 VALERIE'S TACO SHOP 1006 Mission Ave. (760) 231-1824

HARBOR FISH & CHIPS 276 Harbor Drive South (760) 722-4977 HELLO BETTY FISH HOUSE 211 Mission Ave. (760) 722-1008 JOE’S CRAB SHACK 314 Harbor Drive (760) 722-1345 LIGHTHOUSE OYSTER BAR & GRILL 262 Harbor Drive South (760) 433-1900 MARISCO’S ENSENADA 1405 South El Camino Real (760) 967-6024 OCEANSIDE BROILER 1325 North Harbor Drive (760) 722-3474 Q&A RESTAURANT & OYSTER BAR 408 Pier View Way (760) 688-7249 SHOOTZ FISH & BEER 602 South Tremont St. (760) 696-3524 TIN FISH OCEANSIDE 302 North The Strand (760) 966-0007 STEAKHOUSES 333 PACIFIC 333 North Pacific Street (760) 433-3333

HUNTER STEAK HOUSE 1221 Vista Way (760) 433-2633

PHO HOUSE 3753 Mission Ave. (760) 754-9999


PHO OCEANSIDE 518 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 754-2828

TASTY POT 1058 Mission Ave (760) 730-5054 THAI CAFÉ DE THAI & SUSHI 4196 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 945-5533 OCEAN THAI 2455 Vista Way (760) 722-9779 OCEAN THAI 3846 Mission Ave #A3 (760) 967-9901 RIM TALAY 508 Mission Ave (760) 435-2007 SABAI SABAI THAI KITCHEN 1906 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 529-5597 SAVORY THAI 3829 Plaza Drive (760) 806-9606 THAI THAI 4121 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 295-5445 THAI GARDEN 4750 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 940-1009 THAI TABLE 1910 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 721-4850 VEGAN ERIS FOOD CO 302 Wisconsin Ave. (760) 231-9986 THE PLOT

1733 South Coast Hwy. (442) 266-820 VIETNAMESE MR. PHO 4750 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 940-1306 PHO BOWL & GRILL 1006 Mission Ave. Ste. C (760) 453-2999 SAIGON SOUP 4160 Oceanside Blvd Ste. 169 (760) 726-4650. PHO HA 3905 Mission Ave (760) 754-5267

YUMMY PHO 4225 Oceanside Blvd. (760) 631-1800 WINE BARS/WINERIES BEACH HOUSE WINERY 1534 Sleeping Indian Road (760) 732-3236 BUNKER HOUSE CAFE 322 North Cleveland St. (760) 967-7727 COOMBER CRAFT WINES 611 Mission Ave. (760) 231-8022 GOLDEN COAST MEAD 4093 Oceanside Blvd Ste G. (760) 630-4468 HANGAR 76 3229 Roymar Rd. ORFILA VINEYARDS & WINERY 221 N Cleveland Street (760) 755-7040 THE MILLER’S TABLE 514 S Coast Hwy. (442) 615-7200 THE PRIVATEER MARKETPLACE & WINE BAR 1704 South Coast Hwy. (760) 453-2254

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