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A-M Agape Blessing Ministry Inc. NEWSLETTER Fall 2007


Rev. Alland and Marilyn Ildefonso

continuing the Great Commission. More souls

are short-term Missionaries to the Philip-

have accepted Christ Jesus. In fact the total

pines. In December 2003, the Lord opened

amount of souls that have come to Jesus

an opportunity to conduct evangelistic meet-

Christ are 2,224. We give God the glory for

ings in the providence of Pila Laguna, Philip-

all that has been accomplished through this

pines. In three nightly meetings, hundreds of

ministry”, says Marilyn Ildefonso.

people attended and listened to the gospel

of Jesus Christ. A total of 384 souls accepted

“Spread the word and win souls for Jesus.”

Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior for the

In speaking the good news, the Lord enabled

first time. Ever since that time, the Lord

Alland and Marilyn to plant a church in Pila,

old. The number of children attending is cur-

has confirmed in their hearts to continue to

Laguna in August 2005. Agape Christ Taber-

rently 152.

speak the good news in the Philippines.

nacle was born and shortly grew to 80 mem-

bers attending regualrly. Other programs

Praise God for what He is doing in Pila, La-

include bible study and a feeding program

guna Philippines.

“We have gone back to the Phil-

ippines five times in the last four years

The slogan for their ministry is

every Saturday for children ages 4-12 years


In June 2007, A-M Agape Bless-

ing Ministry Inc., along with the help of the

flood into the church doors to receive medi-

such as tooth extraction for adults, dressing

cal attention. Adults brought their children

leg wounds, and transporting a gravely mal-

to be examined and returned the following

nourished child to a major hospital in Manila

week for their own treatment. Patients being

for appropriate care. An elderly woman with

seen were not only given medical help but

severe depression testified she was healed

also spiritual healing through the power of

after being prayed for by those in the spiri-

prayer and through the miraculous work of

tual clinic.

Jesus Christ.

lives were changed at the medical clinic.

While the clown ministry enter-

Many people were healed and many

tained children outside in the sweltering

Adults and children came to Christ and were

heat, a team of doctors and nurses treated

encouraged to see the love of the Savior

patients individually inside the church until

manifested through His people. God moved

Brooklyn Tabernacle’s Transitions Ministry,

all the patients were seen. The spiritual

powerfully in the Philippines. However, His

held two free medical clinics in the Philip-

clinic team prayed for each patient (about

work is not over and there is still more to be

pines; one for adults and the other for chil-

two hundred people in all). Patients were


dren. Both clinics were held in the poverty-

then given medicine supplied by A-M Agape

stricken city of Pila, Laguna. It was a moving

Blessing Ministry and the Transitions mission

sight to witness people in the community

team. A variety of services were provided

Melissa Leonidas


Holding two Medical Clinics, ministering at a

ship with our brothers and sisters there that

did on the Transitions Team Missions trip to

rehab center, organizing a Youth Conference

bonds were formed that will not quickly be

the Philippines. He did so much in such a

and participating in the feeding program of a

broken. Many of us look forward to going

short period of time. While in Pila, Laguna,

local church are just a few of the many op-

back and continuing the beautiful work that

members of the Transitions Ministry - a

portunities that God gave us to be His hand

God began in May of this year. It was hard,


fulfilling work, but it was the Work of the

Lord. It took us 22 hours to get from JFK

It’s difficult to express what God

It was a true blessing to meet the

physical needs of the precious people of Pila,

International Airport to Pila Christ Agape

Laguna. It was an even greater blessing,

Tabernacle, yet there is no amount of time

however, to see so many people come to

that will cause us to forget the display of

accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

God’s power and grace and the love of God

At every event we were a part of, we prayed

exchanged between us.

with people as they accepted Jesus Christ to

James Powell

be their Lord and Savior. Yet still God wasn’t

finished with us. College and Young Adult group - ministered

He allowed the Transitions Team

to hundreds of people in word and deed.

members to establish such a loving relation-


My trip to the Philippines was a

feeding programs, youth meetings, and

trip that I will never forget. Going on this

crusades. We were also able to vist families

trip was different from my first missions trip

in the squatter areas.

experience. When I got to the Philippines

and met the kids from the ministry and

with Christ, seeing a child of God smile,

the children from the area (Pila-Laguna),

hearing the laughter from children filled with

God immediately showed me that the main

love and hearing the cries of joy and thanks-

purpose for me to be there was LOVE! If

giving from people who are on the other side

loving the children and receiving that same

of the world is something that I will never

love back from the children of A-M Agape

forget and will be embedded in my heart

ministry was all that I would do there, then


I am not rg fo otten, God knows my name.....

Experiencing the gift of a new life

that would have been enough. God still had

Janet Velez

a greater plan! We held medical clinics,


Through God’s faithfulness and provision, He has blessed A-M Agape

children), medical care (conducting health clinics for adults and children) and for the continued evangelistic out-

Blessing Ministry during the past four years with the money and resources to

reaches that are greatly important to the Kingdom of God

meet the needs of the people of Pila, Laguna. Now as the ministry continues

(visiting prisons and rehabilitation centers and conducting

to grow and the needs of the people have become greater, A-M Agape Bless-

crusades). God is doing a great work through A-M Agape

ing Ministry is in need of a great financial blessing.

Blessing Ministry and we pray that you will have a desire

to be a part of this great work.

The immediate needs of the ministry are to buy land for the ever-

growing church (Praise God!) and to buy transportation (vans) to transport people, most importantly children and the elderly, to and from the church. Buying transportation for the church is very important because this is the only way many people from the surrounding area can make it to the church to hear the Gospel. Also, this is an important way for the members of A-M Agape Blessing Ministry to reach those in the surrounding area who otherwise wouldn’t hear the Gospel.

We are believing God for His continued financial blessings to meet

the needs of Pila, Laguna at large. The needs of this area is housing (repairing homes and making them suitable to live in), food (providing feedings for

Contact us: A-M Agape Blessing Ministry Inc. to 110-64 Queens Blvd. Do n’t fo rg et t u o s u ch ec k P.M.B #305 on Forest Hills NY 11375 m YOU TU B E .c o Phone: 347-756-1050 All donations are tax deductible under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code

1st Transitions Philippines Trip Newsletter  

This is a newsletter put together by the 1st transitions team that went to the Philippines in June 2007!

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