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report 2011


freedom begins with a

letter from the founders

Since our early beginnings in 2006, Transitions has

Each year, we take time to reflect on where Transitions has been and where we are going in

been a leader in developing effective programs

The most exciting part was watching the girls we serve thrive, grow and succeed. They inspire

the coming year. 2011 was a transformational year, full of progress, change and growth.

for helping survivors of sex trafficking heal from their

us every day with their courage and resilience and dreams about the future.

past, discover new hope and healing, and find a

Last year, we asked and continue to ask the important question —“What is success?”

dream for their futures.

experience in providing the best quality services to girls, we have been asking “How do we

In 2011, this journey brought this issue to a whole new level. As we have been growing in our know what we are doing is effective?” and “How we can do a better job at helping girls heal?”

We take our mission seriously and 201 1 was a year

We are beginning to work toward a much broader understanding of how to answer these

of incredible growth, facing new challenges, exploring

our work. With the help of some key donors, we have been able to secure funding to develop

some uncharted territory, and forging innovative

questions and have begun a journey of developing a robust system of monitoring and evaluating an electronic case management system and to create an in-depth monitoring and evaluation program. We are excited to see what the years ahead will bring as we evaluate success and

ways to help girls in their journey from victim,

implement our findings.

to survivor, to world changer.

This year brought with it new programs, new staff and new girls, and we saw eight girls graduate and start life on their own. We saw the support and generosity of people like you, who stood alongside all of us at Transitions and made our work possible. Thank you for your support

“…our future will be determined in large part by our dreams

and for helping us to make dreams come true for some very deserving and amazing young girls!

and by the struggle to make them real.” — Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, American Psychologist

James & Athena Pond

Our core values Transitions was founded on these four core values that guide all of the work we do in restoring girls’ lives.

1 Rescue is a process,

not a single event.

Delivery from a life of bondage begins with the heroic and dramatic act of rescue in which a girl is removed from harm’s way. The rescue, however, is but the first step on a journey of healing, restoration and empowerment as a girl regains control of her life and once again learns to hope.

3 A girl shouldn’t continue to carry

the wounds of her past.

2 Freedom without a future

is another form of slavery.

The goal of aftercare is to restore lives, not patch them up, to help each girl realize a life of substance and meaning. A holistic approach, with a comprehensive focus on individuals, is the only effective response to a girl rescued from trafficking. Every girl is empowered to shed the wounds of her exploitation to live a whole, healthy life, freed from the burden

Without viable and sustainable career and life skills, a girl rescued from trafficking has few

of her exploitation.

opportunities and little direction. But with these needs addressed she has a restored sense of dignity and a foundation on which to believe in herself and to pursue her dreams.

4 Giving a girl choices and a dream

restores her future.

By first treating her trauma, then creating a nourishing environment that encourages and respects a girl’s desires and choices, Transitions builds a bridge to opportunities, programs and systems that give her control over her life and the tools to realize her dreams. Each girl plays a prominent role in shaping and taking responsibility for her future.

sacred . everygirldeserves dignity. everygirlneeds to dream . and nogirl should ever be sold. everygirl is

cambodia aftercare programs 2011

Dream Home The Dream Home provides girls ages 13-18, rescued from trafficking a safe, loving fulltime place to live and the comprehensive aftercare restoration necessary to realize a hopeful new future, one built on her dreams.


Each girl at the Dream Home receives personalized care to heal from her past and provide

One Day’s Wages provided Transitions with a grant for The Dream Home

opportunities for her future. A girl who finds her home here finds a new beginning. She finds

to build out a brand new computer lab with high-speed Internet access.

hope, with holistic trauma therapy, medical care, life skills training and sustainable career

The girls love the new study space to learn computers, do school work,

skills, she finds a dream for her future. Our mission is to help girls transition, through the power of a dream, from darkness to light and from victim to survivor, to world changer.

STAR House

explore the online world, or learn English and play games.

other highlights Hired new Operations Director

As the next step in the journey of restoration, the STAR House takes a girl from the Dream

Expanded our clinical therapy program

Home to a supportive transitional home where, alongside other girls she learns to live

Began new life skills program

independently, to apply newly developed life skills and to exercise her rediscovered ability

Hired a new Clinical Social Worker

to dream. In 2011, our STAR House social worker, Vibol Luy, implemented a new

Created a new victim referral system

Independent Life Skills program with the girls there, which is making a lasting impact

Developed a new independent life skills program for STAR House

in preparing them for independent living.

Opened a new therapy room at the Bridge Project office.

cambodia aftercare programs 2011

Bridge Project In our efforts to bring healing and restoration to survivors of sex trafficking we encountered a gap in services available to survivors. The Bridge Project will stand in that gap. Recognizing the family related stress experienced by our clients, and knowing that an integral part of full restoration for survivors involves working through strains in family relationships, the Bridge Project serves to rebuild, strengthen, and restore the relationship of the survivor and her family. The Bridge Project is an extension of current family support and reintegration services that Transitions has offered since we started work in Cambodia. It offers a new level of fully comprehensive family based services, that will serve to not only provide support to survivors,

Shine Career School

but also to bring strength and empowerment to the Cambodian family.

At Transitions we believe every girl in our program deserves the highest level of dignity and

The Bridge Project is designed with the belief that if families and communities are given enough support to make choices that enable them to meet their own basic needs in a manner that is sustainable and empowering, extreme levels of desperation can be avoided and people will not be driven to infringe on the rights of others to ensure their own ability to survive. In 2011 we launched a thorough and empowerment-based research and needs assessment. This will serve to inform the design of the program to ensure that it will work to serve survivors and their families in a manner that is sustainable and empowering. The research will be designed and conducted by our Bridge Team, Claire Renzetti, PhD, Summer Twyman, Clinical Supervisor, Brianna Hodge, Fulbright Scholar, and a team of Cambodian social workers.

opportunity we can provide. We also believe every girl is capable of achieving her dreams with the right support and encouragement. We don’t allow girls to settle for what society has told them they are capable of, like sewing and handy-crafts; we know they can do so much more. Every girl in our program studies English and computer technology and then goes on to find her dream. Shine Career School provides a firsthand opportunity to train girls in any career field they choose, and will serve to overcome the gap in training choices, by providing a high-quality learning environment. Shine will facilitate teaching opportunities for professionals around the world, in a variety of fields, to come to Cambodia and teach, while empowering survivors with the skills and knowledge they need to take control of their lives. We began building the Shine program in 2011 and the school will officially open in 2012. Shine will mirror our current program model and be fully social work focused and traumainformed, toward healthy reintegration into Cambodian society. Our goal is to give girls the best opportunity to achieve their dreams and have a successful future, while assisting graduates in job placement or business start-up, ensuring the highest chance of success.


other ways transitions makes a difference

In 2011 we also reached out to the anti-trafficking community & provided extensive services in our areas of expertise. Social Work Our Clinical Director, Sola Long, provided skilled social work and translation services for a forensic interview for International Justice Mission.

Training Clinical Supervisor Summer Twyman trained the greater anti-trafficking community on The Stages of Change (TSOC) model through the Chab Dai Shelter Forum.

Capacity Building Transitions provided field education for a bachelor in social work student through the University of Tasmania and the Royal University of Phnom Penh.

Mentoring Transitions trained 14 aftercare staff in Manado, Indonesia on providing services to survivors of sex trafficking.

28 7 8 S

girls and their families were served through the Dream Home, STAR House, and Bridge Project. new girls came to the Dream Home through rescue and referral networks. girls were reintegrated from Transitions’ programs back to families or independent living situations. The Shine Career School was launched and set to provide professional training in multiple career fields.


68 58 18

girls served. girls reintegrated. families served. (through the Bridge Project and Dream Home)

financials 6% 8% Management & General





Aftercare programs


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boaofrd directors David Falk, President President, Boca Restaurant Group, Cincinnati, OH Huston Hedinger New World Innovations, Portland, OR Alison Fahey Publisher & Editorial Director, Adweek, New York Board of Directors, TORCH New York, American Advertising Federation, Advertising Education Foundation Linda Averbeck Senior Attorney, Office of the Chief Counsel, Internal Revenue Service Board Member, American Red Cross, Cincinnati Chapter Research Leader for Justice Group at Crossroads Community Church Chris Bridges, Treasurer Bank Manager, Bank of the Cascades James Bronzie Contractor Founder, Rehab Rescue Lisa Stegman BA, DAAP, University of Cincinnati MA, Organizational Systems Design, Saybrook Graduate School PHD, Student of Psychology, Institue of Transpersonal Psychology Jono Fries Vice President, Boca Restaurant Group, Cincinnati, OH Sigma Chi Alumni

Total Support & Revenue:


Total Expenses:




Management & General:






Assets at beginning of year: $114,275 Assets at end of year: $147,565

Todd Bretz Facilitator, Justice Community Group, Crossroads, Cincinnati, OH Former Regional Manager, Avery Dennison, Miller Brewing Company, The Ohmart/Vega Corporation Sigma Chi Alumni

partners Transitions does not do this work alone. Following are valuable partners that we are proud to collaborate with. Global Partners Hope For Justice | Abolition International | Brand Navigation |

Cambodia Partners S I S H A | International Justice Mission | Chab Dai | World Hope International | Krama Yoga | Kent Truog |

United States Partners Mitchells Salon | Pump Salon | Boca Restaurant Group | Gems Girls | The Polaris Project | Love146 | Bot Joy | On Your Feet | Someone’s Child |

Transitions 2011 Annual Report  

A report on the activities and accomplishments of Transitions in Cambodia - restoring the lives of young girls rescued from sex trafficking.

Transitions 2011 Annual Report  

A report on the activities and accomplishments of Transitions in Cambodia - restoring the lives of young girls rescued from sex trafficking.