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Transition Scotland Support Starter Pack Sheet 2

GET TOGETHER... . . . and change the world WHY ME? You might be unnerved at the alarming course society is steering. At the same time it’s naturally tempting to sit back and wait for someone else to solve the problems. That’s a vain hope. A much more satisfying course of action is to get on with doing something about it.

“Never doubt that a handful of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead, writer and anthropologist.

CHANCES are you’re not the only person in your neck of the woods who wants to do something to prepare for the challenges we face. Finding and getting together with like-minded people to chew over possibilities is the first step. Many great groups have started and plans been hatched over a kitchen table or a couple of drinks. Indeed the whole Transition movement was born when a couple of thoughtful and innovative individuals got talking about peak oil oil and climate change in the pub one night.

Is there anyone you know in your community who likes a good chinwag or rant about the same things you do? And who might join you in being a catalyst for doing something about them? If no-one springs to mind check out local clubs and societies; find people already involved in relevant activities or organisations and talk to them. See if there are other Transition groups near you who might have contacts in your community. Once you find these first few people you’re on your way.

It doesn’t matter what qualifications or background you have - getting a Transition initiative started in your community will bring out the best of your skills and traits. Whether you’re a tradesperson, a home carer, a pensioner or a business executive what you have to offer is what is needed by your group. A blend of people joining forces and combining all their unique qualities creates a dynamic whole which can achieve things you never imagined. It’s hard work, but the energy generated by taking practical, positive steps toward a low carbon future makes it more than worthwhile - and there’s plenty fun to be had along the way too!

Here are some resources to help you involve people in your area

SET YOUR SIGHTS ON... THE END! Sounds weird, but one of the foundations of the Transition model is that the group that kicks off the process in their area plans its own demise from the outset. The snowballing effect many Transition initiatives experience means they can progress very quickly after the initial stages. It is vital they don’t lose momentum and get bogged down. This can happen if people clinging to roles, stifling creativity and progress. The upside of all this is there is an end in sight. Getting a Transition initiative going in your area doesn’t mean you are going to burn yourself out by taking on the impossible. Your energy and impetus will be vital to getting it off to a successful start. Once the initiating group disbands, you can choose to carry on, potentially playing a key part in an area of interest to you.

Starter Pack 2  

Get Together ..and change the world

Starter Pack 2  

Get Together ..and change the world