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calendar of events SEPTEMBER 21st: Transitons Meeting “In Transit, Pt.1” OCTOBER 5th: Transitions Meeting “In Transit, Pt.2” 19th: Transitions Meeting 27th: Costume Party NOVEMBER 2nd: Transitions Meeting 16th: Transitions Meeting 30th: All Night Prayer DECEMBER 7th: Transitions Meeting At Transitions, we use the word “movement” to describe the ultimate goal of our endeavors. To our young adult community, the word “movement” connotates a series of moments that have the potential to change the course of human history. Through the elements of Community, Spiritual Formation, and Outreach we aspire to unleash “movements” within the lives of young adults that eventually result in citywide, nationwide and worldwide influence.

21st: Christmas Fellowship

General Meetings are every 1st and 3rd Friday of each month.

Contact us: c/o The Brooklyn Tabernacle 17 Smith Street Brooklyn, NY 11201 718-290-2227

A movement of passionate young adult followers of Jesus working for cultural transformation in NYC

COMMUNITY The movement towards connecting young adults in authentic relationships through intentional gatherings “People thrive in community. Though sourcing authentic human values is a personal process, gaining understanding and a social perspective originates from the communal

 Leadership Development/Internships  Annual Spiritual Retreats  Annual Young Adult Conferences  Counseling

CARDIA Transitions is currently led by Richard


Villodas, a graduate of the Nyack Alliance Theological Seminary and the “Cardia”

 Coffee Houses

team. The team is fully committed to build-

 Large Group Outings

ing outlets for life-giving relationships. The

 Fellowships with other local churches

Group of girls in the Philippines on recent Transitions Missions trip.

The movement towards creatively reaching young adults for Christ in the city and compassionately serving the poor.  Partner with College campus minis-

tries to share the gospel  Partner with local organizations to

devoted followers of Jesus Christ through

provide hope to those who are bro-

relevant teaching and the practice of spiritual

ken and lost (hospitals, food pan-


tries, recovery programs etc.)

 Biblically relevant teachings geared

towards young adults  Forums

 Partner with international ministries

and agencies to assist in world relief and spiritual growth.

Prayer Team: this team meets before each

adults to effectively navigate through age sensitive issues, and facilitate a community

Project Compassion: as the outreach

which creates change with-in the culture of

arm of Transitions, the PC team coordinates

NYC. The team is comprised of individu-

hospital visits, feeding programs etc.

als sold out to the cause of Jesus Christ. These individuals are as follows...


how you can participate in the movement Transitions meeting to pray for the needs of the members. Also helps organize All Night Prayer Meetings.

mission is clear: guide and empower young

 Small Groups

The movement towards becoming fully


The Heart of the Movement




Rosie Villodas : Creative Director

Campus Immersion: team that ministers on college campuses in the local area. Ideal for current college students

Kessunga Baker: Prayer Team Captain

Social Events Committee: team assists

Todd Crews: Project Compassion Director

with planning and organization of events as

Gloria Colon: Hospitality Team Leader Didier Juste: Prayer Team Captain Yolande Morris: PR & Marketing Director Amy Nuttall: Drama Team Leader Najja Plowden: Sports & Activities Director

well as decoration and set-up

Drama Team: ministers at meetings and outreach events through skits, dance and mime

Hospitality Team: this team is responsible for sign-in and managing the logistics of each meeting

Niyah Rahmaan: Video Architect Joseph Terry: Apologetics Training Director Kendolyn Walker: Social Events Director

Each member is also invited to submit testmonies, poetry, and “Daily Diary”entries for the Transitions website.

Fall 2007 Brochure  
Fall 2007 Brochure  

First Brochure of the new Transitions Ministry