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From the Publishers Dear Readers,

Lyn and I have taken the name of our magazine quite literally these past few months. What do I mean? Well, we have some great news— Transitions is “transitioning!” We are taking our own advice (as well as the advice of our expert contributors and many of our readers) and are making some changes. Not only in our business model and our editorial mission, but in our ownership. Yep, that’s right. We’re pushing our baby out of the nest and it’s ready to fly! All under the direction of a new owner, RIA Central.

RIA Central will add a deeper layer of value-added benefits for Transitions magazine readers. It allows you to be truly interactive with your colleagues, to have conversations and share ideas with each other as well as with the RIA Central thought leaders. I will be accessible on the RIA Central site overseeing the publication, and contributing more articles and features as their consulting editor. Dan Kurt, the Director of Business Development, is the “face” of RIA Central under the leadership of Dan Easley, President of parent company, Fugent. Lyn and I are very excited about the new direction for Transitions and the significant benefits that RIA Central will provide. We will provide more details on how your subscription to Transitions will be converted to a membership in RIA Central in the coming month. We want to thank you for embracing and accepting our virtual publication when we launched in January of ’09 and for being loyal and supportive subscribers. Your feedback has been exceptional and important to us, and we plan to continue our tradition of offering meaningful information and guidance to you. We also thank our advertisers for believing in our message and our audience, and for their continuing support. Much success to all of you — we’ll see you next month in the community at RIA Central. With gratitude,

From the Publishers s

So, here is all the news that’s fit to print. (Actually, all the news that fits, we print!) Most of you are already familiar with RIA Central, a great online community for RIAs and aspiring RIAs. So let me tell you a bit more about them and what the future holds for Transitions. RIA Central has been “live” for almost a year now (having been launched in 2009 in beta stage) and membership is growing. It is free to join, but all prospective members are “vetted.” The site is filled with robust content, podcasts, forums, blogs, webinars, discussion areas, a due diligence marketplace (DDM) and much more. Their DDM feature is an online directory of memberreviewed products and companies in a variety of categories ranging from alternative investments to mutual funds to custodians. I love the service because it facilitates your own due diligence. If you have used a product or a service (whether it has been a positive or a negative experience) you can share your thoughts with other members. RIA Central allows you to provide a written review and give the product/service a star rating.

Syd and Lyn

September 2010


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Transitions Magazine - September 2010  

Business Management for Independent FInancial Advisors

Transitions Magazine - September 2010  

Business Management for Independent FInancial Advisors