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Art School Extreme Art School is a new initiative designed for young people aged 16-21 years who are not in education, training or employment and have an interest in the arts.

The Extreme Art School is a 10 week, full time programme, accommodating 12 young people at a time, and comprises 4 core modules:

The programme will support and provide young people with strong artistic skills and embed lasting passion for the arts within participants.

• Art and Society • Art in History, ideology and practice • Creative Expression • Professional Development.

The programme offers the opportunity for young people to work under the guidance of professional artists, work collaboratively on projects, and exhibit their art work. Extreme Art School will focus a large component on participants building a professional Art Portfolio to enable and empower them to access creative industries and/or further education.

Funding opportunity of £25,000 per annum is available.

Tx2014 sponsorship brochure current  
Tx2014 sponsorship brochure current