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Youth Club Extreme Youth Club is an initiative that provides a unique and exciting activity for young people from Aberdeen’s regeneration areas. Transition was originally approached by Grampian Police, who highlighted the need for safe, fun and educational activities, at times of high anti-social behaviour. Youth disorder, underage drinking and anti-social behaviour have increased dramatically in the past 2 years therefore, in consultation with Grampian Police, we are targeting key areas. These include Torry, Mastrick, Northfield and Tillydrone. This not only open up positive recreational opportunities, it will help build members’ confidence, social skills and promote a healthy lifestyle whilst providing vital diversionary activities. The Extreme Youth Club runs on a Saturday evening from 6pm – 8pm, for young people aged 10 to 15 years old. They will be given the opportunity and encouraged to try a new sport such as: Skateboarding, BMXing, inline skating and rock climbing.

By providing these young people with a healthy diversion, including highly trained staff, we aim to address the needs identified by Grampian Police and other partner agencies, including local Youth Workers.

Funding opportunity of £25,000 per annum is available.

Tx2014 sponsorship brochure current  
Tx2014 sponsorship brochure current