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Case Study Having gone through a tough period earlier in her family life and caught up in a downward spiral of taking drugs, drinking alcohol and increasingly anti-social behaviour, Charlotte left school and became unemployed without any clear idea of what she wanted to do. Whilst she had achieved some qualifications, she hated the experience of formal education and described herself as “a bit of a brat” when there. She had an interest in sport, and as such the Alternative Academy seemed an exciting opportunity for her to consider, and was encouraged by her social worker to pursue this. During the 12 weeks Charlotte engaged with all aspects of the programme, becoming a very competent climber and gaining fantastic experiences and qualifications. She also coped admirably with the fact that she was the only girl in a group of 12, motivating and encouraging her fellow participants to overcome their fears, just as she was. Charlotte had a real anxiety about public speaking, but by the end of the programme was able to stand up in front of an audience - which included her friends and family - and present on her

experiences of the programme during her graduation ceremony at the Town and County Hall. On graduating from the Alternative Academy programme, Charlotte moved on the Prince’s Trust Programme at Aberdeen Foyer. She then undertook a 14 week placement as a painter and decorator, and then was successful in gaining an apprenticeship in painting and decorating with Dyce and District. Charlotte said “Without the Alternative Academy I would not have gained my apprenticeship. It gave me the confidence to try new things, like the Prince’s Trust Programme and painting and decorating, as well as a better CV. The Alternative Academy is awesome!”

“The Alternative Academy is awesome!”

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Tx2014 sponsorship brochure current