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We recognise that continuous improvement to our facilities is critical to our ongoing success – both in terms of retaining and growing our customer base as well as further enhancing the Centre. Key Opportunities

Bouldering Wall Development

Skatepark Development

Low Ropes Development

Transition Extreme have a planned development to add capacity to the existing bouldering wall and in turn rejuvenate the existing wall design. Bouldering as a climbing discipline offers more freedom to individuals to train, develop and explore their potential. It is not limited to the hardcore elite and can cater for young and old, beginner and veteran.

Our World Class Skatepark built in 2007 has been hugely popular with Skateboarders, BMXers and Inliners on a national and international level with visitors travelling from as far as the USA to experience the cutting edge design. Since then many other parks have been built or adapted to follow suit. Now it is time for Transition Extreme to lead the way once more by investing in a park wide redevelopment to enhance the design, flow and quality.

Through our proposed low ropes activities clients will experience high quality team building and challenge sessions. A combination of team activities and individual tasks throughout the course will test participants’ ability to interact, use their own initiative and find ways to problem solve both on their own and as part of a group using trust, communication and adaptability.

To keep up with market demand and ahead of the trend in popularity of bouldering as a standalone sport we are committed to expand and develop our activity provision. Development of a new Bouldering area and title sponsorship for a 3 year period is available for the sum of £10,000 + VAT. Sponsor to provide stencil or banner as appropriate.

Become our Title Sponsor for a 5 year period and help us achieve the redevelopment of the Park our customers want so much. £100,000 + VAT over 5 years. Alternatively, your Company can DONATE the funds for this or any of the other opportunities within the portfolio as a charitable gift tax efficiently. Please contact us for more information. Sponsor to provide stencil or banner as appropriate.

This activity provision will greatly add to our existing High Ropes course and offer an additional or stand alone activity. It’s not just for adult teams however; whether young or old, a formal team or a group of friends, the course will entertain and challenge all who seek to push their boundaries. Development of a new Low Ropes facility and title sponsorship for a 3 year period is available for between £10,000 and £20,000 + VAT. Sponsor to provide stencil or banner as appropriate.

Tx2014 sponsorship brochure current  
Tx2014 sponsorship brochure current