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The C ampaign for Illinois Wesleyan Universit y


f you left Illinois Wesleyan the same person as when you arrived, we’ll understand if you don’t read further. Chances are, however, you—and the rest of your life—were changed by the education you received here. It might have been a professor who took the time to help you cultivate your strengths. Perhaps it was a course you took because it was required that changed your life’s direction. Maybe it was a coach, or 5IF DBNQBJHO GPS *MMJOPJT 8FTMFZBO IBT B XPSLJOH HPBM PG SBJTJOH another student, who inspired  NJMMJPO GPS QFPQMF  QSPHSBNT  BOE GBDJMJUJFT UIBU XJMM BEWBODF UIF you. And—as with many— 6OJWFSTJUZ BNPOH UIF GJOFTU MJCFSBM BSUT JOTUJUVUJPOT JO UIF DPVOUSZ BOE financial assistance might GVSUIFSJUTNJTTJPOUPUSBOTGPSNMJWFT have made it possible for you endowment $72 million to be here. wesleyan fund $26 million facilities

$27 million

total $125 million Since 1850, Illinois Wesleyan has been transforming lives through the generosity of alumni and friends. Your support of Transforming Lives, the campaign for Illinois Wesleyan, will allow tomorrow’s students to realize futures they have not yet imagined.


The Endowment

n financial terms, an endowment is a fund whose invested principal remains untouched while earnings create income for designated purposes. Universities rely on their endowments as foundations of institutional health. They support people and programs that set a college apart—funding, for example, scholarship, research, study abroad, and internship programs for students; attracting and retaining top faculty through professorships; and supporting initiatives that enhance teaching and learning. In a very real sense, Illinois Wesleyan’s endowment is an agent of transformation. Its size directly affects how much financial aid the University can provide—which in turn affects the quality of students we can enroll. And once students are here, its size affects the opportunities available to them, as well as the kind of teaching they receive. In the end, it affects the lives they can lead.

Over the past 20 years, the University has more than doubled its endowment and at the same time invested more than $100 million in new facilities. This positions us well to move into the top ranks of national liberal arts colleges, but there is more that needs to be done. For Illinois Wesleyan to continue to attract top students and faculty, and to see its reputation and stature continue to grow, we must act now. PKP=HAJ@KSIAJP I=NGAPR=HQA eX[hb_d cWYWb[ij[h YWhb[jed Z[d_ied Z[fWkm YebehWZe \hWdab_dcWhi^Wbb ij$ebW\ h^eZ[i bWmh[dY[ a[doed _bb_de_im[ib[oWd Wk]kijWdW






The allocation from the University’s endowment is its second largest source of revenue following tuition income. A $72 million increase in the endowment, which is the Campaign’s goal, will add at least $4 million annually to the budget, allowing us to increase student financial aid, endow new professorships, and enhance the quality of our academic and co-curricular offerings. OKQN?AOKB NARAJQA jk_j_ed_dYec[0,,$-c_bb_ed [dZemc[djWbbeYWj_ed0/$+c_bb_ed m[ib[oWd\kdZ0)$.c_bb_ed ej^[h0'$(c_bb_ed

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crea ting o p po rt unit ies:

sup p or t i n g i n sp i r ed t eachi ng :

Scholarships and grants create opportunities that benefit both Illinois Wesleyan and the brightest and most deserving students. The students are able to afford an education that brings out their best, and the University community gains talent, enthusiasm, and diverse perspectives. And when our students goal graduate, the whole world gains.

Great teachers, active and engaged at the leading edges of their fields, are the lifeblood of a university and a tradition at Illinois Wesleyan. These faculty members form such close connections with their students that our graduates return, as alumni, to visit professors as well as classmates. Supporting the work of our best and bringing along a new generation of teacher-scholars is vital—to the future of the University, to the lives of our students, and goal to the many whose lives those students will touch.

endowm e n t fo r s t u d en ts

e nd owm e nt f or t h e f a c u l ty

$30 million


$20 million



T he W esleyan Fund

p rep aring fo r th e f ut ure:

endowm e n t fo r ex cellen ce The passion always to improve, to do more, can advance any enterprise to greatness. Illinois Wesleyan today is moving to the front ranks of the nation’s liberal arts colleges by increasing opportunities for student-faculty collaboration and enriching the academic experience in areas critical to student success—including goal writing, leadership, and research.

$22 million


very gift counts. However you choose to support Transforming Lives, you can help change a life. The Wesleyan Fund (Annual Fund) is an important part of the Campaign and a way that alumni and friends come goal together to support talented and deserving students. $26 Wesleyan Fund gifts are a key part of our annual budget million and help the University meet important needs—from funding scholarships and grants to enhancing academic 5ZQJDBMXBZTJOXIJDI programs and co-curricular offerings. Every gift to the UIF8FTMFZBO'VOE NJHIUCFVTFE Wesleyan Fund can truly transform a life.





C ampus F acilities

ur places reveal our priorities. Illinois Wesleyan’s campus speaks of a profound respect for young scholars and their teachers. But buildings must change to meet evolving needs. Today, at the heart of our liberal arts mission, we need to bring students, faculty, and technology goal together in a facility designed for general education. $27 We need to unite teaching and practice in a space that million is equal to our first-rate theatre program. And we need to create a residential facility that will keep students … (FOFSBM&EVDBUJPO $MBTTSPPN#VJMEJOH connected with the campus while they are transitioning XJMMSFQMBDF4IBX)BMM

into their lives beyond it. … 5IFBUSF"SUT$PNQMFY … 4UVEFOU"QBSUNFOU $PNQMFY


ma king it h appe n : o u r s h ared go als

Martin Smith Vice President for Advancement

campaign arises at the place where need and vision intersect. For Illinois Wesleyan, that place provides an opportunity for all of us who value the University’s mission. We know the transformative power of a first-rate liberal arts institution, yet we know also that + 0!,& 

transformation—of lives and institutions alike—cannot happen on its own. To achieve our goals, it is up to us to join together.

The Campaign for Illinois Wesleyan University

Illinois Wesleyan University P.O. Box 2900 Bloomington, IL 61702-2900 309-556-3248 ¡ 309-556-3413 fax

Illinois Wesleyan University Office of Advancement P.O. Box 2900 . Bloomington, IL 61702-2900 800-689-9743 . 309-556-3091

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Transforming Lives: The Campaign for Illinois Wesleyan University.

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