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About us Transform Communica.ons brings a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience to our clients. From thoughtleadership campaigns to full-service across all channels of communica.on, we help you get your message out to your market. With a background in journalism and, combined with experience in corporate PR and crisis management, we guide and advise our clients during all stages of their business development. During the past 10 years, we have developed a great business. We’re a small but highly talented team that grows as our clients need. That means you get senior level, each and every .me. We bring in specialists who are skilled in specific areas and matched to our clients. This gives us a flexibility and agility that larger agencies can’t replicate and smaller agencies can’t match. We are based just outside of Bath, easily accessible to the M4/ M5 and beyond.

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Your Communications Compass We tailor our services to the direc.on you're headed. Our core competencies are across brand, messaging, strategy & planning with campaign and communica.ons delivery. All of these four points are interconnected. • What you believe drives how you do business, which dictates what you do. • Your message needs to maRer to your market. Understanding your customers unlocks rich insights into your business. Your market takes ac.on. • By making the most of all channels, your customers hear what you’re saying, believe in what you do, support your business. • Engaging communica.on delivered to a campaign that’s fully mapped out, to a budget that’s affordable, to a .mescale that’s achievable.

Brand and Beliefs Your brand proposi.on should be at the heart of your and communica.ons. A strong brand is formed by your beliefs and what you believe drives how you do business. It dictates what you do. We work across strategic brand development, brand consultancy and proposi.on development. Recognising messages that maRer to your market. We changed ESiT to the brand ThankQ, a fundraising and membership CRM for the third sector. From internal workshops to customer research, we formulated a strong brand proposi.on, messaging and tone of voice. Taking the project from strategy through design to communica.on.

A mnemonic for Management Accountants for NGOs, we developed the proposi.on of ‘Plan well for the future, Use money well and Show money has been used well’ to unify dierent services. A new website, tone of voice and messaging brought Mango to life.

Messages and Markets We take a strategic approach to developing your brand, tone of voice and strategy by listening and engaging with your market. Using market research, customer proďŹ ling, messaging workshops and tone of voice prepara.on, we help you to understand your customers and unlock rich insights into your business. Your market takes ac.on. Instead of focussing on innova.on and crea.vity, customer research told us they wanted an easy and simple e-learning system. A new proposi.on, all new and communica.on materials and a redesigned website created a whole new energy to the company. PCL: Ten thousand psychometric test results - a gold mine of untapped data. So we devised a plan. Analyse all the insights and release the results in a thought-leadership report. Gather all clients, colleagues and prospects together at the RSA. Build a media campaign. Standing room only at a presenta.on for over 200 people. Stunning media coverage including The Guardian, The Evening Standard, The Financial Times and many others.

Strategy and Planning Different to the standard ‘go do’ agency, we challenge, advise, coach and partner to develop strategies and plans that op.mise your market value. Engaging campaigns delivered to a plan that’s fully mapped out, to a budget that’s affordable, to a .me scale that’s achievable. We were commissioned to be content strategists for new company MyLife Digital when they received £2million in funding to evolve their new technology pladorm and launch it to the market. Refining the brand’s proposi.on to the market and specific sectors, we develop in-depth thought-leadership content, market proposi.ons, product overviews and product specifica.ons. We worked with Professor Peter Hawkins on the publica.on of his seminal work 'Coaching, Mentoring and Organiza.onal Consultancy'. This broadened out into all of Bath Consultancy Group services including coaching, talent development, leadership and strategy consultancy. Five years later the company was sold to GP Strategies Ltd.

Strategy and planning A detailed plan - monthly, weekly or even daily - looks at ac?vi?es, responsibili?es and outcomes. This means we remain focussed.

For every client, we develop an in-depth plan which includes, and outcomes. This means we remain focussed. You know what you’re geeng. And it’s easy to report to the board the progress on campaigns. The below example is a template for launching an interna.onal event.

CAMPAIGNS & Communication Festo Training & Consul?ng helps manufacturers and engineering companies train and develop their people. Festo is the voice of people in manufacturing, talking about leadership development, employee engagement, change management and coaching and development. In addi.on, we’ve launched white papers, hosted conferences and workshops, developed videos and infographics, and managed email and social media campaigns. Our thought-leadership programme links Festo's reputa.on for world-class engineering to world-class people development. The research division of Sumitomo Chemical created a new form of an.-malaria treatment which can be impregnated into mosquito nets that last for seven years. Veronica ini.ated a project with Jon Snow, persuading him to run a year-long study in the Ugandan village of Namasagali. At the end of 12-months, the incidence of malaria in the village had fallen to zero. We organised for Channel 4 to take a ďŹ lm crew out to Africa which resulted in a special documentary, ar.cles in na.onal newspapers and Jon becoming an ambassador to combat malaria.

CAMPAIGNS & Communication When TMP Worldwide told us that they’d done a recruitment project for GCHQ embedding adverts into video games we knew we had a great story to work with. planning, great technology and a organisa.on that was willing to go on record. Amazing coverage followed from pieces in all of the na.onals, interviews on TV, stunning coverage in diverse publica.ons plus interna.onal coverage on all major networks.

Occupa.onal psychologists PCL had developed a new product - a tool that could measure your propensity for risk. We wanted to do something big to launch Risk-Type Compass. The problem was that we had no data. So we turned the media rela.ons approach on its head. We partnered with publica.ons to conduct research with their readers (financial services, IT, HR, business press etc). This gave us press aRen.on, ar.cles on the findings, and then overall research results on publica.on and launch of Risk-Type Compass.

CAMPAIGNS & Communication Every successful communica.ons strategy depends on a deep understanding of who you are, your market and your customer. Only then can you create and deliver messages that resonate with their needs and are inline with your own values. That's why at Transform Communica.ons we say we're / Market Driven.

written articles

press releases

research & white papers

video scripts

client stories

hosting webinars

email campaigns

speaking events

CAMPAIGNS AND COMMUNICATIONS We produce reports depending on the marke?ng plan and KPIs set up for each client.

We have developed a REC model to demonstrate 16000 campaign eec.veness. 14000 Reach: The number of people we reach out to on a 12000 monthly basis. 10000 Engagement: Where people take direct ac.on to 8000 6000 engage with our content and campaigns - enabling 4000 us to measure what gets your market talking. 2000 Conversion: qualiďŹ ed leads for the sales 0 team to follow-up.

Reach - by month





Conversions - by month

Engagement - by month 25

16000 14000


12000 10000




6000 4000


2000 0











Veronica Hannon Veronica operates at senior level, advising and on vision, values, strategy and delivering plans. She works with, listed PLCs, investment companies, fast growth businesses, start-ups, not for profits and social enterprises delivering PR and media rela.ons programmes. Veronica supports business leaders on their communica.ons — internally and externally — and is an extension to internal personnel. With her background in journalism and having worked in the HR sector for 17 years, she knows her stuff - and the people that you need to talk to. She is the person to turn to in .mes of crisis, managing reputa.ons through difficult .mes from employment tribunals, mass redundancy programmes, mergers and acquisi.ons, to customer service problems and technology issues. Veronica maintains a strong network of experienced consultants and experts across different specialisms. She’s a confident public speaker workshops for clients, internal presenta.ons, client presenta.ons and has appeared on two TedX pladorms. You can see her in ac.on here hRps://

Karolyn Andrews Karolyn is hugely experienced, cueng her teeth working in the not for profit sector in the UK and Australia. From in-house roles with the Leukaemia Founda.on of Australia to press officer at the Heart Founda.on, and Head of Communica.ons at Responsible Finance. Karolyn has also spent considerable .me in the public sector, working with both the NHS and civil service. Gaining valuable experience in, public rela.ons and employee engagement, leading complex projects involving internal and external stakeholders. Most recently, Karolyn has worked in agencies with big brands such as Cow & Gate and Aptamil delivering consumer research programmes, staff and member engagement campaigns, film produc.on, website and intranets, and mailings and social media.

Emma Walker Emma keeps us all on the straight and narrow. She manages the office with ruthless, but charming efficiency from organising systems and processes, diaries and dates, to ensuring all deadlines are met. She manages client events and exhibi.ons - everything from invita.ons to press pack crea.ons, to events with the team. A whizz with numbers, Emma is the go to person for all things financial. She's great at maximising our client's budgets, cleverly sourcing and liaising with different professionals to produce outstanding results that make us all smile.

Next steps We act as an integral extension of our clients’ teams. That means that we build really deep and rela.onships. We are also trusted in our opinions - both reinforcing and challenging regarding posi.oning in the market and development that will really deliver beneďŹ ts. I do hope this has given you some background informa.on about who we are and how we can help. Many thanks

Veronica Hannon, Founder & Director Transform Communica.ons Ltd E: W:


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An introduction transform communications march2018 b2b