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February 15, 2012

Forgiveness and You Forgiveness is a process. It is one of our biggest lessons as we travel through our human experience. It can be defined as “the process of concluding resentment, indignation, or anger as a result of a perceived offense, difference/mistake, and/or ceasing to demand punishment or restitution”. Forgiveness is a gift to our spirits, one that frees up our energy so that we can refocus and use that energy to build, develop and follow our truest path. We need to put forgiveness into perspective; it is about not allowing another’s actions to affect our life and our energy. Forgiveness allows for the release of hurt and anger, provides nourishment to our heart centres and facilitates our self love. It is not about allowing bad behaviour from others or forgetting about the incidents that brought pain; it is about releasing those negative emotions that do not belong to us and allowing karma and the Universe to impart the lessons for the other person as is their job. Holding onto negative emotions affects us not only mentally, emotionally and spiritually but also can manifest physically. Physical manifestations include: tension migraines/headaches, backache, joint pain, immune system suppression, decrease metabolism and can increase blood pressure. Why is it so difficult to release and forgive? Holding onto events is a defence mechanism from an ancient portion of our brain. The Amygdala or “reptilian brain” acts immediately at an offense and provides protection by building walls and holding the emotions within them. This action was beneficial when we needed to act on instinct, quickly, efficiently against other predators. Today this is not the case, we do not need to remember every offense or affront and build walls because the situations are different--no longer life or death. But our reptilian brain does not recognize this, thankfully our prefrontal cortex has developed and now we are able to view emotional situations with equanimity and have control over our emotional reactions.

What happens to our body when we release anger and welcome forgiveness? Our muscles relax. We breathe more easily. Our blood vessels open up; more oxygen enters our bloodstream. We feel as though a load has been taken off our chest. We sleep more deeply, more peacefully at night. Our body processes achieve equilibrium again and our energy fields become unblocked. We are no longer pouring energy into building walls; we can now re-direct energy towards building relationships, coherence and love. All of these mechanisms are possible because we are relaxed, our parasympathetic nervous system is engaged; relaxing our adrenal glands and reducing the amount of adrenal running through our bodies.

Forgiveness and the Chakra System Most of us have heard of our chakra system, they are energy centres that help to provide the energy we need to function and to live. There are 7 main centres that correspond along the physical body, from these 7 more chakra centres branch out further and further throughout our spiritual circle/aura. Today we will focus on the 7 main centres and how they can help facilitate the focus to create forgiveness. Root Chakra- The root resides at the perineum; it opens down towards the Earth. Its colour is red. The root is our foundation and represents our home base, stability, values etc. Relationships found at the Root include: familyespecially immediate family. Sacral Chakra-The sacral is located at the navel; it is open front to back. It’s colour is orange. The sacral centre is our seat of creative energy, sexuality and sensuality. Relationships found here include: individuals who we work with creatively, who have impacted our creativity, who we have sexual relationships with. Solar Plexus-The solar plexus is located in the solar plexus region of the body: it is open front to back. Its colour is yellow or gold. The solar plexus represents our personal power. Relationships found here include: work relationships, individuals who we give personal power to, relationships that have to do with money. Heart Chakra-The heart is located in the centre of the chest; it is open front to back. Its colour is pale green or pink. The Heart is the centre of our being. It is where our physical selves and our Higher selves come together, this is the centre of love, self love, love of others, love of man kind, love of the earth, it is a gentle flowing centre and that supports but is also easily hurt and the centre we most often create barriers around. Relationships found here include: all relationships and individuals we encounter will have an attachment here.

Throat Chakra-The throat chakra is located in the centre of the neck; it runs front to back. Its colour is blue. The throat is the centre of our communication, it is where we not only speak from our personal truth but also where our listening skills reside. It is the centre of wisdom. Relationships here include: teachers, individuals we do not speak honestly to, or who do not speak honestly with us. Third Eye Chakra-The third eye is located in the centre of the forehead; it runs front to back. Its colour is indigo. The third eye is the centre of our spiritual wisdom and intuition. Relationships/situations found here- times when we have gone against our intuition, individual who make us doubt our inner wisdom. Crown Chakra-The crown is located on the top of the head; it opens up and faces up towards the universe. Its colour is silver/white. The crown is the centre of our spiritual connection. Relationships/situations found here include: spiritual leaders, crisis of faith, individuals who abuse authority. Knowing the chakra’s is a great way to help focus your forgiveness. You can spend time with each chakra, focus first on its location, its colour. Meditate and allow it to come into focus, once you have established a relationship you can ask for healing and forgiveness to the relationships within it. Meditation is a great tool, if you are looking for more tips or need a guided meditation contact Danielle for a personal guided forgiveness meditation.

Forgiveness Tools: Affirmations- these are great tools to use daily. All you need to do is to repeat a positive thought/idea/goal in your mind or out loud. It is believed that the best way to create a paradigm shift in your mind is to say 10 affirmations 4 times a day for 40 days. This is optimal, but be kind on yourself and if you feel you can only do it once in the mornings then do it as fits your lifestyle best! Some examples of affirmations: I forgive myself and release my past to its highest spiritual progression path. I forgive and communicate Love, easily and effortlessly now. I now liberate my past from my mind, body and affairs. I AM free! I forgive my family and embrace them with Love and compassion. I AM grateful for my ability to easily forgive. My forgiving nature is contagious. I set my past free and forgive myself for my participation I am forgiveness I have a free and open heart, forgiveness is within me

Write a letter- writing is a great release tool. You can write a letter to the person, state how you feel, why you feel that way and if you want provide a solution to the situation. Once done you can burn it (safely!!!) or bury it, allowing the intention that you release your emotions and that the Universe hear your concerns and possible resolution, hand it over and leave it be!

Call on your Angelic Team- Sit quietly and ask your angels/guides to come in. Now picture in your mind the situation or individual- imagine angels wings surrounding you and when ready release the situation to the angel wings allowing them to float away to the light. The angel wings will carry away all energy and take them to be transformed for a Higher purpose.

*** Remember! Often time’s forgiveness is required for yourself. Give yourself love and always forgive yourself.

The Sacred Self Newsletter is written by Danielle Hughes CRMT Holistic Health Practitioner. Each week a new publication with be provided with a different topic in personal and or spiritual development.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions for topics? Contact Danielle For more information on Forgiveness contact Danielle directly at Personalized spiritual plans available long distance and in person. Danielle is a holistic health practitioner who works at Let it Heal Cambridge. She provides services, classes and workshops in spiritual healing and relaxational bodywork. Let it Heal Cambridge 26 Swastika Trail Cambridge ON

Forgiveness and You  

Exploring Forgiveness and Spiritual Health

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