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Discover How to Access & Activate Your Inner Wisdom Through Simple And Effortless Practices designed To Uncover Your Passions And Live Your Gifts

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It’s Why We’re Here Creating pathways to your dreams By Discovering Your Passions and Activating Your Gifts

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Shajen Joy Aziz, M.Ed. Mother, Author, Educator, Humanitarian Transformational Leader Transformational Inc. 1450 S. Point View St. Los Angeles, CA 90035 323-937-0102

8 Steps to Discovering and Activating Your Gift A 2 day seminar focused on reconditioning negative feelings, thoughts and behaviors and replacing them with positive ones through personal practices designed to open your heart and re-connect your new thoughts and inner wisdom to realize your true potential. At your core is your deepest dream and that dream is your Ultimate Gift awaiting its Discovery.  Open your heart and begin to unfold  Reconnect with your true essence  Rediscover your New Thought and Inner Wisdom  Address your fears that stop you from moving forward and step beyond them  Recondition your mind and emotions with positive thoughts, feelings and behaviors replacing old patterns and beliefs with new ones  Discover your Gift through the acknowledgment of your passions  Sharing your Gifts and Being of Service  creates fulfillment, joy , and connectedness

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for you and those around you through sharing what you enjoy most Discover The Gift in all circumstances Recalculate your filters to the world to allow your dreams to be delivered. Get rid of negative thought patterns, habits, and beliefs through simple personal practices that include: Wiping off the bad energy and replacing it with good thoughts and feelings about yourself and those around you. Become a positive thinker and an active player in your life Forgiveness because it transforms your soul Rediscover energy and understand how everything is energy. Universal Spiritual Laws Practices designed to support your awareness Become Present to your Presence Use the tools and laws shared with you to support you in your constant course correction, because we know life is organic not linear Get in touch with your passions. Your Passions are the breadcrumbs which lead you to your Gifts. Learn to become aware of self -blame and how to get rid of it.

Everyone has a Gift to give and it is You and Your Deepest Dream! Many People today are afraid of the unknown, of moving ahead. Our society has become crisis driven and fear based. One of the major problems in peoples' lives because of this is the overwhelming amount of stress they experience. Due to the emotional and physical turmoil our world is under and the fact that spiritual awakening is becoming more present than ever on our planet; it is now that we must begin to educate about New Thought Inner Wisdom. People must be able to feel that they have meaning in their lives and that their presence here is beneficial. When we realize our presence is beneficial our self-worth begins to blossom, our self-esteem begins to unfold and it is there that our willingness to share is born freely. My goal is to support the unfoldment of meaning in people's lives with the intent that the discovery of their true essence and Gifts will not only create abundance for themselves, also for those around them. When our society is working from this place of Win for me, Win for you, and Win for others, it is then that the transformation of our planet can begin to take hold on a major grassroots level.

This program supports the reconditioning of negative thoughts, patterns, and beliefs and replaces them with good feelings and thoughts as well as practices to create positive life patterns and styles. Our core curriculum facilitates a deeply powerful yet simple approach to access your inner guidance and learn to trust your inner voice. If not for ourselves then for our children

Testimonials: Shajen Joy Aziz is an enlightening, author, educator, vibrant speaker and coach. She exudes warmth and kindness, and is able to teach and explain deep wisdom and daily tools for having a joyful and fulfilling life you love in an applicable, encouraging way that excites her audience to move forward fearlessly in their lives. Kim Somers Egelsee, Inspirational Speaker/ Life Coach ( “Shajen is very bright and a fast learner, able to read the culture and procedures of a new workplace swiftly and accurately. These skills

were put to the test immediately, as our year began with a series of challenging student situations, some at crisis level for the young people involved. Even though she was brand new on the job, Shajen proved highly effective in addressing these needs, working tirelessly with students, families, and school and agency personnel. She approached volatile and confusing situations with a calm, compassionate professionalism that helped everyone involved settle down and think more clearly. She was persevering, resourceful, and caring in her management of these cases, and we were deeply grateful for her presence.” -Martha Jane Rich, Head of School - Thetford Academy, Vermont “Her enthusiastic support and strong verbal skills in advocating for students are always front and center, even when she is responding quickly to bullying or disruptive outbreaks with students she does not know. [...] She once walked into a disruptive study center and was able, just through her presence, to create a quiet and organized study atmosphere. [...] She possesses a rare combination of administrative skills, teaching experience, clinical skills, strong student advocacy, alternative education program planning, and social skills.” Sally Shipton, Director of Guidance, Thetford Academy, Vermont “When we set out to look for a person to manage a planning room, take a leading role in

the elementary school, and deliver support, counseling, and discipline, I never believed that we would be able to find someone with the degree of experience, the skill set and knowledge of children with behavioral challenges, and such a calm, kind, forgiving, and creative spirit. We are blessed with your presence.” Karl Stein, Principal, Chelsea Public School, Vermont “Shajen has a gift and when working with students she encourages and supports them to help promote self-esteem, academic integrity, and a more positive school environment.[...] Shajen is able to recognize and understand how schools and families need to interface and has worked to improve communication and accountability on both ends. Shajen’s expertise in the area of crisis prevention and educational support has helped our school become more efficient, effective, and safe.” Barrett Williams, Assistant Principal, Chelsea Public School, Vermont “Shajen’s passion is being an advocate for children and families. Her goals reside in helping children receive the education they deserve while helping them develop the skills they need to be successful in the world at large. Her innate qualities of honesty and integrity are unparalleled. Shajen conducts herself with honor and takes great pride in serving children, and in doing so, allows those she works with to achieve the same. The

students she serves and the systems she works in are made stronger and better from her input, experience, and presence.” Erica Pearson, Student Assistance Counselor, Chelsea Public School, Vermont “She demonstrates an incredible understanding of the students’ emotional needs and how they impact their academic and daily functioning.” Leora E. Black, Counseling Connection, Vermont “Shajen creates a climate that empowers students to be responsible independent learners. She is a great advocate for students in helping them learn new and productive ways to get their needs met as well as advocating on their behalf.” Catherine Bell, Assistant Special Education Director, Hartford School District, Vermont “Shajen has always impressed me with her courage and her compassion for some of the most troubled youth in our society. [...] Shajen has high standards. She expects the best from herself, her workplace, and the clients she serves. And what is more - she gets it.” David Burggraff, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist “Her many skills include the ability to reach and effect change in the most challenging of cases. She is able to balance her compassion and warmth with firm and consistent management of difficult behaviors. She is intelligent, diligent, creative, and passionate

about her work. [...] She works with integrity, courage, and great respect and thoughtfulness of her families and children.” Eleanor Anderson, Psychologist Master Area Manager, Community Mental Health Center, White River Junction, VT “Shajen has passion. The excitement and enthusiasm she shows when working with students and their families is authentic. It is real and it is contagious.” Scott M. O’Hearn, MSW, School Counselor, Thetford Academy, VT

Discover the Gift Seminar Flyer  
Discover the Gift Seminar Flyer  

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