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Two $6,000 Transfer Times Scholarships are awarded per academic year to qualifying students from community colleges. You could be the next winner!* (See contest details inside.)

Entry deadline is December 1, 2015.

Congratulations Hayden Hayes Our Spring Transfer Times Scholarship winner in Ohio! Hayden graduated from Zane State College and had this to say:

With several years of education ahead of me, I am very grateful for any and all scholarships. I really appreciate receiving the Transfer Times scholarship. For Hayden’s full profile and those of all scholarship winners, refer to the article on page 9 or visit to read Transfer Student Stories.

2015 graduate Brittany Reese is one of 1,079 students who were awarded degrees this past spring at Ashland University.

Transfer Information For:

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Capital University.............................. 4 Lawrence Technological University.... 6 Miami University................................ 7 Ohio Christian University................. 10 Ohio Dominican University.............. 11 Ashland University.......................... 12 : Fall 2015 : Transfer Times Ohio Edition : TRANSFER TIMES

4 Year School Comparison Guide Key Areas to Compare

Use this table to help evaluate and take notes on your top transfer destination schools. Visit to view school profiles that

address the areas listed below. Work with your academic advisor and contact transfer schools to determine which school is best for you.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

School Name City, State Phone / Contact Do they offer my major? # of Credits that will Transfer Admissions Requirements

Deadlines Financial Aid Tuition & Fees Notes Overall Ranking

Financial Aid Resources Online Clearly, the Internet has become an important source of information in recent years. And, just as obviously, the federal government now plays an important role in helping students and their parents finance college.

If you already have a federally funded student loan, or may be getting one in the future, here are some government-operated websites that could be very helpful. This is a good starting point, with general information on federal student financial assistance. This is the Direct Loan home page, with information on the U.S. Department of Education’s lending programs. This includes information on student loan consolidation.

Provides eligibility information, a worksheet for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the FAFSA application itself that you can print out OR complete and submit right online! If you need to know anything about student loans... you need to know about FAFSA! If you already have a student loan, you can access your specific loan data, including a Financial Aid Review. Got a problem or concern regarding your student loan? Here’s the website to go to for addressing student loan problems or issues. An important part of the website just listed, this site provides information on how to identify potential scholarship scams.

And here’s another great website provided by the government with lots of great information on many different topics related to college life: Information includes, but isn’t limited to:

• Planning your education • Career development • Campus life • Paying for your education • Even online study help!

This site is a joint effort of several U.S. government agencies and provides LOTS of information. As you can see, the Department of Education and other government agencies maintain sites that can be very informative and very helpful when it comes to financing your education or many other topics.

Check them out!

Visit to enter the scholarship, view school profiles, and read articles. 2 : Fall 2015 : Transfer Times Ohio Edition : TRANSFER TIMES SCHOLARSHIP

A $6,000 Scholarship Could Be Yours!

Visit today and enter to win. A winner will be selected at random from all entries to receive the $6,000 Transfer Times Scholarship. Be sure to enter by the deadline: December 1, 2015! The winning entry will be drawn soon after the deadline.

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Entry deadline is December 1, 2015. Don’t put it off – Enter today! The rules are pretty simple: Scholarship must be applied to any college or university that advertises in the Transfer Times. The winning entry will be selected at random soon after the entry deadline. 1. T  o enter, you must be enrolled at a two-year community college or technical

college in Transfer Times distribution area (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin). 2. O  ne entry per person is permitted. Only online entries will be accepted. 3. T  he scholarship must be used within two years of the date on which the winner is announced. 4. E  nrollment as a full time student at a fouryear college or university that advertises in the Transfer Times is required. 5. This scholarship is non-transferable. All admissions requirements and other college or university rules must be met. 6. T  his program is administered entirely by the Transfer Times and the four-year school’s financial aid office. All decisions are the sole responsibility of Transfer Times. All decisions are final.

Enter the $6,000 Scholarship Contest online!

Visit to enter online and request 4-year college information.

Let’s Take a Quick Look at the Job Outlook If there’s one piece of advice to consider when thinking about a college major or a future career, it would absolutely have to be this: Do something you truly enjoy doing.

Bureau of Labor Statistics. There’s lots more information in this publication as well, including job search tips and more detailed information on many types of jobs. AND... it’s all available and downloadable from the Internet. Go to to get it all.

If you are unhappy in your work, there’s a pretty good chance this dissatisfaction will affect other aspects of your life as well. After all, you’re probably going to be spending about half of the time you’re awake either at work or traveling to or from work. Do something you like and find meaningful!

Now, let’s explain the terms Fastest Growing Occupations and Occupations with the Largest Numerical Increases. If, for instance, an occupation had 1,000 workers in 2008 and it is predicted that another 1,000 workers will be added by 2018, that’s a 100 percent increase in the occupation. It’s a very fastgrowing occupation.

Having said that, job growth and job security may also merit some careful consideration. Here’s a look at the Fastest Growing Occupations and the Occupations with the Largest Numerical Increases predicted between 2008 and 2018.

Great information for free The information is from the Occupational Outlook Handbook, published by the U.S.

On the other hand, a second occupation may have 500,000 workers and is predicted to add 100,000 more by 2018. That’s only a 20 percent increase, but it’s many more people entering the occupation than the 1,000 new employees entering the first occupation. Refer to the box at the right to look at the data both ways.

Fastest Growing Occupations with Largest Percent Increase: 2008-2018 • Biomedical Engineers • Network Systems and Data • Communications Analysts • Financial Examiners • Athletic Trainers • Computer Software Engineers/Applications

Occupations with Largest Numerical Increase (Adding Jobs) 2008-2018 • Registered Nurses (B.S.N./A.D.N.) • Accountants and Auditors • Elementary School Teachers (except Special Education) • Computer Software Engineers/Applications • Network Systems & Data • Communications Analysts

Visit to enter the scholarship, view school profiles, and read articles. 3 : Fall 2015 : Transfer Times Ohio Edition : CAPITAL UNIVERSITY

Are You Ready to Make the Move to Capital?

Transfer students are an important part of Capital University and bring a variety of different college experiences to the community of 2,750 undergraduate learners. We love our transfers because of the different perspective you bring to our campus and our community. Whether you are a first-semester transfer or you have just completed your associate’s degree, Capital can meet your educational needs. We offer a quick and easy admission process with a focus on you. And our faculty and staff are committed to making the completion of your bachelor’s degree their priority.

A Capital education can be affordable Transferring to a new college can be daunting. But that’s where we come in.

Capital has years of experience on our admission and financial aid teams. Affordability is a priority across the university, so if you want to attend Capital, we want to make it happen.

all General Education courses completed (with the exception of Religion and Ethical Issues), allowing you more time to focus on your major.

The admission application doubles as the scholarship application for admitted transfer students. Scholarship opportunities include a full-tuition Transfer Fellowship (competitive), a half-tuition Phi Theta Kappa award, Presidential Scholarships and additional targeted scholarships and grants. Other financial aid may be available based on your FAFSA results.

We have more than 60 majors and 50 minors. We encourage you to round out your classroom education by taking advantage of some of our 90+ student organizations, including academic, athletic and social groups.

Faculty advising At Capital, every course is taught by a professor, not a graduate student. Those same faculty members serve as academic advisers who help you create a degree plan and work with you as a mentor through graduation and beyond. As a matter of fact, one of the most important relationships you will have on campus will be with your faculty adviser.

Transfer of credits Capital has strong articulation agreements with community colleges throughout the state, allowing you to transfer in many credits toward your degree. Your credits will never expire and all courses (except developmental level) with a grade of C- or above will transfer. Students completing an associate’s degree along with the Ohio Transfer Module, will have

Majors and campus activities

Located near Columbus Our location benefits you in every way. Located a short drive from Ohio’s capital city, we offer numerous opportunities for research, service-learning, internships, student teaching and clinical experiences.

Apply now Come check us out! Capital offers specialized transfer orientation days and tailors programs to your needs the second (or third!) time around. Want more information? Go to If you’re ready to make the move to Capital, apply for free at We accept transfer applications all year for admission to fall, spring or summer terms. Make sure you’re familiar with our transfer student admission requirements, and check out the next steps so you know what to expect.

MAKE THE MOVE TO CAPITAL. Come check out our campus. Schedule a visit today and get to know Capital better.

Our friendly students and dedicated faculty, coupled with a strong commitment to academic excellence and individualized attention, make Capital an ideal environment to complete your degree.

Phi Theta Kappa Half-Tuition Award and scholarships up to full tuition for entering transfer students. Easy transfer of courses from community colleges. Individualized degree-completion plans developed with faculty advisers. Location near Ohio’s state capital and largest city allows for numerous opportunities for internships, student teaching and clinical experiences. Free tutoring services and study-strategy workshops offered.

Admission Office | 1 College and Main | Columbus, OH 43209

1-866-544-6175 •

866-544-6175 | | 4 : Fall 2015 : Transfer Times Ohio Edition : TRANSFER TIMES

Seven Steps to a Great Campus Visit With a little planning in advance, a visit to a four-year college or university campus can be very informative... and even fun! A campus visit is an important part of finding the college or university that’s best for you. Admissions counselors are happy to arrange such visits and urge potential transfer students to visit the campus. Here are some suggestions for making your campus visit as productive as possible.

1. Do some soul searching. What is it you really want out of college anyway? What’s important to you? Is it critical that you make the golf team or is it more important to be able to do original research in physics? Do you want to transfer to a college or university which provides opportunities for great spiritual growth? Do you want to be able to go home every weekend or is this a good time to broaden horizons and get out on your own more? There are many other questions to consider, but the point is this: You can’t find what you’re looking for until you KNOW what you’re looking for. Put your primary goals in a list, with the most important items first.

2. Make an appointment. Don’t just show up at a four-year college or university expecting someone to automatically assist you. Call the admissions office at least two weeks in advance and make an appointment. Using your priorities list, indicate what you’d like to see and do (talk to the golf coach, visit the physics lab, etc.). It may not be possible to see and do all the things you’d like – but it’ll be a lot more likely if the admissions counselors at the school you’re visiting KNOW IN ADVANCE what your interests are. Also, ask them for suggestions on things to see and do. After all, they know more about their college or university than most anyone else.

3. Talk to people. A guided tour is certainly helpful, but visiting oneon-one is even more helpful. And talk to the right people about the right things. If you want to know about the biology curriculum, visit with a faculty member in the biology department. If you have financial aid questions, don’t expect the biology professor to know the answers. If you want to know about social life on campus, visit with students.

4. Get involved. If time permits, take in a ball game. Or attend a

class or two. Or go to a student social event or activity. Perhaps spend a night in the dorm and/or eat in the cafeteria. In short, put yourself in the place of a current student a bit. You’ll get a better “feel” for a college or university in this way.

5. Handle the technical stuff. If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to get going on matters such as financial aid packages, credit transfer, perhaps even a tentative class schedule. If you haven’t sent transcripts already, you may want to bring them with you (check with the admissions staff when you set up an appointment). And don’t forget, the very best time to begin working on financial aid matters was yesterday; the second best time is NOW.

6. Check the living conditions. If you’ll be living in a dorm, at least visit a dorm and, better yet, spend the night. Eat a meal or two in the cafeteria. If you’re considering living off-campus, get some idea of what your rent dollar will buy. What’s available in your price range? Check the newspaper, or with a rental agency or real estate office. Another option is to visit with current students who are living in housing off campus.

Check on transportation, especially if you’ll be living off campus. Is there a bus system? If you plan to have a car, is there parking? What costs are associated with a car on campus?

7. Take notes ... maybe some photos. You may want to write some observations during your visit. Take your camera or use your cell phone to take some campus photos. Transfer them to your computer when you return so they can serve as a reminder. You also will find it helpful to think a bit about your visit and write down some general impressions right after it’s over. What was the best part of your visit? Were there any issues or problem areas? Overall, how do you feel about this particular place?

Campus visits are important and with a little extra effort you can have a very informative and helpful one. Best wishes on finding the transfer school that’s just right for you!

Visit to enter the scholarship, view school profiles, and read articles. 5 : Fall 2015 : Transfer Times Ohio Edition : LAWRENCE TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY

Possible is Everything The Brookings Institution ranks Lawrence Technological University fifth among U.S. colleges and universities for boosting graduates’ earning potential. Payscale. com reports that salaries of LTU bachelor’s graduates are among the top 100 of all U.S. universities. Lawrence Tech provides a rigorous, high-quality education – an education that clearly pays off. Equally important, over 80 percent of students are employed by the date of their graduation, nearly double the national average.

The University LTU is a private, 4,500-student university that offers more than 100 innovative programs in Colleges of Architecture and Design, Arts and Sciences, Engineering, and Management – all featuring exceptional exposure to theory and practice. As a student, you’ll benefit from small class sizes, with classes, studios, and labs taught by faculty with current industry experience. Lawrence Tech is ranked among the nation’s

Student Life

best universities by U.S. News & World Report and The Princeton Review. The University’s distinctive Leadership Program helps you develop an entrepreneurial spirit and a global view while providing a practical, marketable advantage. You can gain critical thinking, teamwork, and communication skills that employers want.

More than 60 student clubs and organizations, including fraternities, sororities, honor societies, and student chapters of professional groups, sponsor a variety of activities. LTU NAIA, ACHA, MCLA, NWLL, and USBC athletics includes men’s and women’s basketball, volleyball, soccer, lacrosse, bowling, ice hockey, golf, tennis, and cross country, as well as women’s softball, and men’s baseball. You can also show your Blue Devil spirit as a member of the pep band or dance team. Intramural leagues and tournaments in 14 sports are active. Club sports include lacrosse, mixed martial arts, and biking. LTU’s Don Ridler Field House is open to all students and features a fitness track, gymnasium, racquetball courts, game room, saunas, and weight and conditioning room.

Leading-edge Facilities You will receive a high-end personal computer customized with all the unique, professional software you need through Lawrence Tech’s LTuZone program, a benefit valued up to $15,000. LTU’s high-tech, 102-acre campus features housing and recreational amenities, as well as state-of-the-art learning facilities, including the Center for Innovative Materials Research; architectural and design studios; a structural testing center; a wind tunnel; wood, metal, and model shops; a 4 x 4 chassis dynamometer; labs for alternative energy, robotics, biomedical research, graphics; and much more.

The University’s three residence halls provide all utilities, wireless Internet access, basic cable TV, access to the university network, and free parking.

You can also benefit from co-ops, internships, projects, competitions, and applied research partnerships. Expand your portfolio by entering a variety of intercollegiate competitions, such as bridge building and assembling, designing zero-energy homes, robotics, and constructing concrete canoes. Blue Devil Motorsports teams design, build, and race Formula, Formula Hybrid, Baja, SuperMileage, and aero design vehicles.

Apply Now For more information about becoming a Blue Devil, contact Lawrence Tech’s Office of Admissions at 800.225.5588 or, watch the “Students’ View of LTU” video at, or visit Ready to apply now? Go to


EnginEErs, architEcts, sciEntists, and Brainiacs. Lawrence Technological University isn’t for just anyone. We want the future designers, engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs who will create the innovations of tomorrow. If you believe that everything is possible, and that possible is everything, we want you at LTU. Flexible day, evening, and weekend classes available on campus and online. Learn more about LTU’s smooth transfer process and scholarships for transfer students at LTU ranks fifth among U.S. colleges and universities for boosting graduates’ earning power. – Brookings Institution POSSIBLE IS EVERYTHING. Architecture and Design | Arts and Sciences | Engineering | Management

Lawrence Technological University | 21000 West Ten Mile Road, Southfield, MI 48075-1058 | 800.225.5588 | |

Admission Office | 21000 West Ten Mile Rd. | Southfield, MI 48075

800-225-5588 | | 6 : Fall 2015 : Transfer Times Ohio Edition : MIAMI UNIVERSITY

The Ohio Public University with Powerful Outcomes A smart investment

Miami University — one of eight original public ivies — has a national reputation for a superior educational experience and professional preparation of our students. In fact, U.S. News & World Report ranks Miami #1 among public universities for its exceptionally strong commitment to undergraduate teaching, and second overall behind Princeton (tied with William and Mary). ranks Miami first in Ohio among public universities for best return on (tuition) investment.

Transfer students at Miami Each year, more than 350 students transfer to Miami. Special services include: • Transfer orientation allows students to meet advisers, faculty, and others transferring to Miami.




Personal guidance, professional skills Miami students receive personal attention and guidance from our most experienced professors, because teaching is always their first priority. Fiske Guide to Colleges 2016 recognizes Miami for “professors’ knowledge and willingness to help” in its “Best and Most Interesting Colleges and Universities” list.

Magnet for employers The quality of our graduates and our academic reputation give Miami a solid base of employers significantly larger than most universities our size. Nearly twice as many employers recruit at Miami and conduct four times as many on-campus interviews. In fact, Miami sponsors one of the nation’s largest career fairs. With these resources and a robust career preparation program that begins in a student’s first semester on campus, it’s no surprise that, 97.6% of 2013-2014 graduates were employed or continuing their education by fall 2014.

24/7 student life Miami also offers vibrant residential and communitybased programs that build leadership and develop

Scholarships available 85% of current transfer students receive some form of financial assistance from state, federal, or university funds. Miami also offers scholarships specifically for transfer students.

Visit Miami University There’s no better way to learn about Miami than by attending Transfer Preview Day, an event designed specifically for transfer students. Receive a transfer credit evaluation; learn about the application process, financial aid and scholarships, and housing options; and meet current transfer students. Look for Transfer Preview Days and other on-campus visit opportunities at

For more information Contact us at or 513-529-2531 or visit





15 .S

• An optional one-credit hour course to familiarize yourself with Miami.

citizenship, character, and lifelong friendships. With more than 475 student organizations, strong internship opportunities, sporting events, and student performances, there’s something for everyone. Whatever you choose, you’ll always be doing, growing, and developing.








• Residence hall community for transfer students.



Learn more about Miami University and our scholarship opportunities for transfer students.

TransferTimesAd.indd 1

Office of Admission | Campus Avenue Building | Oxford, OH 45056 7

7/24/15 3:48 PM

513-529-2531 | | : Fall 2015 : Transfer Times Ohio Edition : TRANSFER TIMES

How to Prep for Your Transfer Like any student, you have many important questions that need to be answered before you apply to a four-year school, such as: time to complete your bachelor’s degree, the number of credits that will transfer, and the cost of attending the college. You also want to make sure that your transfer destination will fit your lifestyle and overall career goals. To help your decision making process, here are five quick tips for how to best prep for transferring from a two year school to a four year school.

1. Ask for advice. If you haven’t done so already, seek out your advisors, professors, faculty members, and professionals in your desired field of study. Ask questions about their education and professional life, so you can understand what a career might be like. Reach out to family and friends to ask if they know of contacts who may be of help. Don’t be afraid to contact someone you don’t know. Many people love to give advice and answer questions about themselves!

2. Start your research early. Do you have any dream schools that you want to attend? Be sure to look at the school’s overall requirements AND those of a specific academic program. Specific programs, such as business, engineering or sciences, may have higher GPA requirements than the overall school. Advance research within specific majors at a potential transfer school can help focus your coursework and provide motivation to earn good grades. Look at tuition and fees, net price calculators, scholarship opportunities, and financial aid to assess the overall cost.

3. Connect with potential transfer schools early on.

5. Take the right courses the first two years.

Go to their website, social media accounts, join their email / mailing list, contact admissions, and even schedule a campus visit.

Paying careful attention to your class schedule is beneficial to receiving the most transfer credit at a four year institution. Look at prerequisites at your target four year schools, check out state transfer information systems for credit transfer, and ask your advisors for specific advice on which classes to take.

According to Jonathan Feld, Director at Milwaukee Area Technical College, “It’s ideal for students to connect with four-year schools as early as possible, so they know in advance what’s needed.” The more research you do early on, the better prepared you will be to meet key application deadlines and be on your way to a smooth transfer.

4. Meet with your academic advisor. Whether you have a major or not, your academic advisor can help make sure you are taking classes that will likely fulfill general education requirements. They can also give you suggestions on how to choose a major and will be able to direct you to other campus resources specific to your needs and goals. Advisors are there to help, so be sure to meet with them to guide your studies. Be sure to take advantage of the many resources available, including information on tutoring, study skills, articulation/transfer agreements, and even transfer scholarships.

It’s ideal for students to connect with fouryear schools as early as possible, so they know in advance what’s needed. – Jonathan Feld, Director at Milwaukee Area Technical College

Visit to enter the scholarship, view school profiles, and read articles. 8 : Fall 2015 : Transfer Times Ohio Edition : TRANSFER TIMES

Transfer Student Stories

Profiles of Spring 2015 Edition Scholarship Winners Congratulations to May 2015 Scholarship Winners! Read on to meet them. Iowa Winner: Kyle Chapman

Kyle is a 2014 graduate of Johnston High School, where he was a member of the National Honor Society, in band and choir and on the soccer, football and track teams. He also worked part-time at a supermarket.

Kyle then enrolled at the Ankeny campus of Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC), where he is on the dean’s list, in the honors program and a member of Phi Theta Kappa honor society. He now works approximately 24 hours a week as a church custodian and is paying for college himself. Kyle is evaluating his transfer options and considering the University of Iowa and a major in political science. His hobbies include history and music. “The scholarship is great!” Kyle said. “I have friends who already are deep in debt with student loans. I’m trying to stay debt-free which is why I decided to start at a community college then transfer for my bachelor’s degree. The scholarship will really help. It will take some of the burden off.”

Upper Midwest Winner: Ginger Sternweis

A 2001 high school graduate, Ginger began working at the local hospital in the food and nutrition services area. “I worked various jobs there, but after a while I felt like I wanted something more. I switched to working as an assistant teacher in a child care center. I did that for five years and liked what I was doing but still felt like there was something more for me, which would take more education. So I enrolled at UW-Marshfield/ Wood County for the spring semester in 2014.”

By taking summer classes Ginger completed an AAS degree in liberal arts this past May. During her time at UW-Marshfield to date, Ginger has held a work-study job as receptionist in the Student Affairs office, has worked in the college bookstore, and works off-campus for a family as a nanny. Ginger has decided to continue her education at UWMarshfield in a relatively new program there offering a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science degree. She explains, “It’s a Bachelor’s of Arts and Science degree program, centered on professional development by including internships and service learning and a year-long senior capstone.

This degree offers me experiences and learning in variety of different areas. This will allow me to apply these skills and ‘hit the ground running’ as I enter the workforce.”

Illinois Winner: Jenny Baumgart

Jenny is a 2014 graduate of Mt. Carmel High School where she was regularly on the Honor Roll. She also participated in volleyball and was on student council, yearbook, and a member of the Future Business Leaders of America. The summer after graduating Jenny enrolled at Wabash Valley College in Mt. Carmel, where she carried at least 18 credits each semester, allowing her to receive her A.S. degree at the end of this past summer session. Jenny received a Presidential Scholarship to attend Wabash Valley College, based on her high school grade point average, ACT score and class rank. At Wabash Valley College, while carrying her heavy course load, Jenny maintained a 3.92 GPA. And she also worked at a fast food restaurant between 25 and 35 hours most weeks during part of high school and through her time at Wabash Valley. Jenny is now enrolled at a state university in Illinois with plans to major in Communication Disorders and Sciences. “I’m very grateful for the scholarship,” Jenny said. “Thanks to Transfer Times!”

Indiana Winner: Everett Berry Jr.

Everett moved from Gary to Fort Wayne last January and is a 2013 graduate of Lew Wallace STEM Academy in Gary, where he was on the JV and Varsity football teams, participated in marching band and pep band, and was a member of the STEM City Geeks, a web design club. After high school he attended Ivy Tech in Gary while working full-time as a technician and salesperson at a tire store. He transferred to another store in the same chain and is continuing his education at Ivy Tech in Fort Wayne, where he is working on an associate’s degree in engineering technology. Everett’s goal then is to transfer to a four-year college and earn a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. Through Transfer Times, Everett requested information on St. Joseph’s College and is now considering his transfer options. “Either way, money for college will be great,” Everett said. “I am very thankful.”

Ohio Winner: Hayden Hayes

Hayden is a 2013 graduate of Zanesville High School, where he was regularly on the honor roll, was a member of Key Club, and part of the golf team. Hayden then enrolled at Zane State College where he was consistently on the dean’s list and graduated Summa Cum Laude this past May with an A.S. degree. Since 2011 Hayden has worked part-time during the school year and full-time summers at a local golf course, serving as an assistant in the pro shop. In addition to golf, Hayden enjoys snowboarding. He is now enrolled at a university in Ohio with plans to major in biomedical studies and then continue to either medical school or study veterinary medicine. “With several years of education ahead of me, I am very grateful for any and all scholarships,” Hayden said. “I really appreciate receiving the Transfer Times scholarship.”

Michigan Winner: Rebecca Goodno Rebecca lives in the country near Conklin, Michigan, located about half way between Grand Rapids and Muskegon. She attended high school in nearby Ravenna, graduating in 2014.

In high school, Rebecca was class president four years and was on the prom committee. She participated in volleyball, track, cross-country and FFA and was regularly on the honor roll. Rebecca now attends Muskegon Community College. She is also a student worker in the college’s public relations department where she handles a wide range of tasks, including writing stories, taking photos of college events, and maintaining the calendar of upcoming events online. This fits well into Rebecca’s plans to ultimately earn a bachelor’s degree in public relations/communications. She is currently considering her transfer options. In addition to her work at college, Rebecca works summers at a nearby RV park and has raised pigs and lambs for 4-H, which were sold to earn money for college. “Any money for college is a great help,” Rebecca said. “It’s challenging to balance school and work and anything that helps lighten my work time is greatly appreciated.”

Will you be the Next Winner?

Be sure to enter the NEW $6000 scholarship contest online! One lucky winner will be selected in DECEMBER 2015.

Visit to enter the scholarship, view school profiles, and read articles. 9 : Fall 2015 : Transfer Times Ohio Edition : OHIO CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY

Convenient, Quality, Affordable Education with a Christian Worldview Ohio Christian University is committed to offering a complete education that develops students intellectually, professionally and spiritually. OCU offers degree programs for traditional undergraduate students, graduate students, and adult and online students. All programs are designed to equip students to become leaders in their careers, communities, families, and the world.

edition to the growing campus is the new student center featuring a dining hall, auxiliary gym, bookstore, cafĂŠ and recreation room. Students in the on-campus program experience the OCU Family made up of 600 traditional students and study in the areas of Business & Government, Disaster Management, Education, Interdisciplinary Studies, Ministry, Music and Social Sciences. They grow in ethical character development through a focus on service and ministry and compete on 12 NAIA athletic teams.

More than 3700 students attend Ohio Christian University, making OCU one of the fastest-growing universities in the nation. Located in Circleville, Ohio, just 30 miles south of Columbus, the main campus features new facilities for athletics, studying, dining and living. The latest

The College of Adult and Graduate Studies offers associate, bachelor, and master degrees in an accelerated degree program format designed for busy adults. They have online education and evening or weekend classes at 14 campuses throughout Ohio to make earning a degree convenient, flexible and affordable. Students study in the areas of Business,

affordable tuition. successful grads. quality programs. caring professors. growing campus. University Admissions

| 1476 Lancaster Pike | Circleville, OH 43113

Criminal Justice, Disaster Management, Leadership, Ministry, Substance Abuse Counseling, and Nursing. OCU offers competitive tuition rates for all programs as well as additional federal and state financial aid, military education benefits and discounts, scholarships and work study.

Apply today! 1-877-762-8669


877-762-8669 | | 10 : Fall 2015 : Transfer Times Ohio Edition : OHIO DOMINICAN UNIVERSITY

Take Your Degree Further at Ohio Dominican University Ohio Dominican University is an accredited, comprehensive, liberal arts and master’s university. Founded in 1911, our tree-lined campus is located in Columbus – Ohio’s capital and the 15th largest city in the United States. Our close proximity to downtown Columbus gives you easy access to corporations, government agencies and nonprofit organizations for internships and networking opportunities. These experiences give you an edge in the competitive job market. We offer a broad range of bachelor’s and master’s degree programs to help you find your true area of expertise. At ODU, you’ll connect your passion with a purpose.

level courses in which you’ve earned a C- or better at a regionally accredited institution. You can also qualify for financial aid, including merit scholarships up to $12,000, grants and loans.

• Review academic programs, including your ODU program evaluation*; • Tour campus

Join Us on Transfer Tuesdays

* You must provide transcripts from all previously attended schools in order for an admission decision to be made and a program evaluation to be completed.

We host special accelerated admission days for transfer applicants. Join us on campus for a stress-free solution to finish the hard work you’ve already started. During your visit you can:

Connect your passion with a purpose. Schedule your visit to Ohio Dominican University today at

• Complete your application for admissions; • Receive an on-the-spot admissions decision*; • Discuss scholarship opportunities and financial aid;

Have questions? Please contact us at 614-251-4500, 800-955-OHIO or

What You’ve Been Searching For There are more than 2,700 students in Ohio Dominican’s dual-enrollment, undergraduate, graduate and Adult & Continuing Education programs. Approximately 38 percent of our undergraduate students transferred from other schools to complete their degree at ODU. Why? Because we provide opportunities for personal and professional growth inside and outside the classroom. Our professors use a student-centered approach to teaching and balance values-based education with real-world experience. Our commitment to ODU’s Catholic Dominican intellectual tradition ensures a rigorous academic curriculum and the development of the entire student – mind, body and spirit.

Looking for something more? “My professors know me and care about my success.” “I love the size of the campus community. This place feels like home.”

“Transferring to Ohio Dominican was the best decision I ever made.” “ODU made transferring very easy to do – and they accepted all of my credits.”

Worth the Investment U.S. News & World Report ranked Ohio Dominican in the top tier of colleges and universities in the Midwest in its 2015 Best Colleges list. The report analyzes a number of factors, including average freshman retention rate, average graduation rate, student-to-faculty ratio and alumni support. We’ve also been recognized as one of the top institutions in Ohio for our students’ lifetime return on investment. It’s easy to transfer here. In fact, your personal admission counselor will help you with the transfer process every step of the way. We accept transfer credit for all college-

Nearly 40 percent of ODU’s undergraduate students transferred from other colleges and universities. 45 undergraduate majors; 10 graduate programs U.S. News & World Report: Top Tier among Midwest Colleges and Universities Founded by the Dominican Sisters of Peace.

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11 : Fall 2015 : Transfer Times Ohio Edition : ASHLAND UNIVERSITY

Ashland University Do you know that over 200 students transfer to Ashland University every year? Are you considering transferring from your current college or university and wondering if your credits will transfer? Yes they will! Ashland is a transfer friendly institution providing students with the support and guidance necessary to make the transfer process easy for you. With an average class size of 16 and a student population of 5,700, AU prides itself on the “accent on the individual.” Ashland’s exceptionally supportive community prepares students both personally and professionally to excel in an ever-changing global society, offering over 70+ majors, internship and study abroad opportunities, and a 94% job placement rate following graduation. Interested in being a student athlete? Ashland is ranked among the best NCAA Division II athletic programs in the nation. Go Eagles!

AU offers transfer students a simple application process. Students are required to complete and submit the Transfer Student Application and must be in good academic and social standing. If you have achieved a 2.25 cumulative GPA in all previous college coursework (some majors require a higher GPA), you are eligible to apply! If you earned less than 45 semester hours, please contact your high school guidance office to have an official high school transcript sent directly to Ashland. To make the process easier for you, Ashland also accepts electronic transcripts from SCRIP-SAFE® and Docufide® by Parchment. Curious about scholarship opportunities? Transfer students are eligible for awards ranging from $3,500 - $7,500. So why wait?


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Transfer students are eligible for awards ranging from $3,500-$7,500.


Among the Best NCAA Division II Athletic Programs in the Nation

GO EAGLES! Office of Admissions | 401 College Ave. | Ashland, OH 44805

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Transfer Times Fall 2015 - Ohio edition  
Transfer Times Fall 2015 - Ohio edition