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Congratulations Everett Berry Jr. Our Spring Transfer Times Scholarship winner in Indiana!

Everett is currently a student at Ivy Tech in Fort Wayne and had this to say:

Money for college will be great. I am very thankful. For Everett’s full profile and those of all scholarship winners, visit to read Transfer Student Stories.

Students at Saint Mary’s College, located in Notre Dame, Indiana, enjoy the vibrant campus community.

Transfer Information For:

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Anderson University.......................... 2 Saint Mary’s College......................... 4 Indiana Wesleyan University.............. 5 Grace College................................... 7 Saint Joseph’s College...................... 8 : Fall 2015 : Transfer Times Indiana Edition : ANDERSON UNIVERSITY

What Should Transferring to a University Look Like? It should be uncomplicated and seamless. It should treat you like a student who has serious questions and wants serious answers. It should reward you for the time, money, and college credits that you’ve already spent and earned. We’re a bit biased, we know. But we think it should also bring you to Anderson University, an Indiana community of learners that has been helping transfer students accomplish their goals and establish a strong professional network for nearly 100 years. At AU, The Raven Fast Lane transfer policy makes a pretty simple promise: Transfer to AU with an associate of arts

or an associate of science from a regionally accredited university, and with the exception of a few credits, we’ll consider your liberal arts requirements complete. It’s such a basic recognition of the skills and depth transfer students bring to a campus community that you’d think every university would be offering a similar program. But they aren’t. And because AU’s renewable transfer scholarships outpace the scholarships at other universities of similar size and mission, the word affordability translates into less debt and greater college savings for many AU transfer students. We’re serious about our commitment to helping you get to where you want to be—a whole lot faster. Learn more at or connect with our transfer counselor at 765.641.4045.

What’s more important than a job? At Anderson University, that’s a question we ask ourselves often. While 95 percent of our graduates find success in the workforce, what is equally significant is that they enter the job market with an understanding that a life rooted in faith and service leads to a life and career of distinction, excellence, and impact.

experience different cultures, but to study, to serve, and to share, making global connections as they learn about different worldviews, customs, and complex issues. 22,000. It’s the physical manifestation of hands and feet in action, the hours of community service given by the AU community each year—to organizations like Operation Love, Vision Revision, The Christian Center, and TAPP (Tumaini Aids Prevention Program). We can boast about our graduate outcome rates. We can share data about our Falls School of Business students who manage a high-performing $1.4 million Raven Investment Fund. We can talk about how our faculty haven’t lost themselves to the world of academia— working hard to pioneer research, projects, and organizations in their fields. We can even talk more about our trend-setting transfer policies, but unless our students are living by a greater mission, none of that matters. While we may begin our story at AU, the true narrative begins to unfold when our students enter the world, putting faith and their service into action. And our graduates are doing just that—over and over again.

17,000. It’s the number of students who have traveled overseas throughout the last five decades—not solely to

Learn more at admissions or at #myAUstory on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

When you start your story at Anderson University, you begin a journey that allows you to discover endless possibilities.

So string a hammock from the trees in the valley. Travel to Rome and see the ancient wonders of the world. Take a spontaneous road trip to cheer on the Indianapolis Colts. Be the aspiring artist who takes the world by surprise. Every great story pushes boundaries. Yours should, too. • 800.428.6414 Office of Admissions

| 1100 E. 5th St. | Anderson, IN 46012

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Entry deadline is December 1, 2015. Don’t put it off – Enter today! The rules are pretty simple: Scholarship must be applied to any college or university that advertises in the Transfer Times. The winning entry will be selected at random soon after the entry deadline. 1. T  o enter, you must be enrolled at a two-year community college or technical

college in Transfer Times distribution area (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin). 2. O  ne entry per person is permitted. Only online entries will be accepted. 3. T  he scholarship must be used within two years of the date on which the winner is announced. 4. E  nrollment as a full time student at a fouryear college or university that advertises in the Transfer Times is required. 5. This scholarship is non-transferable. All admissions requirements and other college or university rules must be met. 6. T  his program is administered entirely by the Transfer Times and the four-year school’s financial aid office. All decisions are the sole responsibility of Transfer Times. All decisions are final.

Enter the $6,000 Scholarship Contest online!

Visit to enter online and request 4-year college information.

Let’s Take a Quick Look at the Job Outlook If there’s one piece of advice to consider when thinking about a college major or a future career, it would absolutely have to be this: Do something you truly enjoy doing.

Bureau of Labor Statistics. There’s lots more information in this publication as well, including job search tips and more detailed information on many types of jobs. AND... it’s all available and downloadable from the Internet. Go to to get it all.

If you are unhappy in your work, there’s a pretty good chance this dissatisfaction will affect other aspects of your life as well. After all, you’re probably going to be spending about half of the time you’re awake either at work or traveling to or from work. Do something you like and find meaningful!

Now, let’s explain the terms Fastest Growing Occupations and Occupations with the Largest Numerical Increases. If, for instance, an occupation had 1,000 workers in 2008 and it is predicted that another 1,000 workers will be added by 2018, that’s a 100 percent increase in the occupation. It’s a very fastgrowing occupation.

Having said that, job growth and job security may also merit some careful consideration. Here’s a look at the Fastest Growing Occupations and the Occupations with the Largest Numerical Increases predicted between 2008 and 2018.

Great information for free The information is from the Occupational Outlook Handbook, published by the U.S.

On the other hand, a second occupation may have 500,000 workers and is predicted to add 100,000 more by 2018. That’s only a 20 percent increase, but it’s many more people entering the occupation than the 1,000 new employees entering the first occupation. Refer to the box at the right to look at the data both ways.

Fastest Growing Occupations with Largest Percent Increase: 2008-2018 • Biomedical Engineers • Network Systems and Data • Communications Analysts • Financial Examiners • Athletic Trainers • Computer Software Engineers/Applications

Occupations with Largest Numerical Increase (Adding Jobs) 2008-2018 • Registered Nurses (B.S.N./A.D.N.) • Accountants and Auditors • Elementary School Teachers (except Special Education) • Computer Software Engineers/Applications • Network Systems & Data • Communications Analysts

Visit to enter the scholarship contest, view school profiles, and read articles. 3 : Fall 2015 : Transfer Times Indiana Edition : SAINT MARY’S COLLEGE

when discovery becomes wisdom Our vision of academic excellence isn’t the typical vision. Here, it’s about talented and driven young women exploring who they are and how they can impact the world. It’s about digging in, pushing boundaries, falling down, getting up, challenging yourself, surprising yourself, opening yourself up to new realities. It’s about looking at life more deeply than ever before and finding…you.

Now is your time | #DiscoverSMC SAINTMARYS.EDU

Saint Mary’s College: The Next Step in Your Academic Journey

A personalized approach to transferring

Explore the best of both worlds

Ever worry that the email you just painstakingly wrote to a college’s admission office won’t be read, much less responded to? You won’t have to worry about that at Saint Mary’s. We pride ourselves on our personalized approach and our transfer coordinator will be happy to speak with you at any point throughout your journey. We know you’ll have plenty of questions, from the day you first start thinking about Saint Mary’s through the day you arrive on campus.

By becoming a Belle, you’ll join the greater Notre Dame, Indiana community. You’ll benefit from the personalized, close-knit environment at Saint Mary’s that will enable you to cultivate your leadership skills while you take advantage of the co-ed extracurricular opportunities across the street at the University of Notre Dame, a top research university. You don’t have to choose between a small women’s college and a larger co-ed university – you truly can have the best of both worlds during your time at Saint Mary’s.

Whether you’re fairly new to life in college or a veteran in higher education, Saint Mary’s will offer you the opportunity to continue your college journey in a small classroom environment where classes are catered toward the ways in which women learn best.

Through our liberal arts-based curriculum, you’ll learn a wealth of information about a variety of fields, and our major offerings span an equally diverse range of subjects. From our programs in nursing and education to our dual-degree engineering program with the University of Notre Dame, Saint Mary’s has something to offer for everyone. Visit saintmarys. edu/majors to learn more about our degree offerings.

We know choosing your next college can seem like a daunting task, so let us help you through the process!

A variety of majors to suit your interests

Transfer scholarships and financial aid

We’d love to show you what you have to look forward to as a Belle, so let us plan your personalized day on campus. Give us a call at 800-551-7621 or email and let one of our campus visit coordinators know what you’re interested in exploring at Saint Mary’s!

As a transfer student at Saint Mary’s, you may earn a merit-based scholarship of up to $22,000 per year. You’ll automatically be considered for a scholarship when you apply for admission, so there’s no separate application. Additional funding may also be available for you through our need-based financial aid.

Office of Admission | Notre Dame, IN 46556

800-551-7621 | | 4 : Fall 2015 : Transfer Times Indiana Edition : INDIANA WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY

A Nursing Degree from IWU Makes a Statement Indiana Wesleyan University has a strong record of accomplishment for its nursing programs, enjoying high success rates on licensure exams and a wonderful reputation among employers of our graduates. Ultimately, the IWU School of Nursing aims for its graduates to be nurses that truly recognize and honor the God-given value of each individual they treat.

IWU’s 14-month Transition to Nursing program continues the tradition of graduating excellent nurses prepared to meet the demands of a rapidly changing health care environment by offering an affordable, accelerated option to a premier nursing degree. The new Ott Hall of Sciences and Nursing features state-of-the-art facilities including a cutting-edge Patient Care Simulation Lab for students to practice their skills and critical thinking. The IWU School of Nursing is a place for strengthening and stretching your skill set; a place where you will achieve your goals; and a place where you can become a worldchanging nurse. Indiana Wesleyan University is an evangelical Christian comprehensive university of The Wesleyan Church, which has its world headquarters in Indianapolis. The University was founded in 1920, and is committed to liberal arts and professional education. Nearly 3,000 students are enrolled in traditional programs on the University’s main campus in Marion. recently ranked IWU as #1 on their list of “Top 25 Nursing Schools in Indiana” and #9 on their “Top 100 Nursing Schools in America” list. For more information, please visit School-of-Nursing/.

Become a nurse in just 14 months.



Office of Admission | 4201 S. Washington St. | Marion, IN 46953 5

866-498-4968 | | : Fall 2015 : Transfer Times Indiana Edition : TRANSFER TIMES

4 Year School Comparison Guide Key Areas to Compare

Use this table to help evaluate and take notes on your top transfer destination schools. Visit to view school profiles that

address the areas listed below. Work with your academic advisor and contact transfer schools to determine which school is best for you.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

School Name City, State Phone / Contact Do they offer my major? # of Credits that will Transfer Admissions Requirements

Deadlines Financial Aid Tuition & Fees Notes Overall Ranking

Financial Aid Resources Online Clearly, the Internet has become an important source of information in recent years. And, just as obviously, the federal government now plays an important role in helping students and their parents finance college.

If you already have a federally funded student loan, or may be getting one in the future, here are some government-operated websites that could be very helpful. This is a good starting point, with general information on federal student financial assistance. This is the Direct Loan home page, with information on the U.S. Department of Education’s lending programs. This includes information on student loan consolidation.

Provides eligibility information, a worksheet for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the FAFSA application itself that you can print out OR complete and submit right online! If you need to know anything about student loans... you need to know about FAFSA! If you already have a student loan, you can access your specific loan data, including a Financial Aid Review. Got a problem or concern regarding your student loan? Here’s the website to go to for addressing student loan problems or issues. An important part of the website just listed, this site provides information on how to identify potential scholarship scams.

And here’s another great website provided by the government with lots of great information on many different topics related to college life: Information includes, but isn’t limited to:

• Planning your education • Career development • Campus life • Paying for your education • Even online study help!

This site is a joint effort of several U.S. government agencies and provides LOTS of information. As you can see, the Department of Education and other government agencies maintain sites that can be very informative and very helpful when it comes to financing your education or many other topics

Check them out!

Visit to enter the scholarship, view school profiles, and read articles. 6 : Fall 2015 : Transfer Times Indiana Edition : GRACE COLLEGE

Advance your career with an online Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from Grace College Online!


The Grace College Online Advantage

Undergraduate (degree completion)

• • • • •

• Bachelor of Science in Business Administration • Bachelor of Science in Human Services • Bachelor of Science in Management

Graduate • • • • •

Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Master of Arts in Ministry Studies Master of Business Administration Master of Science in Higher Education Master of Science in Nonprofit Management

Affordable tuition A Christ-centered education Fully accredited degree programs Flexible scheduling Accelerated degrees

Learn more by visiting us at

Grace College Online | 200 Seminary Drive | Winona Lake | Indiana 46590


Reach Your Goals With a Flexible, Faith-Based Online Degree In today’s marketplace, a degree is often needed to help you start your career or reach the next level. Although experience is important, a bachelor’s or master’s degree may be required. Many people wonder, however, how they will fit returning to school into their already busy schedule. An online degree from Grace College offers a solution. Studying online gives you the flexibility to learn when and where you want, so you don’t have to commute to and from school. And at Grace, you’ll earn a degree that not only strengthens your career, but your values and faith in Christ.

Online Programs at Grace You can choose from several quality online degree programs at Grace College: • B.S. in Business Administration • B.S. in Human Services • B.S. in Management • M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling • M.A. in Ministry Studies • Master of Business Administration • M.S. in Higher Education • M.S. in Nonprofit Management

Benefits of Learning at Grace

Applying Biblical Values to Education At Grace College, you can earn your degree in an environment where Christ is first in all things. As a result, you’ll not just gain a degree, but an experience that helps you grow as a Christian.

In each of these programs, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills that you need to further your career. Each course is taught by a faculty member who has real-world experience in their field. Through coursework, discussion and interactions with your instructors and peers, you’ll get the relevant knowledge you need to succeed.

The education you receive at Grace is not limited to the skills and knowledge you receive in business, the social sciences or another specific discipline. It integrates faith with the learning experience to focus on a life of worship and spiritual growth and a career that pursues opportunities to serve others as a result of your relationship with Christ.

All of this takes place in the flexible online learning environment. When you learn at Grace, you can log in at any time to study, complete assignments and connect to your instructors and peers when it’s convenient for you. As an added bonus, students that transfer in the equivalent of two years of undergraduate work can complete a bachelor’s degree in just 16 months. Grace is also happy to offer financial aid in addition to a

If you’d like to continue your education, Grace College offers flexible, affordable online degrees with a biblical foundation. Visit or call 800-823-8533 to discover how you can advance your career and grow in your faith.

Grace College | 200 Seminary Dr | Winona Lake, IN 46590 7

reasonable tuition, making the school a great value for a higher education institution. Additionally, Grace features a simple and generous transfer credit policy, as well as an Ivy Tech partnership that allows graduates of the community college institution to seamlessly transfer to an accelerated program. You can finish faster and have your credits count at Grace.

800-823-8533 | | : Fall 2015 : Transfer Times Indiana Edition : SAINT JOSEPH’S COLLEGE

Transfer into the Nationally Recognized Core Program

Notable alumni • Poet Laureate, State of Indiana 2008-10 • Mayor of Valparaiso, Indiana • President and Chief Operating Officer, Sherwin-Williams • Chief of Staff/General Counsel–International Relations Committee, U.S. House of Representatives (retired) • Executive VP and Chief Financial Officer, McDonald’s Corporation • Director of Ad Sales Marketing and Promotions, Radio Disney Who we are: Private Catholic college, founded in 1889, welcoming students from all faiths and beliefs. Location: Rensselaer, IN, on a park-like campus within 45 minutes of Merrillville and Lafayette, IN and centrally located 90 minutes from Chicago, IL and Indianapolis, IN. Students: Nearly 1,200 students from 23 states; 62% live on campus

We welcome you to transfer into a transformative education that you won’t find at any other college. You deserve the professional skills needed to gain employment and succeed in a competitive global society.

SJC Transfer Requirements

• Develop into a critical thinker and strong writer

• $25 application fee (online application is free)

• Be globally educated - know other cultures and societies

• Official final high school transcripts with SAT or ACT scores

• Learn to integrate subjects and apply them to real life situations

• Official transcripts from all colleges attended

Our Core Program will inspire you to debate, analyze, and solve problems. Faculty at SJC do not just teach you, they will be mentors and guides in your academic interests.

The Registrar will review your college transcripts to determine which classes transfer and the transfer GPA. A credit transfer report will be mailed with an admission decision.

• Completed application for admission

Admissions Office | U.S. Highway 231 – PO Box 890 | Rensselaer, IN 47978

Academics: 27 majors, 4 group majors, 35 minors; 9 pre-professional programs; Nationally acclaimed Core Program; 69% of full-time faculty have Ph.D. or terminal degree Student/Faculty Ratio = 14:1; Average class size is 14. NCAA Athletics: 18 varsity sports (9 women’s/9 men’s) Division II - Great Lakes Valley Conference

800-447-8781 | | 8

Transfer Times Fall 2015 - Indiana edition  
Transfer Times Fall 2015 - Indiana edition