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Dulwich Hill substation improvement works From Tuesday 2 January to Saturday 17 February 2018. What we’re doing Transdev Sydney, operator of the Inner West Light Rail network, and our partner companies are working together to improve the Dulwich Hill Light Rail electrical substation. The substation is located off Keith Lane and is blocked from public access by a corridor fence. Infrastructure improvements are just one of the ways that we continue to offer the Dulwich Hill community a reliable and safe transport service, and to ensure all network assets are of the highest quality. Our activities will include: 

using a generator to power machinery and tools to replace the building foundation

removing some material that is believed to contain undisturbed asbestos.

The Dulwich Hill electrical substation is a centre for electrical generation, transmission and distribution for the Light Rail network. The foundation will be removed and replaced as it is comprised of some material that is believed to contain undisturbed asbestos. Discovery of asbestos-containing material is not uncommon during construction activities and the removal will be managed by our partner, John Holland Group, who will ensure there is no risk to the public by implementing a site-specific Asbestos Removal Control Plan in accordance with NSW Work Health and Safety Regulations 2017 and the SafeWork NSW Code of Practice.

How this affects you Noise impact 

These works will generate additional noise. Between 6am to 10pm, residents and retailers can expect to hear noise associated with delivery trucks and various hand/power tools. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause. Where possible, the work requiring the highest noise impact will be scheduled during daytime hours.

In addition, a generator will operate 24 hours a day for the duration of these works. We will make every effort to reduce the associated noise, including reducing the use of the generator as much as possible between 10pm to 7am, in order to minimise night time noise while still maintaining critical infrastructure.

Light and parking impact •

Floodlights will be used inside of the substation building which will generate additional light.

Construction vehicles will be accessing the site via Macarthur Parade and Keith Lane. Some public parking in these areas may be unavailable.

Further information A site-specific Asbestos Removal Control Plan will be implemented in accordance with NSW Work Health and Safety Regulations 2017 and the SafeWork NSW Code of Practice called ‘How to safely remove asbestos, September 2016.’ Licensed asbestos removalists, John Holland Group will remove the material and their work will be inspected by an independent Licensed Asbestos Assessor as per requirements. The NSW Environmental Protection Authority and the Inner West Council has been notified of these planned works.

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Dulwich Hill Substation works  
Dulwich Hill Substation works