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Do you need a quiet, secure second income? A Transcription Job may just be “THE Answer”! With a freelance transcription job, your primary responsibility is to listen to audio tapes and transcribe different data formats, to a text format. For this job, you will need to have a digital or analog tape playback equipment, computer and internet access at your home. Depending on the type of transcription you are working on, you may be required to undergo additional training to familiarize yourself with their terminologies and procedures. More than qualification, a freelance transcriptionist should love computers and the internet, have a high proficiency in English, good word processing and typing skills. They should also possess time & routine management as well as organizational skills. Transcription Jobs require training for specific fields as well as general knowledge of the terminology used in those fields, in order to be a successful and accurate at their job. Transcription jobs commonly pay you hourly, with experienced freelance transcriptionists earning an hourly rate of $12 to $17. Many transcription jobs are freelance and require a prospective employee to bid for the contract. While bidding, the rate you should quote should be proportional to the complexity of the job involved. Many websites allows you to post your testimonials, advertise, bid and get paid for freelance transcription jobs The average annual salary of freelance medical transcription jobs can be around $34,000, provided if you work full time and get projects continuously.

Duties •

Listen to audio tapes providing the data and type(Transcribe) that information using a computer.

Prepare reports, administrative materials and correspondence as per the specified format.

Proofread texts and transcriptions.

Use voice recognition technology and correct the mistakes.

Check compliance between the hard copy and the standard format.

Freelance jobs are becoming order of the day for people who want to have an additional income and may indeed save quite a few from an otherwise slow economy. Working as

a Transcription Specialist with the right skills and proper training, you can work right from your home and earn good money. Besides work on-site in medical offices, hospitals, and transcription offices, home-based transcriptionists enjoy the flexibility to choose their schedules according to their unique needs.

Types of Transcription Though the basic duty remains the same, the jobs vary only according to the subject matter expertise. •

Legal Transcription of Testimony or Statements

Corporate transcription of Taped minutes or emails provided internal memorandums

Medical Transcription of procedures, treatments, medical information including coding, and billing.

Academic Transcriptions of academic records or studies.

If you opt to do specialized transcription work such as multilingual transcription you might have to complete special training programs and testing, or have specific qualification in that field. A growing number of professionals needed in the field to amend patients’ records, edit documents from speech recognition systems, and identify discrepancies in medical reports. Medical transcription professionals’ earnings are varied by employer and experience level, medical transcription and medical transcription editing earn between $27,090 and $38,590 annually. Transcription equipment and dictation equipment

Do you need a quiet job  

• Check compliance between the hard copy and the standard format. The average annual salary of freelance medical transcription jobs can be a...

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