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Interview Transcription Generally, people retain this fallacy that the transcription is a back office work but they aren’t aware of the fact that the transcription and the recorded tape interviews are the two sides of the same coin. Truthfully, a transcription is an authentic document that proves that every word is documented which was spoken during the interview. Primarily, interview transcriptions are of two sorts. The first one is the realistic one where repetitions and pauses are included whereas the other one is vice versa. Grammatical errors are specifically checked and superfluous things are removed. Large number of people wonders, why an interview transcription is done when audio is available. Actually, to materialize all the efforts that have gone in shooting the interview, an interview transcription is made. There’re professionals who shun getting the transcription done, but who knows how they’ll solve your purpose at one stage. Here, we’ve tried to explain the vitality of an interview transcript or transcript via an example. Suppose, there’s a cop who’s filling charges against a convict and on the testimony of two vital witnesses, the cop’s interrogation reached at a level where the convict is bound to accept the crime he made. With an intention to give authenticity to the confession, his confession is recorded. In the court, when this case will appear, the policemen ought to render the transcription otherwise all this efforts made will not get materialized. So, an interview without transcription is like a cake without cherry on the top.

Interview Transcription  

Demand for interview transcription services can be met through faithful reproductions of audio to text within attractive cost and time targe...

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