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Transcription Services India offers broad range of transcription services. Convert audio/video files into efficient written text format. Request a FREE QUOTE Today! (TSI), a transcription service company based in India that specializes in transcription of both audio and video, offers professional transcription services to the countries worldwide here the few names are US, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE etc. We provide transcription services at prices that are affordable with quality that the customer will appreciate. Our transcription services are available in all areas including GT, MT, LT, FT, etc. At Transcription Services India, our transcriptionists implement the use of high-end-ear headsets to ensure everything is taken and transcribed as best as possible. We only use ergonomic keyboards, mice and large screen monitors. We invest money in our equipment as we are invested in your transcripts. We also know a relaxed transcriptionist is an accurate transcriber. Our transcriptionists also all go through our extensive transcriptionist’s course, covering 16 hours of in-class session with 30 hours of at home exercise - before ever starting a task. Why Our transcripts have a proven 98.99% accuracy rating. We make use of secure servers and protect clients’ rights and confidentiality. Every transcript is completely reviews by our transcribers as standard practice. It is then fully audio edited by a senior editor. That means three sets of hearing going over the audio before a transcripts make it to the client. We care about the quality of our work and take pride in our expertise. We value the feedback our clients in order to improve. We produce a professional transcript with cover page, table of contents and approve our work. We use the industry-standard audio player and MS Word to produce our documents, though we can produce your transcript in whatever structure is most convenient for you.

Outsource audio to text transcription to get efficient, accurate and quick transcripts.

About Transcription Services India: Transcription Services India, an established transcription company transcribes audio recordings into MS word documents which can be searchable, editable and of course readable, using the best team of qualified transcriptionists.

Contact: Transcription Services India Tel (079) 4000 3251 Email: Website: Facebook: Twitter: @indiatranscript

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