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Transcription Services India offers specialized inventory transcription services for real estate agents, auction houses, inventory companies etc. Transcription Services India is an established transcription company with over years of experience with the inventory market. Inventory transcription is one of our specialized services as we have completed nnumber of inventory transcription projects. Transcription Services India TSI provides broad range of inventory transcription services for real estate agents, auction houses, property companies, rental companies, inventory firms, inventory clerks, etc. Our in house established processes and robust infrastructure allow us to deliver uninterrupted service and meet the turnaround time every time. Why Inventory Transcription Services India? The 3 tier quality check process and internal feedback procedure allowing us to provide consistent, accurate and print ready transcripts within the predetermined TAT, according to client specific formats. We do offer NO OBLIGATION FREE TRIAL to access our capabilities before outsourcing. Contact us to set up a free trial. We Specialized in: Property inventory transcription Back office documents transcription Construction site notes transcription Legal proceedings transcription Transcription Services India employs certified transcriptionists and matches them to the individual requirements of clients to offer customized outsourcing solutions. By listening carefully to the digitally

recorded dictations of the inventory records, we generate detailed reports, which are brief, precise and readable. We offer an incredibly fast service and can turnaround the transcribed reports as required by the inventory companies with an incredibly versatile strategy. At Transcription Services India, the security of client information and data is considered supreme so all our security guidelines are mapped on par with HIPAA guidelines. And all the employees are needed to totally adhere to the aforesaid guidelines of the company.

About: Transcription Services India, an established transcription company transcribes audio/video inventories into easy readable written text formats with a domain expert team of transcriptionists.

Contact: Transcription Services India Tel (079) 4000 3251 Email: Website: Facebook: Twitter: @indiatranscript

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Specialized Inventory Transcription Services in India