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Audio Transcription Services - An Accurate Service to Transcribe Audio files into Word

Transcription Services India offers fast, accurate and cost-effective audio transcription services to convert audio files into written documents like MS Word, PDF, and RTF etc. Audio transcription is a combination of skill and technique of converting audio or video files into written documents, offered to businesses, professionals & individuals at very cost-effective rates. Transcription Services India provides fast and accurate audio transcripts that are customized and delivered to meet your needs. Our audio transcription services includes write out audio/video recording, time coding, summary service, foreign language transcription, and a varied additional services to round out your advertising and archival initiatives. Every audio transcription work is performed by professional transcriptionists who are experienced and knowledgeable in a variety of terms, subject areas and languages. Key Features: Rates are based on audio length and expected turnaround time. Transcripts delivered as a Word document, providing you full editing capability and easy to share. Ready and able to work with a number of audio/video formats including, .mp3, .wav, .wma, .amr, .mp4, .avi, .flv, .wmv, dss, etc digital and in analog tapes, CDs, DVDs, mobile recordings, etc. Distributed where appropriate through our transcripts database, growing your achieve to reporters, policymakers and international dignitaries around the world. Transcript and audio archived, where requested, on our personal database for a period of you want.

Transcription Services India offers wide range of transcription services available like medical, legal, business, general, academic transcription. Transcription services like medical transcription, legal transcription, need a good background in those respective fields, so Transcription Services India has developed separate teams for each domain. We can transcribe following, guaranteeing accuracy and TAT: Recorded Interviews (Business, Media etc) Webinars, events Seminars, group discussions Speeches, presentations (Recorded or Live) Medical reports, notes, dictations Court Proceedings, investigation reports Documentaries, scripts, reality shows Lectures, Dissertations, academic researches Inventories

About Transcription Services India: Transcription Services India (TSI), an established transcription company transcribes audio files into print ready word documents. Rates are very economical and accuracy is GUARANTEED.

Contact: Transcription Services India Tel (079) 4000 3251 Email: Website: Facebook: Twitter: @indiatranscript

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Audio Transcription Services, An Accurate Service to Transcribe Audio files into Word