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Accurate Transcription of Insurance Claim Records “Transcribe recorded statements, summary reports, notes, property damage reports etc with Transcription Services India’s accurate insurance transcription services.” Test our services it’s FREE.

Accurate insurance transcription helps in accurate documentation and analysis of the facts of the case from claims statements. This claims statements, in the form of questions and answers sessions, are taken in face to face or over the telephone. Insurance companies could also need transcription of focus groups interviews that are performed to determine public opinion about important subjects such as national health policy, privacy issues, electronic medical files, and so on. Transcription Services India, a professional transcription company with vast experience, can provide reliable and low priced insurance transcription services for life and health insurance companies, property and casualty insurance coverage providers, HR departments and private investigation agencies. Insurance Transcription Solutions are Available For: Summary reports Recorded insurance claim statements Case management reports Legal and workers compensation reports Insurance reports for property, holdings, and more Investigation and probe notes Telephone conversations Medical consultant reports Medical claims Insurance meetings and interviews Fraud investigation reports Transcription Services India has a team of specialist transcriptionists that can accurately transcribe the recorded claims of litigants, defendants and witnesses and help avoid unwarranted litigation.

Accepted source files in various formats such as analog audio tapes, and video recordings via audio files upload on a secure FTP server. Transcription Services India offers word to word transcription of the audio files or brief. Visit us for more information: About Transcription Services India: Transcription Services India (TSI) offers reliable, quick and print ready transcription services with security and privacy of data. Based in India, our service are available for all small to large business industries and individuals as well. By: Transcription Services India Website: Facebook: Twitter: @indiatranscript

Accurate Transcription of Insurance Claim Records