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Toning of the energy system as connected to the heart-center and intuition.

Table of Contents Warning and personal checklist………………………………………………………………………3 Toning the Energy System as Connected to the Heart Center………………………….5 Opening ceremony mantra……………………………………………………………………………..9 Closing ceremony mantra……………………………………………………………………………….10 Notes on universal and pronunciation……………………………………………………………..10 Additional Tools………………………………………………………………………………………………13 Glossary……………………………………………………………………………………………………………16


Warning Enter at your own risk, and at the behest of your own free will. Though you are not beholden to this process or this movement, you are beholden to the natural process of Transcendence. It is in you your bones, your blood, and your spirit and is echoed throughout the wilderness and the universe. This beginning process through the invocation of the blue-print of the First Awakened and the original intended state of the energy system, could awaken your Kundalini. Kundalini is the gateway to your Transcendent Consciousness and your Transcendence. Kundalini can be a life-upsetting and difficult process. It forces you to deal with all of your emotional and psychological baggage at once. Once Kundalini is awakened there is no turning back, so before you enter, ask yourselves these questions: -Am I relatively healthy, both bodily and emotionally? -Do I eat well: reduced sugars and processed foods in favor of whole foods? -Do I have a good to firm grasp of meditation? -Am I comfortable with unusual body sensations or can I fairly- easily graft new experiences onto my existing mental framework? -Am I comfortable with the fact that in allowing this process I may uncover and be forced to face difficult and painful aspects of my past and present? -Am I prepared to approach this with an open flexible and relatively fearless mind and heart? -Am I prepared to begin accepting and loving myself.


Before Beginning‌

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of personal protection when opening yourself to these energetic realms. As I learned the hard way, not all of the entities have your best interest in mind. There are even Transcended that are working for the side of failure of the Third Awakening and the full transcendence process, and will misguide you. How does one avoid this? First I highly recommend establishing a link and maintaining it with an Angelic Guide. They are a realm of Transcended feminine consciousness that has our best interest and will always protect us. There are some minerals that will help with initiating and maintaining this connection. First is Seraphinite, Second is Azestulite (It must be from specific mines in North Carolina and is expensive but if you are guaranteed it’s the real deal, it is powerful. Third is Celestite, which is powerful when charged but has an unstable energy grid. However if you combine it with Tektite, and Seraphanite it becomes self charging and cleansing and you can wear it maintenance free. (See page 13.)


Toning the Energy System as Connected to the Heart Center and Intuition, The exercises... This exercise can be performed by the individual or the group. It can be done using the minerals phrenite, danburite, and a zeolite if you have the means to acquire them. The 3 minerals can boost the effectiveness of the process but they are by all means not completely necessary. The individual: See page 8 and page 9 for mantras and Universal translations. If you have the three minerals1 place them in a bag on your person or on a cushion in your lap. Sit in what ever is a comfortable meditative position for you and allow yourself to relax as much as possible. Establish the Qi Building Mudra position and hold it. Speak the mantras (page 8) in english and if you are comfortable follow the english with universal as best you can. This use of universal will begin to reestablish your own memory of the intuitive link, and help you to tone your own Point of View self's Architecture of universal. After running through the mantras at least three times, allow yourself to settle into a meditation. Continue to perform the Qi Mudra2 as long as is comfortable for your hands, but also start to focus your intent upon the original state of the energy system. Focus on the heart as the center of your energy system3. Imagine it filled with love then imagine pure unbroken light to enter it and to move downward to the lower centers. This is the seat of your intuitive self and this will help to tone it, and reconnect you to it. The process of imagining the original state of the energy system will also help you to establish a connection with the blue print of the First Awakened, that is recorded in your soul-star and your DNA. This reconnection will facilitate the process even further. At the same time during the meditation repeat the mantraI am light, I am love, I am source- Mejr aj ujt ajmajt aj • sejm ajt inejrejt aj. 1

See page 5 See page 4



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As a Group: Follow the instructions of the individual but sit in a circle with the crystals in the middle. (If you have them.) You can also hold hands or individually perform the Qi Building Mudra. The choice is up to you, but I would recommend using the Qi Mudra first as abundant Qi is essential to this process. Qi Building Mudra: Interlock fingers, palms facing you, touch the two pointers in a triangle, bring hands together through touched thumbs and rub thumbs in a circular motion away from you. Rest this at your stomach, about the level of your navel.

To finish: Come out of your meditation through reciting the closing mantras (page 9) in the same fashion as the opening ones. As a group, a leader can be selected to begin the closing mantra to initiate everyone else. The leader will need to intuit the right time for this and as the rest of the individuals of the group are ready, they can begin their own recitation, coming in wherever the group is, in order not to create a chaos of voices.



Opening ceremony mantra When reciting the Universal translation, don’t worry about perfection. What is important is that your energy system reconnects with memory of the Universal Language. This will occur even if the pronunciations are not exact. Eventually your own patterns of universal will arise from your first vocal Kriyas, if you allow them to.


Opening ceremony mantra Sum uj suj ajt ujn Aj Majt Aj (Soom uh sooh aht• oon ah maht ah)

I am what I am.

Mejrt Aj ujt Ajmajt Aj Sejm Ajt inejrejt Aj-

I am light, I am love, I am Source.

(Mairt ah oot ahmaht ah• sám aht inairet ah) !gajt uj maj (Kuh gaht ooh ma)

The heart is my center...

Sijmujt oujnewej-

Intuition is my light...

(Simoot ohnoway) Mijt oj moj !' Majwajt aj (Mit oh moh• kuh te• muwaht ah).

I am the dream that drives The Awakening.

Sijt ujmaj ujt ajnaj-

I am the sun (that burns the night.)

(Sit oohmah ooht ahnah) Dejm tuj !'ajmajt aj(Dehm too• kuh t• ahmaht ah)

I am the force that is the light...

Misuj nuwajt ' ajt naj-

I am the light that is pure...

(misooh newaht• te aht nah) Dijm mejr shuj ajt nuwajt aj(dim mair shuh• aht nuwaht ah).

I am the dream that awakens the Light.

(Sijm duj maj kujt aj -)

(I am the self that will endure.)

(sim do mah kuht ah) (!Gujt ujnmajrejt naj) Angel that helped create this. (Kuh goot oonmaret na)



Closing ceremony. Sejm tuj maj ujr aj sejm douj tuj majt aj-

I am the space inside of the

(Sum too mah ooher ah sum do tuh maht ah).


Duj rej maj khuj ' aj(Do ray mah ku te ah).

I am the space inside of the space.

Maij fujt ouj maj ! (May fut oh mah khut).

I am the dream within the nothing.

Tuj ajr ej maj tuj Ftoraj dujm daj kujt anaj majrejt aj nujt aj-

(Tuh air eh mah tuh• phetorah• doom da• kut anah• maret• ah noot ah) I am the source that awakens the dream; ( inside of the love, within loves place.)

Notes on Universal and the pronunciation Notes on Universal: -Universal is a bridge language, an interface between the intuitive architecture and the intellect. It is not reductionist the way that modern languages are, where sound is directly associated to particles of meaning strung together in idiomatic abstract representations of emotion and direct description. Intuition exerts itself in chunks of realization, ideas are complete emotional constructions rather than reductionistic intellectual elaborations. Universal is the direct phonetic association to intent. The statement "I am the dream within the nothing", expressed in universal as Maij fujt ouj Maj !, has a completely different emotional/intuitive signature than the phrase "I am the space inside of the space", expressed Duj rej maj khuj' aj'. Even though " I am the


space inside of the space� as expressed in a language broken down into reductionistic meaning seems similar in its particulates, “I Am the� carries with it a completely different emotional/intuitive resonance in one phrase from the other. -It is difficult for those accustomed to the rationalistic-reductionism of modern intellectually constructed language to perceive this idea, but no two people will express the same universal word for the same emotional/intuitive construct (also known as intent). The reason for this is that we are all unique in our "point of view consciousness", that is, that what ever we express comes from our own unique point of view. However the language still gets across on an intuitive level as the language is meant as an arbiter between the intellect and the intuition. This bridge was necessary, because as we became more and more cerebral the seemingly random nature of Universal began to confuse and unsettle the intellectual mind as it functions and motivates through recognition of predictable patterns. It prefers patterns of logical associations and is activated by the phonetic expression of those logical, predictable almost geometric constructions. - This language began to express itself several generations after Maij !Ouj. As the transcendent hybridization began to restructure our bodies. The language set itself up early on as an anticipated response to the eventual augmentation of the intellect. As few as a thousand years after the First Awakening, our ape ancestors were beginning to evolve through hybridized transcendent energies. One of the first physiological accommodations was a restructuring of the vocal apparatus to begin to make the articulation of complex sounds more possible. Early on in this process the sounds of Universal were limited to breathier expulsions, guttural pops and emphatic releases of sound more synonymous with our earlier but evolving simian facial and vocal structure4.


when I was first learning to speak Universal I noticed from the beginning the tendency for words or phrases

to end in Strong ah, uh, and oh endings. This was like this for more than a decade. It was after a very difficult healing session, whereby I expelled a strong negative entity from a patient, I began to become proficient at producing deep glottal clicks or pops as as well as what I call resonant guttural rebounds much like the deep throaty sounds of the American Bittern. From here on in, the language took on a new dimension. It was not until I connected to the First Awakened, a protohuman ape ancestor, that I began to see that the frame work of the sounds of the language were laid down by the first ancestors that spoke it. Though it was at least a thousand years after Maij !Ouj's awakening before universal took root, it was through the primitive sounds of our early ancestry that the roots of language were laid down.


Ultimately our intuitive minds were capable of communication without vocal articulation of sound, as intuition functions on a very telepathic level of resonance. However the transcendent consciousness determined right away the degree of resistance that a large portion of the population was expressing against the further accommodation of the transcendent process, and acted accordingly. It is interesting to note that one of the kriyas of Kundalini is glossolalia, or an automatic language. kriyas are automatic bodily responses for novel expression of transcendent energies that the intellect can not grasp. They are the source of Mudras, yoga, martial arts and ultimately language. All of these systems evolved as more intellectually reduced expressions of natural intuitive/somatic responses. Another interesting note is that Universal is the modern expression of the need to spread the transcendent process. Evangelical Christians, through their ecstatic expressions of worship inadvertently activate their Kundalini and express Universal through "speaking in tongues" There are also mythological stories that when Jesus ascended, which is a metaphor for the Partly Transcended Individual, he was able to offer the Full Awakening and Part Transcendence to his followers or Apostles. They were described as having gathered in a room to receive this awakening from the Transcended Christ and responded by releasing fire from the crowns of their heads and beginning to speak in tongues. (The fire from their heads was a Kundalini release) Thusly they entered the world in this state as fully awakened, Partly Transcended Individuals ready to spread the Transcendent process to others. Notes on pronunciation: - J represents a breathy expulsion of air at the termination of the preceding phonemes. - ' represents a sharp dental tuh usually quickly formed like a ticking sound it is not the the same tuj which terminates with the breathy expulsion. - ! Is used as it is in African click languages. Though it may not be formed the same as this forms deeper in the throat.


Additional tools: This is a device that helps to balance the energy system as well as over time, to make Universal easier to directly intuit. It consists from top, clockwise-right, astrophyllite, apophyllite, and carnelian. It can be worn in a bag around the neck or wire-wrapped or bezel set as an assemblage. May take several months of wearing to start to create the intuitive affect but the energy balancing, depending upon the energy state of the person can set up immediately.

1. Astrophyllite 2. Apophyllite 3. Carnelian


Azestulite: Angel contact. My first experience with this mineral was that as soon as I picked it up it initiated a strong surge on my energy system, but more importantly, it immediately opened a channel, that was strong and stable. The cons it can be expensive, this piece, roughly 2.5 inches across was fifteen dollars and that was cheap! Also this is essentially a granular quartz. My wife and I were skeptical about it being any more special than other granular or milky quartz. However she had heard how this quartz from a particular mine in N.C. was special. The proof was in my hands when it arrived, as it provides a very strong channel. However, after testing other socalled azestulites from other sources, we found the N.C. quartz had the best buzz. Lighting is off in this photo as it should be pure white and the surface scintillates with quartz granulation.


Protection against negative energy: 1. Rhodonite 2. Tourmaline 3. Chrsysocolla

Cleansing of negative energy in auric field and of objects: 1. Selenite egg 2. Selenite wand (finished) 3. Selenite wand (rough)

These crystal trios, with the exception of the selenite which is just to show it in its available forms, can be worn as wire wrapped pendents or in a bag somewhere on your person. Tektite is essenatially meteor glass formed at impact sites. Tourmaline and Celestite can be brittle so care must taken when wire wrapping or setting in bags with harder stones. Try wrapping each in tissue paper for the bag scenario.

Angelic support and protection: 1. Seraphinite 2. Celestite 3. Tektite


Glossary of Terms Energetic Morphogenetic Field - Subtle energetic field of memory and reiteration whereby traits are passed from one species generation to the next through an underlying influence on the deeper matrix of physical genetics. This field also has cross species influence whereby traits of success can also be handed from one species to another wherever there is contextual agreement between the two. The soul star is an element of this subtle energetic computer and acts as an interface of general arbitration of multiple species elements. The mainframe of this organic computer exists in earths magnetosphere and was formed from the material of the planets own souls star. This is not to be confused with the Akashic Computer which was artificially derived from soul-star material. First Awakening- The First Awakening, was the first Female who’s Heart-Center was dilated through the first registries of Divine Love through the conduit of the world. At the moment when she was able to step outside the biological imperative of survival she found the first moments of contemplation which gradually invited a greater awareness of a larger dimension outside of her experience. This could be invoked through intimate feelings of love, in the feelings of Awe or child-like wonder. This was especially so in women because of their larger heart centers due to what was initially a biological imperative for protectiveness over the child. This grew into a greater awareness until the Heart Center was wide enough to receive a greater abundance of Subtle Light Energy. Which invigorated the Lower Energetic Centers to the point Just before Kundalini Awakening. Secondarily Kundalini Awakening was also more expressible through women due an already active middle aperture and an preexistent resonance with Shakti energies. Glossolalia- To evangelical Christians this is called “ Speaking in tongues” essentially God’s language. Glossolalia is a Kriya of Kundalini, but was a later development as language emerged due to the suppression of Transcendent Process. This is the missing link to the origins of modern language, and though bands of The Awakened remained intuitively connected for hundreds of thousands of years, the language began an earlier onset, in anticipation of the long road ahead for reasserting the Transcendent Process. As a result it was set up early inside of the Morphogenetic


Field, and spread via the evolutionary process through subtle- energetic genetic encoding. Intuitive self or intuition - Intuitive self is the authentic pre-cerebral mind of every species. Its seat is within the collective emotional complex of the lower energy centers. This is noted from the Heart down, through the Solar and sacral plexus, terminating at the root center. It is the original state of mind and awareness, and communicates telepathically, bridging the intellectual language gap between all species. It, rather then the intellect is what is liberated upon transcendence. Kriyas- Are a physical expression of an dynamic interface between the intellect and the intuitive mind, they hijack the structure of intellectual-motor premeditation to form an instantaneous automatic awareness whereby intuitive chunks of information are put forward through involuntary movement rather than the reductionistic/premeditative approach of the intellect. This is expressed either vocally through glossolalia or somatically through involuntary body movement and instantaneous circuit-building, in mudra forming and yogic postures. Kundalini- Is the second expression of transcendence, following the first of Awakening (See Awakening) whereby transcendent energies flood the matter container through pre existing energetic filaments and conduits, and begin to either convert the species through genetic modification by way of transmutation of the Morphogenetic Energy field, or by way of direct influence of the human subtle energetic circuitry, whereby a novel light energy derived vehicle will replace the physical one, and act as a carrier for the liberated point of view consciousness. This also hybridizes the Earth Intuitive Mind, with a more cosmic form, giving rise to expansion of ESP beyond the Earth Dimension. Kundalini awakening- Becomes possible after the Heart-Energy-Center dilates due to an increased uptake of Qi energy with invigoration of central energy conduit called the Central Channel, with pure Subtle Light Energy. The Subtle Light Energy further stimulates and energizes the the lower centers especially the Sacral-Plexus which initiates the addition of third energy that the spiritual systems of India often refer to as Shakti. Shakti is the Divine Feminine Energy. In super-cosmic view of Kundalini it is seen as two serpents rising and is even represented by the Ancient and possibly older Caduceus a symbol.


The Caduceus pictures two serpents in a double-helix up a central pole either representing the physical central nervous system or more precisely the Subtle-Energy Central Channel. The two serpents more than likely represent The Central Channel, which consists of two hollow conduits nested in one another like a a smaller pipe perfectly centered with in one of larger diameter. The outer pipe which we will call the Outer Sheath is the Qi/Subtle Light conduit and it acts as a lubricant for the Central pipe which we will call the Middle-Aperture. Qi and Subtle Light are Masculine Energies, but the Outer Sheath can be greatly active specifically for Qi before the first stage of Awakening and Afterwards for Subtle Light Energy. This is true in both males and females. The Middle-Aperture is what allows for the conduction of Shakti and is largely dormant in males. In females it is much more active even before awakening. Like the free electrons in a copper conduit which initiates the flow of additional current, there is an ever present measure of Shakti energy in the Female Middle-Aperture. This makes it necessary for the Woman to awaken first as she must seed the Shakti into the male Middle Aperture in order to complete his unfinished awakening. Slowly over aeons as women’s power and influence was systematically oppressed and suppressed by the male hierarchy, men were being born with active Middle Apertures, this is specifically evident in the predominance of male Facilitators during the Second Awakening or Christ Era. The role of Facilitator also known as the Messiah was naturally meant to be filled by and large by women. This seat of this natural feminine power structure within the spiritual is also the reason why men have fought so hard to suppress women’s influence. Qi- Pronounced “chee” An important male energy in proportions of roughly 95% of the energy that surrounds us. It is more abundant than nitrogen inside of breathable air which is roughly 70%. Qi is an important energy in Awakened Kundalini. It is the “fuel” for Shakti, and in association with Subtle Light Energy “lubricates” the Middle Aperture to allow for greater Shakti movement. It is necessary in the dilation of the heart center and maintains its dilation. It has its own subtle conduit system that is defined by the Meridians of Chinese medicine. Perhaps unknown is the delicate web of Qi conducting filaments that form a network between the Meridians and the energetic Conduit of the Central Channel and its tributaries and the Energy Center Bodies, major and minor. A 50:1 ratio is set up as the rate Qi is “burned” to supply the process of Synthesis of the Energetic Vehicle through the uptake of Shakti. Thus Qi levels must be maintained at all stages of Awakening, and can be done so relatively


simply through the Qi Mudra as well as various exercises of Eastern Origin, such a Qi Gong. Shakti- A word of Sanskrit origin, it describes the Divine Feminine Principle or energy which is at its essence unconditional love. It is the language of Source the Feminine Creative Matrix of all things. Shakti uptake is necessary for the building of the Transcendent body, and generally must gifted to the male from the female, as the males capacity for shakti is usually rather limited with a very contracted middle aperture. This is of course with some exceptions. Universal- Language that acts as a bridge between the largely subordinated intuitive self and the intellect. This is or can be a Kriya of Kundalini and was the missing link of establishment of all modern languages. Universal gets its root sounds from an evolving ape ancestor and was still spoken until at least 500,000 B.C.E Because it is intuitive it does not follow the reductionistic structure of modern languages as it is speaking to and from a different form of intelligence.


Heart center and intuition toning