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With a chaotic year in 2018, including a disastrous move to a newly built home and our (not disastrous) wedding in September, we didn’t get a chance to bring our relatively new “spotted little guy” into the show ring as a puppy as much as we would have otherwise liked to. We had planned to casually show throughout 2019, but the universe seemingly had other plans for us. It all started under the comfort of a good old-fashioned snow storm, courtesy of the Great Lakes, at our first show of the year in Novi, Michigan. As Canadians, we should have known that travel in January in the region was probably not advisable, but alas, this was the commencement of what has been an incredible year for Everest and his loving owners – myself, my wife Becky, and his breeder and co-owner Cindy Bowman. Here, he would receive his first big breed wins of the year. It turns out this was just the beginning. He continued in February to an incredible breed win at the Dalmatian Club of Greater Indianapolis over a large, beautiful group of Dalmatians including the #1 dog in the United States. He entered the show ring in Canada this year in March. Through to August and in just six weekends of showing, Everest accumulated sixteen Best of Breed placements, one group 4th placement, five Group 3rd placements, and six Group 2nd placements, all owner handled by Becky. The majority of these placements included competition against the number one dog or bitch in their respective breeds. To make these accomplishments even more notable, this is Becky’s first ever show dog handled by herself; we couldn’t be prouder of what the two of them have accomplished together. Our success at Canadian shows this year of course culminated with a Best of Breed win at the Dalmatian Club of Canada National this August, handled by Everest’s breeder and co-owner Cindy Bowman. We entered the National with no expectations, looking to have a fun and relaxing time with our new friend Cindy and her husband JD, and left absolutely over the moon. It was of course great to meet some new people, Canadian and American, human and canine. His showing for the remainder of the year in Canada has been limited, but included eight more Best of Breed placements, one Group 4th placements, two Group 3rd placements, and one Group 2nd placement. His success continued in the United States, too, where he is currently ranked the number 12 Dalmatian as we look to attain our goal of being in the top 20. Notably, Everest was also Select Dog at the Western Reserve Dalmatian Specialty in association with the Dalmatian Club of America National over 159 other dogs!

Far above and beyond his accomplishments in his young conformation career, Everest is a beloved member of our family. Devastatingly, we lost our shared best friend – our Doberman Houston – at the young age of 4.5 to dilated cardiomyopathy. Houston was the dog of our dreams, a gentleman in every facet, and beyond patient with the active, “persistent” spotted puppy that we asked him to share his house with. While there will forever be a void in our hearts with his passing, Everest stepped up to the plate and has developed into the cuddle-bug personality that we cherished in our Dobermans. An active dog, Everest joins us weekly and sometimes daily on hikes throughout Southwestern Ontario, as well as through every State Park and trail that we’ve been able to find on our travels through the United States. He loves to run, and it is our way of saying “thank you” for giving it his all in the show ring on weekends. Everest has the brains to match his brawn, too. We are excited to get him into the performance world, too, and started scent detection classes this year where he repeatedly excelled as the star of his class. He also received his CGC and TKN designations this year, along with his American GCHB to accompany his Canadian GCH. We look forward to continuing to meet new people and dogs throughout Canada and the United States on this fun adventure with our big spotted goofball. David Walklate, owner

PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE The DCC’s 50th anniversary specialty is over and was incredibly successful. Thank you to everyone who supported it with their presence, donations, purchases and good will (not to mention a carriage for pictures, thank you Tiffany--the all-breed club thought they had a great photo setup until they saw ours). Huge shout out to our judges, Ed Petit and Stewart Dankner, the extra efforts they made to be there and to support the specialty would take more space than I am allotted here. The Barrie Kennel Club also were wonderful to work with, helping to accommodate our every request. A full report on the specialty can be found elsewhere in this issue. Personally, I have to say my favorite part of the whole thing wasn’t the dogs in the ring (thought it is always special to see a bunch of Dals in the same place) or the prizes won, but rather it was to meet people and see everyone pitch in and get along to make it truly a specialty for all. Bottom line is we are joined by our love of the breed, there might be differences of opinion, but this specialty was a demonstration in how people can put differences aside and find common ground to connect.

Now is the time to start thinking about the next specialty. If you would like to host it, please express your interest. The one thing that I would like to see continue is a specialty where not only one faction or another is represented, but everyone is included and represented (let’s leave the judging to the judges). The versatility program is now on-line in it’s new form. Now is the time when I will invite people who want to propose changes to send them to me. I will accept all proposals until December 1st at which point I will look through them, share them with the board, and we will vote on an updated version at the first board meeting in 2020. If you have suggestions for other sports that we missed, or organizations that award titles, let us know. A little warning, I will say in advance, if you send a proposed change there needs to be an explanation with it that is relevant to all, “my dog can’t do that so it shouldn’t be there” will not be considered. This is a versatility title and the truth is not all dogs are going to qualify for it--it doesn’t make them any less wonderful or special, it doesn’t take away any other awards they might have won, this is just something that recognizes a Dalmatian that has qualified for this recognition on top of what they already have accomplished. Fall is here, the leaves are changing, the show season is starting to wind down. It has been an amazing show season with 5 different Dalmatians winning BIS, three of them winning multiple BIS and two in the top 10 in group 6. In Rally, there is a Dalmatian near the top of the all-breed standings and three Dalmatians in the top 10 in group 6. Plus a countless number of dogs have been out and about all summer with their owners, sharing their lives and interacting with people to make the world a better place. Everyone, enjoy your Dals!!! Susan Saul, President

2019 DCC 50th Anniversary Wrap Up!

This year’s 50th Anniversary National Event was a success and enjoyed by everyone who entered or was there! Thank you to everyone who supported it and especially for those who helped out, either physically, by making donations or contributions!! It could not have happened without the support. There are thank you’s in other articles to almost everyone who contributed in some way, and my apologies if I missed someone. I wanted to say a special Thank You to my co-Coordinator, Heather Parsons and the Specialty Chair, Susan Saul, for all of their support and help in making this 50 th Anniversary National a success.

One of the goals that we believe we were successful in, was to have enough different events that it was available to those with Dalmatians in many different sports. We even had a Costume Contest that anyone could enter for a donation that will be given to charity on DCC’s behalf. The events in the order they were run were; Obedience, Rally, Dock Diving, Conformation, Costume Contest, the Banquet, Trick Title testing, and Agility. The results for many of these events have been shared in separate articles, but I would like to congratulate everyone who participated in each and every event. Unfortunately there were no entries in Agility. We also had a fantastic Trick Dog demonstration by Heather Parsons and Random with some amazing tricks and thank you to Deanna Glasgow for being the tester for those who achieved their trick dog titles.

I would like to congratulate all the fantastic entries in the costume contest that was ultimately won by Heather Parsons with Random and Hunter dressed as Scrat with a couple of wooly mammoths. Other costumes that should be mentioned are the Gorilla (Taylor Amos) & Banana (Nike), Cruella (Sandra Alder) & her sidekick Lexie, and the Dalmatians (Sharon Debor & Miley). Fun was had by all and the donations made will be made to charity.


Prior to the actual event we had a contest for a Dal A Day Monthly Calendar, and if you haven’t already, check it out, you can still order your own calendar for 2020. We also had an online auction which had some hotly contested items and great support for the National from those who made donations to those who made bids. Thank you to the Muskoka Kennel Club who we held our Obedience & Rally trials in conjunction with, the Barrie & District Kennel Club who hosted our Conformation National & Booster and Northequest Dog Sports who hosted the NADD Dock Diving event. There were several dogs who competed in multiple events, and those who qualified by competing & qualifying in at least 3 events are being awarded the DCC 50 th Anniversary National All Around Award. They are; Rockstar's Chaos Theory CD RAE5 SDN owned by Heather Parsons, for Conformation, Rally, Dock Diving and Trick Title, GCH Rockstar's Haphazard RE SDN owned by Heather Parsons, for Conformation, Rally, Dock Diving & Trick Title, CH Shendandal's My Kind of Joy CD RA owned by Sharon Deboer for Conformation, Obedience & Rally, and SpotWdr n Element Princes Heir RN DSA NS CGN owned by Kelly Amos for Conformation, Rally, Dock Diving & Trick Title. Congrats to all who were successful in so many of the events!

I’d like to say a special thank you to all our judges for all our events, but especially Ed Petit who travelled from Texas to judge our Conformation National and Stewart Danker who stepped up at the last minute to judge Sweeps at the National. Thank you to Tiffany and Jamie Shaw who provided the carriage which provided a wonderful backdrop for our photos! We know it was very popular as other breeds were taking the opportunity to have their picture taken on it or with it as well.

After the National we had the opportunity to get together, relax and enjoy some real Barbeque provided by NorthBound Barbeque. The end of the Silent Auction and a Raffle were part of the night’s activities as well. Everyone went home well fed and almost everyone had won something.

We had some great sponsors such as Red Barn Event Centre who donated treats for all competitors and sponsored the Junior Handling competition which was judged by Kelly Amos and was won by the Senior Novice showing Random. SnapDri Towels provided access to some amazing towels which dry the dogs quickly or can be used to cool them. There were many, many more. Please check out https://dccnational2019.wixsite.com/website/fundraising to see the full list. The wonderful 50th Anniversary logo was designed and created by Francois-Pier Garant, and is still available on the clothing that was made available for those who are interested. What a great souvenir that you can wear proudly! https://dccnational2019.wixsite.com/website/cloothing-orders.

Through the Dalmatian Club of Canada National Facebook page, the website we created https://dccnational2019.wixsite.com/website and emails we tried to keep everyone informed and up to date. We believe that the 50 th Anniversary National was one that will be remembered and we hope will set a standard for future Nationals. For the 50th Anniversary we thought we should capture all of the events, so thank you very much to Taylor Amos for filming all the days. Keep watch for how to purchase your copy of this special occasion in the very near future.

Thank you again to everyone who provided support either physically, financially and any other form, it made the 2019 50th Anniversary National a real success! Congratulations to everyone who participated, it was wonderful to see so many Dalmatians!! Kelly Amos Coordinator 2019 DCC 50th Anniversary National Event Kelly gave an excellent summary, so I do not have a lot to add other than how much I enjoyed a Canadian Specialty with a ton of opportunities for performance events! One of the things I love most about Dalmatians is their versatility – they really excel at SO MANY events. Although our entry of performance Dalmatians was modest, I hope that this is the start of more people trying out more sports. The performance community is super welcoming, everyone wants to help and wants to see your dog succeed. I really encourage more people to prepare and enter performance events and hope to see a huge entry at our next Canadian specialty! Huge thanks to Kelly for her commitment to making a multi-sport DCC Specialty happen �. Heather Parsons Co-Coordinator 2019 DCC 50th Anniversary National Event

DCC 2019 50th Anniversary National Specialty Pictures

Some candids from the National & Booster

2019 DCC 50th Anniversary Conformation Results

Judge: Mr. Ed Petit Aug. 3rd 2019 2-6-4-2 BOB: GCH Horizon's Wildest Dream (Everest) BOS: CH Pepperlane Reflections of Snowood (Lexie) BOW: Tramac Absolutely Positively (Lilith) SD: CH Brightspot Macho Uno (Phil) SB: CH Shenandal's My Kind of Joy RA, CD (Myley) Best Veteran and AOM: CH Spotted Gem's Gaelic Amethyst (Sorcha) Best Puppy: Whitecap Illy Expresso Best Baby Puppy: Dalfire Desperado WB: Tramac Absolutely Positively (Lilith) RWB: Spotwdr N Element Princes Heir CGN RN (Nike) WD: Element N TCJ's Prince (Scoop) RWD: Laguna Dios Dom Perignon (Dom) Best Altered: Rockstar's Chaos Theory CD, RAE5, NSD (Random) Best Brace: GCH Rockstar's Haphazard RE, NSD (Hazzard) and Rockstar's Chaos Theory CD, RAE5 NSD (Random) Sweeps Judge - Stewart Dankner Puppy Sweepstakes 3 - 4 Best in Sweepstakes = Horizons Any Given Sunday Best Opposite in Sweeps - CH Brightspot Macho Uno Veteran Sweepstakes 10 & Over 1 - 1 Best in Veteran Sweeps - GCH Koira Charmed Magic CGN Best in Opposite Sweeps - CH Spotted Gem's Gaelic Amethyst

DCC National Weekend in conjunction with the Barrie KC Shows Booster Show Results, Aug. 4th, 2019

Judge – Lucie Paradis WD/BOW – Element N TCJ Prince – to Finish! RWD – Laguna Dios Dom Perignon WB – Horizons Any Given Sunday RWB – Whitecap Illy Expresso BOB- GCH Horizon’s Wildest Dream – Group 2 BOS – CH Tramac Absolutely Postively (move up) SD – CH Paisley Playin’ The Field SB – CH pepperlane Reflections of Snowood BP- Whitecap Illy Expresso Best Veteran – CH Spotted Gem’s Gaelic Amethyst Best Sexually Altered – Rockstar’s Chaos Theory CD RAE5

Congrats to all and thanks to all those who came out and supported the club!

DCC 50th Anniversary Obedience & Rally Results

Judge: Ted Leslie August 1st, 2019 Obedience - 1 qualifier Novice B - CH Shendandal's My Kind of Joy RN - New Title CD - High in Obedience Rally Advanced B 1st CH Shendandal's My Kind of Joy RN - New Title RA - High in Rally 2nd Rockstar's Chaos Theory CD RAE4 SDN - New Title RAE5 3rd GCH Rockstar's Haphazard RE SDN Novice 1st CH Brightspot Lexie Lou - New Title RN 2nd SpotWdr N Element Princes Heir DS SN CGN - New Title

2019 Dalmatian Club of Canada 50th Anniversary Dock Diving Results Aug. 2nd, 2019 Northequest Canine Facilty, Uxbridge 3 Qualifiers Rockstar's Chaos Theory CD RAE5 SDN - New Personal Best of 21’3” GCH Rockstar's Haphazard RE SDN – New Personal Best of 21’3” SpotWdr n Element Princes Heir RN DS SN CGN – New Personal Best of 19’9”

DCC 50th Anniversary Key Chain These special Dalmatian Club of Canada 50 th Anniversary keychain we made available only to those who entered in the Dalmatian Club of Canada 50 th Anniversary Events. We have a few left and so are offering to you on a first come, first serve basis.

If you would like one of these 50th Anniversary keychain keepsakes it can be yours for $8 each which will include mailing costs to you. If you are interested in ordering one you can purchase one of these through etransfer (preferred for Canadians) to dccnational2019@gmail.com (please include name & email & address) or Paypal (please add $1 service fee to cost) to dccnational2019@gmail.com

DCC 50th Anniversary Logo Items Still Available to be Ordered

FREE Shipping on Orders $100 + & multiple colours available

You can still order DCC 50th Anniversary National clothing for delivery. Orders cans be placed for personal delivery. Free Shipping on orders over $100+ Don't miss out on your chance to have a cool shirt, sweatshirt, or sweatpants with the 50th Anniversary Logo on it! Great present for the holidays!! Go to: http://design.tshirtelephant.com/dalmatian_club_of_canada/shop/home

Congratulations to all those who entered their pictures in the

2020 DCC National Dal A Day Calendar contest !! Don't miss you chance to own one of these original calendars featuring these wonderful Dalmatians. Orders must be placed by Nov. 15th to be mailed before year end. The cost per calendar is $25 each. Please include $1 service charge for each calendar ordered if using Paypal in amount paid. All orders will be shipped and actual cost of shipping will be charged. When ordering calendar please include address so shipping costs can be calculated. We will then contact you with the cost to be sent regarding shipping. If you would like to know cost before purchase, send an email to dccnational2019@gmail.com with your address and number of calendars you are thinking of purchasing, and we will let you know the actual cost of shipping.

2019 DCC Specialty Trophy Donations

Thank you to everyone who sponsored a trophy or an event, or made a donation. Your generosity has helped make the 50th Anniversary Event a success!! Conformation Best of Breed

Donor Roadpartner Dalmatians, Betty & John Pirs

Best of Opposite Cetina Dalmatians, Miranne Dick BOW

Cetina Dalmatians, Miranne Dick

Best Puppy

Jamie & Tiffany Shaw

Winners Dog

True Colors Dalmatians (Colorado USA) “..all because of a Dal.” Kevin O’Connell & Kevin West

Reserve WD

Element N FirstState Dalmatians St Gilles, Que. Can & Coastal Delaware, USA. "All because of a Dal."

Winners Bitch

True Colors Dalmatians (Colorado USA) “..all because of a Dal.” Kevin O’Connell & Kevin West

Reserve WB

Element N FirstState Dalmatians St Gilles, Que. Can & Coastal Delaware, USA. "All because of a Dal."

Open Dog, Black Audrey Martel Open Bitch, Black Horizoncrest Dalmatians (Steve and Sharon Nielsen) in memory of CH. Camosun’s Chickadee Open Bitch, Liver Horizoncrest Dalmatians (Steve and Sharon Nielsen) in memory of CH. Camosun’s Belinda Veteran Bitch 7-9 Sharon Debor in memory of Can/Am/ Intl CH Shenandal's Imagine The Joy CD RN CGN/RN Veteran Bitch 10+ Vickie Eckard Best Veteran

Brightspot Dalmatians, Ross & Karen Hopmans

Junior Puppy Dog Echoview Dalmatians, John & Bonnie Hetherington Junior Puppy Bitch Echoview Dalmatians, John & Bonnie Hetherington Dog, 12-18 months Audrey Martel Canadian Bred Dog Echoview Dalmatians, John & Bonnie Hetherington Canadian Bred Bitch Echoview Dalmatians, John & Bonnie Hetherington Bred by Exhibitor Dog Meg Callea - Tramac Dals Bred by Exhibitor Bitch Meg Callea - Tramac Dals

Baby Puppy Dog

Audrey Martel

Baby Puppy Bitch

Audrey Martel

Best Baby Puppy

Jamie & Tiffany Shaw.

Dam & Progeny

Roadpartner Dalmatians, Betty & John Pirs

Sire & Get

Roadpartner Dalmatians, Betty & John Pirs

Altered Dog

Shenandal Dalmatians, Sharon Debor

Altered Bitch

Shenandal Dalmatians, Sharon Debor

Best Altered

Sharon Debor in memory of Can/Am/ Intl CH Shenandal's Imagine The Joy CD RN CGN/RN

Sweepstakes Best in Sweeps

True Colors Dalmatians (Colorado USA) “..all because of a Dal.” Kevin O’Connell & Kevin West

Obedience Novice A

Jamie & Tiffany Shaw

Novice B

Brad & Heather Parsons

Highest Scoring who’s also competing in Conformation Roadpartner Dalmatians, Betty & John Pirs

Rally Highest Score in Trial Cathy Stevens Novice A

Jamie & Tiffany Shaw

Novice B

Vickie Eckard

Advanced B

Brad & Heather Parsons

Highest Scoring who’s also competing in Conformation Roadpartner Dalmatians, Betty & John Pirs

Dock Diving Novice

Jamie & Tiffany Shaw


Brad & Heather Parsons

General Trophy Fund –  Brandy Dobson  François-Pier Garant & Patrice Corriveau, Element Dalmatians  Carola Adams, Onsengeltje Dalmatians  Meg & Mike Hennessey, Snowood Dalmatians

Thanks to everyone for all your support and generosity

50th Anniversary – ORIGIN OF THE DALMATIAN CLUB OF CANADA LOGO by DCC Historian Alison Merritt

The path to a logo for the Dalmatian Club of Canada spanned several years. The May 1971 issue of Transcanadals provided examples of several designs for a Club crest, and included a ballot for voting. The August 1971 issue reported that crest design #5 was the most popular.

Nov 1971 TCD included a color photo of the proposed design from Chairman of the Crest design committee, Gordon Fleetwood, and an explanation of the changes:

“Being no artist myself, I have obtained, at no cost to the Club, the advice and assistance of a professional commerical artist, Mr. T. Seymonsbergen – himself a Dalmatian owner – who has produced what I consider to be an excellent insignia based upon proposal sketch #5 which it will be recalled won the most votes from last years membership. It will be noticed that a slight change has been made by the artist inasmuch as a “stylized” maple leaf has been substituted for that shown in sketch #5. It is the artist’s expert opinion fully concurred by the committee, that the purpose of the inclusion of the Maple Leaf in the design is to identify, and even to stress the nationality of the Club, and although the outline of a natural leaf may be aesthetically more pleasing, this purpose is best served by the use of the stylized form which was recently adopted by the Canadian people as the most practical form of the National Emblem and incorporated in the new Canadian flag, which has since become recognized both inside and outside this country as specifically Canadian, even by those unfamiliar with our national flora. Furthermore, as the commercial artist points out, the stylized leaf by its symmetry lends itself to less costly reproductions by printers and enamellers alike and is certainly less liable to distortion or variation of form from time to time and between printer and printer. Should the design be acceptable to the membership it is proposed that it be printed – in colour – on the top left hand corner of the standard business size notepaper and sold to the members for their personal use at a slight profit to the club. To this end, prices are presently being obtained from printers in this area, and although those obtained to date vary considerably, it is our belief that the eventual cost will probably be in the neighborhood of $25.00 per thousand (1000) sheets. The size of the insignia on the notepaper would be about one inch external diameter. Later, if it is your wish, we will endeavour to obtain costs of producing a lapel button or pin in an enamelled metal, of the same badge.”

A flaw with this design was reported in the December 1971 TCD: “When drawing the proposed crest for the Trophy table and decorated booth at the Vancouver Booster Show, it was realized that the Dalmatian’s head, instead of being the most important item on the crest, was overshadowed by the Canadian Flag and the lettering surrounding it. It was felt that when the crest was reduced to 1” diameter, it would be hard to spot the Dalmatian at all! With this in view suggestions were made whereby the Dalmatian head could be made larger and more important and still not hide the flag. Further designs have therefore been made and it is felt that one of them would fill the bill. They will be presented to you in due course for your consideration.” January 1972 brought another club crest design: “Here is one suggestion for improving the Club Crest. One must, however, consider how this might look when reduced to 1” in diameter. It might be easier to manufature and clearer to read if the lettering is done in black on a white enamel ground, or vice versa, and in sans-serif letters rather than Old English. The feeling here is that the flag and the Dalmatian tell their story and only initials are required to identify the Club. It seems to be the only alternative to girdling the badge with words. We would appreciate your comments for and against.”

Drawings of this crest design were sent to a jeweler/badge maker for quotes. These proved to be higher than the club felt appropriate. The June 1972 TCD reported: “President Nilda Dorini has spent a lot of time and trouble endeavouring to cut down the price with the Vancouver die makers. She has succeeded if the members are willing to forego the circle round the flag. The badge would be a red Canadian flag with a white Dalmatian head with black spots on it – as shown in the January issue. The letters D.C.C. would be engraved across the top piece of the maple leaf in sliver. It would be possible to sell these badges to the members at $3.50 each and this would cover the tax and the postage an dinclude a few cents towards recovering the price of the die. The Club funds would not enable it to purchase the 50 or 100 badges required, but those of you who would like to have a badge to wear in your lapel are asked to send in your names, together with the $3.50 to cover its cost to Mrs. Nilda Dorini.” Nilda received a sample badge in August 1972, which was deemed to be “rather too large to be readily acceptable to men”. The manufacturer is therefore going to reduce the size from 1 ¼” to 1” and the badges should be ready in a week or so.” These were ready by October 1972, however “We have been advised that these are classified as jewelry and are liable to a 12% tax, plus a 10% excise tax on the cost of manufacturing them and on top of all this the 5% Provincial Tax on the grand total. The $3.50 quoted earlier will not cover the badge plus the postage, so we will have to ask people in future to send $3.75 if they would like to have one.”

Silver and Enamel Lapel Pin Designed by Catherine Blinko

In the Dec 1972 TCD there was a request for drawings. “President Proudfoot has asked me to suggest that some of you who are artistically inclined might like to submit drawings of a Dalmatian’s head suitable to be used as a sticker for the Club. If we get enough entries it might be run as a competition with a suitable prize for the winning effort.” May 1973 TCD “Secretary Monica Brooks has asked me to announce that the DCC stickers are now ready. They cost 50 cents each and are available to DCC members only. This design, which became the DCC logo, featured a head study of Can.Am.CH. Camosun’s Kate Dalrymple Am.C.D. (owned by Nilda Dorini at the time) drawn by Catherine Blinko. The decals were available both as external and internal (window) decals, as plastic medallions for key rings etc., and also produced as a metal disc for use on trophies.

Camosun’s Kate Dalrymple

Metal Trophy Disc

Plastic Medallion

December 1973 TCD announced “Hasti-Notes. Mrs. Nilda Dorini has had some Hasti Notes printed using the drawing of the Dalmatian head in the middle of the Decal. These will sell for $2.50 for 25 with envelopes and the profit from the sale will be donated to the Dalmatian Research Foundation in York, PA, USA. Anyone wishing to buy some of these useful gifts should write to Nilda.� Later, cloth patches were made available.


Cloth Patch

For the first national specialty in 1978, a die of the logo was made by the ribbon makers. The result showed that the spotting was less distinct than desired because of the shading lines in the drawing, so Catherine gave me permission to clean up the logo by carefully removing the shading marks. Two versions were done, one with shading left in the ear and one without shading. The result was the official Dalmatian Club of Canada logo.

DCC Logo With Ear Shading

DCC Logo Without Ear Shading

Thinking outside the leash: Dalmatian Distance Log Program by Heather Parson I was super excited when I first heard about the Distance Log program – what a cool idea to encourage people to get out and exercise with their Dalmatians! I built a spreadsheet to log my mileage, but also decided to break it down by activity, for my own interest. Every day, Random, Hazzard and I enjoy an offleash hike. While we lived in the city we would drive to a place where they could safely be off-leash, now that we are on a farm we make use of our own land for our daily hike. I have always thought that off-leash running is an important component of keeping my dogs fit. Not only are they free to run and chase each other, they are also running up and down hills, jumping over logs, climbing up rocks, and often our trails would involve water so they could swim. I also think off-leash running is very important for a dog’s mental health – a lot of their life is fairly structured, they have at least a few rules in the house , and we compete in a lot of sports where they need to work with me in a very structured way. Off-leash hiking is a nice balance. Other than staying reasonably close to me, they are free to be wild. They can play and chase each other and race around exploring where THEY want to.

On top of our daily hikes, Random and I started “joring” a couple of years ago. A friend had purchased a dog-specific scooter to have her dogs pull and her pictures looked SO fun so I decided to buy one and try it with Random. The “ideal” way to start a new dog would be to get them in harness and walk them, teaching them some basic commands and encouraging them to pull. Random and I went about it a bit differently. We ordered a harness, ordered the scooter, when the both came I harnessed Random up and told her to go! Random LOVED to be able to pull and within our first trip out with the scooter she was eagerly pulling me. As a well-trained, very engaged dog, it was easy to add in commands that she started learning as we were running. When I wanted to stop I would say “woah” and apply the brakes (she soon associated woah with stopping), when we would turn left or right naturally on a trail, I would add in the words “left” and “right” (I opted to use these over the traditional “gee and haw” as I genuinely just couldn’t keep them straight. Within maybe 4 rides she was basically comfortable with “let’s go, right, left, woah”.

We scootered all spring, summer, and fall, then decided to prepare for the coming snow by buying a kicksled. These nice, light sleds are designed for 1 or 2 dogs to pull. Random transitioned easily to the sled in the snow, though it didn’t run quite as smooth as the scooter and I found I had to put in more work on my part. We also went out on cross-country skis, a bit more treacherous as I am not a particularly skilled skier. Hazzard joined the family that winter. Too young to pull he would sometimes go for a walk with my husband while we went sledding, so he did get used to the noise, etc.

With the prospect of TWO pulling Dalmatians I decided to try bikejoring, thinking we might be able to hit some more serious trails than the scooter could handle. I picked up a second hand mountain bike to try it out, and Hazzard was now old enough for some short, slow runs. I harnessed him up, attached him to Random and the bike, and off we went. Teaching Hazzard was even easier than teaching Random! Having him beside a dog who already knew what to do meant he just followed along. Once he was old enough to REALLY go, we started to get serious about the bikejoring. Hazzard LOVES to pull and is very strong. We would take off like a shot from out start and my app told me we were regularly hitting speeds of 40 km (25 miles) an hour. Teaching a solid “easy” to slow down and “woah” to stop became MUCH more important! We had some tense early runs where I would be braking with all my might and also shouting EASY, EASY…WOOOOAAAAH.

I had one afternoon run on a gorgeous day, I was out at a nearby conservation area. They dogs were having a BLAST but I needed them to stop so I could untangle the line. I said easy, then woah and they would stop, but then immediately start going again, just eager to be running. I ended up grabbing the line and yelling “STOP YOU %*@#! MONSTERS!” then looked up and saw an entire family out for a walk staring at me. I untangled the line and let them go and yelled “have a nice walk” over my shoulder.

We all loved the bikejoring so my husband got us a fatbike for my birthday. The massive tires allowed us to cruise over tree roots or rocks etc with ease, the perfect bike for joring on backwoods trails. We travel a lot and I almost always bring my bike. It can be hard on the road to find a safe place for an off-leash hike, but I can almost always find some great trails that we can bike on and really get some decent exercise in. It is a great way to explore new areas. When we were in Florida for the Eukanuba National Championship we explored some phenomenal trails near the house we were renting. In Ohio for DCA this year we had a blast at a very cool conservation area about 20 minutes away.

In preparation for winter this year we have a NEW sled. This classic dogsled is built for teams of 3 to 5 dogs, but will work great for the two, and when the new pup, Danger, is old enough she will join in too. It is ULTRA light, about twice the size of my kicksled but still less than 10 lb. Our new area is surrounded by snowmobile trails, once the snow flies I have visions of us cruising down the trails on our slick new sled. The kicksled is TONS of fun, but a bit clunky and hard to corner, so not conducive to the speeds we like to run, this new sled it going to be amazing!

We have run in snow (yay fatbike!) and in the pouring rain. We run in the heat of summer (we just plan routes along lakes and have breaks to swim and cool off) and on crisp fall days. We run in the mud of Spring and maneuver through flooded areas. We have a ton of fun exploring and get out to places we would never see, otherwise. We have had some astonishing crashes – I have gone head first over the bike handlebars, I have hit trees, I have tipped the bike when the snow got too slushy. ALWAYS wear a helmet! The dogs are phenomenal when I hit the ground. They always come to a dead stop and turn back to check on me . I have been lucky and no injuries, but part of that is dogs that are well-trained who will stop on command even when the deer runs across our path! We post some videos of our runs at @randomstravels on FB.

Annalisa Piercy and Charm logged 2505 km to win a Platinum award in the Distance Log for 2018.

Heather Parsons achieved Gold with both Rockstar's Chaos Theory (Random) 1450.14 km and Rockstar's Haphazard (Hazzard) 1373.18 km.

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Transcanadals Sept 2019  

Dalmatian Club of Canada ' s magazine Editor: Nicole Vandal

Transcanadals Sept 2019  

Dalmatian Club of Canada ' s magazine Editor: Nicole Vandal