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Official Newsletter of the Austin-Healey Club of Southern Ontario

"Prez Sez" WRAP UP After a busy summer of Healey activity it is always a downer to have to put the car away for the winter months. Our season has had two long distance jaunts of over 4000 miles each, a trip to Conclave and numerous side trips to fill in the spare weekends. The Healey has covered over 12,500 miles this season and enjoyed every minute of it, as have the driver and passenger. Last pub night saw the annual elections and some new faces will help steer the club in the coming year. I want to thank the outgoing officers Bob Gergely (membership), Lyn Chrysler (webmaster) and Sue Allison (treasurer) for their service to the club over the last several years. These people are all volunteers and their time and expertise is freely donated to the smooth running of the Club. Their contributions are much appreciated. The new faces are Heather Doust (treasurer), Bob Slater (webmaster) and Phillip Jarrett (membership). We need to thank these members for stepping up and allowing themselves to be elected into these positions. A full slate of officers is listed on the club website and also on page 12 of newsletter. The Christmas meeting is fast upon us (Dec 08) and at that meeting we will be taking bids on the F1 Montreal Grand Prix tickets, which the Quebec Club have generously donated to us. Make sure you take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity. It only remains for me to wish you all a very Merry Christmas Season and a Happy Healthy New Year. DID YOU? This year I got into my Healey and got a lot out of it. Bob Yule

View From the Navigator's Seat Well folks, not much left of 2010 - whether good or bad it will be a New Year in about 4 weeks time! Our Events Team of David and Mark put together great Healey driving events, thoroughly enjoyed by those who participated. To add to that the other events which included the Wine Tour, Conclave 2010, Salmon Tour & BBQ, Fall Windup & Bronte British Car Day rounded out a fantastic opportunity to appreciate and enjoy our little gems; our Healeys! With our new Executive Team in place we can now look forward to an fun filled 2011! 'Christmas Blessings' to each and every one! Happy Healeying!


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RUN FOR THE LEAVES TOUR Nine cars, 7 Healeys, 1 MGB and a BJ9 took part in The Run for the Leaves Tour on Sunday, October 3rd, organized by Mark and Heather Doust and it was a great event. We met at a Tim's location off Highway 10 in Orangeville at 10.30 a.m. under partly sunny skies, but very cool temperatures. Nonetheless, we had several very brave members who headed out with tops down. We headed up Highway 10, stopped for a fill up on the outskirts of Shelburne so no-one would run out of gas on the country roads ahead, and then carried on through Shelburne. On the outskirts of Shelburne there is a very large wind farm on both sides of the highway. On to Dundalk and Flesherton in the Grey Highlands eventually finding ourselves on County Road 13, driving through the Beaver Valley, with beautiful views either side of the road; quite magnificent with a mass of colour on the far hills. Our first stop was at the Beaver River Grille & Bakery in Eugenia Falls, where we were joined by Mark's parents. We had a break there which gave us time to view Eugenia Falls, which are a short distance off the highway following a scenic walk through the trees. There was a lookout over the Falls, which were discovered by an early farmer who thought he had also discovered gold at the foot of the Falls, but he and his friends were disappointed when it was found to be fool's gold, and so back to farming! We moved on still enjoying the colours in the Beaver Valley and bypassing the entrance to the Talisman Resort. Our next stop was at Farmer's Pantry Apple Farm in Kimberly. Some of our group took advantage of the apple cider on offer and others purchased fresh picked apples. Whilst there another visitor to the farm took a photo of our whole group and also photos of the cars. By this time we were all thinking of lunch so we continued on to Meaford, with a marvellous drive down the hill leading into the town seeing the Lake spread out in front of us. Meaford was all dressed up. Apparently they were holding the "Scarecrow Festival" with all the poles in town decorated with various scarecrows. We then continued along the scenic Meaford waterfront and regrouped at that point before heading out of town to our lunch stop by following Highway 26 west out of Meaford for a few kilometres, turning right down a road which appeared to lead to nowhere. Down the road a short distance we found Ted's Range Road Diner, what a neat place and how fortunate that Mark and Heather found it. It looked rather odd from the outside, but inside very welcoming and ready for our Healey group and we all had a really great lunch. They served some very different fare, one lunch item being a buffalo burger. Some of our members indulged in some very luscious looking deserts. Obviously this diner is a well known venue in the area, because there was a write up on the wall which had been printed in one of the newspapers. There was to be an award presented for the best hat and Sue really excelled with a magnificent show of autumn flowers decorating her hat, easily winning the award. Bob came second with a hat which looked as if he had grown another head of hair. Very impressive. After lunch, well fortified, we headed back through the Beaver Valley by way of another route, giving us a different viewpoint. Our final stop was at a lookout overlooking Beaver Valley where there was a beautiful historic plaque commemorating John Muir, a renowned naturalist who briefly lived in this area. He left Scotland for Canada in the 1800's and on the plaque he is described as being the first conservationist, instrumental in making people aware of the need to preserve such areas as the Beaver Valley. Most interesting and coincidental of all it turns out that he was the brother of Anna Orr's great-grandfather, so it was really great that particular spot was chosen for our visit, and of course Mark and Heather had no idea of its significance to Anna. Before we left there, Heather had a treat for us, home baked very yummy chocolate chip cookies. What a nice surprise on a perfect day. From there we headed for home, back onto Highway 10, through Flesherton and on to Orangeville, where our tour ended. Our thanks to Mark and Heather for a very enjoyable final driving event for 2010.



Our leaders - The Doust Family

The Holmes drove their MG

Sue won "Best Hat" contest

The Gang at the Apple Farm

My famous ancestor 'John Muir'!

Scenic drive nearing Georgian Bay/Meaford THE RESONATOR / Page 3

WINTER PARK CONCOURS D'ELEGANCE Sunday November 7 2010 the 9th annual Concours d'Elegance held in Winter Park Florida was as elegant and fancy as the name suggests. A weekend of grand tours, catered meals and a professionally judged car show. Two years ago I had expressed an interest in this event and was duly invited to attend, so we packed up the Healey and Levina and I headed for Florida, with few side trips on the way. In Atlanta we were joined by Laurie and Diane Wilford who joined in the weekend as well, although their car was in the display category, not being judged. Early Saturday morning we joined a number of the show cars in Hannibal Square and after a gourmet breakfast, were led by police escort to the city limits and proceeded, on tour, to an as yet undisclosed location. The identity was only revealed on arrival, and we were served a catered lunch, under the trees in the garden of a theatre. Saturday evening saw the signature event and major fundraiser, held in private hangers at the Sanford International Airport. Guests mingled amongst show cars, vintage and modern aircraft and boats, ate fine cuisine and were entertained by various artists. One novelty was a young lady with a rope around her feet hanging upside down from the ceiling, pouring champagne into glasses and handing them to the guests. It was too bad the weather was quite cool, so it kept people inside the buildings. On Sunday morning we had to be in downtown Winter Park by 7am and were directed to park our cars in designated spots on the main street, which was closed for the event. There were many fabulous, rare and exotic cars on display, the featured Marques this year were Rolls Royce, Bentley and Corvette. There was a Corvette from each year they were built, plus some experimental and prototype models. The vintage Bentleys were truly awesome, and an eight litre model had an exhaust that you could almost crawl up. The judges did their work and the crowds descended on the street. There were 70,000 expected and I heard that number had been exceeded. It was wall to wall spectators, and it seemed all of them had two cameras. We smiled and smiled and smiled. Although we did not feature in the prizes, we had a great time in some very lofty company and the Healey Marque got a great deal of exposure. We spent the rest of the week in and around Orlando and had a very pleasant vacation, the highlight of which was the Concours d'Elegance.




3 wheel Morgan w/Harvard Transport

Champagne anyone?

Nash Healey

Bob Yule's beautiful BJ8

8 litre Bentley - not a hybrid THE RESONATOR / Page 5

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As delegate for AHCSO, I attended the recent meeting in Atlanta on behalf of the Club, and following is a brief report of the weekend. The big item was a $10 dues increase. After the budget was presented it was apparent that holding the line, as had been done for the last 11 years, was not an option this time. The Club had been running on previous surpluses, small Conclave profits and not least the reduced costs of Healey Marque. However, this year had seen four price increases in the cost of paper, a 10% rise in insurance premiums for increased liability coverage and postage rates are set to increase again. This increase is projected to be good for five years, providing expenses are as predicted. Conclave 2010 made a profit of $1100 half of which was given to National. Planning for Conclave 2011 in Colorado Springs is well under way and about 60 registrations are in already. Steve Pike from Australia is confirmed as a guest along with the Streamliner salt flat car. The Quebec Club had their bid for Conclave 2013 in Charlevoix, eighty miles NW of Quebec City, overlooking the St. Laurence River accepted. The room rate at the Fairmont Richelieu has already been locked in at $130.00. Cole Getzler the webmaster has resigned due to work pressures and a new webmaster is being sought to keep the club website operating. It was felt that this should be a paid part time position because of the amount of time involved with it. The Concours guidelines are now available on CD at a cost of $20 which is a reduction from $65 for the paper version. Fred Dabney needs to be informed of local Club events so that the insurance company is aware of them. Certificates are available but should only be given to sites if they ask for them. Last year there were 52 requests for certificates. The 100/M registry is still proving to be a bone of contention. An agreement regarding its safekeeping and operation has been reached but not yet ratified. This was over two months ago. The long distance awards program is being reformatted as is the length of membership awards program. Details as they become available. Club events calendar needs to be submitted to Gary Feldman in January for publication in the Marque. Carl Brown has completed an index of Chatter (now Healey Marque) articles from 1982-1996 which will be available on line to members and a simple word search will bring up all articles on a particular subject. This work is ongoing. An internet list called Angie's list which lists businesses from recommendations by customers has asked AHCA to participate in setting up the Classic car section. For a limited time the Club will be paid $5 for each recommendation as long as the Club is listed as the charity of choice. The directory will have a tear-out section that a car seller can fill out with details of the new owner and give to local club. To keep mailing list current changes of address need to be sent in faster. The Three Rivers Club has been de-sanctioned at their own request. Many areas were discussed to make the delegates more involved and to make better use of the meetings. The agenda will be published well ahead of the meetings and delegates will now be contacted quarterly for input onto those agendas. The minutes of the meetings will be made available on line in January and in the Healey Marque in March. The Delegates will meet again at Conclave in July and in Louisville next November. Submitted by Bob Yule Delegate AHCSO




NOVEMBER PUB NIGHT You never know who will show up at a Healey Meeting . At our November 2010 meeting, which is usually set aside for election night, we had the pleasure of meeting some out of town guests from Malta. Our guests were Charles Zahra, President and founder of the Classic Sports Car Club of Malta, and his wife, Miriam. They were in Canada visiting Miriam’s family. They lived in Canada from 1965 to 1985 and returned to Malta . They had heard about our club from a former member, who now lives in France. They checked out our website, decided to attend our meeting and brought with them some great photos to share with us. They also told us stories about their Grand Prix and their club outings to Sicily, which required taking their cars on a high speed ferry. Charles has a great looking 100-6 and only one of 5 Austin Healeys on the island of Malta. This would be why the club is Classic Sports Cars! The CSCCOM was started in April 2008 and has come a long way in short time. You may be interested to check out their web site at Looks like a great place to drive a Healey.



Four of us called in sick on Wednesday, so we could get one more drive in our Healey’s before the weather turned to snow. We all met in Orangeville at Tim’s for coffee. We were treated to some of Bill McNaughton’s, what he claims, fat free donuts. It was a cold day but sunny and there was a wind warning out for the area. We headed up to Creemore for lunch at high knots of speed being lead by David Underhill in the MGB. Glued maybe even stuck to his bumper, was Rocket Man Phil Jarret in his modified Sprite. If anyone is up in that area, you may want to search out River Road, running off Airport Road. It is a beautiful winding road that takes you beside the river, through Terra Nova and into Hornings Mills. Just watch for gravel in the corners. As the three of them blasted down River Road, I was holding down the back forty. As I came around one of those corners, I had the pleasure of meeting some of Santa’s Reindeer suddenly surrounding me and my 100-4. Let’s say I had Prancer and Dasher on my left and Comet and Rudolph on my right. As I slowed I said “okay boys play your positions and we will all get out of this alive”. They did just like a hockey team going down the ice. It’s a great sight when you look over in your Healey and you can see daylight under that beast running beside you. After some more great road and no more four legged creatures, we arrived in the Village of Creemore. We stopped at Creemore Springs Brewery for a taste of the local water. After a great lunch we headed back to Orangeville to end our day.


HEALEY SMILE The question is: What Do Retired People Do All Day? Working people frequently ask retired people what they do to make their days interesting. Well, for example, the other day my wife and I went into town and went into a shop. We were only in there for about 5 minutes. When we came out, there was a cop writing out a parking ticket. We went up to him and said, 'Come on man, how about giving a senior citizen a break?' He ignored us and continued writing the ticket. I called him a ####. He glared at me and started writing another ticket for having worn tyres. So my wife called him a ####-head. He finished the second ticket and put it on the windshield with the first. Then he started writing a third ticket. This went on for about 20 minutes. The more we abused him, the more tickets he wrote. Personally, we didn't care. Don’t know whose car it was. We came into town by bus. We try to have a little fun each day now that we're retired. It's important at our age.


Hey Gang! Great news. You asked for it‌ you got it. Your club and marquee logos are available in store! After more than 30 years of seeing you at the automotive events and shows, I'm happy to announce that we've opened our retail store. Visit us and take a look at the fashions and products we have to offer. Feel free to browse, buy off the rack or have your logo put on the garment of your choice. We carry, shirts, jackets, fleece, shorts, trousers, caps, visors, bags, pins, fobs, signs, flags, mugs, watches‌ to mention a few things. Visit us at: KDC 33 King Street West Dundas, Ontario 905-627-9066 Tuesday - Saturday 10:30 a.m - 5:30 p.m. We are closed Sundays, Mondays, Statutory and Civic holidays. You can still order on line at: or call us at 1.888.250.4917 (toll free). See ya there! Kim Chevalier (aka Kimbo)



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The Resonator - December 2010  

The Resonator - December 2010