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Painting Services (Curling) Let Canadian Rink Services be your complete Curling paint supplier. From painting of sheets white to painting of the houses we can accommodate all your needs. • • • • •

Painting sheets white Marking & painting of houses Installation of ribbon Installation of paint & digital ice logos Sales of ice marking & painting tools Pebble Applicator & Various Pebble Heads

Flooding Hoses

Circle Painting Jig

Back Pack Sprayer

Adjustable Tee Centres

Super White 3000 Ice Paint

Coloured Ice Paint

Curling Ribbon Assorted colours & sizes

Painting Let Canadian Rink Services apply your White, Lines, Circles and any logos you require. Canadian Rink Services supplies all the required equipment and ensures all markings and logos are sealed in to protect all marking and allow you to finish ice building.

Ice Installation If your short on staff and time let Canadian Rink Services install your ice sheet from the floor up.

Logo Installation Whatever your logo requirements may be. Let Canadian Rink Services install your painted or digital logos

Ice Marking & Template Kit This kit provides the tools for painting your ice hockey markings. Kit Includes: • • • • • • •

2-4” Brushes 1-2” Brush Rubber templates for all hockey markings Cable wires (6’1”, 10’, 15’) 13-3/8” Hex Nuts 1 spool black thread 2 Markers

All items can be purchased individually.

Paint Stick Looking to speed up your ice paint application process? This amazing product is designed to allow one technician to accurately apply lines and circles on the ice surface. The Paint Stick design is light-weight, offers the flexibility to adjust the liquid paint flow and, best of all, allows the technician to stand upright during the application process.

250’ Rubber Hose Available with hose reels and variety of nozzles.

Back Pack Sprayer For whiting out existing markings and sealing in markings and logos

Spray Paint Packages • • • • •

Standard Package Cart Mount Trailer Package Pick Up Package Drive on Package

Packages vary in size and price. Please call for details

Heavy Duty Adjustable Hinge • •

Adjustable to adjust sagging Allows for easy gate removal

Heavy Duty Caster • •

5” Diameter Swivel Caster Heavy duty moving support for machine gates

Sliding Closure Bar •

48” Heavy Duty Bar

Cane Bolt Kit •

Secures machine gate In closed position

Latch Set •

Includes latch, catch & gatekeeperAlso available with ice side release.

Self Lubricating Pin Hinge • •

Lift out hinge for access and players gates High density sleeve eliminates need for oil & grease

Bench Supports • • •

Floor mount supports Available in different sizes Permanent, Removable & Wall Mountable

Our industry leading hockey goal fames, nets and accessories are manufactured to exacting standards. All frames are made of high impact steel and are powder coated to ensure long service use. Netting is available in a variety of materials and types to suit your requirements and budget.

Frames available in 34” or 44” Available with a variety of net & padding packages

Netting • • •

6mm Knotted Netting 6mm Knotless Resin Coated Netting 5mm Knotless Netting

Padding Accessories • • • •

Bottom Cushions Upper Cushions Back Post Foam & Cover Net Protectors

Goal Frame Anchors • • •

Zinc plated “Freeze In Pins” Stainless Steel Adjustable “Freeze In Pins” MARSH Peg - Flexible Urethane Pins

Goal Frame Transporter

“Super Cushion” All-in-one protector • • • • •

Won’t freeze to ice Completely protects netting along bottom tie bar Has less places for twine to come undone Wraps around bottom of goal to protect metal Can be easily cleaned

The “Super Cushion” is a patented all-in-one cushion and net protector. Made from hot cured polyurethane.

Tempered/Acrylic Glass •

Arena-ready, with radiused corners and Flat ground edges. Standard sizes Width: 48” (custom available) Length: 36”, 48”, 60”, 72”, 96” (custom available) Standard Thicknesses: 1/2” & 5/8” Speak holes and special notches available

• •

Shielding Supports 2C Supports •

Used at termination points, right angles and gate locations.

QC Supports •

Standard Sizes: 59” - 3’ Shielding 71” - 4’ Shielding 83” - 5’ & 6’ Shielding 107”-7’ & 8’ Shielding

2C Support

QC Support Custom lengths also Available.

Designed so shields can be Removed quickly and easily.

Support Pads

Glass Handling Suction Cups

Designed for player protection, these high impact foam pads attach to the exposed portion of glass supports.

Carry those glass panels with ease with the using there piston powered suction cups.

Polycarbonate Glass Clips •

Holds adjacent pieces of glass together under impact. High Impact Polycarbonate.

Glass/Board Storage Carts • •

Used to store glass/boards during conversions or when not in use. Large, small and custom carts available.

Dasher Board Repair Renovating, repairing or installing puck board on your dasher board system? Let Canadian Rink Services and their experienced staff take care of all your needs. From Poly Facing to Gate Thresholds count on us for a quality installation.

Poly Facing •

High density polyethylene puck board, sheets for surfacing existing or new dasher boards

Thickness: .220", .250", .375", .500"

Standard Sizes: 48" x 96" , 42" x 96"

Custom sizes available

Colours: White, Red, Blue, Light Blue, Yellow, Gold Options: UV stabilized, pre-drilled, countersunk

Cap Rail & Kick Plate •

High-density polyethylene

Thickness: .500”, x .750”, 1.0”

96” lengths cut to size; straight or radius Colours: Red, Blue, Light Blue, Yellow,

Fasteners •

Standard Colour Choices: White, Red, Blue, Light Blue, Yellow, Gold

Standard Fastener Types: # 10 Flathead Wood Screws,#14 Hi Lo Screws

¼-20 Flathead Type “F” Screws Zinc and stainless steel screws available

Board Ad Kits • •

Generate revenue for your programs and facilities. Virtually adaptable to any board system.

Gate Threshold Material •

Available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses

ASTRO-RINK LOW EMISSIVITY CEILING IN A NUTSHELL A substantial energy conservation opportunity exists in arenas because of the relationship between emissivity and infrared radiation. Infrared radiation occurs when two adjacent surfaces are at different temperatures. Energy will radiate from the warmer surface to the cooler one. The magnitude of this radiation is related to the emissivity of the warmer surface. The higher the emissivity, the greater the amount of energy which will be radiated. The amount of radiation is also limited by the difference in the temperatures of the two surfaces. The greater the temperature difference, the greater the radiation from the hot surface to the cooler one. Numerous studies have shown that transfer of heat by radiating energy from the warm ceiling of an indoor ice arena to the cold ice surface can account for as much as 30% of the daily load on The Skating Rink’s refrigeration system. The amount of radiation can be calculated by using a complicated formula known as the Stefan-Boltzman equation. In simple terms, this equation when applied to a situation involving an 80 ft. x 200 ft. ice surface at 26ºF and a flat deck ceiling at 60ºF will indicate a radiant heat load of 35.6 tons. This is fairly substantial radiative load on the ice under fairly moderate conditions. In calculating the heat load above, it was assumed that the ceiling emissivity factor was 90%. This factor is the one normally associated with conventional ceiling deck materials such as steel or wood. If the surface emissivity factor could be reduced to 10%, then the radiation energy would be reduced to 3.95 tons, a reduction of 31.7 tons. Therefore, reducing this load by 80%, as in the above example would be highly desirable. Ceiling radiation can be reduced by lowering the ceiling temperature, raising the ice temperature or reducing the emissivity of the warmer surface. However, the only practical way to reduce the amount of heat radiated from the ceiling to the ice is to change the emissivity of the ceiling. Energie Innovation’s “Astro-Rink” low-emissivity ceiling has an emissivity value of 3%. Thus, the installation of the “Astro-Rink” ceiling will effectively eliminate a substantial amount of the radiant energy transfer from the ceiling to the ice surface.

Emissions Testing Canadian Rink Services is committed to improving the indoor air quality in your recreational facility as well as the performance of your ice resurfacer. We are emissions testing with a 5 gas exhaust gas analyzer. We are currently testing for CO (carbon monoxide), CO2 (carbon dioxide), HC (hydrocarbons), O2 (oxygen) & NOx (nitrogen oxide). Testing can be done in conjunction with regular maintenance or as a stand alone service. A signed emissions certificate will be provided for display in your facility with every emissions test.

Preventive Maintenance Just like every other piece of equipment in your recreational facility, maintenance is a must to ensure the proper operation of your ice resurfacer. Canadian Rink Services and the manufacturers recommend your ice resurfacer be serviced every 100 – 125 hours. Setting up the proper preventive maintenance program for your facility is the key to preventing untimely breakdowns. With the proper PM program you can reduce the risk of lost revenue due to breakdowns resulting in lost rentals. Contact Canadian Rink Services for a Preventive Maintenance program specific to your facility.

Emergency Service Canadian Rink Service offers 24/7 emergency repair services. With a mobile trailer/workshop stocked with most of the common parts required to keep your ice resurfacer up and running.

Mobile Service Unit Have your repairs and service done on site. Service unit is stocked with a wide range of parts to keep down time to a minimum.

Board Brush Rod End Board Brush Hydraulic Cylinder

Resurfacer Towels Towel Bolt Kit

15” Studded Tires 16” Studded Tires Tire Re-studding Vertical Auger Stub Shaft Vertical Auger Bushing Vertical Auger Motor

Wash Water Pump Impeller

Horizontal Auger Sprockets Horizontal Auger Chain Horizontal Auger Motor Horizontal Auger Bearings

Board Brush

Wash Water Supply Valve Wash Water Hose to Sled Flood Water Supply Valve Flood Water Hose to Sled Flood Water Tank Drain Valve

Blade Bolts

Headlights Tail Lights Snow Bin Lights Squeegee Squeegee Bolt Kit

Propane Filters Propane Tank Couplers Hydraulic Pump Hydraulic Pump Belt Pre Made Hydraulic Hoses Hydraulic Quick Couplers Hydraulic Cylinders Replacement Edger Blades

Flood Water Valves Tank Drain Valves

Horizontal Auger Bearing

Flashing Warnings Lights Reverse Alarms Engine Maintenance Components: • Engine Oil, Hydraulic Fluid, Transmission Fluid • Oil Filters, Hydraulic Filters, Transmission Filters • Fan Belts, Hydraulic Pump Belts • Spark Plugs, Rotors, Distributor Caps • Differential Fluid, Transfer Case Oil

15” & 16” Studded Tires Tire Re-studding

Arena Hand Tools 1. 2.

Heavy Duty Steel Snow Shovel General Purpose Snow Shovel

3. 4.

Aluminum Scoop Shovel Heavy Duty Scraper


Wooden Replacement Handles



Why Synthetic Ice? Imagine having your own personal hockey training center inside your home that can be used 24/7. Picture being able to play better hockey by practicing on your ice any time you feel like it. As Canadians we love our hockey, it's our passion and our national pastime. As hockey parents we spend a lot of time travelling to the rink for practice, power skating lessons, skills development and games. Now you can take your game to a higher level by having your own skating rink at home. We want to give you an affordable at-home ice solution to supplement your training and to improve and refine your skills while having a lot of fun!

Commercial grade - 10 Year Warranty Indoors, 5 year Outdoors This unique panel design joining system has been a proven skating workhorse since 1978 and is best suited for high traffic commercial operations such as professional development centers or large scale recreational use. The product uses a precision engineered tongue and groove joining system. The ice panels are fit tightly together creating a "seamless" joint. This joint has been proven to stay together and tight on even the roughest surface such as gravel, grass, sand, and uneven asphalt or concrete. This product has a life expectancy of 20 - 25 years when tained and cared for.

Commercial Grade

properly main-

Specifications: each panel is 1m x .75m and weighs 16 kilo Colour: Icy Blue

Residential and Light Commercial - 3 Year Warranty Panels are tailored for the residential user and smaller hockey training facilities. The system uses a precision dove tail joint which makes the product very easy to install with no tools except a rubber mallet. The material used in this series has been proven to allow the skater to glide further and skate faster than competing products. This has been proven through independent tests conducted by hockey training experts. A major advantage of this series is that unlike our competitors you will not have to worry that annoying white dusty powder that coats everything and makes clean up impossible. Under normal use will easily outlive your child’s minor hockey career - it should easily last 15 years. Another advantage is that each panel is light in weight which means that it is easy to handle. This product has excellent glide factor and is considered the ideal choice for improving hockey skills in smaller spaces. Specification:Each panel is 1020mm x 1020mm and weighs 8 kilos. Colour: Icy Blue

Residential Grade

Sports Field Irrigation • •

Irrigation for all sports fields. Soccer, football, baseball etc.

Ball diamond infield irrigation for dust control

Have your system custom built for your application.

Turf Services • • •

Aeration Over seeding Rolling

In Field Groomers Equip your facility with the industry leading in field groomer. • • • • • •

Unit has five essential components Serrated breaker blade Scarifying teeth Leveling bar Roller Finishing Broom

Comes in 4’ or 6’ widths

Magnetic Baseball/Softball Systems A. B.

Magnetic Single Base Sytem 3 single bases and 2 magnetic fixtures w/shear plates Magnetic Double Bag System 1 double base, 2 single bases and 2 magnetic fixtures w/shear plates

Non-Magnetic Baseball/Softball Systems C. D.

Non-magnetic single base system 3 single bases w/posts Non-magnetic double base system 1 double and 2 single bases w/posts

Single Base Positions E.


G. H.


One base position without anchor 1 single base w/post (ground insert) and 1 magnetic fixture w/shear plates for 3 different levels of break force One full base position (with anchor) 1 full base alignment: 1 single base w/post (ground insert), 1 magnetic fixture w/shear plates for 3 different levels of break force and 1 in-ground fixture. Magnetic Double Safe Base Includes single in-ground fixture Single in ground system 3 single in-ground fixtures, 3 plugs and 1 cleaning tool Double in-ground system 1 double and 2 single in-ground fixtures, plugs and cleaning tool

Individual Components of MEGG-NET MAGBASE Baseball System A.

Rubber Moulded Super Base (Single Base)


Double Safetybase


Magnetic Fixture with Shear Plates


Double In-Ground Fixture


Single In-Ground Fixture


Removable Pitchers Plate (with in-ground fixture)


Cleaning Tool (for dirt removal from in-ground fixtures)


Plugs (to cover in-ground fixture hole)


Spiked Pitchers Plate


Removable Home Plate (no in-ground fixture)


Removable Home Plate (with in-ground fixture)


Fence Conduit (100 ft/box)


Line Markers (may not be exactly as shown)













M. N.

Soccer Goal Frames • •

Soccer Accessories • •

Senior, Junior and Indoor frames. Permanent or Portable - Senior 24’ x 8’ x 8’ - Junior 18’ x 6’ x 4’ - Indoor 12’ x 6’ x 4’

Netting Potable Frames Anchors

Lacrosse Fames/Netting • • •

Box 4’ x 4’ Goal Frames—Folding/Non-Folding Prof. 4’ z 4’9” Goal Frames—Folding/Non-Folding Field Lacrosse Frames— Folding/Non-Folding

• •

Box Lacrosse Nylon Mesh Field Lacrosse Mesh

Baseball/Softball • •

Batting Cages Backdrops & Spectator netting

Our Baseball/Softball netting is made of superior materials that will stand Up to the elements for years. Available in any custom size.

Golf Driving range and protective netting designed specifically to absorb golf balls. Manufactured with durable, long lasting, UV resistant materials. Available in a variety of custom sizes.

Tennis Nets are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. All nets are made of high quality UV resistant materials to ensure long service life. All nets are fitted with protective banding and mounting rope.

Debris Netting

Monofilament Netting • • • •

Break Strength : 95-100 lbs. Mesh Size : 3.25” (on the diamond) Yarn Size : 1.1 mm twine Fire retardant, UV stabilized

Nylon Spectator Netting • • • • •

Break Strength : 160 lbs. Mesh Size : 3.125” Yarn Size : 1.8 mm twine 100% Knotless Nylon, White or Black UV Stabilized & coated with fire retardant coating.

Kevlar Spectator Netting • • • • •

Spectator Netting Installation Let Canadian Rink Services do your full spectator netting install. Contact us for a free quotation.

Break Strength : 300 lbs. Mesh Size : 1.50” square Yarn Size : 1.2 mm twine DuPont, Kevlar Urethane coated knotted netting, fire retardant

Hockey • • • • •

Goal Frames (34” & 44”) Netting Packages Padding Packages Goal Frame Anchors (Marsh & Freeze In) Goal Frame Transporters

Curling • • • • • • •

Competition Measuring Tool Pebble Applicators Pebble Heads (Fine, Medium, Coarse) Curling Ribbon (Black, Red, Blue) Curling Ice Paints Circle Cutters & Painting Jigs Scrapers, Sweepers etc.

Shielding/Dasher Board • • • • • • • • • • • •

Spectator Netting

Ice Painting

• • • • • •

Super White 3000 Ice Paint Pre Mixed Liquid Ice Paint Logo Stencils Digital Logos Paint Stick Brushes, Yarn, Markers etc. Template Kits

Baseball/Softball Equipment • • • • •

MEGG-NET MagBase System Single Bases, Safety Bases Home Plates, Pitching Rubbers Anchoring systems, Plugs etc. Dry Field Liners

Sports Field Equipment • • • • •

Irrigation pipe & sprinkler heads Dry Field Liners Ball Diamond Groomers Aerators, Rollers, Seeders Quick Hitches, Mowers, Scraper Blades

Tempered/Acrylic Glass Shielding Gaskets Shielding Supports Poly Glass Clips (top support) Glass Lifters (Suction Cup) Glass Storage Carts Poly Facing (puck board) Cap Rail/Kick Plate (Red, Blue, Gold) Poly Line Kits Gate Threshold Material Coloured Fasteners Board Advertising Kits

White, Black, Monofilament, Kevlar Roped or Vinyl Grommet Edged Installation Service

Arena Hardware • • • • •

Heavy Duty Adjustable Hinges Sliding Gate Closure Bars Heavy Duty Door Casters Gate Latches Bench Supports (Wall & Floor)

Ice Resurfacer Parts & Supplies • • • • •

Wash Water/Tire Wash Impellers Flood Water Towels Board Brushes Studded Tires & Tire Re Studding Hydraulics Cylinders & Hoses

Misc. Netting • • • • •

Lacrosse Frames & Nets Soccer Frames & Nets Tennis Nets Volleyball Nets Barrier Netting (Baseball, Lacrosse etc.)

Ice Resurfacer Services • • • • • • •

Resurfacer maintenance & repair Parts, hydraulics, tire studding 24/7 Emergency repair Mobile service for on site repair Emmisions Testing Propane & Natural Gas Certified Metered Resurfacer Fill Stations

Arena Services • • • • • • • •

Dasherboard & Shielding Repair/ installation Spectator Netting Installation Low E Ceilings “Astro Rink” Player bench renovation Railing & Stairwell Fabrication/ Installation Synthetic Ice Sales & Installation Dressing Room equipment installation Painting

Ice Painting/Installation • • • • • •

White ice painting Hockey line, cirlcles & markings Ringette markings Curling houses & markings Custom logo application (paint/digital) Complete ice installations

Sports Field Services • • • • •

Above/In ground irrigation Aeration, rolling, over seeding Spectator Netting installation Field marking (soccer, lacrosse etc.) Ball Field layout & Anchor Installation

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