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TransactRx Releases Part Two of Series - Vaccine Handling and Vaccine Storage TransactRx the nation’s leading Medicare Part D Vaccine Physician Billing Service announced today that it has released Part Two – Vaccine Handling and Storage of its five-part educational series titled “Running a Profitable Adult Vaccine Program in Your Practice”. The company will be publishing a new part each week of the series through June 9th on its new blog site. According to the CDC, to ensure the quality of vaccinations administered to patients, it is extremely important for vaccine manufacturers, distributors and healthcare facilities to follow proper storage and handling protocols. The CDC provides a Vaccine Handling and Storage Tool Kit with guidelines, recommendations and best practices for monitoring the temperature of vaccines. A good best practice guideline is to prepare a basic product information sheet that identifies each vaccine in your program with a quick description of what the storage and handling requirements are. Make sure those staff members that are supporting the vaccine program are aware of the storage and handling requirements and have acknowledged that they understand. From that point on, it should become part of your daily practice workflow. The World Health Organization recommends the use of 30-day monitoring devices such as the Fridge-tag from Berlinger & Co. The inexpensive and easy to install device displays minimum and maximum temperatures per day, as well as the total duration of any temperature violations that may have occurred. TransactRx has partnered with Berlinger to market the availability of their Fridge-tag monitoring device. TransactRx is on a mission to inform physicians and other healthcare providers that “Vaccines are Good Medicine and Good Business.” About TransactRx POC Network Technologies, Inc. d.b.a. TransactRx is a national provider of reimbursement solutions for vaccines and specialty pharmaceutical products administered at the point-of-care. The TransactRx proprietary cross-benefit technology platform seamlessly connects the nation’s pharmacy and medical transaction infrastructures to enable physicians, health departments and pharmacies to check coverage information and submit claims for both medical and pharmacy benefits. The Company’s unique national provider networks significantly reduce the cost and effort associated with contracting a large number of providers to administer a particular vaccine or group of pharmaceutical products. The combination of technology and provider networks assists payers of all types.

TransactRx Releases Part Two of Series - Vaccine Handling and Vaccine Storage