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what do they do when we sleep ? What do they do when we sleep ?

What do they do when we sleep ?

When the clock strikes nine, mom tugs Bo to bed. “Good night darling” – she whispers, and places a kiss on his forehead. Still not ready to settle, little Bo insists: “But mom, there are still fun things outside that I don’t want to miss.” “Alright alright” – mom smiles and nods – “Look out the window, let’s see what we’ve got.”

Outside in the yard stands a huge oak tree Suddenly comes a gust of wind. The leaves are shaky. In case you wonder if the mighty tree is ever asleep, the old trunk reveals: – No, I have to guard for the leaves.

Sparkling behind the leaves are two bright yellow eyes. If you look closely, you can see where the owl hides. This creature’s name implies people who stay up late:

“Don’t be a night owl or your under eyes will have a dark shades!”

Let’s make an owl’s beak!







Why doesn’t the owl sleep? Turns out, it is watching over the street sweeper who works late just around the corner. “Sweep sweep sweep” – the broom keeps moving in the night So we can have clean streets when the sun rises.

Mischievous little rats are hiding in garbage bins, standing by, waiting for a chance to sneak in.

The house in the neighbourhood might have something for their starving belly. “Squeak squeak squeak” – they say, which means: “I’m hungry!”

What keeps them from entering the house to dive in the feast?

Perhaps it’s the kitten moving softly with her patty feet.

She moves as quiet as she can so as not to disturb the bulldog lying next to the chewing bone that he loves. The dog makes a loud snore. In his dream, he is chasing thieves. Wait, what? He snores? Shouldn’t a dog say: “Woof woof?” Not now, when he’s sound asleep.

Why is it so dark? Did anyone turn off all the lights? Yes, we should, to save the power at night.

During the day our house is full of laughters, but after nine when kids are in bed, things will be quieter.

But there are places where the lights are still on and people who work from late until dawn. They are nurses, doctors, police and night bus drivers, ‌ We all should be grateful of those who works late hours!

Do you notice the moon has been watching us? Sometimes he dims behind the cloud. But tonight, he is lustrous.

When the clock strike nine, mom tugs Bo to bed “Good night darling”, she whispers with a kiss on his forehead

Right besides the moon in mid air, hovers a

tiny dot .

Still not ready to settle, little Bo insists: “But mom, Only when looking through a telescope will you see there might be tons of things happen at night thethat astronaut. I don’t want to miss” “Alright alright” – mom smiles and nods “Look out the window, let’s see what we’ve got”

Down there on Earth, kids are dreaming of the space The astronaut assures:

– Keep dreaming and you will be here, one day.

At the very moment on the other end of our Earth kids are rushing to school on a yellow bus. You know what, our planet is a magical sphere! It’s morning there, but you can go to sleep here.

they are there

we are here

By this time little Bo’s eyes are closing. He yawns: – So many things I want to know… Mom smiles: – Yes, that’s why we have school tomorrow!

You all must be sleepy now, so close your eyes. Good night, sleep tight, and don’t let the bed bug bites!

only if you are untidied!

This book will take you from the bedroom to a far neighborhood, and way up to the moon! Let your imagination be the fuel, close your eyes, and dive in the world as it turns 9pm.

This book was created within the Design Specialization Course “PRINT IS NOT DEAD – Publication Design 3.0” ran by Steffi W. Neukirchen at RMIT University Vietnam. Designed and illustrated by Tran Khai Hoan Written by Tran Uyen My (Printer) Công ty TNHH Ca An Address 292, 3/2 street, ward 12 District 10 Ho Chi Minh City Tel (08) 3862 3700 E–mail (Paper) Lanvi Paper Address 16/42 Tran Thien Chanh, ward 12 District 10 Ho Chi Minh City Tel (08) 3861 9648 E–mail (Typeface) Sassoon by Dr. Rosemary Sassoon & Adrian Williams E–mail Website RMIT University Vietnam Address 702 Nguyen Van Linh District 7 Ho Chi Minh City

Children's book - 9pm: what do they do when we sleep?  

As a kid, have you ever wondered what the world outside is like when you're asleep? This book's got the answers, so don't let the pages wai...

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