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the shark attack

Official Newsletter of D.34 | PNW District|Key Club International | Issue 1 |June Edition


the shark attack WHATS UP SHARKS! Division 34 Key Clubbers, can you believe it is already JUNE? Despite the gloomy Washington weather, I know that your optimistic attitudes will see the light in any weather. I wish to congratulate all the seniors who are graduating. It has been an amazing journey, and I hope your high school career has been an amazing experience. Although there are weeks left, remember to persist until the end! Finals are coming up, and many service projects are available. Start thinking of what you want to do for the summer, does it involve Key Club? Don’t let it wander to the back of your mind! Stay in close contact with your members, and remember, caring is our way of life!

Trang Tran

GOT THIS YET? You don’t? Get it now! Write it down!

NAME…………… Trang Lynn Tran PHONE……………….. (253)205-5504 EMAIL … ADDRESS………… 931 East 56th Street, Tacoma WA 98404

Table Of Contents            

Greetings from LTG……………Pg1 At A Glance…………………....Pg 2 D. 34 Club of the Month……...Pg 3 D.34 Spotlight……………….…..Pg 4 International And District ……..Pg 5 6 KEY Points ……………………..Pg 6 Resources…………………….....Pg 7 Seattle Rally ……………………Pg 8 The Bucket List…………………Pg 9 The Shark Cage ………………Pg. 10 Calendar………..……………...Pg. 11 Executive board contacts…Pg 12

At a Glance… Announcements 1. We will be having President Council Meetings (Phone Conferences) to boost divisional communication. 2. Host a DCM! Have your club be involved in the process of choosing a place, planning the icebreaker, even hosting a service project! Contact me to plan your DCM! 3. If you want your club featured in the newsletter, all information must be sent to me no later than the 5th of every month.

Key Dates

ATTENTION! If you have NOT paid for your Tshirt, or have not RECEIVED your TShirt – EMAIL ME ASAP. I need to pay the bill!

(*) are tentative dates

June DCM (Picnic Social) – 6/25 @ Chambers Bay! ICON – 6/30 – 7/8 July DCM (Beach Social?)– 7/20* August DCM (Pre Rally) – 9/9* Seattle Rally - 8/13 Sept DCM – 9/22* October DCM – 10/20* Mt. Hood Key Leader – 10/12 – 10/14 Tri K – Kiwanis Family Conference 10/26 – 10/28

Quote of the Month “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon 'em” Shakespeare The Twelfth Night

d. 34 \

CLUB OF THE MONTH! Stadium Key Club!

Stadium High School’s Key Club is June’s Club of the month. Their president, Lacey, reactivated Stadium’s Key club and I just got to say… their Key Club is AMAZING! Stadium is very active in Division 34. They are such a huge support system, and I am glad that they are up and active! They attend our DCM’s, give suggestions, and even send email reports that include pictures! During the first week of June, Stadium has been active in the community, their school, and their club! This blossoming club is incredibly strong, and I know that the following year will be proof of that! Love you guys! Keep up the hard work!

d. 34 spotlight! NAME: Elisa Han POSITON: President SCHOOL: Peninsula

Get to know ELISA! <3 I joined Key Club because my sister was doing it and I followed in. That was probably the best choice I could have ever made! It's hard to say what my life goal would be. Hmmm...I guess one of my life goals would be to unexpectedly sell one of my paintings for the first time. The most helpful person is probably everyone! All the officers take the load off of all the work that goes into Key Club, without them, I don't know what I would do. As for the club members, they help remind me about the quality of my social skills. Let's not forget about the Kiwanians and advisers who help provide us with events and advice. The largest challenge in Key Club for me would have to be getting rid of my stage fright as well as ordering people to do things. I'm still working on getting myself out there, but there is progress! Looking at the question in broader terms, the largest challenge would probably be maintaining a healthy amount of club members, especially at the end of the year. I don't have a favorite color because they're all just so awesome! I can't choose a group of colors either because when you group colors together, they make it even more awesome! I'm sure if anyone asks me this question, I would change the answer every time. So for today, it would be green My favorite food would probably be...oh it would be tofu with soy sauce. (lol how asian)

President Elisa Han!

What’s Going On?

International and District! \

“The Pacific Northwest is the beginning, the world is our goal” – Past Kiwanis Governor; Frank Morehouse WHAT IF YOU COULD


What’s KCCP?

Maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT) kills one baby every nine minutes — that's 60,000 babies every year who will never grow up, make their mothers laugh, play with friends or dream about the future. The effects of the disease are excruciating — tiny newborns suffer repeated, painful convulsions and extreme sensitivity to light and touch. A significant number of women die from MNT each year too.

KCCP was founded in 2010 by past Governor Frank Morehouse. It was inspired by a little girl named Penny, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She later lost her fight against cancer. KCCP is in honor of Penny.



KCCP is our DISTRICT PROJECT! Learn More: http://www.kiw

Educate yourself about MNT, and share what you learn with your club, your

As the Pacific Northwest district, let us join together to find a cure for children’s cancer. There is no end to this project until the cure is found.

community, your family and your school.

ADVOCATE Let the world know that the poorest, most vulnerable babies and mothers need our help. Rally others to get involved. Add a link to on

What can YOU do to help?

your club website.

 Make Trauma Dolls for cancer patients  Fundraise, Fundraise, And Fundraise!  Educate others on this needy cause.  Volunteer your time!  Make activity books!

Be among the first to invest in this global


campaign for children. Make an initial gift today.

Learn More: http://sites.kiw /en/theeliminat eproject/home. aspx

ELIMINATE Over the next five years, the work you do to eliminate MNT will change the world. Together, Kiwanis and UNICEF will eliminate MNT and give the poorest families the chance to lead the healthy lives they deserve.

THE 6 KEY POINTS To retain, motivate, and lead!

1. Effective

communication and accessibility to members

a. Include resources on emails b. Make Email chains – to recap meetings, and include reminders c. Use Face book and social media effectively!

2. How do I encourage payment of Dues? a. The first twenty dues payers earn a pizza party! b. Explain what dues are for, and what you will get out of it! c. Use D-Con as motivation!

3. How do I make meetings more exiting? a. Have a written agenda! So the members can follow along! b. A PowerPoint is a great visual! c. Remember, Key Club is about fun too! Icebreakers, members of the month, raffles, etc!

4. Websites are an amazing resource! a. Many can utilize websites for resources, pictures, and fun! b. Websites are like an online brochure!

5. Officer training is very important! a. How to find potential officers… i. Look at… Service hours ii. Attendance iii. Include a club election pamphlet! b. Go over officer duties c. Make and set goals for the upcoming year!

6. Icebreakers make the meetings FUN! a. b. c. d.

They can be found online! Plan them before a meeting! (for organization) Be enthusiastic when you play them! It’s okay to be silly!

7. The 7th Secret Key. Use your lieutenant governor (ME) effectively! a. I have plenty of resources to help you out! b. Update me on what is going on! Get recognized!

RESOURCES Fundraisers Car washes Shopping centers or gas stations usually will provide a place for this sure profit-maker. Sell tickets in advance, and promote the event heavily.

Lost and found auction Conduct an auction with the school’s large number of lost and found articles. In most cases fantastic deals are available to students.

Scooping for money Host a ―Make Your Own Sundae‖ event. Schedule this project during lunch.

Service Projects Seeds of service Members needed: 3–5+ A great Kiwanis family inter-club opportunity Want to liven up the look of your home, school and community? Take a few minutes this spring to plant flowers at your campus, park or around town. Doing so will beautify your area, and may even plant the seeds of service in all those who enjoy the plants, urging them to pick up where you left off.

Prom rescue Members needed: 3–5+ Talk to your local tuxedo rental location or dress retailer and see if they’d be interested in loaning tuxes or dresses to disadvantaged students for the night of prom. If no, ask them to offer discounts or no- or low-interest financing options to that all your school’s students can participate in that one night to remember. Winning tips: Asking your classmates to donate or cheaply sell their past prom attire can also provide a low-cost option for the less fortunate students at your school.

Ice Breakers SING DOWN: Teams are created of anywhere from three to ten in a group. The leader will give the groups a word (i.e. love, boy, dance, etc.), and give the teams one minute to think of as many songs as they can with that word in it. Once the minute has passed, one tam begins by singing a part of a song with that word in it. All team members must sing it. The other team then responds. NO SONGS MAY BE REPEATED. The group who has the most songs, wins. The process then can be repeated with another word. LAP SIT: The group will start in a circle. Every group member will turn placing their left leg towards the inside of the circle. Everyone will take one giant step into the middle of the circle. With hands on the person’s shoulders in front of you, the group will sit on each other. The group will need to work together to communicate. Once this has been completed, the group may wish to try to walk in this formation. This is a dynamic activity - and one that will make the group feel a great sense of accomplishment when successfully completed!

Find more at:

SEATTLE RALLY! What are the DETAILS? WHEN: Monday, August 13th WHERE: Kent Meridian HS TIME: 9:00 AM â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 4:00 PM HOW MUCH: $5 - $7 (may change)

What is SEATTLE RALLY? 1. A mini D-CON! With Ice breakers, Key clubbers, and loads of fun! 2. Officer Training! 3. Fun sessions! 4. Meet KEY CLUBBERS! 5. Gain MOTIVATION for the upcoming Key Club year!

How do I SIGN UP? 1. At a DCM! 2. Through Mail! 3. At the door (includes late fee) I will notify you when registration is READY!



the bucket list As the New Year commences, begin brainstorming new ideas that you can bring to the division. In order to bring our division closer, here is a challenge for you. This is the bucket list for this upcoming year. These are different ways you and your club can be more involved within our division. These are a few ideas that I have thought of. If you think of anything else that we can do, contact me! We will be discussing more ideas at the next DCM! If you have any ideas, either text, facebook, or email me!

Leadership 1. Write an article to be featured in the newsletter 2. Have at least five members consistently attend DCM’S 3. Recognize an amazing member!

Fun and friends 1. Host a divisional social 2. Lead an icebreaker during DCMS 3. Try to make at least one friend from each club within our division

Service 1. 2. 3. 4.

Change someone’s life Host an interclub service project (INCLUDE PICTURES!) Make it a goal to try to win the award ‘6 for 65’ At least one member earn varsity letter in service

P.S – As leaders I know that you set high standards for yourselves. No matter what you do, whether it is on this list or not, try to make a difference in the world. One caring, kind, and inclusive person will truly make an impact in someone’s life. Remember our motto, ‘caringour way of life’ and keep it in mind throughout this year, and the years to come! SHARK BAIT HOO-HA-HA SHARK BAIT HOO-HA-HA SHARK BAIT HOO-HA-HA SHARK BAIT HOO-HA-HA

the shark cage School

Leadership Service

Lincoln Gig Harbor Stadium Wilson Mt. Tahoma Foss Fife Peninsula Bellarmine SAMI

Fun and Friends

5 7 17





(3 Projects)

The Shark Cage is a point system tracker recognizes which club is doing the most- and reporting the most! The Shark Cage will ONLY work through effective communication within our division. Get recognized! Show us what you are doing! Have fun!

How to earn points: Leadership: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Fun and Friends: 1 pt per DCM attendance/Kiwanis DCM 1. 10 pts per social project 5 pts per Seattle Rally Attendance 2. 5 pts to lead a icebreaker at DCM 5 pts per article/picture in newsletter *If you have something that may fit under 2 pts per monthly update (via Email, Text, or FB) a category, email it to me! 5 Pts Per event (reg)

Service 1. 2 pts per hour of community service 2. 10 pts per service project

Let the games begin!

JUNE 2012

Chambers Bay DCM 6/25/2012 6320 Grandview Drive West University Place, WA 98467 Time: 1:00 – 2:00 PM

Key Club Capture the Flag 6/22/12 @ Robinswood Park, Bellevue


Tues 1

Wed 2

Thur 3

Fri Sat 4:30 Pm – 7:30 Pm 1 2 Relay for Life @ Mt. T

Sun 3











15 16 Relay For Life @ Goodman








22LAST DAY 23 KC Capture the Flag


@ Robinswood Park





29 PNW @ ICON!









Picnic Social

DCM @ Chambers Bay


Last Day of ICON

In order to promote healthy inter-club relationships, at the beginning of every month, please inform me of all of the events occurring in your club. Please include a description, date, and send me pictures after the event! For any pictures or articles you would like to include in our divisional news letter, you MUST send it to me BEFORE the 10th of every month. Please email me the room, day and time of your meetings so I can feature them on the calendar. This way, if needed, we can attend each other’s meetings!

district contact info District Governor Giovanni Mckenzie (503) 737-7934 m

District Secretary Kelsie Hoppes (503)325-7921

Convention Chair Andy Nguyen 206-382-6218

District Treasurer

Kenneth Lam 206-852-2449

District Administrator John Jay

District Editor Bassel Hamieh

Assistant Administrator Suzanne Endroedy

farewell sharkies – ‘till next time!


D. 34 June Newsletter  

Division 34 sharks, SUMMER IS NEAR!