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AIESEC in HCME - located in Thu Duc district - was created back in the year 2016. We became Local Committee in the year 2017 - one of the eight local committees of AIESEC in Vietnam. With dedication and commitment, we profoundly believe and work towards AIESEC’s values.

is an education project which aims to help Vietnamese students acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development such as public speaking, debating, conducting workshop and teamwork, etc.

Via We truly believe that we can engage you - as an intern - along with us to create impact together through providing you the challenging environment with practical experience.


23rd June 24th June – 5th Aug Global Navigator focuses on: Via the batch's theme: “


you will not only but also give a hand on about sustainable consumption to Vietnam's society.

"Spreading out the willingness to take action which aims to create on society is one of my motivation to apply for this position. Via this opportunity, I truly believe that we can engage you - as an intern - and youth along with us to create impact together through providing you and youth with and . Let's join us and make impact together!"


Project Manager

What will

do as an


- Global Navigator -



Research and collect input about: -“Gender equality" in Vietnam (Batch 1) -"Sustainable consumption" in Vietnam (Batch 2)






Work with Organizing Committee Team and Suscipit lobortis nisl other interns to ut aliquipprepare and brainstorm, facilitate workshops.



Attend fully training sessions from AIESEC and learning partners.


Prepare and facilitate 1 Join AIESEC events and Join fully project meetings Marketing team transition forSupport interns of to get and to (learning do promotionSuscipit such as lobortisother nisl activities: Suscipit lobortis nislgive the next batch Vietnamese class, City making videos, collecting ut aliquip ut aliquipideas/feedback for better via "get and give") (for Tour, Cooking Day,... performance. materials,... interns of batch 1 only).



Conduct workshops for students to improve their Suscipit lobortisworks, nisl skills via facilitating ut aliquip outdoor activities.



Fill out all satisfaction surveys and provision Suscipitoflobortis nisl testimony for your ut aliquip experience here.

Expected arrival day: 23rd June Project time: 24th June - 5th August

✓ Eager to make an impact related to the project’s topic

✓ High commitment to your experience ✓ Be resilient and adaptable ✓ Willing to live in diverse environments ✓ Understandable English ✓ Complete feedback Standard Survey after the internship ✓ Bring traditional objects to showcase your culture in Global Village

Session - delivering skills

Multi-task handling skill

Chances to experience many aspects of Vietnamese culture

Communication skills


What will support You will get:

✓ VISA support. ✓ Airport pickup. ✓ Accommodation provided. ✓ Buddies before and during the journey. ✓ Certificate.

“Some of our friends are our friends only because .” “It’s very relevant and responsive all the time when I need help. My buddy Nathan is very responsible and nice to take me around with his motorbike and he cares about me all the time!” My second buddy -Tam “ She’s brilliant!!! Best buddy ever. She helped me when I was lost on the highway and helped me talk to the driver all the time.” Intern Winter 2017


Averagely 25-35 hours/week.

2 days (depends, almost 1 weekday & 1 weekend day).


(Including sim, card, T-shirt & fee of some events). $4 - $6 per day

$1 only costs 23,500VND which can provide a non-luxurious meal for you in Vietnam

Keep it simply smart!

A very unique experience . An excellent number of A well-done pacing of the trip itinerary everyday is full but not too full! A balanced of all “tastes” of walking, cruising, touring, hiking, exploring the history, billeting us a lovely accommodation and many more. Vietnam was an unforgettable life experience. It uniquely combine all assets. I will definitely miss my AIESEC EP family! Ho Chi Minh is a place like home being away from home!”

Intern of Global Navigator Winter 2018

Keep it simply smart!

Click me to see the magic happens!

"Our Organizing Committee members We are ready for this real opportunity to challenge ourselves and create an impactful opportunity for youth!!!"

Khanh Hien

Ba Quynh (Ne)

Tieu Yen

Me Me

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