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Explore the Untouched Beauty of Darjeeling Darjeeling is one of the beautiful hill stations in India and has been already been immortalized in many Bollywood movies. The world-famous Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is a mini railway service that acts as the best way to admire the hills and ranges blessed with natural beauty at its peak. Located in the northern region of the Indian state of West Bengali, Darjeeling boasts with snow-capped hills and acts as a true paradise in the Lesser Himalayas often called as the Mahabharata Ranges. Darjeeling is basically the township that is nurtured as a popular tourist destination since the British Raj. This hill station is widely renowned for its vast tea plantations and amazing quality of tea. The key exports of Darjeeling are various qualities and varieties of tea. Darjeeling is certainly a paradise for nature lover with its temperate and alpine forests that features Oak and Sal tress. In spite of the fluctuations in the weather, most of the forest cover area in this hill station is evergreen that adds to the tourism value of Darjeeling. The several beautiful nature parks like the Lloyd’s Botanical Garden and Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park are visited by thousands of nature lovers throughout the year. Here, you would also find a wide variety of export grade orchids, which are worth admiring. The forest department of the Indian state of The West Bengal has been charged with the protection of wildlife in their region. One-horned rhinoceros, elephants, the hog deer, leopard and the Indian tiger are some of the common species found in this region. If you like to watch birds, you would certainly going to have great time in Darjeeling. If you are lucky, you can witness some of the beautiful migratory species in & around the hill station. Shopaholics can go out for shopping at Mall Road in Darjeeling, which houses some of the local and ethnic stores. If you are good get bargain, you may end up getting a fairly good stuff at incredibly low prices. People residing in Darjeeling are fun loving, friendly and welcome the tourists with open arms. Most of the festivals including Kali Puja, Diwali and Durja Puja are celebrated with great zeal here. However, you would easily find a mini-celebration in Darjeeling no matter when you are visiting the city. While in Darjeeling, you can also visit the Buddhist monasteries that act as the great places to learn about the local culture. Here, the monks are open to show travelers around the temples. Besides, the local cuisine of this hill station is quite popular among the tourists. Momos topping the list, you can relish spicy rice preparations and noodle-based soups. To provide accommodation to the people, there are many good hotels standing tall in Darjeeling. You can opt to stay in a five stat hotel that are renowned for providing the best of everything to the people. Those who do not wish to spend a fortune on accommodation can opt for budget hotels in Darjeeling. These provide clean rooms well-furnished with modern facilities at incredibly low prices. These budget hotels in Darjeeling are located at every nook and corner to cater to the needs of city travelers. You can read about the most talked about budget hotels in Darjeeling on the internet.

Explore the Untouched Beauty of Darjeeling  

Darjeeling is one of the beautiful hill stations in India and has been already been immortalized in many Bollywood movies. The world-famous...

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