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Take a picture.

It’ll last longer. We will always be looking for photos and art to illustrate articles, ideas and front covers. Thatʼs why we need your artistic talents to provide us with fantastic images. Again, it doesnʼt matter what your experience level is as long as you enjoy taking a few snaps or illustrating, we want your work. Hereʼs how it works, You send us good resolution images- we use them in our publication- we credit you with every photo we use. Simple. If we find your work particularly outstanding we can offer you ʻad spaceʼ. Meaning for every 6 decent photographs you send us we will offer you a full A4 space add where you can advertise your blogs and websites. If you send in 10 outstanding photos we can give you a double page spread of ʻadd spaceʼ. This will allow more traffic to your sites and guides readers to more of your fantastic work.

Trait Magazine (Pre Issue)  

This is the pre-issue before the official first magazine (Sep.2011) Please comment and discuss. If you would like to get involved in the mag...