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{INSERT YOUR ARTICLE HERE} Do you love to write? Are you an aspiring journalist? Do you want to get your opinion heard? If you answered YES to any of those questions then Trait is for you. Often in todays society, teenagers are tarnished with the same brush. Weʼre constantly reminded of this in daily news coverage. Headlines pop out of the screen telling us about “teenage gangs” and how weʼre “bone idle and dumb”. Older generations cease to believe that we, the younger generation, have talent and ability. Everyone seems to think we all fall into the “teenager from hell stereotype...” Could you prove this stereotype wrong?

It doesnʼt matter how much writing experience you have, as long as you can communicate your points and issues we would love to read and publish it. Our system works on this basic principle. You send your articles to with a summary of the theme of your article. We store these articles in the “trait article bank” and publish them in a suitable issue. For the first issue (September ʼ11) we are welcoming ANY article you want to write. The theme is “Whatʼs Your Trait?: What matters to you?” So donʼt hesitate to send them in!

Trait Magazine (Pre Issue)  

This is the pre-issue before the official first magazine (Sep.2011) Please comment and discuss. If you would like to get involved in the mag...